Nchito’s Taskforce contract terminated


THE Government has terminated the contract of prosecutor Mutembo Nchito with immediate effect, acting Chief Government spokesperson Mike Mulongoti has announced.

He said the decision has been necessitated by the dissolution of the Taskforce on Corruption.

Mr Mulongoti said the Taskforce on Corruption was disbanded in October last year and
Government saw no reason to maintain Mr Nchito and other officials who were engaged in their private capacity to prosecute corruption cases.

He said officers from the Zambia Police, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and other security wings who were attached to the Taskforce on Corruption had been redeployed to their respective institutions.

“As such, those who were from private practice have also been written to because the Government has decided to strengthen the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC),” Mr Mulongoti explained.

Mr Nchito declined to comment on the matter yesterday saying only “I am in the gym as you can hear from my breathing.”

Mr Mulongoti, however, explained that the Government commissioned an audit at the Taskforce on Corruption after it was disbanded and all officers were informed of further steps to be taken after the audit.

He said the continued stay of Mr Nchito at the Taskforce on Corruption depended on the needs of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

“So if the DPP feels he does not need any of these officials anymore, he informs them and that is what has happened,” Mr Mulongoti said.

He explained that Mr Nchito would continue with the cases that he was handling in court.

Asked whether the decision showed less commitment towards corruption fight, Mr Mulongoti said the resolve to fight graft was a national matter and as such it did not depend on individuals.

On October 29, last year, Vice-President George Kunda said the Government would consolidate operations of ACC after disbanding the Taskforce on Corruption, which had become expensive to finance.

Mr Kunda said Government also decided that the Taskforce on Corruption would become a special wing at ACC and all its cases would be taken over by the commission.

The Taskforce on Corruption was formed by late president Levy Mwanawasa to investigate graft during the administration of former president Frederick Chiluba, which ended in 2001 after he served two five-year terms.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Goood elyashi ilyo tho am afraid that this action has taken longer than neccessary to be effected.The guy is already a bozoli(rich guy) over the tax payers money.:-?

  2. Mr Nchito,I personally know that you are a man of impeccable honest and integrity and I wish you well in your practice outside the TF.The employer has the powers to appoint and disappoint.

  3. All in All, we shall wait and see what next.We are not there forever and so your contract is terminated.Well done and maybe these are blessings from ka FTJ Chiluba to make sure RB does while hes away as promised :((

  4. Mr Nchito, well done Sir! You are such a threat to these plunderers and their protectors. We shall engage you again in after 2011 elections to see the conclusion of the FTJ case that was aborted by RB and company! Congrats once again Son of beloved country Zambia

  5. imilando tashibola bane. Time will always catch up with you. We all know this was in the pipeline to terminate NC contract. We also know that RB and FTJ are working together and FTJ needs favours. RB told us lies about continuity. 2011 is very near tables will rotate.

  6. Mr Nchito declined to comment on the matter yesterday saying only “I am in the gym as you can hear from my breathing.”

    Indeed very good after chewing so much of the taxpayers money, you need to loose some weight. We are at the embassy here have a policy of ensuring we keep fit regularly. Nchito needed to loose some weight, the man was almost becoming lame from being over weight.

    Its unfortunate they have nothing to show for the eight years of task force, what is even so sad is while it existed the likes of kapoko could still swindle the country with 27 bilion Kwacha, what a joke this whole scheme was.

  7. This has been long over due this chap has enjoyed alot of tax payers money, please we will wait for that Audit so that we know what was going on at the taskforce?

  8. Jealous down! You guys are just jealous of Nchito. He earned his money. He recorded almost 100% conviction of plunderers. Some are in jail while others like Regina & company are surviving on bail pending appeal. Chiluba was saved by the corrupt govt. This fight was sponsored by donors who have respect for public funds unlike our culture stealing the poor’s money. A lot houses and other properties were recovered by the task force. which this govt is secretly selling.

  9. If she was convicted she cannot be bailed. She has to be caged pending an appeal has to be lodged within a certain time frame.

  10. # 9 which jealous ? It is not a secret that the task force on corruption was a big joke. If you were to compare how much money it intended to recover and how much has been spent to sustain its operations then you will realise how big a joke it was.Nchito should surely should be a very happy guy and smiles whenever he goes to the bank, while your relative`s back home who are in dire need of the same money are still struggling to make end`s meet.It is not a cat and dog chase issue at hand but these guys balilila.I just wish him a good time as he keeps on shedding off some of the excess weight in the gym.:-?

