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Chile-Zambia Result

Sports Feature Sports Chile-Zambia Result

Here are the team analysis sheet for the Chile-zambia friendly played on 26/05/2010
Chile 3(52: Alexis Sánchez 52″ 83″, Jorge Valdivia 85″)- Zambia 0.
Chile: Claudio Bravo; Ismael Fuentes (m.46, Marco Estrada) Pablo Contreras, Gonzalo Jara (m.46, Mauricio Isla), Gonzalo Fierro; Carlos Carmona, Roberto Cereceda (m.46, Alexis Sánchez), Jorge Valdivia, Fabián Orellana; Esteban Paredes (m.46, Jean Beausejour) y Rodrigo Tello.

Coach: Marcelo Bielsa

Zambia: Kalilio Kakonje; Francis Kasonde, Hijani Himoonde, Stophira Sunzu, Emmanuel Mbola; William Njovou, Rainford Kalaba, Jonas Sakuwaha (m.41, Clifford Mulenga), Cristopher Katongo; Félix Katongo y Rodgers Kola (m.69, Given Singuluma).

coach: Wedson Nyirenda
Referee: Gabriel Favale (Argentina)

Cautions: Félix Katongo, Cristopher Katongo (Zambia).


  1. I never take too much out of friendly games.Other than getting experience,there is nothing else that is of benefit.
    Nonetheless,I’m happy that Wedson Nyirenda had his first experience as National coach.His selection was positive and I strongly believe Wedson will be one of the best local coaches to take full charge of the national team.
    Watch this space………

  2. Now, come on. Zeroooooooo!!!!!!! . Awe Wedson? Suprisingly, the whole team is in place.
    Kola doesnt know football rather is not better than Singuluma. Plz, were are your priorities placed? Start with people who can deliver or have proved they can deliver. Am sick of this.
    The problem with local coaches, they leave out people like Mulenga and Given. These can score at any time.
    Any way, am upset. Zero is nothing to be proud of, even if its a friendly. Reiner iwe, watisiya mudaka ya Nyerenda waona manje!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks LT, though mwa chedwa. The political atmosphere has affected even the legs.


  4. Anyway, as Independent has rightly put it. Lets give ’em time.

    The selection for these guys was right-as experimental of course. If they dont perform, ba sayenda immediately. We can afford to put up with loosing till yauka team ya pa Zed. These days foreign coaches are using africa as a experience club and get wooed to the european premiership.
    The goodness is we have few matches in the near future to gauge them on. Consistence matters, if they continue loosing for the next 4 games, then we need to take them for more technical trainings. At the same time, not kuba tanfya.

  5. its not bad had not been fatigued and the changed of time to adapt was too short.anyway i understand.

  6. Congrats lad you have done us proud. The result is fine considering that you left the gollie behind. Kalililo has never been a goal keeper but i dont know what coaches have seen in him. I was expecting something like 12 chile and Zambia 0. A great achievement indeed.

  7. I was disappointed with the design of the team jersey! It is so dull, poorly designed. The boys looked like a komboni team! If that is what the so much talked about ‘copper-jersey’ looks like now, then i am sorry…….

  8. Iyo ni OVIA! “KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO, AND YOU’LL KEEP GETTING WHAT YOU GET”. I cannot see what we were doing flying all the way to chile for them to warm up for the world cup when they could have played in zambia which makes better sense. This wasnt even a full zambian squad.Chile are a formidable team and brazil only beat them once at home. So mwilalosha abena Zambia, niziii! So thinks are just like that. FAIL TO PREPARE,THEN PREPARE TO FAIL. Meanwhile, viva africa and lets show the world what great hosts we are.

  9. return flight is through BRAZIL, just go to the beach and watch some brasil nudity, after all efyo mulefwaya!

  10. I would not lambast the coach or the team for the loss in that friendly. I think they were playing under difficult circumstances, having travelled so far westward and consequently having to contend with ‘jet-lag”. Personally, I am happy and excited to have a Zambian coach for the national team. Let us just support them adequately.

  11. No. I think, the new coaches are ok. Give ’em bit of time, say after 4 games.

    My problem will always be the FAZ thinktank big headed Kalu. He brings no substance to zambian football apart from history. This guy is a political figure in his own rights. These young coaches are being overshadowed by him. In Zambia, i wonder how people manage to get out of the mess they bring. When football people wanted to cast a vote of no confidence, he dribbled ’em all. Sidelining all representatives of zambian football with only his supporter munaile and Eric, engineering how they could thwart these guy’s desires.Calling for secret meetings attended by only four people and drawing up mechanisms of shutting Smaata.This is why i blaim us who who are abroad and luck. We dont give back. Just looting.

  12. I was only impressed by the guy who was in between the poles and felix katongo,the rest of the guys lacked foresight then again our coaching bench can’t read the game or rather had no game plan,if u watched the way chile started the second half then you can tell that they were playing according to a game plan,the changed the game and mounted pressure on zambia to which the got the results.And again i don’t know why our players can’t have ball possession,they just lose possession so easily some is lacking right there..i think the jersey is ok it’s only the Faz logo is just too big that’s just me i think..

  13. Where can i see this game on the net? I think Zed squad is growing and with all the talent (and also a bit of discipline), wee will get there come 2014! Chile are a good football nation and they have managed their copper wealth better that us!

  14. the fruits to not taking advantage of opportunities. no decent soccer stadium and brazil chooses to play friendlies with zimbabwe and tanzania! just so the can avoid injuries from playing on your bad pitches!!!

  15. Jet-lag, time to acclamatize and playing under difficult conditionz do not constitute a good reazon for such an embarrassing rezult.

  16. :)Abesu ba Nyirenda. I trust with a little time you will blend well with the palyer: don’t lose heart. U pompe fye ichimwela ca kwa Yesu abaice amaplayers. I for one believe in you; the track record is there for all to see.

    Ba Faz pulizi give him as much remuneration as you were giving the French youngman, if not much more! That is where we have often faultered as a nation. Ba Kalu remember that Faz owed you when you resigned from coaching Zambia 11; don’t let history repeat itself. let’s be patriotic this time around!

    Ba Nyirenda never forget this is a nation of selfmade ‘football pundits’. So u wa ingila mu mushitu tomfwa nswaswa (i.e. maintain your focus)

    :(( May all those that are for this motion post their comments in support of this noble cause. Let’s beleive in…

  17. Zambian coaches not ready to manage national team thats y a foreign coach is needed .the locals have proved that many times…..they can’t even make CAF champions league finals may be next year which i doubt…pigs will be flying by then if that happened…. To me they seem to run out of ideas when it matters the most…but FAZ need a coach who the chipolopolo boys can believe will bring something new …the extra knowledge of strategy and tacitics to compete and win against any opposition .:-?:-?:::^o=(( confidence building very important now b4 2012 qualifiers otherwise things look dicey now and even worse come 2014 world cup qualifiers..

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