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‘Sata desperate’


PF leader Michael Sata

Patriotic Front (PF) rebel members of Parliament have trashed allegations by party president Michael Sata that they are buying national registration cards (NRC) and voters’ cards to rig the 2011 general elections.

Spokesperson for the members of Parliament Peter Machungwa said in an interview yesterday that the allegations show that the PF leader is desperate and anticipating a crashing defeat.
[pullquote]“Buying voters’ cards is an illegal act and can land one in trouble. Mr Sata’s statements are allegations of a desperate man. I advise him to report to police if he has information on what he is alleging,” he said.[/pullquote]
Dr Machungwa said if Mr Sata’s allegations are worth consideration, he should report to the police.

“Buying voters’ cards is an illegal act and can land one in trouble. Mr Sata’s statements are allegations of a desperate man. I advise him to report to police if he has information on what he is alleging,” he said.

Dr Machungwa said the members of Parliament are not surprised and that it is typical of Mr Sata to make wild allegations.

Mr Sata accused the members of Parliament of buying NRCs and voters’ cards at a rally at Musamba Basic School grounds in Chilanga yesterday.

He alleged that the members of Parliament are buying NRCs and voters’ cards because they are scared of the PF-UPND pact.

Mr Sata alleged that the members of Parliament are getting people’s cards without them knowing where they are taking them.

“Our rebel MPs are on rampage buying voters cards and NRCs because they are scared of us. They are giving people new cards without the people knowing what they are doing with the old ones,” he said.

Mr Sata also told the crowd that he will reverse the privatisation of Zamtel, Chilanga Cement and Zambia Sugar if voted into office.

He also said there is need for Zambians to unite in national development.

The rally was organised to encourage people to participate in the continuous voters’ registration exercise.

Despite PF and the United Party for National Development (UPND) being in a pact, no senior members of UPND turned up for the rally.

And Mr Sata has insisted that he will reverse the partial privatisation of Zamtel despite the condemnation he received for saying that last week.

President Banda has said the privatisation is irreversible and unions representing workers at Zamtel said they are in support of the partial privatisation of the company.

[ Zambia Daily Mail ]



  2. desperate satana… thats even more dangerous:-w
    The truth is.. plain truth.. Sata and RB must be in retirement by now… we need new blood, off course not shishita tonga chicken HH… someone with young with good eduaction,, new vision,, like chipimo jr:-w

  3. Chilanga Cement and Zambia Sugar are successful companies . . .You wont be allowed to reverse anything becoz you wont be president. Maybe bembas are stupid by nature . . .Please go try fishing you fool!

  4. “Buying voters’ cards is an illegal act and can land one in trouble. Mr Sata’s statements are allegations of a desperate man. I advise him to report to police if he has information on what he is alleging,” he said.”

    Mr. Sata has been challenged and I expect him to report to the police if he has evidence on his side. We shall know who is telling lies here but let’s also not forget the PF have a track record of lying. They promised they would release the “real statistics” on PF led councils in a week. The expiry date has passed, it has been months and still no “statistics”. This is part of the lies from the PF.

  5. #1 Loose canoon,RB has presided over the affairs of the country fairly and squarely.He has maintain peace and stability first and foremost,the economy is growing,numerous developmental projects are in progress and most of them about to be finished.The country has just recorded a record bumper harvest ,thanx to the MMD agribusiness policies which are paying off .I know your problem Loose canon you only visit Lusaka when you are in Zambia if ever you able to visit,go to Mansa,Chipata,Solwezi,see for your self how ordinary Zambians are slowly becoming rich,they are not waiting for government handouts like your friends in Lusaka who are waiting for more money in their pockets from SATANA!

  6. The absence of any senior UPND leaders at Sata’s so-called rally manifests a self revealing disquietedness in the so-called PACT utopian politics carry. Re-nationalization of the economy and institutions is not only a held myth of some disingenuous chap but pure utopia. The current reforms have created ideal pro prosperity marketplaces developed under public-private partnerships as a means to promote urban and rural revitalization in historic failures and downtowns. Many patriotic citizens- critics or otherwise have welcomed the return of public life and collective narratives in these new economic enterprises. No doubt others have lamented of some imaginary exclusionary nature, ideological manipulations, and formulaic aesthetics but such is imaginary. The way forward is this responsible

  7. “Mr Sata also told the crowd that he will reverse the privatisation of Zamtel, Chilanga Cement and Zambia Sugar if voted into office.”

