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Channel funds to projects, not gay rights, donors urged


Bishop Joshua Banda(L) and Bishop Joe Imakando (R)

NORTHMEAD Assemblies of God Bishop Joshua Banda has advised the donor community to channel their funds to development programmes rather than supporting practises such as homosexuality that are alien to the Zambian society.

And Bishop Joe Imakando of Bread of Life Church International said homosexuals and lesbians had no room in society because Zambia had been declared a Christian nation.

In an interview in Lusaka yesterday Bishop Banda said it was unacceptable for some donor agencies to be considering funding such acts, which were of little benefit to the majority of Zambians.

He condemned the decision by some donor countries such as the Swedish government coming out in the open and supporting such acts, which were against the traditional values of the country.

He questioned the motive behind the offering of support to lesbians and gays.
And Bishop Imakando in a separate interview said the issue of homosexuality had been discussed several times and it was clear Zambians were not in support of such practises.

He said the Church would continue to speak out on such matters to ensure that such acts were not given room in Zambia.

Recently, the Swedish government said it would support various groups of people fighting for their rights including lesbians, gays, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTIs).

Swedish Ambassador to Zambia Marie Andersson de Frutos said it was important that rights of people under the universal human rights declaration were respected and that judging people based on their sexual orientation was not the best way to treat people.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Africans understand that nature makes you who you are…the rest is man made. The hole between ones’ two naturally mountains behind our bodies is purely meant for toilet usage!!! Period…how does it become a sexually object..people are born gay, no…man, its a choice that people make…its not scientific…its a choice…like i have made a choice to still be, and married to my wife..every morning i know am still married to this lady…a choice (not fallen in love…)…being gay is, has never being in our nature and this behaviour (which has been with us from the times of Alexendra the great!) has never taken root anywhere in Africa…except SA, but unless one is not informed, SA was very much western influenced until 1994…i hope this behaviour is not entertained in Zed…peacefully..

  2. It is so absurd that people can refer to ‘gay rights’ as ‘human rights’ and go on to talk of the right of ‘gay’ people to access ‘reproductive health services’. What reproduction can come out of ‘gay marriages’? Nonsense! This behaviour should never be tolerated by all wel meaning Zambians.

  3. Yeah Yal right Josh ! That is a Good advice High time those guys were told the side of the slice that needs good buttering.Priorities bane:-?

  4. LT why are you blocking the word ‘g.a.y.’ when you have used it in your heading? It does not make sense to me!!!!

  5. #2 You call somebody small minded for telling you the obvious? Are you a Homo? Homo is a sin, just like Murder, stealing and all the evil vices. How come Murderers don’t advocate for rights, how come liars don’t advocate for rights, How come fornicators don’t advocate for rights movement, How come adulterers don’t advocate for a rights movement, how come users of foul language don’t advocate for a rights movement, how come alcoholics to form a rights movement?.

    Under MMD government Homos will remain outlaws. Do we love them, yes, can we help them, yes, but they need to acknowledge they have a problem just like alcoholics. We are all sinners and fallen short, we don’t form movements, but instead we have started the process of moving towards holiness. Homos do the same

  6. Dojo Jo, you got a big problem man…. Recently on BBC there was talk of promoting rubbers in crowded zed prisons;as much as i don’t support homos or les’ i think this should be encouraged!!
    This pathetic notion of zed being a xtian nation is just cr@p!! Bashi mapepo r in the fore front with scandals everyday!!

  7. Awe sure it is unacceptable ladies and gentlemen to even contemplate over this matter.homos should never be entertained coz they represent the evil one which ever way you look at it bane!

  8. MMD Bootlicker – Yes I am a homo, so what? I have probably ****ed your daddy too – you little pervert.You sound educated but I must say you are dull… homosexuality is not a ‘problem’ that needs to be treated. Why do gay people give you the jitters? You want some???

  9. Please its not about Zambia being a christian nation but this issue stinks in whichever way you look at it.Just imagine kissing erotically your fellow man and even insert your manhood in his behind which contains feacal matter!Lets just consel such pipo instead of saying they are inclined to this way of life!

  10. Ba Afrocentric, ubusushi mumutwe sululu, since when did the a.s.s. hole become a have u had any knowledge on the make up of the lining of the anal walls? if you have difficulties looking for a girl, ask elders, they can arrange a lady for you to enjoy S.E.X in its entirety. dont be fooled by the white mans talk that we need human rights even on rubbish issues. i wonder how you look at your self. if your parents consented and brought you forth into this world, then think of the method they used. i respect pipo who are homo or lesboz just as humans but to extend to their evil acts, NOPE, they cannot and will never have such rights in my world and that of so many straight thinkers around here. For the first time i concur with MMD chief bootlicker

  11. Afrocentric,

    You need salvation now because yours is a fire fighting matter under 911 call code. We all sympathize with your life of obnoxious binaries.Whether you found yourself into out of a longing for connetedness and assimilation in cultures of “others” or not, you need salvation now.

