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RB comes underfire over Dr. musonda’s shooting saga

Headlines RB comes underfire over Dr. musonda's shooting saga

President Rupiah Banda

National Revolution Party (NRP) Secretary General Kelly Walubita junior says it is wrong for the president to only react after pressure.
Mr Walubita noted that if public pressure was not applied, the former health deputy Minister was going to go scot free.

He said as much as the arrest of Dr. Musonda is welcome, the action was not timely.

Mr Walubita pointed out that it is evident that President Banda was trying to shield the former Health deputy Minister.

He added that the president was supposed to take action within 24 hours of the crime.

President Rupiah Banda last week relieved Health Deputy Minister Solomon Musonda of his duties.

This decision comes after the President received a report from the Director of Public Prosecution recommending for the prosecution of Dr. Musonda following a shooting incident in his constituency
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  1. Has RB ever been praised for doing anything good in his reign as a president,maybe he’s just being condemend and attacked unfairely,anyone out there who has anything specific that RB has done,please help,I would love to know

  2. RB is a shame. How in the world did we come to have such a man as our leader?! Don´t you think to have such a man as our president is EMBARASSING?

  3. Kelly is spot on. Why did it take so long for Police to arrest a suspect that was well known? And why did Dr Musonda not hand himself in on the day of the incident? By not doing so was he a fugitive? Should we question the professional conduct of the police? A man was shot… thus there was a crime scene? How did the police conduct itself when it was reported that a person had been shot? Should it take so long for the President to act? What does that tell us on his process of decision making? What does the Medical Profession body say about the conduct of its members? What action are they considering over the behaviour of its member?
    Parliament should also suspend/expel this person for taking the law in his hands and for not upholding the rule of law.

  4. What did you expect Musonda do confronted by thugs with pangas, branches and sticks. I dont see any case on him. He should even have killed one or two of those thugs in self defence.. His life was at stake and he has right to use a fire arm to defend himself..This is useless case being over blown by opportunist PF politicians

  5. I thought Kelly Walubita Jr. was NAREP Secretary General (good to know that he is in NRP as well – double agent), I wonder whether his father is still the Zambian High Commissioner to India.

  6. These non-existence politicians have gone too far. The President of the Republic of Zambia is not a police officer or someone to interfere with the judicial duties! Walubita ia just showing how ignorant he is concerning who has powers over what in our country! Why do we have different ministries and government officials if the President is the only one to do everything? Are you gonna blame it on our president for the power blackout too? Come on guys if you have no political future just retire back to western province and play in the sand!!

  7. Vasco Da Banda will have a stop over in RSA, this evening will watch the Ivory Coast/Brazil game, but his main destination is Namibia!

  8. MMD Chief Boot Licker N0 11

    The President of the Republic of Zambia is not a police officer or someone to interfere with the judicial duties. Are you sure of this statement? Be a reasonable man you MMD hijackers. Who appoints the IG & DPP? Who directed the arrest of CHANSA KABWELA? Sorry l dont usually read your comments, cos you support and defend anything. FAKE LICKER.

  9. MMD Chief Boot Licker N0 11

    The President of the Republic of Zambia is not a police officer or someone to interfere with the judicial duties. Are you sure of this statement? Be a reasonable man you MMD hijackers. Who appoints the IG & DPP? Who directed the arrest of CHANSA KABWELA? Sorry l dont usually read your comments, cos you support and defend anything. FAKE LICKER.

  10. Banda is not presidential material. I alway fail to mention his name when I am asked who the president of Zambia is. I just fail to say its Rupiah Banda coz the man is too much of nothing in his head. :d:d

  11. The agenda set by Fred M’membe is misleading the nation. When Rupiah Banda dies it will be Fred M’membe who’s going to write that Rupiah was a better president. He has wrote so many negative things about Mwanawasa he only changed when things started going his way before the demise of Zambian Airways, other undercurrent issues belong to the archive.M’membe should have been blaming the police insteady of Rupiah. M’membe is on record saying that no one should tell him what he does or does not put into his editorial when he was criticised for a certain editorial that he ran in his Controlled post news paper. A presendent should not act just because someone says fire this one or that one but it should be done properly, M’member is under pressure to produce a news paper everyday.

  12. #18 well not sure but he is the leader currently and he needs to be fairly criticised so that he can acheive what were all aspire Zambia to become – a Developed nation with less or no poverty. But reading between the lines in the post media especially the carefully chosen Frant pages and M’membe’s editorials makes me wander what the real motive might be. it is true half truths, sensational stories and scandals sale a great deal more than reality. It is also common knowledge that criticising is the easiest one can do.