    Considering how much private sector investment Chilanga Cement and Zambia Sugar PLC have received, such policies will kill the economy. This is the PF some people want. If these are the “quick fix” policies Mr. Sata will adopt, I fear for the nation.

  8. The absence of any senior UPND leaders at Sata’s so-called rally manifests a self revealing disquietedness in the so-called PACT utopian politics carry. Re-nationalization of the economy and institutions is not only a held myth of some disingenuous chap but pure utopia. The current reforms have created ideal pro prosperity marketplaces developed under public-private partnerships as a means to promote urban and rural revitalization in historic failures and downtowns. Many patriotic citizens- critics or otherwise have welcomed the return of public life and collective narratives in these new economic enterprises. No doubt others have lamented of some imaginary exclusionary nature, ideological manipulations, and formulaic aesthetics but such is imaginary. The way forward is this responsible

  9. Zambians have realized that the way forward for the country, their children and indeed personal development is in responsible market reform policies of the ruling MMD which has a national character. UPND is not only embarrassed in its association but find Sata to be big liability too dangerous to blindly follow beyond what time has proved.

  10. #9 Yaya point of correction, 1) Zambians are peaceful by nature therefore the peace we are enjoying in our nation cannot be attributed to RB in anyway. 2) The numerous developmental projects going on across the country, were in the 5th National Development plan created by the late Mwanawasa and Magande. The bumper harvest is an act of God, MMD policies have nothing to do with it because MMD cannot create rain, it is sent by the Almighty God. Be realistic, with all the good agricbusiness policies in place, if God did not send the rain, you cannot even boast of the bumper harvest. We give God the glory for the good harvest.

  11. “Mr Sata also told the crowd that he will reverse the privatisation of Zamtel, Chilanga Cement and Zambia Sugar if voted into office.”
    Where will he stop? Here is a man who was at the helm of the government that started and carried out the selling of ‘family silver’ with reckless abandon. He was part and parcel of the Chiluba administration that sold ZCCM ‘for a song’ (according to Ms Nawakwi). Now he wants to reverse the process! I am sorry but Mr Sata is showing a desperation for State House, that borders on dementia! I cannot understand how educated Zambians like HH and bloggers here, can even entertain Sata as a potential President of Zambia! He may be good at organising, but he will leave the country agonising!

  12. One thing I know is that SENIOR CITIZEN & THE CAPITALIST are workers at LT,placed there to incite debate on the blog but r as well MMD ruthless cadres.The only reason i will not react to their unfounded allegations od Sata is that they are little bastards who cant reason by their own individual will & minds. They live by other people’s whims-LT.I am not sure who is older than the other, but one thing am certain is that both RB & Sata are. Iam also certain that Sata is a unlearned but is a far mush better businessman than Levy picked farmer RB. Am not sure who has saved diligently & has made some seeable development pa zed than Sata-tho he has his own weakness talking-but he is a hard worker. Sata is not saying he will retain all shares-bastards its 49% shares! Dull coachroache parasites.

  13. #9 Well said Yaya. Sometimes you would think that nothing good comes out of Zambia. Last week there was a programme on BBC which showed a Zambian family with an agribusiness worth over $70 million dollars. In another light the family of Chelsy, the girlfriend to prince Harry of the UK have moved from Zim to Zambia because of better economic prospects. Here in the UK, the profile of Zambia is now very high which is a very positive development. In the past three weeks, I have watched no less than 4 documentaries covering different subjects which paint Zambia in a positive light – getting good coverage for an African country is no mean feat in the west.

  14. #14 SUNSHINE
    I agree that we praise God for the good rains, but Oliver Cromwell said, ‘Trust God, but keep your gun-powder dry!’
    We have had many good rain seasons before 2009-2010, but when did we ever have such a bumper harvest. KK once said that as he flew over the country, he could hear God say, ‘Kaunda na bantu bobe, muli ‘fipuba.’ This he said, because inspite of the large fertile lands and good rain, we could nver feed ourselves! Only a tiny fraction of Zambia’s arable land is farmed. We must give credit to a government that has ‘kept the gun powder dry’ by 1. Making inputs affordable and available in time, 2. Making land easy to acquire for farming purposes, 3. Creating a fair and equitable marketing system. 4. Making good roads to access produce and bring it to the…

  15. Where will the money come from to re-nationalise Zamtel, Zambia Sugar and Chilanga cement? What value will he add to the renationalisation of Zambia and Chilanga cement which as far as I know are doing extremely well? If he is so against privatisation, why didn’t he resign from the Chiluba govt that was hell bent on privatising everything on the cheap but instead he was the last one to stay with the Chiluba administration to the extent that he wanted to extend it’s tenure with an unconstitutional third-term? And yes, this is the same man who is supposedly in a pact with HH, a man who has personally profited from the privatisation of Zambian companies! And people have the audacity to say RB is useless?