  12. Zambians concentrate on debating real issues that affect yours and your children’s future. Remember, we do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow them from our children. Its unfortunate that we are blinded by ignorance and myopia and as a Zambian Human Rights activist, I will not bow down to bigotry and homophobia or the notion of a silly,small god – my GOD is above sexual preference!

  13. I agree with the bishops.A wrong is a wrong no matter how good it looks. Those of you supporting these silly acts should not expect any sane zambian to support your evil acts. Satan, leave Zambians alone and take root where they will accept you.

  14. Whether you found yourself into this debauchery out of longing for connetedness and assimilation in the cultures of “others” or not, you need salvation now and i mean now.Discard that hybrid identity for your true self. You are in abomination with your binaries.

  15. Afrocentric, Though an attention seeker, you are are a victim of cultural shock all weak minds find themselves in in the Diaspora.

  16. Ba Senior citizen, please stop exposing your bigotry – worry about how you are going to feed your family in these difficult times. Ba gay, ala twalisalikwa ‘we’ve been set apart by God” to be glamourous, charming, creative and sexy, ala twalipalwa that’s why you are all jealous. We have good jobs, make serious money and call the shots that’s why bonse you want to be us. Just join, its okey, we will embrace you. We are not judgemental, we practice love and tolerance and will tolerate even *****s like you.

  17. There is need for the Zambian Parliament to be bold enough and pass a law against homosexuality and lesbianism with very stiff punishments to be meted out by the courts of law. There is need to repeal the law against sodomy should be explicit on these abhorrent issues.

    This has nothing to do with Zambia’s declaration as a christian nation, but that Zambians’ moral values do not allow or condone such vices.

  18. Is it TOO much IGNORANCE in the POVERTY STRICKEN NATION or they just want to KEEP the MASSES in DARKNESS, in this case BRIANWASHED with their eyes closed in prayer to some foreign WHITE MESSIAH, a God who loves to STEAL MONEY from poor people, to buy leather seats, suits, big houses for priests while the people remain poor and hopeful of change when all what is happenin is that real hustlers or rather con artist are here at work… I wonder why ‘God’ would create such beings as g a ys, les bians, zwitters ie; when one is born with both se x ual organs… if they’re to be striped off of their rights to fully function as such beings. The dark continent as they say has a lot to learn, meaning waking up before they are completely milked off their last in ngwee in the name of GOING to…

  19. #6 MMD Chief Bootlicker, for once you ve said something sensible i couldn’t agree less with you , so you are not that bad after all.
    As for the Homos zed ain’t the right place for you, its sad that the swedish govt could come and say such a thing, if we are to go to their country and start preaching polygamy God knows what they could do to us very soon they will start pushing in a conner as regards the donor funds and put conditions on them.

  20. …………. going to heaven! What bullcrap is this?:o
    ma rubbishi yeka yeka… Viva G A Y PRIDE for life!!!

  21. All y’all haters… I am a Zambian gay person and I AM loud and PROUD! We are Zambian and ought to be treated as EQUAL before the Law. ba Mule, you talk about morality, poverty is not moral, illliteracy is immoral, high mortality is immoral – why must you and your twisted Church leaders continue to attack us? Get a life! We will get our rights by hook or crook. We shall not be silenced. We will not be defined by you bigots, we are wonderful creatures of the divine and we are proudly GAY Zambian.

  22. “Supporting practices such as homosexuality that are alien to the Zambian society” Bishop Banda said. Thought Christianity is equally foreign to Africa so what is the Bishop talking about.

  23. Afrocentric I think you mean you will get your rights by hook or ‘cock’. Get a life think with your head and not that thing you are abusing!!!

  24. ths joshua banda daz nt fit to be called bishop. let him jus shut up n continue chewing tax payerz money in the name of NCC.

  25. When people have depraved minds, they reduce themselves to animals. You cant reason with an animal.

    Just this week, some Germany man married his dying cat, because she had been such a nice and kind cat for years. Animals, in Sodom and Gomorah.

  26. Nothing should be taken away from what the two Bishops have said. President Rupiah Banda and his Government should take a very strong stand against these evil influences of the Donar Community. It is wrong for the Donar Community to think that they can buy Zambian lives with their money.

    If the sources of their funding to Zambia is from evil activities, then they must not be allolwed to bring this bloody money to Zambia. Mugabe and Museveni have worked hard to keep these sort of foreign elements out of their nations. We may not all see Mugabe or Museveni as democrats, yet the position they have taken to defend their countries is plausible.

    Why is it that African or Zambian Culture is wrong, evil and unacceptable in Zambia in the eyes of our Western Donars, when they’ve no morals?

  27. To me it makes no difference cos all the aid just end up in Kapoko’s and MMD pockets. Donors just keep your money.Either way- fund health or Doubleseks it is a loss of tax payers money.

  28. UK Zed Observer, you dare compare people to animals? I feel sorry for you,in essence you are also an animal since you are infinitely connected to all human beings. So what if she married a cat? You Zambans have been known to have s.e.x with goats, pigs and cows! Lets separate real issues here, your small mind cannot even begin to grasp the meaning of diversity, who determines depravity? You? Please…

  29. This reminds me of 20 something years ago when the church in zed was against condom use after the h.i.v outbreak. homoism will never end. look at what happened to soddom and Gohmora.


