MMD confirms intentions to form pact with UNIP

We have suspended Namulambe...MMD national secretary Katele Kalumba during a press briefing in Lusaka
MMD national secretary Katele Kalumba

The Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) has confirmed that it has intentions to enter into a pact with the United National Independence Party (UNIP) as the country heads towards the 2011 tripartite elections.

MMD National Secretary Katele Kalumba said the ruling party has always been a movement from which most political parties in the country originated from.

Dr. Kalumba said the MMD has never closed its doors to anyone who wants to join its ranks.

He said it is not strange that UNIP could find a common ground with the ruling party even though it was an adversary party during the early 1990s.

The MMD Chairperson said a pact between the UNIP and the MMD cannot be peculiar in any way stating ANC and National party did it at the time Zambia was fighting for independence.

Dr. Kalumba said it is not only UNIP which has shown interest in forming a political pact with the MMDbut also other parties he did name.

He said there are possibilities of discussions with what he called ‘Very Big Political Parties’ in the country which he refused to mention.
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  1. Yangu tata mayo ! I can now see that the MMD has seen the impact that the PF-UPND pact has had and now they also want a similar thing.Balebepakofye aya ma pipe dream theirs won`t be that strong….ha ha ha.:d

  2. Ma ribisi yeka yeka aya! Kusila kwa MMD uku manje. Find your own ideas and call it a different name mwe banthu!!

  3. That sounds interesting.Which UNIP is this now?Kaunda or Masheke led factions.
    Socialism or Capitalism?
    There are more differences than common ground between these parties.
    Anyway,time is healer.

  4. NO, no change Banda remains the president of Zambia
    YES, yes Banda is the preisdent of Zambia
    This is where it shall go if we are not careful with these guys.He just woke up without a vision to help run Zambia.Imagine you have been on the street for many years without a job and one day you are woken up in the morning and told that you will be running a Huge Organisation?people lets be real, do you think you will do the best of all?this is RB, he has no vision yet still checking with Chiluba FTJ

  5. Ma ribish! Atase! UNIP policies and MMD are very (. . . . . . .ok WERE very) different. When did the two parties start to see eye-to-eye on policies? This is just about self preservation and not policies: Shameful politics by shameless greedy men with no necks!

  6. It is now very clear how RB has and still wants to ‘UNIP-lise’ the MMD. “one zambia, one nation, one nation, one leader, and that leader, RB wamuyayaya, abelelele!!!! ico ico ico!!!, Lesa ku mulu, RB panshi”. During press conference, a journalist asks sensitive question, president responds: s.t.u.p.i.d question, sit down!!” back to our old days!

  7. Just to remind everyone,in the milanza by elections,MMD polled more than 5000,PF/UPND and UNIPmore than 2000.So MMD/UNIP pact polled more than 7000.This is what MMD is looking at in the whole of eastern province .

  8. This is a good move by MMD. With UNIP on their side, they’ll pull 90% of the vote in Eastern Province. Then with FTJ, the Mwata & Moses Katumbi on their side, the MMD will recapture Luapula with over 80% of the vote again. Add this to Western, North Western and Central where over 60% of the vote went MMD, the results will be phenominal. MMD will share 50/50 in Northern and get 2nd position in Southern, Copperbelt & Lusaka with close to 40% of the vote. Add this up and you get an average of 57.8% of the vote well within their reach.

    MMD will definately get wellover the 50+1% which will give Zambia a government it deserves elected by the majority as demanded.

    Well done!

    Now lets see what strategy the opposition have to counter this wise move. Lets hope it wont be violence as usual.

  9. Just look at what’s happening in the UK right now. The Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats are really miles apart with regards to manifestos and political ideologies but there you are …

  10. Ba MMD are so dozzy. Finally their party is being Swallowed by UNIP. UNIP has finally resurected. We are going to defeat UNIP once again for the second time to make twice!


  12. Ba KaKa, Which big party is this that you are about to form a pact with. Is it true that UPND, MP’s want a pact with MMD. This could be some very bad news for PF. Please Kaka elaborate on which big party you are talking about, before our brothers in PF start having diahorea.

  13. OOOP Hahahaha…. Yavuta Nkani mwami…Some have started sleeping with Geographical imaginative calculators portioning Zambia hoping to win the 2011… Kuyabebele batata.

  14. # 9

    Your PhD in politics is rubbish. How do you just add people like you are adding stones? for your own information people have choices and memories and every move a politician makes has consequences and this is what determines the outcome of an election. in 2006 UNIP FDD and UPND came together but they could not win the election, so how would you explain that, considering that in 2001 the votes that UPND and FDD, if added were far more than what the MMD had even beyond the 50+1%.

    Your reasoning is poor, unrealistic and below the standards of PHD and if I were your supervisor I would fail you instantly if you gave me such an analysis.

  15. #16, does you reasoning at #16 similarly apply to the pact, of UPND and PF. If does, then I do not see the two forming government.

  16. I thought that UNIP and MMD had not only formed a pact but merged.Once RB,a chief UNIPIST was floated as MMD presidential candidate,that symbolised a merger.Now with Vigilante William Banda at the center of all this violence,no one can doubt that MMD and UNIP have merged.

