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Mpombo, Magande under fire

Headlines Mpombo, Magande under fire

George Mpombo

The MMD in Eastern and Copperbelt provinces, and some civil society organisations have castigated Kafulafuta member of Parliament (MP) George Mpombo and his Chilanga constituency counterpart Ng’andu Magande for allegedly holding on to the party to secure their stay in the National Assembly.

And some youths have condemned some opposition political parties and other civil society organisations for their continued unjustified attacks on President Banda and his administration over matters that are purely for the courts or police to deal with.

Eastern Province MMD chairman Kennedy Zulu, commenting on the duo’s constant attacks on President Banda, urged them to quit the party and test their popularity in a by-election.

Mr Zulu said the incessant attacks the duo is making against President Banda, including calling for the removal of MMD from power, send a clear message that they are no longer members of the MMD.

“I don’t know why they are holding on to MMD because their persistent attacks against the party and President Banda have shown that they are no longer MMD. They are behaving like a man who insults his wife during the day, but wants to embrace her in the night,” Mr Zulu said.

Mr Zulu said if the two are as popular as they claim they are, they should emulate president Charles Milupi, who relinquished his Luena seat when he formed ADD.

He said any credible political party cannot adopt Mr Mpombo as parliamentary candidate because he has proved to suffer from indecision by suddenly quitting his Cabinet portfolio, but clings to a political party he insults relentlessly.

He wondered if Mr Magande was serious about intentions to contest for the MMD presidency at the party convention when he is calling for the removal of the party from Government.

He said the MMD in Eastern Province is behind President Banda because he has demonstrated qualities of a mature, responsible and dedicated leader.

Meanwhile, the MMD in Masaiti has called on Mr Mpombo to stop telling people that he initiated the construction of Masangano High School in Kafulafuta.

District chairman Michael Katambo said in Ndola yesterday that Mr Mpombo has failed the people in the area and should not claim that he initiated the construction of the high school.

“The construction of Masangano High School is under Government programmes and should not be seen to have been initiated by Mr Mpombo,” he said.

Mr Katambo said Masaiti district was behind President Banda and will not support Mr Mpombo at the MMD national convention.

And Copperbelt youth vice-secretary Benson Tembo has warned Change Life Zambia director Frank Bwalya against distributing and selling red cards in Chifubu constituency because doing so could cause disturbances.
Fr Bwalya refused to comment on the matter.

And Forum for Leadership Search executive director Edwin Lifwekelo said in a statement yesterday that it is unjustifiable to condemn President Banda, who has demonstrated political will and maturity by ensuring that the courts of law and the police operate independently.

He said this is evident in the case of former deputy minister of health Dr Solomon Musonda, who has been arrested and charged for causing grievous harm with intent to maim, disfigure or disable.

Mr Lifwekelo has also said that Mr Mpombo and Mr Magande have lost touch with reality.

Mr Lifwekelo said Mr Magande should rejoin the United Party for National Development (UPND) and that Mr Mpombo has become a liability to the MMD.

“Both are not adding value to the country. Even as councillors, Magande and Mpombo cannot win,” he said.
And Evangelical Youth Alliance International executive director Reverend Moses Lungu has said political parties and the civil society must respect those in leadership and the laws of the land.

Rev. Lungu said it is always important for people to be patient when dealing with legal issues.

Gallant Youths of Zambia have challenged the Catholic leadership in Zambia to clear itself from any connections with the opposition PF.

Gallant Youths of Zambia national co-ordinator Mr Henry Mulenga says as youths they would always look up to the church but recent events point to the church taking political sides.

[ Zambia Daily Mail ]


  1. I didnt know until now that Edwin Lifwekelo is just a useless MMD cadre busy licking RB’s big boot. U are such a useless poverty stricken boy. U are now equivalent 2 the useless William Banda.

  2. mmd is using pact rebel mps to discredit pact and now pact is using the same method and mmd feels the heat.hahahaha.what goes round comes round :d/:d/:d/

  3. mmd is using pact rebel mps to discredit pact and now pact is using the same method and mmd feels the heat.hahahaha.what goes round comes round :d/:d/:d/:d

  4. 7 why not call it after senior citizen for rememberance’s sake. Senior Citizens- Zambia International (SC-ZI). If u do not mind bootlicking, you can as well call it Bootlickers Zambia-International (B-ZI). Both are very neutral names: nothing to do with pact, red card or political inclinations.

  5. Sadly, the MMD and the so called NGO forgot to include Machungwa’s name and other soon to be former PF MPs (Rebels) like that woman in Matero. Was this by design or they are have very short memories? Coincidence? Nooo!

  6. Where is ba ZAWA in Zambia where IMBOMBO AND FROGS have gone mad instead of offering leadership in the zoo.

  7. iwe ka zulu who told u eastern provionce is the whole zambia..u chaps are so dull thats why we are suffering like this in zambia..continue working kuli ba mwenye chabe..viva pact..we shall overcome the hurdles..

  8. Why are Zulus and Tembo voicing out too loud, is it because of tribalism cancer or what. We know Lifwekelo is just one of these bootlickers. You Easterners, you can talk but you will never change our minds as pact members and supporters. There are no two ways about it MMD is going anyway. If MMD is a popular party why are they not chasing these two guys(Magande and Mpombo) so that we can test each other’s popularity in these areas. Magande and Mpombo have a standing in life unlike Gabriell Namulambe who is so cheap that he allowed Banda to chase him and just to call him again to take up a position as if he is a dust bin which you can throw around when you do not need it. These cheap poor people are the ones spoiling politics in our country because their aim is to find butter &bread.

  9. Zambia is like a circus. Why can’t these politically funded so called “Organisations” just appreciate that MPs Magande and Mpombo are what you need to keep the govt and party in power in check. You need to defer within as well as listen to external opposing voices. Also these two MPs must be respected for the fact that they have not caused unnecessary by-elections in their respective constituencies. KK made sure we had good eduaction system because all his children went to Zambian schools. He made sure that all hospitals were well stocked because everyone including himself went to a local hospital (UTH – remember he had his own private side ward at UTH). What do we have now? Leaders being flown to Morning-side clinic in South Africa. What a shame after 46 years of independence.

  10. I am looking at the reasonableness in the statements of Mr Mupombo and Mr Magande.Of course, of the two the latter is an intellectual while the former is certainly a noise maker…..an empty tin. notwithstanding,Mr Magande for now has suspended his thinking and is using emotions to argue.Thus what he is saying is intelligible while Mupombo is as ever just waffling .What kind of a man who gets pride in the dirt collected in his beard….Mupombo. In Nyanja Mupombo is very derogatory a word.

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