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RB refuses to comment on M’membe conviction and PF cadre’s shooting incident

Headlines RB refuses to comment on M'membe conviction and PF cadre's shooting incident

President Rupiah Banda

President Banda yesterday refused to comment on the conviction of The Post editor-in-chief Fred M’membe by a Lusaka magistrate court and on Deputy Minister of Health Solomon Musonda’s alleged shooting and wounding of a suspected Patriotic Front cadre, Jackson Musata, in Serenje on Tuesday.

Answering questions from journalists at Lusaka International Airport shortly after arriving from France at about 18:00 hours, the president said he would not comment om Mr M’membe ‘s case because it was a legal matter which he was yet to study.

“I don’t want to get involved until I have a chance to talk to my Minister of Justice to get a brief about it,” he said.

On Dr Solomon Musonda’s alleged shooting and wounding of a suspected Patriotic Front cadre, Mr Banda said he is unable to immediately comment on the matter, especially that it took place in his absence.

Meanwhile, President Banda has announced that French investors will start arriving in the country as early as next week to explore avenues of investment in various sectors of the economy.

This follows successful meetings he held with them on the sidelines of the just ended France-Africa summit held in Nice.

He said the summit was of great benefit to Zambia and Africa as a whole as it tackled critical areas of development, climate change, peace and security in Africa, including other development issues between Africa and France.

“The summit was very useful. In addition to that, I spent one-and-half days talking to various investors and other people who want to come to Zambia to invest in various fields. I look forward to greater achievements in that sense,” he said.

Mr Banda said it was wonderful to see English, French and Portuguese-speaking Africans getting together to discuss development programmes.

He said France is going to be chair of the G20 and there is an agreement among African countries that Paris will try and actualise some of the recommendations of the summit, particularly those on international governance, membership to the United Nations and other institutions.

“We have agreed with France that they will carry our message. But they will have to wait until we meet as African Union(AU) to finalise our position and pass it on to France,” he said.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. What do you expect … he’s never home to know what is happening to his people. So, when does he fly out???

  2. Tell those investors that here we shoot not just shooting but in the head “isoka ni kumutwe’ RB do you steal need to study this statement a well.I think this president we have is never briefed on what is happening in the country when he is away ,WHAT A GRZ?

  3. RB wants to appear innocent. as if he had no hand in these issues. i am yet to get a briefing from the min of justice…we cant be fooled…George will definitely protect his brother from serenje

  4. Very soon”[next week]” this RB thing will travel to south africa for the opening ceremony of the world cup without studying the cases at hand afterall he is still studying Dora RP capital saga.our country is on auto pilot.

  5. Whats there to be briefed about. His minister shot a person. He should at least be suspended as the investigation is being done. And we all know he ochestrated M’membe’s conviction so he actually shouldnt even say anything cause we know hes gonna say trash anyway

  6. Wat ths fool must kno is that the ZAMBIAN PEOPLE will vote him (bwezani) out cum 2011.

  7. Very wise responses by the president. He had just arrived from abroad and some journalist from the gutter press asks him about events which happened while he was away? This is yellow journalism from a bigoted sect. Granted, the president is always briefed about the goings-on in the country while he is abroad but there are other far more important issues to deal with than being drawn into discussing the imprisonment of a belligerent journalist. Forward with RB! :)>-

  8. #9. You are so s.t.u.p.i.d. The same RB of yours issued a statement about the possible candidate for the Pact while he was in France. It shows how low calibre your president is. Instead of commenting or issuing statements about important issues like shooting a person, he is there fearing even his own show. He thinks his shadow is the pact.

  9. In all fairness how do the same pipo who say RB should not be involved injudicial issue now want RB to get involved? Are they now saying RB should be getting involved in these issues? The issue of convict friend should be left to the courts and not to RB. If he comments on it its a problem, again if he does not its also a problem. What a circus?

    However the law should take its course on D/minster Musonda and his assailants. From the preliminary information, Musonda should explain why shot at his attackers, also his attackers should explain why they wanted to attack Musonda to the extent of blocking the road specifically to stop Musonda to use the road. The law should take its course for both sides.

  10. Chinese Eyes#9 you are a D.O.G !! u,a very useless !! to hell with yo bwezani !! VIVA PACT

  11. #11. Not ukulabosa fye kwati nimbwa. Imagine someone shooting your child or if don’t have one, shooting your father, and then the person is even freely walking in streets. And how do u feel if you have not killed someone and they arrest you that its u who killed him. Thats what your RB is doing. If it was PF or UPND cadre who shot a person even you docile IG was going to follow to arrest the person. Who is more a criminal, someone who shot a person or someone who wrote something in the paper against RB?

