State out to manage economic fundamentals — VJ

Parliamentary Chief Whip Vernon Mwaanga listen to Russian Ambassador to Zambia Boris Malakhov in Lusaka

MMD Chief Whip Vernon Mwaanga has said the Government is now in the process of managing economic fundamentals to maximise benefits for ordinary Zambians.

Mr Mwaanga said the Government was not responsible for producing data on the economy as these were produced by economic researchers using proven trends.

Mr Mwaanga also defended the decision to waive the windfall taxes on mining firms because this had led to increased investment in the sector.

Speaking during the recording of the Frank-Talk programme at Golden Bridge Hotel in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Mwaanga said the recorded economic development is real and was slowly benefiting the ordinary Zambians especially in rural areas where the ruling party was popular.

He said he conducted a research recently which showed that the people of South Province would only have accepted an alliance between the ruling MMD and UPND.

Mr Mwaanga urged Zambians to start preparing their views on the proposed degree clause that was already adopted by the NCC.

Mr Mwaanga said the NCC merely passed a proposal and the people of Zambia would be given a chance to criticise the document before it finally passed into law.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwaanga has said the ideological impurities between the Patriotic Front (PF)/United Party for National Development (PF-UPND) would make the alliance crumble and rejected by the people of Southern Province.

He said he conducted a research recently which showed that the people of South Province would only have accepted an alliance between the ruling MMD and UPND.

According to Mr Mwaanga, this is because of similarities in the ideologies and the constitutions.

Mr Mwaanga said the research involved meeting traditional leaders, ordinary citizens and farmers who said they were not widely consulted before the alliance was mooted.

He said because of this, the MMD would defeat the alliance in the 2011 presidential elections.

Mr Mwaanga said the MMD has the greatest manifesto and urged Zambians not to waste votes on the opposition.

He said the opposition leaders were using bad language and should not be given chance to govern.

Mr Mwaanga said insinuations that the ruling part was tired were malicious as leaders change because of retirement.

On the controversial senior members of the ruling party Mr Mwaanga said he had offered free advice to them to refrain from attacking the head of State and toy the policies of the party.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. My hope is that this man will be evacuated to South Africa just before the 2011 elections. Maybe we can sure of change of Govt in his absence.

  2. Can VJ even travel? Drug dealer- maybe is the one even using those women hiding drugs mu twenu- This man need to retire please- bakafwila muma politics-

  3. Can Mwaanga explain MMD’s loss in Gwembe local government by-election. UPND beat MMD hands down. What is the explanation, with such exclamation by Vernom Mwaanga. Whether they like it or not, MMD will lose in Southern Province. Even Livingstone which is held by Sakwiba will be taken away by UPND. It is wishful thinking for Vernom to say MMD will defeat the pact in Southern Province. If he said in Eastern Province, we could agree. Just do a serious swot analysis to maximise on your strengths, change your weaknesses to strengths and take advantage of your opportunities. MMD in its current form of leadership is irredeemable. It’s performance has sharply dropped to the bottom and they have started digging

  4. Mwenda Njangula says:

    Stop refereing to SWOT whih has not substance in your outburst. You are too emotional , but analyse your comments before throwing them on the site, I can see where you are coming from with your comments, ut the way you have explained it, is flawed to say the least

  5. MMD may have a great manifesto, but what is a manifesto without a capable committed leadership? The man currently leading(?) the MMD and, sadly the nation, is supremely incompetent and has shown little commitment to the ideals enshrined in that party’s manifesto! All he cares for is travelling. How does a president just dash off to another country when he knows his vice-president is also away? And he could have sent the Finance Minister to go and represent him! And why did he go? To go and disgrace us by useless utterances about African NGOs!?

  6. What is he talking about? Ba Mwaanga please just retire, you are finished mentally, physically and otherwise.

  7. “Mr Mwaanga said the recorded economic development is real and was slowly benefiting the ordinary Zambians especially in rural areas where the ruling party was popular.”

    How can someone say anything like this and get away with it? Basically he is saying that vote MMD and a little development is going to come your way…. Imagine wasted people like him still in politics. Shame on you.

