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Pastor Paul Bupe returning to Zambia with a passion to educate orphans


Pastor Paul and Catherine Bupe
The pastor and his wife see education as the passport to personal success, national progress and helping others. That’s why they uprooted their family a decade ago to come to the United States from Zambia.

Next month they’ll take what they’ve learned here back to their home country in southern Africa to start a school for orphans.

“We value education as the key to national development,” Paul Bupe said. “Every country needs education. These kids are a time bomb to these countries. If they don’t get education, they will blow up in their faces, and the countries will become unmanageable.”

Bupe, pastor at St. Stephen African Methodist Episcopal Church, has dedicated his ministry to serving women and children, particularly widows and orphans, who are worst off in Zambian society.

He served for 11 years in Chililabombwe, a mining town where violence from the 13-year civil war in neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo spills over the border. Nationwide, 10 percent of people in Zambia have HIV.

“AIDS has devastated our communities in such a way that children are left all by themselves — little kids fending for themselves,” he said.

Offered a chance to study in the United States, the Bupes and their four children couldn’t pass it up.

“Our plan was to go back and serve the people better,” Catherine said. “We can argue better, maybe, with the politicians.”

Catherine, formerly an accountant, earned a degree in social sciences at Allen University in South Carolina. Paul studied at Allen, Wilberforce University and Ashland Theological Seminary.

Along the way, they’ve made connections with several pastors and churches who might be able to help support their mission when they move to Lusaka, Zambia’s capital.

They’re also taking supplies and donations with them on the move. Sandusky Schools contributed books and school supplies, while a Sandusky Brownie Troop provided clothes, including school uniforms.

The Bupes spoke at a meeting of the Brownies for World Thinking Day, a Girl Scout event that this year had the theme, “Together we can end extreme poverty and hunger.”

Catherine told the five girls, ages 8 and 9, about Zambian food and culture and how Zambian children live.

That included stories of hardship. Many children cannot go to school because they can’t buy the uniforms or the required black shoes.

“The kids were very touched,” Catherine said. “They started saying, ‘Oh, we have so many clothes and things we don’t use.’ Some of them cleared out their closets.”

Troop leader Tracy Stephens also got Wal-Mart to agree to reduce a rack of school uniforms — 52 pieces of clothing — to $1 apiece. She bought the clothes and gave them to the Bupes.

St. Stephen will continue collecting donated items to send to the Bupes. Stephens said she will gladly pick up anything anyone wants to donate and take it to the church if they call her at 419-503-0435.

People can also reach Paul Bupe at

[Sandusky Register]


  1. Actually Pastor Pual Bupe’s real names are Edward Musonda. Ask the pastor why he changed his names, not only first name but surname as well when he became born again and stopped doing Karate. If he values education so much, kindly ask the pastor why he could not sit for his form five examinations in 1981 at Mufulira Seconadry School. Please Zambians stop being fake, you should be real, use the name you were born with and don’t fool people that you value education when you could not sit for form 5 examination in 1981.

  2. Good move. I only hope the project will not turn into a means of survival for the Bupe family! Welcome back home!!

  3. Martin,

    Other than being malicious and jealous tell us what you have done for Zambia and the needy window/ orphans that make you better than then instead of stirring your Pull him Down typical Zambian syndrome. Though not at a personal frienship level, here in Columbus, Polaris area Ohio i can proudly say i have known the Bupes based in Sandusky Ohio as long as they have been here in the USA for over 10 years.They are hardworking, hospitable, clear minded, spiritual and cultural models you will not manage to bruise and scandalize. Bupe has worked hard to earn his PhD in an American University system while his wife Catherine has earned her degrees too with on hardwork and merit. Deal with your jealous spirit because its witchcraft eating and holding your prosperity in life.