  12. # 9 are u a fool and a son of bitch. Imagine the guy shot was yo relative would u have said those stupid things? If ministers begin shooting pipo it means there is a crisis and yo useless president RB who is busy flying all over like a headless chicken is supposed to comment on such serious issues. But since he has a small brain but a big head and nose he decides to shut his beak.

  13. Surprising that in this day and age of advanced communication technology, the President was not briefed of the shooting by the Vice-president? is this a sign of gross incompetency on the part of the Vice-President or just sytematic systems of our governance structures?

  14. #15. He was briefed. Infact thats why they did not pass the judgment for M’membe on wednesday. They wanted to consult useless RB what the sentence should be. Why did they consults him when he said HH is vice president to sata. He even issued a statement while he was in France.

  15. Pact guys easy on insults. I dont see why you are up in arms, the man says he wants a thorough report before giving his position, and to be honest what is wrong with that. Even judges hear both sides before passing judgement. For me his response is very mature, be careful not to fall for mob justice, the majority are not always right.

  16. #17. Naimwe mwatampa ukusabaila. How many reports is he studying since he came into power. Almost everything he is studying. And how many reports has he issued after studying the reports? None. He is just running away from the truth.

  17. Good Morning

    Pipe down, bloggers. I think RB has acted wisely by refusing to comment until the judiciary has done it’s part. This is the essence of seperation of powers. The same people shouting for him to say something today will be the ones blaming him for the verdict tomorrow.

    As for the presence of French investors in the country, I wouldn’t be too excited about it. I hope RB understands that European countries, including France, all run on a free market principle and most of these investors have lots of money.They can easily buy off our major companies, buildings and real estates, split everything up and sell it to, say, a Chinese or American consortium. At the end of the day, Zambian people loose out again while a few of our “untouchables” walk away with fat bank accounts.

  18. What kind of study is this fimo fimo waiting for ? Ok Rb we are waiting for you to finish ukujoba that report.:-?

  19. #20 be calm by brother. you know that saying that in an chainama, the mentally insane think we are the sick ones. I will apply this theory to your post at 20. For that you are forgiven. stay blessed.

  20. Rupiah cant open his mouth as HIS court case is due in weeks.

    Rupiah V’s Post defamation lawsuit.

  21. #9 what about the shooting. This is a serious crime that Rupiah should have dealt with immeadiately. That why we need independent police officers. That guy would have been arrested if that happened in country that has indenpendent judicial system.

  22. What kind of head of state would stay mute over a crime committed by someone who is serving the people of zambia? This rb thinks he is running a business, no bwana, you are serving the citizens of zambia therefore you should be answerable to every thing that the people of zambia want answers to. Double standards in zambia will take us nowhere. Look at this ordinary guy who shot and killed people here in the UK, the Queen did not wait to study the event, even the Whole PM went to see for himself, nothing is important than issues of the citizens of the country you are hired to take care. RB its not about which party – you as president are head for all, not only mmd. This trend is evil. We need real sons of Zambians to run the country.

  23. :(( Not long ago someone from UPND beat up an mmd cadre dressed in police uniform in Mufumbwe, hey, all hell broke loose – the whole IG was looking for this guy like nobody’s business. They even forgot about the murders which their losing candidate’s son killed when he mowed into a crowd of jubilating PACT supporters. Please rb look deeper, dont let the rope get tighter, its only a matter of months before you leave plot 1, dont keep adding more mavuto to what you already have, you are on old man izafela mu courtroom!! rb we know you are not able to read and comprehend just tell hule yako dora to issue something just so to calm the situation in the nation, not talking of PACT issues PLEASE!!!

  24. Did you know………
    RB is going to replace the IG of police for incompetence soonest. A good step in the right direction I guess.

  25. Lt I wish to complain about Posting #5 This fora is not to be used for insulting the President who is not even in a position to defend himself. We demand for its immediate removal

  26. WAPYA MUNZI- 2011#29 u,a jus useless jus like yo so-called president(bwezani) !! VIVA PACT

  27. # 29 dont say we demand, say u demand. Who do u think supports yo bootliking? I also demand that # 5 remains as it best describes what RB is. RB has a small brain. How can he fail to comment when someone was shot in the head and as we speak now the boy is in pain and his condition is critical in hospital. Dont play with life *****s.

  28. u f.o.o.ls @LT hu tod u dat f.o.o.l is an insult? u,a very useless !! we kno u,a for bwezani, bt wait for 2011 we shall vote u out to hell with yo mmd. and I WILL NT REVERSE MY WORDZ, BWEZANI IS A F.O.O.L IF U WANT GO TELL HIM. VIVA PACT !!