  30. Its sad when you turn villains into heroes because of your ignorance. The Bible says, my people perish because of lack of knowledge. Its a sad day when you call Mugabe and Museveni heroes because ‘gay people’ make you uncomfortable. These leaders have committed serious atrocities against humanity and you dare call them heroes because it suits you? One thing president Banda will never do, is bend to your whims, he respects the law and loves his country and will never sacrifice his own. We are not gong anywhere, Zambia is an Independent Sovereign state that will uphold the UN charter. If you are uncomfortable here, please relocate to Uganda and Zim, there’s no space for hate in Mother Zambia!

  31. Iwe Dojo Do, walimonapo imbwa, koswe, lunshi or pushi in that behaviour? And why should you hate yourself so much as to sink below all such less creatures? Think about it my friend!!:(

  32. Afrocentric: Do not let these people get to you. They lack reasoning. You have it in you to accept that people are different and believe me, that makes you more of a person than any of these self righteous people you are hearing it from. Their words are no less filled with hatred than Hitler’s were. It is amazing how such words can come from persons that preach Christianity, but then again, it is the very religion that was used to conquer, enslave and kill. See, Christianity, I believe, is a great religion, but like anything, it can be corrupted and used to divide, alienate and hate. Next time someone tells you what is and what isn’t African, just ask them what is? Is it the war, rape, ethnic cleansing, religious clashes, poverty, polygamy, AIDS, corruption, illiteracy, gender violence?

  33. Who cares what people do with there own bodies? I don’t believe in gayism, but that does not mean I should hate them.They are what they are and we are who we are.For as long as they are not forcing you to put your dick in their hole why bother?? When it comes to real issues of the constitution these hypocrite pastors choose to remain dumb.

  34. Imwe ba LT naimwe muli ba fake. What’s wrong with the word ‘koswe’? It’s simply bemba name for RAT. Are you homos too?

  35. All these things that Africans are identified by the World over, that seemingly we embrace more than the idea of someone being born with an attraction for a person of the same sex. 60 years ago some used the bible to proclaim the black man is less of a man than the white man. My grandfather still believes this to this day. It is a reflection of the worst form of slavery, which is slavery of the mind. Can you imagine where we would be if it was not for reasoning and tolerance? So you, my friend, Affrocentric are a free man, to reason and to desist from hatred. You are an individual, like God intended for you to be. And you definitely are African, for I refuse to believe tolerance makes you less African, it just makes you a wiser African.

  36. 39 & 41: Thank you for that: Let me remind y’all Zambians that our common humanity comes first and our personal prejudices only second. Lets priotise! Am off to comment on a constructive story about increased fuel levies! I think that will add value to my life!! Bye bigots!

  37. Well my father is a h.o.mos.e.xua.l ,while my mother is a the insuanations and hate you pipo may have against pipo of this orientation, for me it does`t matter because they give me the best of love in the world and they don`t forget my birthday.I can kill if i was to exchange my parents for anything.When we meet as a family it is all about love,understanding and enjoyment because we don`t understand each other on the basis of what one does in their private lives but what one can contribute to the family and society as a whole.I would rather take life in this way than to have a parent who will profess to be christian and against this but too quick to anger and slow to show love.Pipo think differently about the world so undestand others point of view.Deuces bane:)>-

  38. Ba Senior Citizen don’t use terms you don’t understand? How does a supporter of gays become a victim of “culture shock”? Back to relevance, when you see such evil acts being advocated in our land, then know that our redemption draweth nigh! Homosexuality was one of the sins that caused the destruction of Sodom and Gomora and will be one of the main sins that will be prevalent prior to the coming of christ.Remember the words of Christ in the book of Matthew.

  39. why are Christians so quick to judge others? Come on, show some love…Would Jesus do what you’re doing? Did he not challenge the people that wanted to stone the prostitute to do so only if they themselves had not sinned? Live your life, do what you believe will get YOU to heaven en by all means don’t act holier than others…let GOD be the judge sha!

  40. I am Zambian and proudly g.a.y. I am an adult that makes his own discussion and don’t force anyone to date me. I before i got in a stable relationship i dated a lot of Zambian men in Zambia(rich poor, prominent, politicians, clergies(yes) etc) who in the light are so homophobic but in the dark so so g.a.y its not funny. I don’t blame them, society wants them that way. They are call DLs(down lows):d

  41. Zambians we are a nation in great denial. To say h.o.mose.xuality is from the west is a big lie. I remember way back in the 70s and 80s we had g.a.y people. Yes there is a big stigma around it but it is certainly not imported. It is a shame that other people must come and tell us to love our own people. What these people do between the sheets is their business. They are not taking away anything from a common citizens. I propose that the same passion that we show against must be channel to fight our actual problems like corruption, lack of service delivery etc. I think that the issue of g.a.y people is the least of our problems and these people can positively contribute to our society if their rights are respected. We have bigger challenges ahead than denying our diversity.