  16. Ba Doctror bakwisa imwe bene. Living and working in the diaspora is different my fellow brother.Its one thing to watch documentaries & another it see things by yourself. Tell me why Sata is hated so much & yet people cannot vent their anger on thieves like KAFUPI who still thinks he is more clever than us. 1. Making imputs available-You see, when RB immediately came into power being a farmer himself-he went to campaign in Chipata & announced reduction of fertilizer-He bought of it a a subsidesed price & the peasants saw none.2.I for one has seen & read about more ministers acquiring land dubiously & others r still roting in the cell.3. What fair marketing system-u open for export & yet hijack the poor of their crops for the benefit of larger cartels. Most ministers are farmers mind you & i

  17. 4.Making good roads? What? RDA is dancing in huge mismanaged monies & the govt has acknowledged & thrown the blame on the contractors-who are provided by ministers themselves behind closed doors. Poor doctor! Do some shallow economics & you will see that on paper Zambia is doing pretty well but on the ground-its being ransacked. We are selling all mines at no cost & no tax(windfall tax) read about Australia’s revenue where mine tax are concerned.Presidents & Girlfriends & sons are hijacking every drop of cahs meant for poor zambia workers at Zamtel and you stil rant like an empty tin-or water logged brain? Oh my Bush doctor # 20. We are trading away with our own rights & allowing someone to trade them for nuts. We dont need to go down as Zimbabwe, we want better leaders not thugs.

  18. Mind you-he came from……,then went to Mfuwe,then World cup, now Namibia………presidents! God knows where to from Namibia?

  19. @SANSAKUWA#It is because u r dull. How many companies have you sold so far and you say where is the money going to come from. Problem is u sell & chew everything.
    Mind you FTJ is still MMD so venting anger on Sata just makes you a naked hypocrite. HH did not benefit illegally unless MMD govt allowed him to or else govt must ve evidence because this is a highly sensitive transaction & govt cannot just give it away without any proper documentation for the courts to prosecute anyone including those that were involved. Can you give us an alternative presidential candidate if you dont want us to usher in HH or SATA for the sake of change-we ve been traded for granted for far too long by a holidyed-oriented president.The reason we blog is to offer solution to develop or loving country.

  20. My advise to PF supporters please advise ba Shikulu to go and retire home …his getting so old u can hear it from his voice. He personally looks quite old he might not manage to campaign next year. If u love ur father tell him to go and rest please i beg of you.

  21. Sorry guys but i havent got time to waist anymore blogging , you see there is much a do about developing our beautiful country and making a good life under the sun. Let me call my driver take me to go and do some fishing before the office after lunch.

  22. Sata ine amanisiliza nzelu.Thats why no senior UPND was present.This Pact has I have always said is a myth.How can he say he will reverse the privitisation of vibrant companies like Chilanga Cement and Illovo Zambia Sugar?Deep inside UPND intelligent senior officials, are at pains with the Pact including HH and they are just looking for a proper way of divorcing Sata without causing much damage to their popularity.Sata right now stands as Africa’s most dangerous man politically and ecomically.I mean,he is in his sunset of life and if he causes the economic damage,who is going to repair? the young ones? We have to move forward and NOT move backwards in long strides like the Sata way!

  23. #9 yaya and #17 chongololo club were done and to the point not just barking. lets be faxtual guys. I like the contributions on this one most are positive and progressive and this is good blogging. call a spade a spade not a big fork. when someone says crap put it to him

  24. Dr Ngoma you are right but unfortunately some people on the blog it will take them another 200 years to understand you.They still believe for Vamahala. Socialism and Utopia were everything will fall from heaven for free.LAZY people will believe a person who tells them three meals a day without sweat. people like Sata will appease the masses with an IDEAL SITUATION all the time and will never talk of the REAL SITUATION on the ground which calls for hardwork now and later repeat the results.YOU CAN still buy back the 75% of Zamtel after the company is out of the knife edge were it was making loses year after year by Legally buying back shares on Willing buyer – Willing seller principle not by force.for now it is utopian thinking that Sata will get Zamtel at a stroke of his ZAMPEN. SORRY!