  29. #2, Mule:
    The question is not when does he fly out… Rather, it is “when will he visit Zambia again?” He only comes back to visit, he lives abroad!

  30. Zam-Beer#33 and Zemule#29 we need people like u in zed !! i like yo comments !!

  31. Ba pact bloggers muli fipuba sana, thats why your leaders wont set foot in state house, because of your foolish way of reasoning. We are watching you. Ba pumbafu imwe, always settled on insults. Ba galu.

  32. Honestly do you expect anything sensible from this 73 year old president, when that little thing (FTJ) was fraudulently acquitted this same old man didn’t even wait to ‘read the judgement’ he issued a statement in kitwe thanking the Zambian people for ‘accepting’ Kafupi’s acquittal. On the shooting of an innocent man I don’t know why this sorry excuse of a human being can’t say anything… I’ve been thinking that wisdom comes with old age, I think I’m wrong.

  33. It appears as if a lot of bloggers today are either annoyed with failure by police to arrest Solomon or they are intoxicated with alcohol since it is weekend. However, there is a very big sign that RB is interfering in the way the police and the court operate in Zambia. The police are not supposed to wait for RB in order to effect an arrest, the first time Solomon reported himself to police about shooting someone at the road block, he was supposed to be arrested. This hesitancy by the police to act is a recipe for disaster and a sign of dictatorship. For Solomon you will not practice as a medical doctor again, this is not a profession for killers. This moment of madness will cost you a lot.

  34. Gentlemen let us just enjoy a beer after a week of hard work don’t up set yourself for nothing.God bless!

  35. PACT YA MBWA#35 u,a very f.o.o.l.i.sh n useless!! to hell with yo madness !!

  36. I have a small hangover so I get upset easily. This Rb doesn’t help the situation. What happened to the PACT thing today? Anybody hear anything?

  37. Bloggers @ 10, 12 and 14. It clearly shows that your tools of analysis are very blunt typically just like those of a PF kaponya. You can’t make a comment without resorting to vulgar language. You are a debased lot and I won’t insult you back. I refuse to join your low ranks. Please remain in the basement of humanity.

  38. Ba RB naimwe act as a president. Cant you take a leaf from the late Levy? Ministers were fearing Levy but you it is opposite, you fear ministers. Thats why people always insult you coz you have reduced your self to a chola boyi. Change the way you do things. Awe bwafya kuli ba RB mwee!!!![-([-(

  39. Good answer Mr President, whatever you say will be distorted anyway, so better get briefed before you open your presidential mouth like other known “leaders”.

  40. My fellow country men and women..its always a pleasure to able to exercise my civic duty of contributing an objective, humble, sober and progressive opinion/comment…The President has shown an excellent and wise attempt at diplomacy, setting the right tone in this case, and maintaining peace. It is my humble opinion that as citizens we need to desist from a frivolous spirit in approaching national issues, all in all what is presently happening in the country is more serious than it may appear…it has also come to attention that leaders at many key levels in society tend to lack good diplomacy/communicative skill in tackling integral issues, diplomacy and good communication at present have the power to resolve many complex issues that face us..we need leaders in the country at all levels

  41. to begin to set the right tone in Zambia, a positive national tone which encourages enthusiasm, and eventually attracts good fortune..as has always been the view, the way of critic, rife in Zambia has failed us compoundly, lets work with the current leadership, as a generation, well, at least lets highlight the many areas that are promising in Zambian society, the areas that we can exploit to bring development amd improve Zambian life.. God bless Zambia, its People, the Opposition, and the Government.

  42. Fred was on study leave, this judge talked of technology in 21st century that Fred should have been working controlling news even though he was on leave. His presido was in France when judgment was passed, could the same technology the judge talked about be applied? RB join face book, George bush is on face book.




    source zambianunion dot blogspot dot com

  44. Ba Chinese Eyes, aka Veteran, Senior Citizen, Mwata and Patriot, Have you ever done any psychology class in your life? Don’t you think your signature is everywhere even if you try to blind some? Ala you are the only one that can support MMD the way you do. Ala it is very easy to decipher who has written what on this blog despite changing blog names.

  45. When police shot the CBU chap RB condemed the incident at Lusaka International Airport upon arrival from Uganda, but now its involving his doped deputy miniskirt sorry I mean deputy minister he refuses to comment sayin he needs to study the shi.t,this is just being fu.cked up coz [email protected] is he goin study when its obvious the guy was wrongly shot by his trigger happy D/. miniskirt…..may be on Fred M’membe case,but do you need to study a case for contempt of court?I smell pu.ssy things have started fallin apart..may the monkeyz sh.it on him this tyme instead of urinating…

  46. #35 we mbwa ni we, tumba tufi iwe. Someones child was shot, the least your father RB could have done was acknowledge that he was told about it. So #35 keep your stupid opinions to yourself you dranged mutha f***k.e.r.