  42. half the people here have no concept of democracy, if we live in zambia a democratic country, people should be free to do what they please only to the extent that it doesn’t infringe on other people’s rights. zambia has gay people but its something we want to hide away in our society, people do drugs, our politicians steal from us yet the poorest person is willing to go to church and pay tithe…It shows how shallow some zambians are, cant stand something different its human nature but you gotta learn to deal with it, we dont want to understand, it’s like our political leaders who cant debate logically ,or cadres who speak through violence. I think being old and chasing after school girls is more common than being gay,now that’s much better, we have pedophiles than gays right?

  43. Number 47 well said, had a friend who came back from africa and the first thing he said was that” africans dont love each other, they dont care about the welfare of others its every man for himself”. Its sad but true thats why development is moving in the opposite direction. We live in a secular state declared christian because a few people think it sounds good. Why not let people practice their own beliefs?religion and politics don’t mix because religion is a doctrine of yes or no,there’s no rationale or logic to it. For all you christian’s why is africa suffering, may be a religious answer will save our souls or may be we should try and be logic about things?

  44. Kwena baNE maleibepa! The organs were designed for a defined use of ‘plug and socket’; male and female. At the rate chaps like Afrocentric are arguijng, we will soon have donors funding robbers fighting for their robbing rights! .. . . .and liars and conmen . . . . . .CENJELENI BANE; THESE DONORS DO NOT HAVE YOUR INTERESTS AT HEART. THEIR AIM IS TO MAKE OUR SOCIETY AS PERVERTED AT THEIRS!

  45. #36Deja Vu lol very funny=)). imwe leave them g.a.y people alone. if its 2 consenting adults and not a child or a goat lol then what the hell. Stop hating now**==

  46. Now I agree with what someone said; that most pipo appear to be wise until they open their mouths.
    I have read a lot of crap….

  47. Anyone homophobic is as good as a racist because the Aryan Brotherhood as we all know (If you have any brains) the hate GAYS,BLACKS,JEWS,Asians so does the KKK, So do Skinheads, So do Combat 18. Now tell me where do you fit yourselves in my fellow Zambians?

  48. It looks like Afrocentric has found the right fora to express his opinions. I agree with the Bishop, let Sweeden support other productive issues, this g.a.y thing has always been there and will be for a long time. Just because we dont accept homosexuality as a norm we must understand that g.a.y people are also human beings some of them our bululus. I just wonder if there is anything sweeter than p_ssy???? Ha i didnt think so!!!

  49. Those who say that homosexuality did not exist in Africa before white people came dont know history. There are many examples of homosexuality being accepted in many African societies before colonialism. In fact it is colonialism which in many cases stigmatised homosexuals because of its bigoted Christian teaching. The argument of what is ‘African’ or not is laughable from people who are writing in a Western language, mostly dress in Western clothes and come from countries that were created by Westerners in Berlin in 1884 without one African being present. Lets look beyond the West, India has repealed the law outlawing homosexuality which it inherited from the British colonial administration which is the way that the world as gay people can be found in all corners of the globe.

  50. number 51 do Zambian politicians have our interests at heart either? because i don’t see, look at the scandal at the MOH.

  51. I always enjoy a goood laugh when i look at how pipo could be funny and dum.Surely if someone decides to use his assets in a way different from you should you get offended ? A.s.s for fa.eces my foot ! It is not your bussiness if jim believes he can use it the other way round , it is simply non of your bussiness.Live your lives pipo and stop hiding in cacoons, why hate a h.omo or lesb is it you they screw ? Life is all about how each one views the world ,we may have the same eyes and but see differently,same brains and think differently and above all remember one mans cup of tea may be anothers poison.I dont think it is right to be one but who am i to tell another individual what is right ? Life has no manual each one has to do what he or she thinks is right.:)>-

  52. Firstly i deplore the fact that we are getting donor money. I hate it. It inhibits our ability to think and be productive. I also hate that we feel entitled to do what we please with money we haven’t even earned. Its the donors money, not ours. I hate our dependency syndrome.

  53. The story of the beggars that wanted to be choosers, demanding that those they were begging from donated to the things that they deemed fitting. I mean, if it is such a sin to be g.a.y, or to tolerate and even embrace a g.a.y man, then surely it must be a sin to associate with institutions that support g.a.y rights, right? So then tell me why it would not be sinful to accept aid from institutions or countries that are pro- gay rights? A Christian nation begging from nations with ‘unchristian’ practices is very funny indeed. Let’s see the Christian bloggers pray us out of poverty and reach out to individuals like Veteran to help, while individuals with a heart for all people fight for our very freedom. As for those praising Mugabe, meet him at Church as you pray for salvation. Ha ha ha!

  54. And the idea of using religion or culture as a basis for a proper analysis of what is right or wrong is also crap and a surest way to retarded develpment not only as individuals but as a nation as a whole.It is each one for himself pipo that is life, it is either you embrace that or you are left out,so leave that person alone as long as your life is not affected in any way.:-?