  4. Martin

    Pastor Bupe is not the only person and will not be the last to ‘change his name’. What have you done for Zambia with your old names and having written your Form 5 Exams in Zambia – probably nothing. I like the saying ‘it’s not how you start, but how you end that matters’. It is said Bill Gates and Michael Dell (Dell Computers) never got their degrees but Americans do not hold that against them. There are alot of ways to achieving greatness and the Bupes have just demonstrated that. Yangu Ubututu!

  5. #1 Martin

    You have said he got born again, so why do you expect him to be the same. He is a diffrent man. Appreciate him as a new man who is no longer “wicked”. he surly has good intentions. As #2 said, may be even better than you have done for Zambia yourself.

  6. Martin,

    You’ve tingled my curiousity, can you please care to shed more light, just so am sure where my donation will be going?

  7. Martin…whether it’s true or not ..but it’s classless to call out a man in public like that about his personal affairs….Nishani kanshi?

  8. Now Easy Folks!

    Dont give Maertin a hard time, Rev Bupe is a public figure, and as such it’s important we the public who entrust him with our trust are privy to his historical information.

    In short a verifiable history is important for such a one held in good standing by the public.

    If he’s a changed man, why not use his past however horrendus it might be as a testimony? we’ve reformed or repented gays, prosititutes, drug dealers etc who’ve shed light into their pasts why stay silent especially if you are a man of the cloth? :-?:-?

    Rev Bupe at one time ran for public office and probably he will at some point, surely it is folly for him to wish his history away,

    Don’t wait for someone to use this against Rev Bupe, e.g the Sata criminal conviction case, come out and…

  9. God bless America!
    American people are very generous and that is why this country continues to prosper. The devil is busy trying to destroy the good work that American Christians are doing by creating and exporting filth to the whole world from the same soil and at the same time creating a counter economy in atheistic China. But I thank God for the Book of Revelation which shows that in the end, Jesus shall reign, where’er the sun doth its successive journeys run! Halleluijah! For the Lord God omnipotent reigns! Hang on their Christian Americans, do not stumble and do not fret when evil doers seem to prosper. They are set on a slippery slope and their end shall be damnation! I thank God for the American who was the instrument in God’s hand to bring me the Gospel!

  10. It is nice knowing that my pastor is coming back to zambia.God bless you a hundredfold pastor bupe you are indeed a man of God.:d/

  11. Ba Martin naimwe!
    What is your point? Do you think that you have the same views as you had when you were a teen? Putting being born again aside, we all ‘grow up’ and change our views about things. As a teenager, he may not have valued his education for a myriad reason, but now that he has seen the light (literally) what is wrong in changing his views? Set a (penitent) thief to catch a thief. If you however, have not changed views since you were born, you Martin, may be the one who has a problem. Unless you repent (change your mind) you cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

  12. # 1 Martin indeed brother you seem to have some issues.Many christian change names if they feel their name may have a bad influence on their standing as christian`s.Remember the story of paul in the bible.Bupe means gift and that should ring a bell in your head….and also talking about what he did in the past before he became a christian can`t help either…we all have a past ,it is the future we strive to make better.:-?

  13. # 1, please let us not be PHD’S LIKE Wabwino’s song- why he chnaged his name is not any issue, let him go back home and develop, this is what we always talk about- development- why have we started PHD- ‘ Pull Him or Her Down’ How are we going to develop if we start pulling our fellow zambians.
    But at least he can speak English and write- is also thinking of going back home and help out.
    Thanks Pastor Bupe-

  14. so what if he never wrote the colonial form 5? to day he is on the helm of education. we all make history and most of us its bad. this man is changed so let him go. Pastor you have my support. go and show this ***** that you are not the past man. for changing names, you are free to do what ever you want. abraham, paul and others changed so what? for get these simple minded villagers who have never seen what you have seen. they have nothing to use in debate. just remember to vote PF/UPND pact and may you register once you land there.