  25. Its a pity you guys overseas seem to believe whatever MMD says about Sata. There is some element of truth in what Sata has said. I phoned my auntie in Kawama Ndola, she told me that there are some people asking potential voters’ details.She confirmed that some have been asked which party they support. so dont write it off completely. I intend to visit Ndola before Thursday and maybe I give more details.

  26. Dear ZAMBIANS we must be far ahead of illiterate politicians who have been in the wilderness for along time and a waiting for a DESPERATE SITUATION TO RESCUE THEM. LET us face realities in solving our economic problems in zambia. Not DAY DREAMING. YOU DON’T PROMISE PEOPLE “NO WORK AND MORE SWEET SITUATION. What kind of economics is that one. PLEASE WE DON’T NEED MAGICIANS THAT WILL GIVE US BREAD IN A DAY. WE NEED PEOPLE WHO WILL TEACH AS HOW TO FISH AND NOT HOW TO EAT FISH. IT WILL be foolish for us to go the ZIMBAMBIAN WAY OF EMPTYING FOOD SELVES AND TRIGGERS A GALLOPING INFLATION OF UNCOUNTABLE ZEROS. GOD HAS WARNED US.

  27. #25 Ba George Bush I will not insult you as I am not a PF kaponya. My question is if Sata was against the privatisation of Zambian companies which according to you where illegally sold, then why did he not resign from the MMD administration of Chiluba instead of pushing for it to have a third term so that it could continue to eat money illegally? Also, if those same companies were illegally sold, then surely the money that HH made from those sales was also ill gotten? Surely, because you are not a dull person you can understand the simple point I am trying to make?

  28. #31
    Iam with you on that on.PF supporters fail to reason with this dangerous man called Sata on how he will do his policies with the current national income.They believe Sata will pluck money from trees and put it into their pockets.Thats not economics but utopia.Concerning Zamtel’s re-nationalisation,the current ruling party(Jerry Rawling) campaingen on the same platform against JohnKuffour of reversing the sale.Once elected into office,did President Atta Mills reverse it after studying the sale?The answer is a big NO and voters were duped just like that.Zamtel was sold at a better price than Ghana Telecom and this to me is a step in the right direction.

  29. Seeing is believing!!

    Look at numbers 10 and 12.

    I posted last week that Chekwe was one of Senior Citizens Alias I.D’s.
    Now it comes up in evidence for the weary.
    Ba Joze.
    You wanna make a fool of yourself too?

    Talk about a slip of the fingers and more evidence of a slow internet connection known in Zambia.
    Did that proxy connection hang too long?

  30. #32 Conversely, you should also not believe everything that Sata says like his 90 days miracle and more money in your pocket for nothing. If Sata has evidence of malpractice, then let him document it and take the evidence to the appropriate authorities period.

  31. You can name him so many names but that will never stop us from giving our votes to Mr Sata.
    You like it or not, come next year Sata will be in State House.
    We shall see what you are always trying to protect.Every thing shall come in the open for every one to see.

    Sata has been the most successfull Minister Zambia has ever hard and he’s Practical also Pro-Active.

    We shall give him a chance just like any other zambian.


  32. # I knew this senior I.d.i.o.t has a lot of id’s on this blog.

    # YaYa we the real Zambians know who is a good leader, otherwise phak off waba ntweno yabedama

  33. What is wrong with Chilanga Cement and Zambia sugar? Zambia sugar has increased production by about 30% in the last year and have now embarked on a programme of buying sugar from small scale farmers near Nakambala. Why fix something that aint broke? Lets not forget the reason why we embarked on privatisation in the first place. Perhaps Sata needs to look at the minutes of the cabinet meetings (which he of course did not write) in which privatisation was discussed to remind himself of why the govt which he was very much part of embarked on this particular path.

  34. Sata has been one if not the only who came out clean in Chiluba’s Government.
    What a hard worker,what a clean man hooooooooo so sweet to have him arround.

    Sata you are good.If Zambia had more people of mr Sata’s calibre this Country would have Developed.
    Not people like Kafupi RB,Ma Orange etc Useless chaps.

    Sata Come 2011 You will be in State hous and be allowed to put things in order.