  13. Kelvin D Mulanga NO# 17 $ 19

    Efyo chaba ukusabaila. Thousand words with no single point. presendent ehahaa. What is this Fred M’membe is misleading the nation?

  14. No doubt the president acted on pressure and this is poorest management of affairs…RB should learn to act timely whatever he was waiting it was just buying time which he even failed….popularity for RB matters in the coming elections but what I see is that he continues to make himself unpopular

    Zambians please vote this man out if MMD chooses to be their candidate

  15. Hope zambians have learnt the lesson that a Grand Dad at an advanced age cannot make a good president.That RB should have been happly enjoying his retirement.

  16. I agree with the thread on our brother Mmembe. He is frustrated and uses his undemocratic newspaper to put food on his table. The real issue is that Mmembe thought he was going to be in government after 1990. He had no qualification but that of a kaponya and started running the “weekend post” to challenge his perceived competitors who started running govt after KK. Mmembe should have formed his political party instead of a newspaper. One thing he forgot was that you cant stand on a newspaper as a political party. The chap is still confused to this day.

  17. NO. RB is not supposed to be involved in criminal cases.

    The police were supposed to just investigate and make arrest of the suspect based on evidence. The fact they needed RB to intervene means that the law is applied partially in Zambia.

  18. Good Afternoon

    It seems to me that being a Zambian Head of State is the most difficult job in the world. If you do wrong, they complain and if you do right, they still complain that you did the right thing at the wrong time!

    RB is always out on a limb in whatever decision hemakes. A similar position forced the German president Dr. Horst Köhler to resign a few weeks ago. After realising that hierarchy does not always entail the honour of authority and that people were more or less ignoring his leadership role, he threw in the towel and walked away. It can be argued whether or not this is the best thing to do. I’m just thinking aloud…:-?

  19. There is nothing difficult if you are doing the right thing. It is often said that it takes less time to do a thing right than to explain why you did it wrong. Why not go out on a limb? Isn’t that where the fruit is?

    Banda has been doing most of the stuff wrong hence the situation he finds himself in.

  20. Sometime ago, at a press conference, KK was told something by journalists through a question. He fired a top ZCCM official immediately, only later to rescind the decision after ‘facts’ had come to light. Only the DPP can decide that a crime has been allegedly commited, not the President.

  21. #21 (Real MMD) “Efyo chaba ukusabaila.” In the northern province where I come from when you tell someone “ükusabaila” you are basically saying someone is out of his/her mind. It is very suprising to me that you chose to use this language of insults which to some extent may not be very supprising to me. This is precisely what I meant when I talked about misleading because this is all I see in print media in Zambia.Please I urge you to discuss I deas and not insults. Just go to archives of the post and spend time to read the edittorials and front pages. (Last one year if you can). I still believe we can engage each other on issues without insults.

  22. # 28. That is a point. When we understand exactly who is supposed to do what then we will channel our imotions correctly. I have read stories/articles written about South Africa in the Zambian private media you can really see the impartial repoting of situation as is so that the reader can make a discission, but when it comes to the real hot issues in Zambia what you see is leading the reader or utter insults to me I make no appology it is unacceptable. As much as the politicians are criticised the media personnel editors inclusive are not exempt.

  23. The President should be able to know when something is wrong. He cant wait for advisers and public pressure to sack someone facing a criminal charge. That shows he is a Kawayawaya. There are things that you consult about and things that are straightforward because of the laws or because of your own personal ethics.

  24. I look forward to the day when zambian politics becomes more about criticizing sensible issues rather than personalities. I too dont understand how these politicians expected RB to fire and arrest this man without hearing full details, which he did upon receipt of the report from the dpp. Why do zambians love to follow public opinion rather than come up with their own opinions? Even here on LT, if the first comment will be negative, the next few will also be negative,some even with the same words contained in the first! Please lets have minds of our own!

  25. In Zambia today every so called “Politician” wants to stand out in disparaging RB. None of them has ever articulated alternatives to how they will do things. If next year Zambians start focusing on what is it that the other camp is saying, I am afraid it will be a disaster for the opposition. For Dr. Musonda, I can assure you he will go away with a fine. He just used excessive force otherwise if you are going to set up unauthorized roadblocks and expect the law to protect you, think again.

  26. Please please *****s! The president was waiting for the DPPs report. RB is not the law – everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Can we try to be objective? That’s why it’s hard for our country to move forwad – too many haters, phd and stuff like that. In Zambia, you are only a hero when you die. Look at LPM, when he was living he was çabbage – now that he’s no more every ***** is talking about his legacy. What a nation!