  8. BA VJ Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding! I dont know what i can say youve been to our country …………….i think i better keep Zillllllllllll

  9. Good Afternoon

    Here’s another politician trying to mix intelligence with negligence by appeasing the masses that things are getting better when the majority of Zambians, especially those in the rural areas are still paying arm and leg to survive everyday. Mr. Chief Whip, put some sugar in the poor people’s pan before you talk sweet…

    Hands can’t touch what the eyes can’t see.[-x

  10. ba mwaanga what research please? do you even know what the word means? what was the rationale, research site, sample size and inclusion criteria?

  11. VJ needs to rest, his ill health is catching up on him. Have a restful time as you have been damaging the country for a long time.

  12. Not sure why we should be praising guys like VJ about there purported rigging prowess. You all need to stand up and defend your votes, start sensitizing any person that you know about the importance of having a voters card and the aspect of guiding there votes jealously long after they’ve voted. We need to stand up and be counted with or without VJ in the MMD cycles. We cannot allow our brothers and sisters to continue living in misery just because VJ is Alive….No..No..No…No…No, A big NO!

  13. I have respect for Mr Mwaanga for he has been in politics for a long time so i will not comment,but now that he is talking of the MMD,i just want to ask this political grand pa,from the time he become a great figure in our country todate what has he done in his home village in Macha near Macha Mission that gives him hope that the MMD will do better next year?

  14. When are we getting our April Salaries, on friday, one Permanent Secretary told the nation that the salaries were ready but today is monday yet there is nothing. Zambia the real Africa

  15. When did this old man become a spokesman of the pact! Shameless liar, who will ever believe you tongue! VIVA PACT, VIVA HH

  16. This guy VJ doesnt know what he is talking about. Is he at Morning side clinic? he has been so quiet.

    He claims he did a research with chiefs on way forward with UPND. If it is true, then we are speaking the same language that MMD is finished, it has lost energy, its going into oblivion.

    About the degree clause, thats not a problem to us. We are going to shoot it down, unless you rig. We dont see sense in it. RB is a graduate yet his performance cannot be compared to Jacob Juma who does not have a degree. Secondly, degree clause was not our issue, thats your issue. Our issue was 50 plus one vote which you removed from the draft.

    MMD manifesto and UPND manifestos are different, os bwana tell lies.

    Even if they were some similirities, they primary objective is to have you take…

  17. On ‘Meanwhile, Mr Mwaanga has said the ideological impurities between the Patriotic Front (PF)/United Party for National Development (PF-UPND) would make the alliance crumble and rejected by the people of Southern Province‘ which people of Southern Province is uncle Vernon J Mwaanga referring to for I am a Souherner and will embrace the combined PF and mighty UPND ideologies if Mr PF/Sata MC will let a UPND person, say president and 2011 presidential candidate HH, to be the 2011 PF-UPND PACT presidential candidate?

    I thus urge the MMD to stop causing their party o crumble by letting political novices to be making unnecessary statements and insults on the PACT and common Zambans.

    Have a blessed day all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His…

  18. #20. = Times of Zambia=ZNBC= Daily Mail=MMD, so u can’t be confused. no wonder they couldn’t come up with their on name.

  19. Am confused. Is there truth in this alleged or is it contemplated pact with upnd and mmd. Am just from speaking to a few colleagues about it and they are saying upnd are in talks with the ruling party. If so can the people be fully consulted this time around.

  20. Mr Mwaanga dont be f.o.o.l.e.d by those tuma chiefs. the moment you turn your back on them they go “hamwaanga himapopwe alabeja”;))

  21. In terms of political intelligence very few rival this mambala in Zambia and that is why he is master rigger. But for goodness sake when he talks about doing his “research” I wonder whether whatever illness he may be suffering from has taken its toll on his medula.

  22. #20. I ve checked it out, as usual its one of the cheap propagandas by we know who and why, it can never match the reputation that the Paper that Digs Deeper has, I wonder if Mhembe has seen it,

  23. Its amazing how Mwaanga’s head is more and more similar to that of a lappet-faced vulture, an Old World vulture that gets its name from the lappets (flat overlapping and hanging pieces) on its bare, pink head. Given the notorious se.x.u.a.l pevertion of Tongas, maybe his father nailed a vulture in the process siring VJ. And what would he know about what Southerners need? Vernoon Mwaansa, just shut up.