  15. OSIE,

    PHD,When MCwabwino did the PHD song some people spoke ill of it,but now look it`s what us Zambians are doing,its so sad to see our people working against those with good intentions for the orphans,widows and underprivaleged

  16. I have zeroed down on who exactly # 1 Martin is. Interesting Martin is also a pastor who has been a lay preacher for over 10 years he has been in the USA. Untill last year he started his own struggling Church with a few Zambian after leaving Bible college. For the 10 years plus in the USA he has failed to economically arrive in America. He is remained trapped in endless social and economic struggles to his anger and envy of people succeeding in their ministriesand vision. No suprise Rev. Bupe my neighbor here in Ohio has earned a PhD and his wife two degrees from public universities and seminaries while Martin’s wife lacks even an ssociates degree. Bupe has all his children locked up in serious college degree programs here and their standing is unbeatable. Martin trapped in PHD syndrom

  17. Martin has failed to move his family to hope, failed to establish himself, failed to even land a descent job or business for over 10 years he has been in America. His resume in America has nothing but years of working at some college where he has attended as a security Guard.Martin has nothing to his name while Bupe has had a breakthrough in his America from education, family to dependable networking. Bupe has lectured on many forums in America leaving struggling Martin in internal strife with jealous. This PHD were are seeing here is the way of Martin’s life. Its no suprising that his is a life of struggles. At some time Martin was an agent of Rev. Dan Pule spying on his fellow Zambians at their Bible college. Today he has perfected at mimicking initiatives of others but to failure.

  18. I stand ready to narrow it down on who this Martin is and will let Rev. Bupe know about his fellow Mfulira buddy’s PHD project.

  19. There is nothing wrong with Martin’s revelations. What “Paul Bupe” needs to do is just to explain whether or not he used to be “Edward Musonda.” And why he changed his names, if he actually did. He can also explain how he managed to pursue studies in the USA if he did not sit for his Form 5 examiniations. It is as simple as that. Bupe is a public figure, and the people need to know where he is coming from. He can easily clear this issue. No need to defend him; he is educated enough to handle it.

  20. Congrats Pastor Bupe. I knew him when was pastering Chililabombwe Methodist before being moved to Luanshya. We were very good friends. A down to earth man, very humble and hard working man. He produced a tape on mukamfwilwa (the plight of the widow). He is been very consistent with his passion for the underpriveledged.

  21. As much as there are children struggling in Zambia, i think this pastor is blowing things out of context, they are are very few children who fend for themselves in Zambia. There are actually on 0.02% of chilheaded households in the country. As much as there is poverty and AIDS, our tradition social support system has not completely died. Remaining family members are helping more orphans than Orphanages and NGOs. There are also several organization that have done and are doing great things in the country, so poster, stop sounding like Zambia is Sudan or Somalia.

  22. #22: Don’t you think that 0.02% of child-headed households is a lot of child-headed households to have in any country? Even if that percentage represented only one child-headed household, I’d still think that is a lot to have. I only hope that one day I will be able to emulate Pastor Bupe.

    I also know that our traditional social support system has not broken down completely. But I am sure you and I can remember a time when we did not have street kids in Zambia. Today, nearly every town has street kids. So, no we are not Sudan or Somalia, but we do have a big problem, and Pastor Bupe is trying to help out, albeit in a very small way.

  23. Congrats imwe bane the Bupe’s. We need to continue to invest in Zambia in whatever way possible. I am not ashamed of the little am doing right now in my own corner of Zambia, but it’s bearing fruit! So come on fellow Zedians, let’s encourage one another – there’s strength in numbers :)>-**==:)>-

  24. I tend to agree with the views of #22 while I applaud the efforts of Pastor Bupe and his family.The tradition social support system is very much alive in Zambia and this infrastructure if used very effective can go a long way to help alleviate poverty and reach a lot of these suffering children and women in the face of limited resources. We need to educate and empower the fabric of this social support system instead of creating group homes or nursing homes that are costly to maintain and possibly create moral and ethical issues for these orphans.