  55. Has there been a need to bring about this debate, I can not understand why a foriegn country can came into a country and tell people to address a problem the people themselves have not complained of, This is just a way a awaking sleeping dogs knowing that people will protest such assertions by donors that other members of the international community can come in and condem Zambia so that this whole subject can be given promince is the discourse of human rights. The best thing is to leave things as they are and not comment on such things. In Zambia we have a law against homosexauality but we have no law that is against the promotion of introducing gay rights in our statutes. We are in a dilemna.

  56. The G-a-y community should be kept far from Zambia, it is unZambian, it is unGodly. These things are just being created ,so if God wanted us to marry the same sex seriously would there have been any reproduction? This is commonsense which this community chooses to ignore but at the same time they are going around adopting childrend they can never have. Stop confusing the world,if there is a place where we will choose to be old fashioned, let that place be Zambia because we will not lose anything, this should never be written as a law. Lets not give these people a place to practice these unjustified and twisted things!!

    If society condones drunkardness, children wont shy away from it.
    If society condones stealing, children will grow up thinking it is the norm.
    If society condones laziness, children will grow up learning nothing but living on aid.
    If society condones homosexuality, children will grow up thinking it is the norm.
    Yes it does harm to society because if not condemned, in the end hetero-, homo-, bi-, tri-, beast-, zoo- will just be that… a normal and acceptable act of s-e-x!

  58. Genesis Chapter 19:4- And the guests went to bed when MEN of Sodom came to Lot shouting: WHERE are THE MEN THAT CAME WITH YOU? BRING THEM TO US. WE WANT TO HAVE SEKS WITH THEM. Ladies and Gents that is why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah

  59. In our African culture,Zambia to be specific, there is no homosexuality.So I mwe ba Afro centric are you not an African?If you are, then please be proud of that.The biggest problem is that you want to pretend to be what you are not.

  60. Afrocentric, I hear you bro’s!!! Forget the small minded african low class citizens and enjoy yourself where ever, when ever, how ever you wish, one day they will find out their own brothers, kids, dads are hardcore G Aiken’s ( meaning on urban dictonary)
    8-| ViVA G A Y PRIDE for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  61. Swedish people are known for their liberal views concerning s.e.x. Their mentality is completely different from ours. Therefore, the Swedish ambassador should be SLAPPED for opening her mouth and telling us what we should or shouldn’t do. Being poor or not does not mean that anyone should impose their ignorant culture on us. We have the RIGHT to REFUSE any aid from morally corrupt and perverse donors like the Swedish ambassador and her govt. We are not homophobic – homos get off your high horses and UNDERSTAND that Christians don’t hate you. It’s crap to compare yourselves to victims of racial or religious bigotry. What we hate is your behavior that has managed to spread incurable diseases the world over. Besides, we need children – you CAN’T reproduce[-(

  62. These are the consequences of being overdependant with donor funding and always loking for foreign investors . Until Zambia becomes self depandant and is able to stand on it’s feet such pressures will always be there. The borrower is a slave to the lender Prov 22:7. Africa needs to take Dambisa Moyo’s advice seriously which is in the Dead Aid book.

  63. The Swedish people are telling us that when g.a.y.s approach them for help, they will not turn their backs against them! We need to know where these guys take this stance from. In Sweden EQUALITY is the cornerstone of their society (men, women, children even dogs are equal!). This is just not in laws but you see it every day in their lives. Constitutionally no swede is above another. Not even the king! During Christmas I watched a g.a.y guy perform Christmas songs before the king and other people. It was a lovely concert. I wish Zambians we can move on and leave our bigotry behind to concentrate on more important issues. Corruption, thieving govt officials, poverty, lack of education opportunities, tribalism, adultery etc are much more damaging to our community that this g.a.y matter.

  64. Viva gay right!

    Everytime the donars gives money to “development” you let our politicians balilapo. So why not support the gay community in Zedee?! At least you might get Elton Jones come down to Zed and build an orphanage school etc. Just easy your mind and forget the sex acts between 2 adults. Some of you have done the same thing with you wives…..

  65. Hi everyone, to the people that said Christianity is foreign to Africa, read up. Zipporah was Ethiopian mount Zion is in Africa and the Africans knew Jehovah so say something different dear people. A peni.s is to a, as the north pole is to the south. Hot and cold, day and night. Alexander and those people of Greece were perverted with tiny members, but we are blessed,so love your wives right and satisfy her don’t borrow from people that have ravaged our beautiful continent 🙂

  66. The only people who have issues with lesbians and gays are the bible bangers who believe that orientation is a choice; it’s not! If you truly believe in God, then God is he not? God does not make mistakes right? Well God made gays and lesbians…so he is not wrong, therefore they are not wrong. The bible was written by followers of God, not God himself. Get a grip!!!