  35. # 35Sansakuwa- Why didnt George Kunda resign from LPMs GRZ since now he tells us that the prosecution of FTJ was not in good taste.
    Are you in Zambia? Which authorities can you report to? Look at the Bounced Cheque by Mrs Changwe. Now they have even involved the OP in plainly ordinary criminal case, WHY? You can talk because you are not here to feel it. For your information apart from being an RDC member, I take an interest in visiting various parts of the CB to update myself on the goings on. I must also inform you that the equipment that was working on Luanshya /Kafubu Block has been re located to Chifubu. IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE IN NDOLA JUST RING THEM THEY WILL CONFIRM THIS.It is not Satanamic hallucination

  36. Knowing how biased LT is. Nothing will change our mind from voting for sata and the pact. Now we know your motives ba LT.

    Sweet dreams. Don’t choke on your bile.
    We can debate these issues when you wake up.

  38. #46 Deja Vu
    Didn’t the plaintif write to the Republican President? Perhaps when the gentlemen who came to his home said that they were from the President, is it possible that he was told that they had come from the Office of the President’, which is now called ZSIS? I now understand why RB takes so long to act on issues because, never has there been so much mis-information, no dis-information in Zambia, as there is now. As for the bounced cheque saga, why write to the President, honestly? This is a clear sign that Zambians are ignorant about the role of the President. There is no where in the constitution where it says that he will be a prosecutor.

  39. #42Macandy yes you know the real leader is RB as i have told you above.What else do you what me to tell you about RB who is performing beyond expectation.I know your Fred Mmeembe do not want to admit that the man you have called all sorts of names has actually done more than some people thought he would do.The man does not make noise any how ,his ministers are hard working and delivering the much needed vision for the country.Never in the history of the country that we are experiencing so much investor confidence from left right and centre your post shinda pepa will never acknowledge that ,for the sake of selling lies and speculative stories.Am a proud Zambian ,i do not to come from some tribe or to speak some tongue to be Zambian okay you chap,trouble marker with yo SATANA.

  40. #49 Dr Charles Ngoma – Ah, so you dont know that in Zambia to day any case involving by an MMD member has got to be decided on by the President himself. No police will act on his own unless he wants to be history.

  41. #42john katongo keep dreaming my dear ala ba chilufya sata has failed to win elections three times only pipo like you vote for him. tell me one good thing he did as minister. talk of merzaf he put money in his personal account. when he was at health he wanted medical stores to start paying his rentals at farmers house. ask membe it is documented in the weekly post. you will choke with envy bcos of your hate for mmd tuleteka no mutende

  42. This blog is now full of traitors, MMD I .di.ots who are benefit from Alla B’s Mismanagement of resources and our economy.These fools like Senior citizens and others,they dont want to see our country progress as long as they are paid to wright rubbish on this blog.Capitalist and Senoir Citizen,Please get a life you Foolz.

  43. @Dr NGOMA. I didnt bile-choke whatever! Plz dont bewitch me like your fellow sangomas in the clothes of KATELE,SONDASH & the like. @RB#41 dont get thwarted by your unfounded emotions. If kissing SATA’s ass results in change for Zed, i will gladly do coz other human being do it for pressure unfortunately. Your blogging name speaks much & i will be fool to argue on such grounds with as a staunch fan of RB. He doesnt add up for me for presidency, neither does Sata. It is for this reason, DR Ngoma that i strongly oppose your views-coz your references ve got no root,merely hearsay. Some of us ve worked with Sata during his time as minister of health. We saw results. Nearly 2 months ago,your fellow zambian doctor cried foul on the media over this RB govt. One best way to know how someone’s

  44. personality is look at one’s children-very good yardistick. We ve seen KAFUPI’s son MHSRIP, we ve seen Levy’s (very discplinied,let his time come), we ve also seen Sata’s son ChilufyaMHSRIP(promiscous but not crooked), finally we can see Henry doing it with his own father in RP capital. There are genes. Friends you associate with tell a pretty clear story too.if any allegations are r in white & black-incacerate him-thats what will help us clear this man Sata. Or else like pirate said-i see no smoke. There may be one or two irregulaties but that can be understood than taking the masses for granted into one & oneself’s son & girlfriend NO Baba. Wake up from your slamber. I shudder also at the fact that it is now RB to decide who must be arrested-this is not apartied my friends. Dull…

  45. What is being set is a bad precedency. Every president who comes along will be as … ’em. Its not about being spoon fed, i think Sata has a more strong inclination to let Zambians work hard & earn their money thereby. With MMD, every one is corrupt. Other people live on these deals. We ve known no corruption in Zambian history as we have seen in these two decades gone by. Its crazy, people are lazy, go to the university students are being given 20USD to support the govt. meaning,brooding corrupt rats that even cheat in exams & end up as doctors like one DR NGOMA. MMD has confounded right & wrong & has poisoned our social & political atmosphere & we can see it up from above. & u say shit…..Mind your blogging coz, there is no substance. You r just wasting out our eyes.