  17. UNIP is irrelevant in Zambian politics. The Pact should run campaigns reminding people how things were under UNIP.

  18. We saw it coming a long time ago – this is not news, mudala Katele iwe. The horrible part of this is that there are people still living today who understand why UNIP fell in 1991, this is very bad news for MMD. This declaration reveals MMD’s insecurity – they have chosen to seek protection under an old, crippled symbol of a party which was b-( b-( b-( (whacked!!) by the people and has never recovered. What a shame – lack of vision imwe baMMD. You have failed to work hard for your votes, ubu nang’ani bane – uko nakambi ako b-(b-(b-(

  19. # 9 You have a Phd in tujilijili. Go to school and get an academic qalification no this nonsense you are preaching here on this forum.

  20. The most waste suggestion to be taken by MMD, how can a cow ask a tick to carry it. Waste economic crisses awaits zambians. I wish it to happen so that UNIP advises MMD how to conceal sorry of being out power. Zambians especially the living dont be cheated?

  21. We have a huge task in the Pact, the recent national elections clearly shows the supremecy of the MMD. Out of the 10 elections with a total of 44,815 votes cast, MMD got 57%, UPND 28%, PF 9%, UNIP 5% and rejected 1%.These calculations are based on ECZ public notice posted to the media dated 4th May 2010

  22. On “Dr. Kalumba said it is not only UNIP which has shown interest in forming a political pact with the MMD[ ]but also other parties he did name… He said there are possibilities of discussions with what he called ‘Very Big Political Parties’ in the country which he refused to mention” it is good that other parties are considering a political pact with MMD ahead of 2011 tripartite elections but the said discussions with ‘Very Big Political Parties’ indicate that the Mwanawasa Legacy over an alliance between MMD and UPND is still possible to avoid a mis-election of Mr PF/Sata MC as Zambian President.

    I hope President RB will appoint HH as Veep.

    Be blest all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added…

  23. Meanwhile I hope Minister Vice-President George Kunda’s return to Zambia following a ZNBC TV clip during the 19 hrs news will boost the advice to the UPND to ditch the PF from the PF-UPND PACT so that the “I hope President RB will appoint HH as Veep” of GRZ in my above posting can be a reality.

    Let us all wellmeaning Zambians make sure tthat Zambia does not fall into the hands of Mr PF/Sata MC as President.

    Be blest all especially Vice-President George Kunda whom I wish a quick recovery fom his illness.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  24. this is the dumb idea i have ever head on earth, pure yellow shit! i always say that a danger sign of the lapse from true skepticism in to dogmatism is an inability to respect those who disagree, do they even listen to ppl who disagree? i bet they just suck them. Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversion which could lead to a weak decision like this one! weak policies!

  25. Wasn’t the UNIP leader saying the other day in Mumfumbwe that MMD was just a bunch of thieves busy stealing from the people? It is funny that he can form a pact with them. What a lousy country and leadership we have in Zambia!

  26. Just go and rest ba pusshi, you are tired and worth less , old wine is never that appealing , no matter how much you try to change its bottle into a much better looking one you will still get the same taste.As if thats not enough how can you choose a fallen and sinken ship with less than 5 parliamentary seats.As iof it wasnt the ruling part. SHAME:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:-\”:-\”:-\”:-\”:-\”:-\”[-([-([-([-([-([-(

  27. This will pass for comedy. MMD joining hands with a fossil UNIP. Aha this is very good circus story. A Very good JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. U see now, the PF & UPND Pact has unsettled the MMD. They are now busy trying to get fossils (UNIP) and smaller parties like BY’s personnal party to JOIN them. They are even trying to get Chifumu Banda (NCC beneficially) to distabilise FDD. There plans look like childrens, will not work.

  29. #16, don’t get upset because Dr. James has expressed his analytical opinion. It must anger you deeply to realize that even the ruling party has a strategy for winning elections. They are not just sitting there waiting to be kicked out. They are also working to win the General Election in 2011.

    So there is no need to get upset because Dr, James has given you professional insight. Instead be happy that you now know the other side of the coin so you won’t be surprised when it all unfolds.

    I agree with Dr. James that PF is shrinking due to its loss of Luapula and some parts of the Copperbelt. This is not fiction. It is fact and the recent local govt by-elections are proof enough.

    So you can hate RB & MMD all you like, but learn to accept the results and stop insulting Dr. James.

  30. Don’t worry Anthony. This is the African way.

    When you reveal the truth, debate turns to insults and eventually ends up in violence.

    People there just don’t respect freedom of expression, freedom of choice and freedom of association.

    These are primitive people we’re dealing with.

    This is why they fail to develop their own countries and flock to ours for greener pastures.

    When things are good, they want to nationalize away from us and when things go bad they want to privatize back to us, the Westerners.

    50 years later, they still don’t see that these poor decisions have stifled development in their country.

    Today they want to replace an educated leader with an uneducated grade 3 drop out and they expect development to be enhanced. We see is more aid and bail outs!

  31. What value can a dead horse (UNIP) bring to the dying horse (MMD)? What percentages of presidential and parliamentary votes has UNIP bagged in the last thre elections. Add this to what MMD has bagged. Can that compare with those bagged by UPND and PF? Nothing can save the dying horse, save a miracle. The dying horse has already lost the Western and North – Western vote. Mark my words, Rupiah aza bwelela ku farm (UNIP) come 2011. The proposed pact sigbnifies the last kicks of the dying horse.

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