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Nigerian President Yar’ Adua dies


Nigerian President

Nigerian President Umaru Yar’Adua has died at his presidential villa following a long battle with a heart ailment.

Nigerian TV interrupted normal programming to announce the news in a brief statement early on Thursday.

The announcer said: “The president and commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, died a few hours ago at the presidential villa.

Reports said Mr Yar’Adua died between 21.00 (20.00 GMT) and 22.00 (21.00 GMT) on Wednesday in the capital, Abuja.

Under the constitution, Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan, in charge since February, is to be sworn in as leader.

But this does cause difficulties because there is a convention that this was the turn of the Nigerian Muslims from the north to control Nigeria and Goodluck Jonathan is from the south.

He will be taking over during the turn of the Nigerian northerners, the Muslims, to control Nigeria.

Mr. Yar’Adua, 58, came to power in 2007 promising many reforms. Analysts say he made the most progress in tackling unrest in the oil-rich Niger Delta.

Recently,there has been considerable unrest in the central state of Jos with clashes between Muslims and Christians, and people put this down partly at least to the fact that there was not a firm hand at the centre of power.

Mr Yar’Adua will be buried in a Muslim ceremony later on Thursday in his home state of Katsina, in the north of the country.

A spokesman for Mr. Jonathan said the acting president received the news with “shock and sadness”.

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  1. I van assure you war will break out in Nigeria. Do we have enough camps to help the refugees?

  2. Yaba elo nomba bakateka RB. He will have Chance to travel again to Nigeria. But they don’t even know each other ka. What a f*cked up president

  3. You have died a hero sir. RIP. At least you have left your country in peace, you have a successor. May God and the son (Jesus Christ) bless your family.

  4. It only toook hours for them to announce the death of the President and National Mourning is only 7days…Now lets come to Zambia,people recuperate in a hotel after dying and then the announcement made after 2weeks,National Mourning 1month kwati pali notuntu..

  5. yar adua’s death comes as no surprise. the man died way back in dec 2009. turai, his wife, having played all her cards, has finally come to the realization that jonathan holds all the jokers and has been forced to bring her dead out from the mansion she hid him. this is a news that should have been announced to the nigerian people way back in dec. she has a lot to answer for. god deliver us from power hungry and over ambitious women. they are a bane to any society and a disgrace to womanhood.

  6. It’s sad the man is gone. At least the people of Nigeria may have had some one making proper decisions to announce the death. In Zambia it’s not until we have people who have done independent research that’s when government can say any meaningful thing.
    It was admitted that the nigerian president was sick by the government. In Zambia Levy (MHSRIP) was jogging in UK. Then he was stable for some good months then suddenly became very sick and died. Teta (MHSRIP) was very stable until he died. George went for a routine medical checkup, and then he is recuperating at a hotel.WHIIIIIILE. Zed Gov is great
    Sad indeed Africa is busy losing presidents who have tried to contribute constructive things in their countries.

  7. #8 very true observation, Africa lateky seems to only be losing Presidents who have tried to do the right thing.
    But the one common thing that seems to come out of African leaders illnesses is the secrecy. Why all this secrecy. Can you believe since the man went back to Nigeria from Saudi Arabia for medication, his own Vice President hadnt been allowed to see him. I wonder why they have to hide a person’s illness. I think they should also not be teling us when these guys die!!!

  8. LT am left wonder how the five[5] so called related stories really relate to Nigerian President Yar’ Adua. may be the first 4 its something to do with death, but the last one just boggles my mind… Anywho deepest condolencies to our African brothers and sisters.

  9. MHSRIP and condolences to the bereaved family including all Nigerians.

    Be blest all.
    Matt 6:33

  10. I knew the man died because there was no way acting President could be making those changes, sucking Military personel, election chief i just knew something was wrong.

    My Condolenses Oga, It pains ask how Zambians had to live it for more months.

  11. This is very sad news. MHSRIP. He was a true gentleman in the turbulent world of Nigerian politics. Sincere condolences to his family, friends and Nigerians at large.

  12. yes am also convinced that he died a long time ago.His vice president changed cabinet while the man was still alive ,which is a clear sign that the man has had been dead for sometime now.After all even his sickness was initially kept a secrete.

  13. Nonsense, he died months ago. It has taken them many months for them to anounce due to being power hungry. Howcome the acting president was not allowed to see the president when he was sick?

  14. I was watching his funeral procession on AIT from Abuja through to kasim where he was finally laid to rest , it was a simple but dignified funeral. His remains were put on a simple stretcher made of reeds and bamboo sticks as per their tradition. One would have thought we’re richer than Nigeria considering the lavish send off we did for our late president which gobbled a whooping unaccounted for K20 bn for nothing. Just wish the dander heads in our government have learnt something.

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