  27. Ba Chintu naimwe, lekeni tutambe bola. Nomba mwayamba calling people as *****s without reflecting on the statement that came from state house about not arresting Musonda because the DPP was out of the country. Don’t you think that was the most *****ic reasoning ever to be given from even an insane government? Here you are now comfirming the same *****ic reasoning. Who now should be called as an ***** considering that firing an erring Minister is the prerogative of the President and not the DPP. So, in your *****ic world the shooting was right to your Rupiah Banda until he was told by the DPP that it was wrong? What a wack job and dolt you MMD cadres can do? How many people were arrested for criminal activities during the period the DPP was out of Zambia? Do you need some Gingoba?

  28. Some of you MMD cadres need some brain replacements. Your thinking is like 2 nd grades, and everytime you are caught in tight corners, your reaction is calling the wise ones like us as *****s. Just put up an argument but remember it must be sensible and show some maturity if you can.

  29. #37 You call yourself a wise man but you dont want to get all the facts about a situation? I guess you were very ‘wise’ when you wished genocide upon the country that you supposedly care for?

  30. Same people who were supporting Chishimba Kambwili when he stormed the tv studios are now up in arms over this saga? The case is now going to court, we will have the opportunity to examine ALL the facts pertaining to the case and then we will be in a better position to make informed opinions. None of us were present when the incident happened so no need to add more hot air into the mix for now.

  31. # 38, are you jealousy of my wisdom? I am sorry it is not sold at markets. So, to you the only way to find someone quilty of a crime unless you were present? You see, that is really unwise. You are waiting for all the facts? What facts? Didn’t you see the picture of the victim in hospital? He was shot and not punched. What is wrong with someone storming out of the TV studio? Did you see anyone going to the hospital because Kambwili stormed out of the studio? So you are equating storming out of the studio with attempted murder? Bushe imwe mwebantu amano yachepa shani? That is why I think I have more wisdom. About genocide, sadly it is not me arrested shooting innocent youths, it is your Dangerous Criminal MMD Deputy Ministers. So, who is genocidal in your view? Wisdom bayama. Yalyafya.

  32. #38 and #39 its sad that after so many years of Zambia obtaining independence, there are still poor views like yours still heard from a country. More so some one in the diaspora. With just little exposure, one must reason a bitter better than you. I wonder how you make you earns meet their. I say so becouse with the calibre of your urguments, one can have any job ranking higher than street sweeping. Even the most foolish man will acknowledge mental deficincies that RB has and how much he tried to protect this criminal with silly reasoning that has no room in the 21st centuary.

  33. #40 You support genocide because you said you would be the first one to machete somebody if you got the chance – so how dare you now stand in judgement over somebody else? The case is now in court, let the courts deal with it and let us find out the facts regarding the case. No one said that Musonda should not pay for what he has done if he is found guilty but you yourself wrote about wishing genocide on Zambia not me. So whatever your opinions may be, the fact that you wished genocide upon your country invalidates any sense of supposed outrage you may feel or any crocodile tears you may be crying now. How can you wish violence upon innocent and yet you are the first one
    to stand in judgement. How many more pictures of injured innocent people would we see if you got your way? – Shame on…

  34. You support genocide because you said you would be the first one to machete somebody if you got the chance – so how dare you now stand in judgement over somebody else? The case is now in court, let the courts deal with it and let us find out the facts regarding the case. No one said that Musonda should not pay for what he has done if he is found guilty but you yourself wrote about wishing genocide on Zambia not me. So whatever your opinions may be, the fact that you wished genocide upon your country invalidates any sense of supposed outrage you may feel or any crocodile tears you may be crying now. How can you wish violence upon innocent and yet you are the first one
    to stand in judgement. How many more pictures of injured innocent people would we see if you got your way? – Shame on u

  35. #35, you could have returned some diginity had you not blogged. We could have mistaken you for a wise man. Now that you opened your mouth, we have known the big ***** in you. You have confirmed that you are an *****, you reprent idionts in the brand of *****s. Thats the problem with MMD cadres.

  36. #40 So you think you are wise but you would want to make an opinion without knowing all the facts? No wonder you supported the murder of innocent Zambians and yet now you have the audacity to sit in judgement. How many more pictures of murdered and injured people would we see in Zambia if you had your way? No one is excusing what Musonda allegedly did but mob justice serves no one, but your ‘wisdom’ does not allow you to see that. I can never be jealous of your so called wisdom. Would be good for you to keep it to yourself for the good of the nation.

