Friday, June 14, 2024

Two convicted drug traffickers advise fellow women


Two Zambian women who have been sentenced to prison over drug dealings in Mauritius have advised their fellow women not to engage in illegal ways of making money.

Maureen Mukunta aged 36 and Mulenga Banda aged 28 said this in Lusaka on Tuesday night, upon arrival from Mauritius where they were serving sentences of drug trafficking.The duo will serve the remainder of their sentences in Zambia.

Zambia has seen an increase in the number of women trafficking in drugs. From January 2010
to date, nine women have been arrested abroad while 126 have been arrested within the country, among them four teenagers.


    • mulenga banda is ma mom it’s wasn’t he fault that she did that it’s due to some circumstances beyound her control she is a nice lady am telling.i know it’s an embarrassment but poeple please don’t jugdy her…

  1. And by the way, what happened to that other young lady in Singapore? I think her name was Guinea Daka? Balimukobeka nangula shani? Please update us :((

  2. LT how many more years are they suppose to serve in Zambia? Our women should indeed desist from fast money and embrace a culture of hardworking and not just thinking of marriage as a way of covering for their laziness.Guys nowadays want educated women cos they are assets and NOT liabilities.The era of Jar/Cup relationship where a jar will always pour into a cup and NOT vice-versa is long gone!!Our women need to move with time for us to develop.They want high life but they are not ready to work for it.Be wise and emulate Dambisa.Ofcourse they are some who are hardworking but the number is appalling to say the least.

  3. General Kanene sang a good song about dreams. Kutulo nimalota ngati ndine Obama but nine chabe Banda!!! Women should not get to do things that they will later on regret.

  4. I am sorry for these poor young women, but thanks for the timely advice to others who may fall prey to drug barons.

  5. These ladies didnt have a better use of their private parts for them to insert drugs in them? Very sad, lets me make use of these parts according to what the bible says. NOT ILLICITE usage

  6. musebanya abanakashi but who can so much balme them life in zambia is hard but this should not mean we should use the vagina for wrong reasons please:-w:-w:-w:-w

  7. So they could insert drugs in the original as well?I guess how the next man will feel at all, when pushing

  8. Thats one way how they can earn a living as employment is hard to find. If u are luck u get employed but come little wage earned, hence the idea of easy cash flow developed into their minds :d

  9. Why the focus on Zambian women? I wonder how many Zambian men have been convicted abroad for drug-trafficking and other offences? Do I smell a hint of misogyny here?

  10. What are the drivers of increased drug trafficking among zambian women.Please help answer this question.So that we root out this evil in our society.

  11. #13. Prison was belt for men not women. no wonder why men are left to rot in prisons while females are extradited back to their countries.

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