Father Bwalya accuses political leaders of instigating violence


Father Bwalya
Fr. Frank Bwalya

Change Life Zambia (CLZ) Executive Director, father Frank Bwalya has observed that political violence has began to increase in the country because political leaders have shown no will to deal with it.

Father Bwalya said the civil society organization in the country were worried of the rampant violence being exhibited during political campaigns.

He said only political leaders themselves have the key to stop the spread of the violence being perpetuated by cadres who obey every instruction they give them.

Father Bwalya said cadres should not be blamed because they could not do anything without the consent of their political leaders.

He appealed to political leaders from the both the opposition and the ruling party to take keen interest in conducting their political campaign without violence.

The CLZ Director noted that the operations of political parties in the country was worrying as regards to violence and they should to take a strong stance against it.

He said that political violence is affecting the lives of Zambians and if no action was taken by those in leadership position, it would paint a bad picture on the country’s developing democracy.
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  1. What about the rallies you hold on the CB that turn to looting and violence ???. Do you blame MMD for that ?. You are a crazed zenophobic priest with genocidal tendencies based on tribe. The whole world know who you support in the opposition. Dont try and look neutral

  2. Ala iwe KC, he is not blaming your MMD, but he is mentioning political leaders from both parties! You sure are a MMD a.s.s licker. Grow up and have some constructive debate! Actually i would like to box you in th UK if you so wish. y family are economically challenged in Zedee because of thick peole like you.

  3. # 2 Kuomboka_ne_Nsaka
    comeon man, this time your fr bwalya is not insigating violence yet you seem to have a hard on.
    usually you chaps have hard ons when this man preachers hate.

  4. #1 kc, you are right on. And I am taken aback at this apparent change of stance by “father” bwalya. As we know all these “father” bwalyas are Mr Sata’s boys and campaign tools. Anyway the “father” has spoken sense for the first time since I first heard of him. Remember what I said about the diplomatically coded message from the Vatican Pronuncio to Archbishop Telesphore, that it has sank there but may take a little while to spread to the bwalyas of this world? Well, looks like the Holy Ghost from the Vatican is at work here.

  5. Fr bwalya is an instigator of violence.He should have first scold himself real hard before extending the scolding to political leadres.

  6. Good to see Fr Bwalya coming back to his senses.Now this is the message befitting a clergyman and NOT the hate he was preaching like DO or DIE Zambia.There was no need giving Zambians options they dont desire.For the first time he has taken a swipe at both his beloved opposition and his favourite enemy MMD but ran short of mentioning their names.

  7. I guess people still dont understand what fr Bwalya and CLZ are advocating for. Its important for people to read the mission statement of an organisation and the strategies they have put in place before making conclusions. I think this is the same disease that even RB has, because he has started seeing NGOs as opposition political parties.

    one thing some people need to know is that there nothing unconstitutional about what fr Bwalya has been doing and nothing anywhere near instigating any form of violence . If someone holds a rally or a demonstration or indeed if they distribute symbolic material can you say that the person is instigating violence. lets also take time to read the Zambian constitution then we will talk sense not just use English terms because someone told us about…

  8. Fr. Bwalya must realize that he is not dealing with a normal govt. The MMD govt is the new Taliban government. First they have no respect for women as evidenced by their treatment of Kabwela, next by their treatment of women who dances for them at airports and the old woman who was almost naked for Banda to relish his disrespect for women and the most recent the pronouncements of MMD Lusaka Young Chairman Chalwe to gang rap.e Nawakwi. They have no respect for the church hence the attacks on Archbishop Mpundu and Fr. Bwalya in particular. William Banda is the Omar Muhammad of Zambia. We have few other Talibans in the name of Veteran Senior Citizen, Taliban Capitalist in Canada who blogs to scare other bloggers and another Taliban in South Africa called Bootlicker and UK, it is Kc. Wow.

  9. I see no difference between MMD and the Taliban. The Taliban threatened people and in some cases killed people. MMD just killed some kids in Mufumbwe. MMD operated on scare tactics, MMD does exactly the same. Taliban thought the country is theirs, MMD believes the same. Taliban was full of abachawa, MMD is full of the same in William Banda and Rupiah Banda. They worked with dictator nations, Banda is doing the same with Mugabe and the Iran mad man-Amadinajacket who was withMugabe few days ago. What do you think Banda was consulting Mugabe about in Tanzania? He was discussing how it went with the Iran mad man. I will never trust Banda with anything.

  10. Well Spoken Fr.Bwalya. Leaders should condemn violence regardless their interest. Zambians please don’t behave like RB who thinks all NGOs and other agencies are supporting opposition parties. Democracy should be criticized and tested. RB is afraid of NGOs providing checks and balances and those advocating for respect for equal rights are his enemies.

  11. Think of it, our ‘Zambian National Anthem’ has become meaningless as we the Zambian people are now doing the opposite.

  12. Father Bwalya was, is and will continue to be a P.F. cadre. He may have found it difficult to practice P.F politics under the ‘cloak’ of the clegy hence his ‘resignation’. However, his comments on the violence is spot on. All political leaders need to act against it BUT, opposition political leaders should only withdraw their ‘militias’ when and if RB and his team withdraws theres! It is this way or no way!

  13. Father Bwalya, The MMD has turned to be a violent gang. Rememebr what they did in Mufumbwe afetr knowing lossing,they resorted to Violence even before the polls openned. They are scared to have a commission of enquiry cause they will be faulted. They want to use the compromised courts to pettition the elections. It wont work, the MMD fielded a fossil Mulondwe Muzungu whose son hasnt been yet arrested for killing two children that were cerebrating UPND win.

  14. But i thought the right process under your constitution and laws, is to petition an election when you are not satisfied with the result? Why castigate MMD for doing what is legally correct?

  15. This is the African way.

    When you support the opposition, you must critisize the ruling party even for doing the right thing. It will be long before they reach our level.

    I saw the Foreign Affairs minister in the UK give a short speech after she lost her seat to the Conservatives. Her speach was humble and thankful and not full of lies about rigging or distorted figures for Vubwi constituency, like we all saw Sata do in 2008. Yet, hundreds of voters were turned away at 18:00 on the dot because the polling station had closed, which could have turned her misfortune around. This shows that Europeans respect the law and abide by it.

    Africans have a long way to go before they reach our level. Maybe their great grand children will be wiser.

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