  37. #42, what are you drinking? You see, fwaka yampanga yibi. Even your fellow MMD cadres are laughing at your ignorance and how you sound. Did you hear that your village is now worried about the dolt they sent abroad? Who told you I am crying any crocodile tears? I am just laughing out loud at your ignorance and your blind folowing of the MMD Criminal Syndicate. Well I wrote what I wrote. Saying it so, doesn’t make it so. Only you in MMD are on the killing spree in Zambia. You started in Mufumbwe, killed 3, In Eastern Province went raming cars in Sata’s vehicle, now you are arming your Ministers to kill at will. So, again, who is genocidal?

    About my wisdom, read my arguments. Three to Four of your generations cannot match mine. That is what is hurting you. I am proud of my wisdom.

  38. # 45, So, what where are your morals in supporting a Dangerous Criminal MMD Deputy Minister? What do you think of speaking on behalf of the shooter instead of the victim? Are you guys trying to turn into militias? What facts do you want? Who shot who? When did using illegal arms like your murderous deputy minister becoame an issue to wait for facts?

    Did you by the way answer the question of equating gun totting and shooting armless youths to storming out of a TV studio?

  39. You see, just like I was saying about wisdom. You just confirmed how unwise you are in the question on #47. LOL.

  40. #46 How can you be proud of your wisdom when you dont have any Mr GENOCIDE? You cant condemn the alleged violence of others whilst condoning GENOCIDE IN YOUR COUNTRY. Because you cant see that SIMPLE POINT, that is why I question your so called WISDOM. How can it be wrong to have all the facts about a particular case before jumping to conclusions? Why cant your wisdom allow you to be fair Mr Kalos GENOCIDE? How can you cast the first stone when you said you would be the first one to use a machete on your fellow ZAMBIANS Mr GENOCIDE?

  41. Now since you have confirmed what I have been stating, how will you feel when you see that image in the mirror? What question are you going to ask that image? Let us hope the image does not refuse to show up due to embarrassment. Supporting a killing spree in English is tantamount to doing it yourself. Gotcha!

  42. #51 ‘Gotcha’ that is the kind that people like you like. Your last point does not make any sense. I did not support any killing spree in English or any other language. Whereas you on the other hand are on record of stating very clearly that you would be the first to use a machete on your fellow citizens Mr Genocide. If you read my other posts correctly since you are very ‘wise’, you would see that I said that the full wrath of the law should be visited upon Musonda if he is found guilty and that is the reason we need to have all the facts relating to the case in mind before we resort to the mob justice you Mr Genocide would like to see. Why a ‘wise’ genocide supporter such as yourself cant get a simple point such as the one am making is anyone’s guess.

  43. Do you want to know more about yourself? You should think of your name choice – Sansakuwa. Don’t you think it tells a lot about your mind set? I wont ask for evidence Mr. wait for facts. But if you find where I stated that I will machete someone, please cut and paste. You have all my permission.

  44. #53 You mean it has taken you all this time oh ‘wise one’ to refute that you suggested that you would be the first one to use a machete on fellow Zambians? Surely, Mr ‘wise one’, the logical thing to do would be to refute an allegation against you when it is first made? At least may be now we are moving somewhere as you seem to be trying to distance yourself from the ill judged sentiments you stated in the past – ALLELUYAH! Perhaps there is still hope for you yet!

  45. Sometimes the President (RB) invites this ridicule on himself.

    For instance, take the comment he made about the shooting when he got back from France: “I feel sorry for him (Dr. Solomon Musonda)…I am sure there is good reason why he shot him (Musaka)…we will all learn the truth soon” (or something to that effect.)

    Now, even the “d.u.m.b.e.s.t” person knows this was not the time for “Partisan & Politics” on the part of the President. He should have put aside politics and empathized with the victim at a human level here. But NO! he had to be, I guess, ‘A GOOD MMD’ and twist the dagger in the already helpless victim just because he is a PF Cadre, right?

    His concern for the trigger-happy Minister than the victim (Musaka) says a lot about his LOYALTIES as a President!!

  46. #55..

    Dont even bother to advice this useless president RB. He behaves like a kid and only fellow kids can support him. His behaves so unbecoming in all facets of life. Just look at his wife- a grand daughter, his children – grand children….do you expect any thing constructive from such a person? All his faculties are rendered ineffective in every thing he does. Thats RB for you….too useless a president.:)>-:)>-

  47. This country is full of S.H.I.T.needless to say.Is it the President’s job to arrest wrong doers?Supposing the President was waiting for the report from DPP to ascertain the case before hastly sacking someone and later regret?You would be the same fools calling for his blood.C’mon gentlemen be legit.The man had to wait for a report before relieving the minister of his duties.I agree he has not been the President you would have loved but give him some space before you give that “pressure” Even that Sata of yours would have done the same.Just wait…..