  46. Even you @SHARP Shooter#39, I know your writing smells femine. You voice is rining in ma ears like a sounding cymbol. Bwatabwataling all over you bed. Keep it for love making than rant carelessly.

    Now we can blog fellas.

  47. The problem in this country is that we have this mistaken belief that politicians we deliver us to paradise: not ba RB,Ba Sata or indeed Ba HH will do that.It is only when individually and collectivelly we start working hard will there be real change and growth!

  48. #57 George Bush
    What constitutes being femine or maybe feminine(never mind if it was wrongly spelt)?Some of you bloggers are full of emotions and lack facts and your debates are based on allegations.I like responding to intelligent posts and I will NEVER attack or insult any blogger but will certainly retaliate.I have an appointment,my friend just graduated and I have to attend the party.Laters.


  50. @HAMBILWI-ABANA@60. GWB’s attack on IRAQ has got nothing wrong except some of you think you are going to live on this earth forever, so you are scared of ama terrarrists, thats why you refused american millitary base mu Lsk.If there is no one take take care of world thugs like HUSSEIN & OSAMA GWB will take ’em on. However, thats another story. Arguing with Ba Ngoma-i ve put my points accross & its up to him to answer. The fact that he has chickened out means he has owned up or is convinced about my points-problem is i shot him in the heart!!! come on my bro!! Sata is not saying he will get renationalise-its partial -49 -59%shares to empower zambians. Iam currently doing huge business out & i can see how other people are doing it. It does not take us all to be employed NO. Lots of ma…

  51. Unpatriotic PF trolls must appreciate MMD and President Rupiah Banda’s democratic spirit evident in absolute tolerance of the insults and self bursting unpatriotism though in vanity of PF trolls. President Banda has refused to even crush an insect when others like Mmembe, Nchito and triage went for Mukelabai mukelabai all the way to SA for his head until they took him in cold blood.

    Despite the easy with which getting on trolls is in the world, RB with all tools, eyes, and massive operational resource, he gives no dam of ranting trolls like ruthless Kagame, Museveni, Mubarraki, Gaddaffi, young Kabila or indeed Dos Antos respond to their nemesis.

  52. It is truly amazes me when I hear PF supporters always labelling RB as a UNIPIST and yet do not see the contradiction of supporting Sata who wants to re-nationalize companies that were privatised when HE HIMSELF was in govt. Surely, Sata’s intention to nationalise companies that are actually doing very well marks him out to be more of a UNIPIST than RB? Do we really want to go back to the bad old days of shortages with Satan at the helm? Hell no!

  53. Exiled Rwanda general wounded in SA shooting

    An exiled Rwandan general was shot and wounded many times until the gun jammed in South Africa on Saturday in what his wife called a Rwandan-backed assassination attempt, a charge the Kigali government dismissed as “preposterous”.

    Lieutenant-General Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa was in the intensive care unit of a Johannesburg hospital after being shot in the stomach, Rosette Kayumba told Reuters Television.

  54. I’ve seen this face too many times, an empty drum’s face, it makes me sick. No UPND members at the rally? Good. You can’t share a bed with a rabid snake. Saba noha, wena!!! And Peter, mwana, with all your genuine intelligence, how could you operate under this ignorant and arrogant feller?

  55. Once a close confidant of President Paul Kagame, Nyamwasa fled to South Africa this year after falling out with the president, later accusing him of using an anti-corruption campaign to frame opponents.

    Nyamwasa’s wife said she, her husband, their children and a driver had returned home from a shopping trip when an armed man approached their car and shot her husband.

    Her husband and the driver got out of the car and scuffled with the gunman before he fled, she said. She said doctors told her her husband would survive.

    Kayumba said she believed Kagame was behind the attack, and ruled out an attempted robbery or car hijacking because the gunman targeted only her husband and did not try to steal the car.