  24. when did mwaanga join politics?I understand he became a minister at a very tender age.What has he done for this country apart from telling lies and subsquently been fired by the late Mwanawasa?How can you trust such a person?Sorry..rigging wont work this time because people especially youths who used to help mmd rig have defected to UPND/PF Pact these are surely last kicks of a dying horse they are doing everything possible to with and that includes coming up with a false POST NEWSPAPER1

  25. is a flop,these are characters that claim that they dont read The Post%-(%-(%-(%-(%-(

  26. Man lives in old glorius days of falsehood and brainwashing propaganda that worked in a one party state. hahahahahahah. He may have been the best in intel among men but What men can do, women can do even better.:d:d:d

  27. Like him or hate, wish him dead even – analyze issues objectively, this is one of our most illustrious politicians and a real survivor. Sorry, I admire him – mandrax or no mandrax.

  28. Before he can start talking about complex isues such as research or economic fundamentals, VJ should first go back to school becaise with his Grade 4 certificate, these subjects will just confuse him, they are way too complex for one with his such little education to comprehend. As for characters like Advisor Ben Kangwa above, you wonder what they mean by saying Mwaanga is an illustrious politician albeit with his tainted mandrax trafficking record. These are also the chaps who adore Chiluba’s “intelligence”, despite the chap having signed a wrong statutory instrument to invoke a State of Emergency until caught pants down by the gallant Prof Mvunga, in court. So, ni kusiyana siyana kwama office, even fools have more foolish fools who think they are Einsten.

  29. AIDS has been around in Zambia for decades now and millions have perished as a result of reckless s.e*x*u*a.l habits. Any “illustrious” man or woman with problems keeping their genetalia in the pants would know that the list they can do when quenching their insatiable libido is to find their instrument a raincoat to protect it and the rest of the body from the ravaging HIV element. To plunge in full throttle without protection the Mwaanga, Kunda, Tetamashimba, Mushota style is gutless foolishness and illustriousness is the last word to describe such kamikaze embaciles. One has to be like them to classify them as illustrious.

  30. VJ,that’s why KK says ‘when VJ was VJ’,even an ex president recognises how useless this self confensed drug dealer has become.We know your cheap psycology of rural popularity coz that’s where you can manage to rig.Ati government does not do economic data,what nonsense.I thought BOZ and CSO do conduct this,aint these two quasi government,especially CSO is purely Boma limited,spare us that disgusting ignorance.Which southern province is VJ talking about,a man who can’t even utter one Tonga word in public.A form three drop-out whose gotten carried away by the queens language,he even forgets his Tonga roots.By now VJ, you should have ascended to the presidency but you are too much of a social dimwit whose lifestyle is to engage in excessive sexual affairs,discos and show-off whisky…

  31. Ba Mwanga! what a finished politician, who can even listen to you? just allow me to say “REST IN PEACE” i dont there will even be a single drop of a tear at your funeral? You are disgusting you have caused more harm than good to this nation. i wish president mwanawasa was alive so that he can chase you again. Mwabafye bamo bene na RB. And dont even think of rigging this time around wafwa iwee! you have taken us for granted pafula bane. Now are standing firm on truth and justice! Muicindike otherwise you will be forced to eat the soil. RISE UP ZAMBIANS against these devils.

  32. You are “right” Mwaanga because Mufumbwe is a district on the copperbelt. I guess Mwaanga lives in mars.

  33. You have tagged VJ with AIDS since I cannot remember don’t you think he would have been 6ft down. Why keep on wishing this disease. Talking about his sexual appetite, disco and whisky how does he affect you? JEALOUSY you cannot do the same. The man’s intelligence I do not think you know the man. It is a fact he is an illustrious politician. VJ at the UN was the President of the Security Council, Africans and others respect this man. Ambassador to so many countries. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Info.He was the head of your newspaper. For Zambia and other african countries to be where they are you all owe it to VJ. VJ does not need Mr. Kangwa for an adviser I think yu meant the contrary. STOP YOUR TUNE

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