  67. Eagle’s Wings….as for homos.e.x.uals spreading incurable diseases…news flash…the majority of HIV cases in Africa are the result of heteros.e.x.ual transmission. This disease is ravaging your country and continent because of straight people..let’s get that straight!!! So…if people are truly leading fine upstanding Christian lives in a Christian nation….then tell me how this disease is getting spread? If people are not out having premarital s.e.x. when they are single and are being faithful to their spouses when they are married, how is it possible that Zambia has a life expectancy of what is it now…hmm…32 years….What a bunch of hypocrites! Start practicing what you preach and then you might get a handle on this diease!

  68. Elizabeth stay on topic, if having se.x between males in your nation is that way please keep it there. Yes God does not make mistakes, people do. We as Christians have a free will so doing good and staying sane in moral terms is by choice. Yes we need to practice what we preach, thus one thing at a time. Firstly no ho.m.osexuallity, we have too many dam problems to be adding that to it aswell.

  69. Mwanawakwitu…homo..s..e..x..uality is not a problem. What goes on in other peoples’ bedrooms is none of your business or mine. So stop hating on these people! Homo..s..e..x..uality has been around since the beginning of time. By the way…an earlier post stated that these people spread incurable diseases and that’s inaccurate. I’m sorry if I went a bit off topic..but such lies cannot be allowed to stand. The incurable dieases being spread in your country are being spread primarily by straight people. And for those of you who think that Zambia does not have a ..g..a..y.. community…..WRONG… because of the bigotry that’s kept low key; it’s there …sorry to burst your bubble!! Some of you really need to get a clue and open your pretty brown eyes!

  70. why judge people for the way they live and love. most of us on this forum live in tolerant societies but are quick to let zambians remain intolerant. gay, lesbian, trans, whatever – let them be free. after all as someone noted above – the biggest hules here are so called heterosexuals. stop this bigotry and lets let people be free. all you haters should shut the fu<k up! and for the record – i aint gay.

  71. LT – you are Ignorant with a capital “I”. why do you censor the word g-a-y and yet you have it in your article. Your journalism sucks!

  72. #77 in relation to HIV/Aids being spread in Africa through hetrosexual activities, this is a mystery that needs to be resolved as to why Africa has been hard hit and not other continents ,as the sexual activity of other continents could be higher if not equal with Africa. i know people would want to use the condom theory but how many in other continents have unprotected sex as evidenced by the high rate of abortions and pregnancies too. Two theory’s have been advanced so far which can be found in articles such as “WHO murdered Africa” and other articles on Aids origin. I challenge you and well meaning individuals to research on where AIDS originated from and why Africa has been hit the hardest. Africa is not more sexually active than other continents, please provide verifiable evidence

  73. Afrocentric bro just repent now in Jesus’ name. U seem 2 be a fallen christian. God loves u dont follow blindly these useless practices. Imagine yo father if he was gay, this time u cud not have been alive.
    Dont reduce yoself below wild animals which are even able 2 differentiate between male and female. U need salvation.

  74. Zambia is no go area 4 these rubbish, useless whatever called lesbian or gay. This is a christian nation whether u like it or not. U are free 2 relocate to countries where pipo behave as though they are confused mistaking a man 2 be a woman. Shame on the these cocroaches.

  75. Afrocentric:if you want 2 misuse yo “thing” sorry find another country where such inhuman activities are allowed. U are in a wrong country. U are involved in yo rubbish and shameless activities blindly coz of poverty and lack of education. Go 2 school. If u dont know how 2 propose love 2 women, we can help u. Become a human being bro. Dont pretend 2 be Zambian.

  76. U chaps practicing this yakumbuyo (gay) thing illegally in Zambia,we will flash u out before u turn our beloved country into hell. Dont u feel ashamed of yoselves? Soon dogs will start laughing at you as yo behavior falls below that of dogs. Man and woman are very different and their bodies designed 4 specific functions. How can a man become a woman? That hole is 4 feaces and how can u even be proud 2 be eating feaces? Reason properly u maggots !!!

  77. Lovely Zambia….veritable proof?….How about common sense…give you an example….I seen a pic of a billboard in Zed…it showed a little girl and the caption said something like this..” Having sex with me will not cure you of AIDS”…Really now…do you need to ask why this disease seems to be more prevalent in your part of the world? With beliefs such as this, one can only imagine the kind of careless practices that are unfolding daily. Bottom line….condoms are your best bet….use them and it will reduce the risk of transmission. For some reason…people in your part of the world are not using them nearly enough and on a regular basis. Once that happens, your rates of transmission will fall and be on par with the West. More study is needed too…true enough….

  78. Zemule, the bible was written 2000 years ago by people who didn’t understand the world around them. You live in a modern world and have no excuse for your ignorance! The bible is not the word of God; it’s the word of a group of people who followed a set of beliefs that they just might have made up all on their own. I can write a book now and in 2000 years time, people might be following it and making it a religion. I wish you and the other bible bangers would get a clue! The people who are so passionately against homo.s.e.x.uality are usually the ones that having s.e.x. issues of their own. Who are you fighting against Zemule- the homo.s.e.x.uals or yourself? Don’t take the bible too’s full of fairy stories…Use common sense and some critical thinking skills!