    “He must be behind this, I don’t have proof … but we’ve been harassed…

  56. friends ve given up their degrees & pursued self employment. Reason is, the more people involve themselves, the better the economy will grow accross all levels of society. We cannot allow thivery & corruption-this is not an alegation-people r in cells for this under this same govt.Sata might have his own problems but we have an option of ushering in HH. How long shall live be under this enslavement? Its only people that can emancipate themselves. Recently, cops wanted to have kabonde removed but its weeks now & some of them ve already been dealt with unfortunately for their being firm. We shall not be intimidated. Its not Sata we want, we want change my bro.If RB changed, we will offer him the ballot but its too late. SHARP SHOOTER, may be i shot u thru your delicate & fragile heart .sorry

  57. #58, look at the history of other nations. Governaments played pivotal roles in setting up the necessary infrastructre for develpoment. Whereas it’s true that our future lies in ourselves, it’s not necessarily individually but collectively, for synergies. We need roads all over the country; a police force (we seriously don’t have one at the moment) to keep the peace and protcet our investments; education to give us some light. Government role is a MUST. Hvae you heard recently how much noise is being made about the need for the US government to “do more” over the Gulf Oil Spill? Noise coming from people who always say they hate govt. intervention? We need leadership, not madness.


    We need to keep all engines of economic, political, democracy and security firing at full throttle as we crash Sata and his PF trolls in 2011. This will be for his 5th time which will see him go in self announced exile to Taiwan in hope of giving his thugs trigger hegemony and anarchy here. Unfortunate for them all, patriotic Zambians have hot iron rods to insert behind their backs one at a time though until they squirt.

  59. BAROSTE you are dull. listen properly-The OBAMA govt is being blamed for being so lenient on BP all these years because something has been exchanging hands. Full stop. We can develop our own country by ourselves, the MMD govt is very corrupt no such thing as development will take place except at Donor money’s expency-fact. How much money has FTJ stolen & how much has been plowed back-you jeck!!! Reason ma bro! Its now that Obama has been pressured to ensure regulations are tough-mind you BP has been the back born of American politics-the banks as well as well as Insurance firms like AIG-now these have plunged the world into recession & Greece is almost getting them into court. Its on paper that govt is mandated to bring development, its the heart & values of the president that speaks…

  60. Zambia’s kwacha could firm to 4,650 vs dlr by Q1 2011

    The Zambian kwacha is expected to rally more than nine percent against the dollar by the first quarter of next year, supported by higher maize and copper export earnings, a Reuters poll showed on Monday.

    The kwacha ZMK= has lost some ground against the greenback over the past few weeks, mostly due to global risk aversion, and was last bid at 5,080 on Monday, off its strongest level this year of 4,370 which it touched in January.

    The currency should however gradually claw its way back against the dollar, ending this year at 4,750, according to the median forecast of 10 analysts polled by Reuters.

    A further rally in the first three months of 2011 could see it end that quarter at 4,650, as dollars flow in from maize exports…

  61. Please Lt use the recent Pictures of Satana He is another Bye Election- HH is waiting. 2011 here we come!!!

  62. #57 GEORGE W BUSH
    I thought you had gone to bed, but because you went away angry, I wished you well. I have my own credentials but, they are not the subject matter, so I will not talk about that. There are a million problems in Zambia, that is undeniable. There may be a problem with Mr Henry Banda’s close business associates but I have not seen any tangible evidence whatsoever that he has dealt underhandedly. If he has, I would be the first to condemn him in the strongest terms. I do not doubt that Mr Sata, may be a good President, but his history leaves much to be desired. He seems to have immatured with age! I am not partisan and I am apolitical, but I think we should give credit where something is done right.

  63. Governments do not make people rich. This is a very big myth. Neither does development come about because of government. It is private enterprise that has developed countries world over. What government does is to bring about an enabling environment. We were un-enabled for decades under UNIP, that is why we are where we are. We did not have to work hard to get anyhting and as a result we were lulled into a deep slumber. Most Zambians who lived in ‘mayadi’ never grew their own tomatoes and veggies, never kept their own chickens, and the vast majority lived ‘hand-to-mouth!’ Everyone lived in rented accomodation, paid no real bills and vandalised public property. In 1991things changed. More Zambians became very wealthy in 10 years than in 27 years!

  64. As long as there is capitalism and a free market, there will always be the very rich and the very poor, the high earners and the low earners, the employers and the employees, the enterprenur and the spender, the producer and the consumer! What government should do is to create laws and govern in such a way that ‘anyone’ can make it if they work hard. Thereafter, others will inherit their progenitors wealth and pass it own down the generations. As more people make wealth, there will be more tax to collect which will benefit the disabled and the unfortunate to lift their standards of living.