  25. Observer
    Looks to me as though you are the author of this article and possibly the same Pastor Paul Bupe.Correct me if im wrong,but the IP address for is pointing at the same IP address from which you blogging from,either you are related,stay in the same house,sharing the same PC with the same IP address
    😕 hmmmm,like i said,i could be wrong

  26. #Martin, Paul Bube is a pround intelligent young man. He came into a college where I was a senior. He has always excelled at what he has done and am glad for what he has achieved and what he is yet to achieve. What have you achieved yourself? Changing a name is not a crime. God bless you Ps Bube. Education is a key to development.

  27. We Zambians are good at attacking people in anything might be good or bad. I think we have to reason before we act.

  28. #23, i’m not saying that children are not suffering in Zambia, yes there are children having a hard time, but people, NGOs and the UN have been exaggerating and blowing up statistics when it comes to children in Africa ( Including Zambia) to raise money. Haven’t you heard statements like “every second a child dies in Africa”? that is not true. If children were dying at that rate, they would have been no people in Africa.

    Yes we have street children in Zambia but they have children on the streets in developed countries too. They say there are 75,000 street children in Zambia (since 1992), but according to GRZ surveys, there are only 1500 to 2000 street children in Zambia and most of them go back to their homes at the end of the day. My friend, people are getting rich because of…

  29. I wish to thank all bloggers who have commented on this article which was published in Sandusky Registry, a local newspaper where I live. To answer Martin and clear others who might be in suspense, this is what I have to say:
    I did not respond in time because I was just travelling back from attending my first daughter’s graduation in South Carolina. Now, concerning education, let me state clearly that I have always valued education. If not, I could not have been in that top form VS class at the then Mufulira Seconda School. Kalusha Bwalya, who used to call me priest and asked me to pray for the class every morning, was my class mate and those who have time can ask him about me. I wrote most of my form V exams except for two.

  30. Martin, I sincerely apologize for the delayed response to your comment. I was on my way back from attending the graduation of my daughter in South Carolina who graduated with honors. To briefly explain to you and others who might be in suspense concerning the issues Martin raised, I want to say
    1. It is not true that I did not value education. The records show that I was in form 5S1, the top class at Mufulira Secondary School. Kalusha Bwalya was my classmate. I wrote most of the exam with the exception of 2 subjects which I was supposed to write on a Monday. I had to attend a church program in Livingstone where I was being admitted as a Pastor.

  31. hoping to return in time to write the remaining two subjects the following Monday. Unfortunately, another train ahead of us derailed and blocked the rail line. We were stranded for the the whole day and I missed those exams. But, for your clarification, I passed the exams I wrote.
    Concerning the name, there was nothing malicious in changing the name nor was I trying to hide a bad background. It was purely on religious grounds and as other bloggers has indicated, I am not the first one to do this. It is unfortunate that you missed to see the advert in the Times of Zambia and comment on it as per legal requirement when I was filing for my Deed Poll. I did Karate as a sport, yes, before I came to know the Lord.

  32. . Different youths have different sports interests. My records are open as you might have heard from other bloggers. It is regrettable that of all things you can say of what the Lord has done in my life, you chose negativity. May the Lord help you in whatever you are going through and hope this satisfies your questions. As to answer Mashimba, my wife and I did not exagerate anything. We just talked about our passion and what has been on the ground in Zambia. We have not been away all these years. I have travelled back twice and my wife once and we know what is on the ground.because the Newspaper people chose to interview us on our going back.

  33. . Different youths have different sports interests. My records are open as you might have heard from other bloggers. It is regrettable that of all things you can say of what the Lord has done in my life, you chose negativity. May the Lord help you in whatever you are going through and hope this satisfies your questions. As to answer Mashimba, my wife and I did not exagerate anything. We just talked about our passion and what has been on the ground in Zambia. We have not been away all these years. I have travelled back twice and my wife once and we know what is on the ground.

  34. Rev. Paul Bupe
    I don’t know you but i have respect for level headed people like yourself. Am glad you’ve clarified issues Martin raised and i hope you don’t hold any grudge against him as he was probably not privy to your change of name and other stuff. For us to develop we need the likes of both Rev. Bupe and Martin.