  79. Elizabeth u seem 2 completely lost.How do regard eating faeces as common sence or critical thinking skills ? Are u still human or some form of human -being? Coz this is abnormal even dogs, cocroaches, flies etc know the difference between the entry hole and exit hole. Why do u want 2 twist nature? Reason = SIN. Take such rubbish and abnormal practices to HELL. Zambia is a wrong place 4 u. Here we practice normal sex (man vs woman) and this is how u were even born yoself not thru gayism.

  80. Zambia is no go area 4 these inhuman and nonsensical practices called *** or lesbianism. U can practice in your manner-less countries where your parents, bothers and sisters seat and watch u having shameless *** on the streets. In Zambia, sorry we have manners and we dont tolerate such rubbish. May be U were born through the male “exit holes” as yo mothers are men. Ha ha ha…….

  81. MMD and UPND congrats on throwing this satanic practice of gaizm out of Zambia. PF is suspect No1. Shame on u. U call this issue small? Given Lubinda u seem 2 be one of the those maggots doing this “yakumbuyo” thing. U dont have 2 seat as PF committee or whatever 4 u to know that *** is useless and shameful and only 4 small brains / confused pipo of the world. NOW RED CARD AWAY FROM MMD TO PF!!!
    Complain about this comment

  82. I think there are more important issues to discuss than gay rights. We are so emotional on a non issue. There are very few gay people in Zambia anyway. Let us talk about malaria or cholera or something else. Why do we get so emotional over something that is not even a serious problem anyway. Let us talk about pastors lying to people that they should give to give to GOD when instead they chew the money. When did GOD drive Hummers, gold chains and Gucci cologone. Now that is a real issue. That is fraud and obtaining money under false pretences. How many of you have even met a gay pperrson or knwo one ? I certainly know many so called men of GOD who are cheating gullible people out of their hard earned money.

  83. G.A.Y rights is just a smoke screen for conmen pastors to divert attention from reall issues. Like their campaign for charitable non taxabel status when they are in business. Yes business. They preach a sermon. Liberaly interspersed with exhortation to the faithful to contribute to GOD and then they wallow in luxury using GOD’s money. We know them and GOD is watching we shall meet in hell. These are the modern day money changers Jesus whipped out of the temple. They are a bigger threat than any G.A.Y.S are to this nation. Hiding behind GOD in order to make a living. This is SIn. It is lying. It is stealing.

  84. One of them had his flock chanting Jaguar ! jaguar ! in church. Others send children to schoool in America while neglecting their own church members. Others were ccollecting money in the middle of a cholera epidemic. Others drive around in pimp mobiles with gold chains and Armain suits looking like Nigerian drug dealers.Others even have the audacity to rent their vehichles to the church at car hire rates and then turn around and drive the same cars. SHAME. SHAME. SHAME.
    Just like the homos they too will face the wrath of GOD. They are hypocrites and thieves.,

  85. Elizabeth thankyou for saying I have pretty brown eyes. Here is some thing for you to look into. Since you answered my post with respect I shall reply yours with respect aswell. Without God and a spiritual guide we as a people are lost. It’s not the word of God that is flawed, people are flawed. What would be the moral determinant for morality. Africas moral compass are probably second to none, the problem with my continent though is that evil people in most countries got to wealth first and that is never a good thing. If wealth could fall into the right hands and in southern africa’s case if the masses would be more concerned about their wellbeing things would be differently good. We don’t impose on Europe but our thirst for foreign aide brings us issues. Digest that.

  86. Eating feces eh Zemule? Wow…you seem to know more about this than I do! haha Listen dude…live and let live! Life is too short to worry about what is going on in the bedrooms of other people. It’s not your business…my business and I’m pretty damn sure it is not the business of the churches or politicians…Zemule…Zambians practice all kinds of s.e.x. dear…not just man-woman…stop being so blind! There are g.a.y.s. and lesbians in your country…I know this for a fact. So stop preaching this we are a Christian nation and don’t do that stuff..because that notion is crap! As for manners..being a bigot doesn’t make you a mannerly or moral person! And don’t talk about my mother dude or anyone else’s….There is no need to go that far! Stop being a hater!

  87. #87 let’s use statistics, firstly concerning the billboard you saw what percentage in Zambia practises that, secondly what percentage in developed countries use condom versus in Africa, what are the abortion rates, pregnancy rates in both these geographical locations. The point is what is the origin of aids and how come Africa has been hit so hard , to go a lit bit further how come the black population in the USA has the highest infection rate. Could the articles on “WHO murdered Africa ” be true. Please provide verifiable statistics and not just generalizations.

  88. Its my business when u chaps born from Male Mothers want 2 get rights 4 inhuman activities in our lovely country. I have no problem if u practice it elsewhere in countries where all useless and shameless activities are allowed. In Zambia Nooooooooo!!! Have u ever seen a thief, adulterer, drunkard etc asking 4 rights? Rights 4 sensible things not yo fello man with the same “john”.