  11. Come next year we shall reconstitute another task force to probe **** and his minions, so more work for Mutembo Nchito.

  12. This time around we will first lock them up and thereafter start probing them whilst attending court from prison. We already know who the culprits are , so we will not waste tax payers money going round circles.

  13. RB well done for telling the nation the truth. You freed Chiluba,disbanded the Task Force and now you terminate the officers contracts. These are some of the basis on which you based your campaigns and managed to be president. Come back with another story to get votes,time will catch up with you.


  15. What a final killing of the Mwanawasa Legacy.

    Anyway I hope “Mr Mulongoti said the Taskforce on Corruption was disbanded in October last year and Government saw no reason to maintain Mr Nchito and other officials who were engaged in their private capacity to prosecute corruption cases” has nothing to do with the recommendation by Mr M. Nchito or his co. that all the MMD Naional Secretary Katele Kalumba corruption case involved people must be jailed when the case comes up in court on 26th May 2010 or so in ligt of “He explained that Mr Nchito would continue with the cases that he was handling in court“.

    Have a blessed day all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  16. Iwe Chi Maestro mar toll lay yobe what killing? It was a waste of time after the person who set it up to prosecute Kafupi died. There was no way Banda was going to continue with it because he has no clue what it was set up for. The man still thinks he is in 1986-UNIP mulilo! Worse more he made friends the late`s enemy so why would Mutembo continue?

  17. By the way, where is shikamona mwebantu? Why have we started seeing this i di ot again? Has Shikapwasha gone for a medical as well?:d

    Guys mwalishupa nama medicals ku Zed. How about Kunda is he back yet?

  18. My comment would be how many Zambians have become rich from tax payers money either directly or indirectly. How many civil servants have enriched themselves from Zambias tax payers money without being curtailed. I would assume reading from all the unretired imprest stories that many many Zambians have indeed ammassed wealth at the expense of others citizenry tax resources. Therefore putting Nchito into context, I would say at leat for him and other there was reprieve of many properties unlike the for the civil servant amassing illicit without any real benefit for the Zambian people.

  19. Is this the same Nchito brothers who took down Zambia Airways?
    In anycase most of you guys have made this know that FTJ (with the help of others) has instructed RB to disband the task force. Does not need maths to work this one out. I just hope there is hope for my poor family back in Zedee. This country is just being rip’d off by its own leaders and the poor are getting used to being poor. Thats very sad for the country with plenty of resources.

  20. # 9 Man of Action.
    I agree with you. Mr Nchito worked round the clock to ensure that the plunderers will be exposed but his work was hampered by change of leadership which saw Chungu arriving into the country from nowhere. Hats off Mr Nchito the son of Zambia.. ^:)^ In 2011 if new gvt took over you might be the DPP

  21. This coming hot on the hills of the postponement of Chiluba’s London case registration hearing smells of a rat real big time. If MMD again prevails over the judges and the London verdict is thrown out, that will be the end of fair play and from that point zero onwards, Banda should know his tenure would have inploded. By the way, did you see Dora’s picture behind Banda, that cow will explode soon from saturation of stolen money. One fails to understand why people adopt bad eating habits once in power knowing only too well what happened to Levy.

  22. If Kunda comes back home as a passenger on South African Airlines, not cargolized, everyone will be waiting to see his new slim weight! I mean, the last time I saw the chap in Livingstone disembarking from a plane, he was almost blown away by what was clearly just a gentle wind. This does not feature well for us as a nation knowing only too well that the rest of the world thinks that all Africans are being annihilated by AIDS to have someone clearly emolating before our eyes as our veep. You hear unintelligent party cadres claiming “on moral grounds, in the national interest fimo fimo” but when it coms to a matter that clearly is of prime moral and national interest, they are mute. The foolishness in Zambia sometimes strikes the lunatic level.

  23. Most people have missed the point. It was not Nchito’s fault cases in the Zambian courts take a long time to dispose off. If we had an efficient system this guy would not have made so much money.

    Ka mulongoti and Kanitudila should look into improving the court system if they are sincere.

  24. Red Card Zoona @ #20, The Chief government spokesman AKA reverend Ronnie is in the US where he has been for the past two weeks where i sent him to attend a meeting at the UN in New York, but in reality i just wanted to get him out of my way. He nauseates me at ttimes. The f.o.o.l knows almost nothing!! How he got to be Air Force commander is beyond me!

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