  35. #Martin, just because someone did not complete form 5 does not mean he or she is not intelligent to undertake higher post graduate studies. Paul has answered you and there are many reasons why many never completed form 5 in zambia. We zambians should be proud of each other’s achievements. Bupe will not touch every one in need. But he will touch many whom you and I are not able to help. If we all did our little bit, Zambia would be a better place. We have many with PhD’s doing nothing for Zambia except to drink. Here is one young PhD graduate going to make a difference in Zambia.

  36. Rev, you cant say it better than that, We have seen where you ve come from and what you ve done. this is just the enermy trying to distruct you and we know he’s a looser. Continue with the good work you have started.God bless you.

  37. This Martin # 1, has old mentality! Dont you think not writing form 5 propelled this man to greater heights? In my view this man values education bcoz of the mistake he made of not sitting for form 5 (if it is true). He doesn’t want his children to walk the same road! Martin its like you are a very frustrated fellow, may God deliver you!

  38. If someone did not have Form 5 certificate but went on tom excel at college oruniversity, even attained degree qualificatiions, what’s the point of talking about Form 5. It shows the person is not dull. Period.

    Secondly, go to Lusaka and see street kids. They are so many and they sleep rough. I saw them myself when I lived in Lusaka. Those kids need help, seriously. We should support anyone who helps such poor people, even if its only one person helped. It changes their world. You may not save all the fish on the shore but evryone one you manage to throw back into the sea gets a new life.

  39. Rev. Bupe,

    Thank you for shedding light on this issue. The only thing I can add at this point is that you cannot apologise for taking karate as a sport. There is nothing wrong in that, whether as a christian or not, so long as it is not used for criminal acts. All well meaning Zambians are proud of your achievements. Martin needs deliverance and if he is a Pastor as Observer ‘pointed out’, very sad indeed.

  40. #29: I know that international NGOs (and even local ones) sometimes paint a rather untrue picture of the reality. But I also know a little bit about the situation of street kids in Zambia (at least in Lusaka). In 1995, I worked for a short time at the Drop-in-Center run by the Zambia Red Cross Society in Garden Compound in Lusaka. That was the time I came face-to-face with the reality of what those kids go through. The kids have to fend for themselves, and if someone wants to do something about the situation, I will say go ahead. Even if it’s only 1500 not 75,000 it is still a lot of kids to have on streets.

    Finally, the fact that there are street kids in the developed countries does not make it right to have street kids in Zambia.

  41. Mashimba (#29) and Fya Gavar (#42): There are no street children in any of the developed countries today. Do you see any homeless street kids in the united Kingdom or USA? Be real, tell the truth.

  42. But kwena, te bu PHD mwe bantu kufwayako fye ka clarification, mwalishiba fye abantu nga naba chita rasie utuma misgivings, ni Pandora’s box tata. I thought prior to enrollment in a USA college, you had to send your authenticated educational credentials for evaluation . Did he go through a community college first before transferring to University `cos even then the community college will need to see the form v certificate(Diploma-US) to determine whether or not somebody had to take Pre-requisites before commencement of the prospective program . If he came as a graduate student then he must have had a bachelor’s Degree and taken GRE. Anyway this was meant to just fill some gaps.

  43. …………This guy and his family’s committment to giving something back is really great and we should praise and pray for him. All this jagon about school/names etc don’t matter….! At least he is going back home to help the needy. A lot of Zambians in diaspora might not have the same opportunity i.e. going back home…but choose other means of helping the few they can. This is a positive development and we should support it and pray for the Bupe’s. As for Martin, all I can say is that…dude the bus is filling up real quick…why not catch a ride before the sits run out? You will be left behind….far back?

  44. ……….Before the seats run out….chizungu chimavuta ma spelling sometimes bane….kuti bakamba ati sina silize grade 12!

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