  89. I fully agree with that guy on these so called “men of gold” who are busy buying hammers under false pretences. They say give sacrificial offering 2 God but then poor members who are still blind give them lots of money which these false pastors use 2 buy their luxurious cars, houses, farms, sending children to America etc. This nonsense shud be exposed. Thats why they have become so fat and yet church members still wallowing in extreme poverty in Chaisa compound. Joe Imakando 1st Suspect.

  90. Lovely Zambia, the fact that the billboard had to be erected in the first place is proof enough that it is a problem; maybe not a widespread problem, but still a problem. Again…I think it comes down to safer s.e.x. practices not taking place. By the way…where are your statistics to back up your points of view??? As for me making generalizations…common sense is what I am going by and stated facts that have been out in public and the media for years. And not just reported by western media, but your own media as well.

  91. #101 everyone has been speaking in abstracts and generalization and there are no statistics to prove the points such as sexual activity,condom use, abortion rates, pregnancy rates by continents and the origin of HiV/Aids and why Africa has been hit hardest. At least i was able to find some statistics for the black ppulation in the usa “Looking at all children, 69% of diagnoses of perinatal HIV infection occurred among blacks and 16% among Hispanics/Latinos, with lower proportions among whites (11%) — who make up about two-thirds of the U.S. population — and people other or mixed race/ethnicity (4%)”. source hivandhepatitis dot com

  92. Lovely Zambia…there are no stats on s.e.x.ual activity, condom use, abortion rates and pregnancy rates??? Are you living under a rock or what? There are stats for all of those categories in many countries! Use the internet and you’ll probably be buried with stats! Just because you’ve never found them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And the American stats you quoted are interesting. Perhaps what needs to be examined is the education level, socio-economic status, age and overall health of these individuals. I would say it is these factors that need examining and not race that determines if a person finds themselves HIV positive or not….

  93. Please Marie Andersson de Frutos, leave homosexual & lesbian Issues in Sweden, not in Zambia. even animals know there partners. why should human beings behave strange? lets not allow other people from other countries influence evil in Zambia just for the sake of supporting us financially

  94. Lovely Zambia, I stated my point of view and you stated yours. You have internet access and you can look up the stats yourself. No need to volley this ball back and forth. We are both speculating because neither of us knows the answer for sure, do we?

  95. #106 I tried sometime back and didn’t find so much especially for most countries apart from African countries, maybe you,me and other interested Africans can carry out a secondary research over the internet for those categories and maybe in the future carry out a primary research if the secondary research does not provide much data.

  96. Homosexuality is indeed universal in the human race, just as is Tobacco addiction, yes one is free to choose with which sex they sleep with BUT NOT FOR IT TO BE DEBATED OR EVEN LEGISLATED IN PARLIAMENT FOR SPECIAL RIGHTS!!! ELEVATING THIS UNNATURAL DESIRE TO A SPECIAL STATUS is an unjust DISCRIMINATION to the majority full stop!! Gays are quick to say they are hated, NO, it is the abnormal behaviour that is disliked, not you as human beings. Just keep it in the closet & you will be fine becoz as things stand today, we both have equal rights & freedoms to choose don’t we?? Remember, NORMS are decided by society, as for now, the majority of Zambian society says no, that doesn’t makes any backward, just that we recognize that sex was meant for procreation & we prefer to keep it that way!!

  97. Elizabeth, I applaud your efforts. You are trying to reason with people who would rather follow flawed thinking because it fits them. Half the people disagreeing with you do not even fully grasp your argument. You are one of only few people here being logical and frankly I think that your refusing to be a believer in discrimination probably makes you closer to the portrayal of Jesus then any of the persons that disagree with you. I agree entirely with you, a man or woman of a different orientation is still a man deserving of my respect, love and humane treatment. As to why a gay man is less African than the cheating, stealing, killing,, African men that we have in abundance, perhaps I will have to look up in the Zambian version of that man-written book called the Bible.

  98. Believe it or not, Homosexual Rights have NO PLACE in our Zambian Society. This is when Karavinas will be useful. :d/

  99. Most people supporting gay rights are outside Zambia. Just a few years outside and you have adopted foreign values. People are supposed to be accountable to each other. If you practice something that is socially unacceptable and you know it is not acceptable you become a public nuisance. Unless it is worth dying for, amend your ways.

  100. Tolerating g.a.y people and other minorities can be considered as social development in our country. This is why some govts are ready to assist these people. Development is not only about infrastructure but also about our culture and the way we do things. Supporting g.a.y rights does not imply that one approves or likes the lifestyle. It means that one respects their rights as human beings to make certain choices as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others. If two women would like to be with one another, it does not affect me in any way!
    I think this g.a.y issue is actually a non-issue and a waste of time. We are better off focusing on service delivery from the govt. Issues like this are a distraction and allows politicians not to actually deliver on promises they made.

  101. A big born again man of the cloth, Bishop Eddie Long has been exposed as a homosexual. This man actually bashes gay people but secretly has been having young boys. Stop preaching hate.

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