  48. Come 2011, on that D-Day, the imminent fateful day for mmd, the mighty 4 Ds come into effect-Disrupt Dismantle Defeat and Destroy mmd. With their bubbles burst and the carrot having suddenly stopped dangling, Boot licker,senior citizen and cohorts whom unfortunately have burnt so many bridges because of their menacingly, ferocious pro-incumbent propagandist spin-doctor demeanors, whose senseless insatiable vampirism appetite make them Zed public foes, traverses the following metamorphosis: Shock-grief-bewilderment-dejection and finally into oblivion( back to nothingness, worse than before)and become mere statistics.

  49. shikantwa
    Shake your heard. I dont support your view on this question. Is it the President’s job to arrest wrong doers? Your question would be answered by other 2 questions. Who ordered the arrest of Chansa kabwela? Is there any provision in the CPC which states that an MMD member when he/she commit a criminal offence the DDP should give consent before an arrest? Police were afraid to arrest MMD members believe or not

  50. Kalos2020, Sansakuwa has been belaboring the point that you advocated genocide for your country but you have not responded to this allegation. Can you respond to this allegation because it is serious and unfortunate.

  51. please please please let us continue to condemn MMD and RB whenever they error but dont do it for Sata but for Zed. never loose sight of the fact that Sata is trying to take advantage. for president the riff-ruff is the worst choice you can ever make.

  52. Who is supposed to arrest a criminal. is it the president, the DPP or the police? When can a criminal be arrested? is it when the president fires him or gives orders, when the DPP gives consent, or when the police feel the chap has broken the law? in Zambia unfortunately these chaps work like this because the president has set a very bad precedent (Chansa Kabwela) the police even when they knew Solomon had committed a crime just sat in thier little holes trying to see what the presidents next move was going to be. Had the president not fired solomon, i bet you the police would have not done anything. My understanding of the DPPs office is that these are the people who actually take someone to court and prosecute them. It is not thier job to advise when someone should be arrested.

  53. There is virtually no excuse for the incompetent and corrupt way Banda is running the affairs of this country. The saddest thing though is the stinking cronyism, nonstop stoogery, tribal bigotry and intellectual snobbery that have combined among Zambians to allow this sad state of affairs to persist. Zambia is doomed because when a people collectively fail to think logically in the way the affairs of their state ought to be run, there is no future for them. No wonder the country is in ZESCO electric blackouts and the president is off to SA to watch Brazil versus Ivory Coast game under floodlights powered by ZESCO power exported there for peanuts.

  54. Your Royal Bweziness sneaked out of the country to Watch Brazil Vs Ivory Coast last night, now if was the referee of that would he have given Kaka a red card.

  55. I feel RB should have moved faster. I dont know the circumstances of the shooting but in the interest of public confidence he should have maybe asked Dr. Musonda to temporarily step down. I also wonder if there is a way to get more profesionalism from the Police

  56. The circumstances surrounding the shooting were enough to immediately raise reasonable grounds for suspecting that Dr Musonda was responsible for the same. In view also of witness accounts that were available at the ‘crime scene’, the logical thing would have been for the police to immediately arrest Dr. Musonda. It was then going to be up to him to step down while the police gathered evidence or for RB to suspend him while this was going on. The delay firstly lay with the police. An ‘ordinary person’ would have been arrested promptly.

  57. PF/UPND im sure you are aware that your pact is finally over! We told you that Ichilema and Satan cant work together. You will be shocked to see Ichilema joining MMD just before 2011 elections! Mark my words.

  58. # 60, Sansakuwa was belaboring a wrong point. He outrightly lied when he said and I quote

    “You support genocide because you said you would be the first one to machete somebody if you got the chance” end of quote.

    Ba Adviser AKA senior citizen, veteran, mwata, BK, may be you have the quote where I said those exact words. If you don’t have, probably you are also blowing gas from the rear end just like he did. You too don’t need to belabor this, cut and paste where I said those exact words.

    You are the people waiting for evidence, produce it here in this instance. And I repeat, the only people that I have heard going around shooting and ploughing innocent people is MMD senior and children of senior officials. That will probably not lead to genocide if people choose to react.

  59. Kelly Jr is different from his father. He is young man who is not ready to retire in the sand. Boot licker is the one who needs to retire from his wrong analysis.

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