Stop ‘insulting’ President Banda- William Banda


MMD Lusaka province chairman William Banda

The Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) Lusaka Province Chairperson William Banda has called on the opposition parties to stop insulting President Rupiah Banda.

William Banda says insulting the Head of State amounts to committing a felony and urged the pact leaders to differentiate development from mere politicking.

He warned the United Party for National Development and Patriotic Front (UPND/PF) pact leaders Hakainde Hichilema and Michael Sata that government will deal with them.

Mr. Banda was speaking to a state run news agency in an interview in Lusaka.

He said that the ruling MMD does not want to be dragged into uncivilized cheap politicking.

Mr. Banda urged the opposition to concentrate on organizing their respective political parties claiming that the pact is about to break.

He said the MMD is not threatened by the formation of political alliances because it is evident from the past that pacts in Zambia do not work.
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  1. William Banda is an anachronistic politician. He is still living with the UNIP mentality. Go back to Malawi, you i.d.i.o.t.

  2. i know politics is a dirty game but the zambian politics is the dirtiest, insults fly from one politician to another william banda dont be single minded tell rupiah banda to stop insulting people too.

  3. “He warned the United Party for National Development and Patriotic Front (UPND/PF) pact leaders Hakainde Hichilema and Michael Sata that government will deal with them.”

    Now wait a minute, what role does William Banda play in government? Can he please be told that we are no longer in the days of “The Party and its Government” (PIG). This is a different political dispensation. The party is no longer bigger than the government. A silly party leader should not be directing government officials on what to do. Zambians please wake-up, napapata!!!


    If Zambia’s political firebrand William Banda is an anachronistic politician, then what is Sata the master vigilante that blasphemed god with his crafted Kumulu ni lesa pano panshi niKaunda a creed that annoyed KK in his reign?With the Chawama massacre and barbarious chassing of Mazoka with the other intelligensia of 2000 then you are saying Sata is the “antiquated barbarian”. Now you are insulting the PACT President.You must be a pact counterfeit and certainly not a bonafide member.Yours are pure insults of sata than Chairman William Banda period unless you are such dull that you know nothing of relativism in speech.

  5. # 7

    I believe you are a Zambian and for sure your expression tells me you would love to see a Zambia free from such people who behave like Sata did in his time and as William Banda is doing. One thing you must know is that politics of violence, threats and or indeed insults are not good at all regardless of whether the person engaged in such is your father uncle, or your fellow political party affiliate. What is important even when you talk about history is that we should learn from it and change the present to have a better future. The question is, has william banda changed? or has Michael Sata changed? If they have not, then lets condemn them all.

  6. On “He warned the United Party for National Development and Patriotic Front (UPND/PF) pact leaders Hakainde Hichilema and Michael Sata that government will deal with them it appears that MMD’s William Banda, a remnant of UNIP uselessness, is very ignorant and misguide for he does not hold any position in GRZ or government that can warrant him such composure to threaten the opposition leaders who are part of GRZ since some of them are MPs in Parliament which is a wing of GRZ.

    I urge Mr President RB Banda to discipline that William Banda through his MMD structures like MMD National Secretary’s office.

    Have a blessed day all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all shall be added unto you.

  7. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ADVISE RUPIAH TO GET RID OF THIS MAN! Having this man aorund is like being the ‘proud owner’ of a Walkman (with cassettes) when everyone knows that one can have an IPod. He is from yester-year and his ideas s.t.i.n.k!!

  8. Veteran/Senior Citizen – Am sure your inner sense should be judging you. Of all the bloggers on LT, you’re the only one that supports all the wrong things. Would urge you to change and that it is not too late for you to understand that the wind of change in Zambian Politics is now unstoppable.

    Let us please stop writting about William Banda, I believe you’ve other important issues to blog about than this old chap who doesn’t understand that he has no right to issue any such statements. He’s old and tired, doesn’t have any form of steady income and merely survives on been seen to be barking like a DOG.

  9. VETERAN – The difference betwen SATA and William Banda is the fact that Sata does not need to work for the whole of his Life, he’s made is money and confortable. William Banda is barely surviving and relies on BARKING like a DOG to be seen to be working. He is not even the government spokeperson or in government to have spoken like that. Let’s talk about something sensible guys, not William Banda please!

  10. Who appointed this scarecrow govt spokesperson? He has even threatened to asurp the IG’s powers.If anyone has insulted the president,the police is there to deal with them

  11. Mukabe come 2011,

    Here you are wanting to engage me but senselessly without an element of intellectual ability, clear moral and political doxy yet publicly you think you are have a message for me to assimilate.First, you take peer pressure and appeasement as progressive which i don’t. Secondly you are showing no deductive reasoning worth my time considering that i’m a strong believer in the rational actor model.Assumption is the lowest level of knowledge. The change you see baseless without its drivers. Its pure utopia and distance from understanding the political predispositions in Zambia that has trapped you to believe the more fixiated mono dimensional trolling of armchair criticism on the blog, that is a political allignment on the ground. Debate me with a rational mind.

  12. #8 + #9 partly good contribution. But I disagree on some issues. Mr W. Banda his protecting RB on grounds of holding the presidence. But those insulting him (RB) are doing so on party leadership level. If RB was a full time president of Zambia, he would have nothing to do with party cadrets that are fighting each other like this Mr W. Banda. He (William Banda) would have no right to defend the republican president if he had no attachment to his party MMD.

    If you Zambian want lasting peace and avoid tension. NCC should make a law preventing a serving president from support his political party just like it is here in Europe. The president should not belittled by campaigning for an MP candidate.. Instead he must welcome any elected MP regardiless of which political party s/he he come from.

  13. I feel for William Banda`s children to have a dad for a m o r o n and a boot / a.s.s-licker.This psycho-path doesn`t deserve a minute of our time.

  14. William Banda if they don’t insult your so called President what do you think we will read about? behave yourself or go back to Malawi people we need more insults the papers are getting boring?

  15. The more i read Veteran/Senior Citizen.the more i get convinced that its ONE person postings,but who is deceiving and why?

  16. MUKABE come 2011
    Please translate for me comment #15 into plain everyday queen’s English. Thank in advance.

  17. Ba Veteran,

    Osatinama. Everything you wrote is total rubbish. Your submission at # 15 makes you appear more uneducated than otherwise. If I were your teacher of the English language, I would give you an E minus. Kukamba chizungu sitikana….manje kakambidwe…ha ha ha ha.

  18. Why is this senseless replica of man from the UNIP archives always in the news? Is LT owned by the MMD?

  19. Iwe chi Veteran just advise Banda to keep quite. I dont even know why the media are covering this idi.ot. We want to hear about the progress of the projects Mr. President RB talked about before the recent by elections. Ba Veteran since you are very connected to the governemnt, please give us a detailed report on the roads in Lusaka,Eastern Province and Northwesten the President mentioned.?????? I bet even the RB does not even know were some of these roads are.

  20. Ba William, you have forgotten the poverty we saved you from in Malawi. Abanti tamutasha kwena. That felony appllies in Malawi not under Zambian Law. Come on Zambians why are we allowing a foreighner to insult and threaten us? Come 2011 we will send you back to Nyasaland where you were eating rats,ka william shud not test our hospitality. Leave Zambian politicians to Zambians iwe ka unip stooge


  22. Where did this man with filthy language come from ? Anyway, the only conclusion I can make about him is that he is a half alive and half dead person. I concur with Mr. Enock Kavindele’ s who stated that some of these guys just make noise for their daily survival from government coffers not necessarilly that there ia a certain contribution they are rendering to the country. Amafi kumatako ci colour.

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