  47. At least one time, FTJ let the law take its course. He allowed the Deputy Minister – Chisha serve 10 years with hard labour after the unintentional killing at Lusaka Show Grounds club. In all this, Banda is really the murderer. He is pretending to wait for the law enforcement to handle the case, while he is the same person who instructed police to arrest Chansa Kabwela. What kind of nonsense is he trying to espouse on this case?

  48. RB we shall catch up with you very, very soon. Instead of doing the job he is paid to do, this punk called RB is busy scheming against innocent Zambians: he has bought guns for his cabinet minions so they can be shooting helpless innocent Zambians. He is rounding up and locking up innocent Zambians on insane charges. RB, is this what tax-payers are paying you to do? The only consoling thing is that the PACT is here with a bang, so at least we know you will live to answer to your misrule, plunder, persecutions and corruption. Oh! not forgetting your incompetence and sleeping on duty as well as wasting govt money traveling aimlessly.

  49. My heart and prayers go to the suffering young man shot in the head by not just a Deputy Minister, the man is a qualified Medical Doctor, a parent and leader for that matter. In times such as these we need to see Mr. Rupiah Banda act like a man, his IG too. Mr. Banda is president of Zambia, if he thinks this position is for jokers then his in a wrong place. How does he choose to remain mute in the face of a life threatening situation? It’s true some people grow physically and far from mental growth. If this pervert of a D/Minister shot one of Rupiah’s son’s, do you think the man would choose not to say something? Chiwamina galu

  50. hahahah i like this now its time for me to tell everyone who Veteran is yes its true he has many names. and i know him very well and he knows me.
    Kalos2020 says:
    June 5, 2010 at 7:42 pmBa Chinese Eyes, aka Veteran, Senior Citizen, Mwata and Patriot, Have you ever done any psychology class in your life? Don’t you think your signature is everywhere even if you try to blind some? Ala you are the only one that can support MMD the way you do. Ala it is very easy to decipher who has written what on this blog despite changing blog names

  51. 35 – PACT YA MBWA: you are a very useless person. You insult and then condem insults! All your insults point back at you. You are fortunate we dont insult back to nonentities like you.

  52. I have a gun (and its licenced since 1998) I know Solomon Musonda, I went to the same school with his brother so fellow Zambias, I’ll do the necessary then I can take my gun to the police so they arrest it. Isnt that what is done nowadays? It only pains when its happened to you, gunshot wounds are very painful, I feel very sorry for the youngman lying in hospital right now.

  53. All of you insulting icluding #32 politics of saving Zambia better.

    We will arrest you, don’ t insult the President.
    Can you insult your father if he batters your mother? Blog with sense, you can not hide and it is very easy to trace you. LT should start blocking some of these messages like the POST does. We want to read something that will build us, not your insults. Why don’t write to the president directly and usher all those evil words on him?

  54. Iwe ka LoneRo – I am going to insult you now chi-colour chobe, ulimbwa. How do you insult citizens of Zambia by likening our fathers to chiBwezani, atase! My father for one is a liberal minded man who believes that do unto others as you’d like them do unto you. [-([-([-(. Wanya iwe mu 2011 ukachimona chiwiso chi rb elyo bakalachi senda kumakoti mukulubulula uko atwele impiya ale iba sha Zamtel.

  55. The issue of Mmembe is between the post and the court. So the right person to comment is the chief justice not govt. The guy seems to belittle all institutions and the courts said no so ask the chief justice. it is stupid to expect a comment from the executive on a judiciary matter. Better still ask LAZ to which Mmembe belongs and a lawyer or a student of law since he seems to still be laerning it.

    As for the shooting. First under what circumstances did Dr musonda shoot. We are told he was blocking the road. If some blocked my way I would thing he is trying to still my car and shooting him might mean self defence. We buy fire arms for protection among other reasons. So the over zealous caders who block roads will die for nothing in the name of supporting political causes.

  56. 2006: – MMD = 43 %, PACT = 55% of total cast votes.
    2008: – MMD = 40%, PACT = 58% of total cast votes.

    The writing on the wall is clear. – 2011: – MMD = 35% (VJ), PACT = Landslide!


  58. #9 u r right,RB has more important issues to deal with!He has to decided which linen shirts he’ll have packed for Mfuwe,what stocks should be in the bar upon his arrival there,who to bundle up as part of the so-called deligation,what methods he’ll use to try to stay awake during the”investors” meeting……the list is endless.He’s a busy man!

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