  65. Only dull useless people believe in selling all their companies to other countries parastatals 100%. All countries they get a bigger share or at least 49%. But our useless leaders give 75% and on top they throw tax rebates for 90 years. Hehe what a country full of dull people. Hehe what a country full of people who are inferior to other nationalities. Hehe ..what a country that always beggs despite having so many natural resources. Hehe … useless people whom even God cant feel sorry for. Useless they will remain as other nationalities reap from Zambia. Hehe..what a country being run by a useless president. hehe..useless realy they will remain.[-([-([-(

  66. Root for HH ppl. He has impeccable credentials, understands well the global and local economies, is well connected and can attract legit investors who would be more comfortable with him at the helm. As for Sata, he`s a spent force co`s he `s been around for too long plus he `s a terrible political manipulator. RB needs to go back to being the headman, helping the Chief in intra-Village and domestic conflict resolutions

  67. “Give us the mandate to preside over the affairs of our country. We shall
    deal with its problems squarely and with due diligence. We shall not waste
    a second on fruitless vengeance, as has been the custom. For us,
    vengeance is for God. We are ready to serve our people and our country
    with diligence and zeal. We shall reduce taxes to resuscitate our economy,
    manage the exchange rate responsibly and with employment creation and
    growing our economy in mind. Our economic policies will create jobs and
    allow individuals and families to rebuild their lives and dignity.” Michael Sata (ref: PF Manifesto, 2006)

  68. The PF will reduce taxes, in the meantime, public expenditure will have to cover the following on the Legal Reforms:
    1. Establish office of district attorney in EVERY district!
    2. Establish an office of Public Defender in every District in place of the current legal aid scheme (is this like an ombudsman?)
    3. Establish Permanent/Resident High Courts at all Provincial Headquarters. (The creation of more Judges posts was opposed by PF recently)
    4. Establish Resident Magistrate Courts at all District Headquarters
    5. Deploy government sponsored law graduates to public legal institutions, such as the magistrates courts, Attorney-General’s and DPP’s chambers, as well as the chambers of the Public Defender

  69. Root for HH ppl( Let`s overlook our tribal inclinations). He has impeccable credentials, understands well the global and local economies, is well connected and can attract legit investors who would be more comfortable with him at the helm. As for Sata, he`s a spent force co`s he `s been around for too long plus he `s a terrible political manipulator. RB needs to go back to being the headman, helping the Chief in intra-Village and domestic conflict resolutions

  70. Will they pay these lawyers peanuts? Oh, no because:
    6. They will improve conditions of service for personnel in public legal institutions by matching those in the private sector!!! (Dream on!)
    What about the court rooms, do we have enough in Zambian districts? No, the PF will:
    7. Construct additional infrastructure, especially Court Rooms at District, Provincial and National levels.

  71. #78 Why did Sata not oppose the privatisation of national assets when he was in the MMD govt under Chiluba? Why did he not resign from his cabinet position? If his stance is based on principles, then why did he fight for a govt that was pro privatisation to serve for an unconstitut

  72. for an unconstitutional third term? If you are pro-nationalisation then why did you not vote for UNIP in 1991?

  73. To be fair, the PF will save some money to do all these things by:
    1. PF cabinet will thus be leaner.
    2. PF cabinet will use local services and facilities such as state hospitals and schools rather than private institutions abroad.(I suppose Mr Sata did not anticipate his illness at the time!!!)
    3. Un-bundle ZESCO by hiving off the distribution function and taking that function to local authorities. (Can you imagine your Local council distributing your electricity?)
    Right, that should save a lot of money to go on and do the following:
    1. Re-introduce child allowance to working parents in recognition of the high cost of bringing up children and in order to avail tax payers’ meaningful tax relief.
    2. remove VAT on essential commodities and services such as food, transport, etc.

  74. Sata will never rule Zambia as long as the sun rises from the east and set in the west. Which world leader will sit and discuss issues with a Kaponya? Answer me.

  75. I like the PF Manifesto, because on Health care:
    1. PF will Introduce competitive conditions of service comparable to the very
    best obtaining in the SADC region (in the health sector).
    2. Provide essential equipment and medicines. (I wonder what ‘essential’ means:-?)
    3. Equip all district and provincial hospitals with the necessary information communications technology (ICT) infrastructure in order to facilitate access to tele – medicine. (Hurray! I will need ny iPhone!) and there is a role for me a Sangoma…
    4. Promote the role of traditional medicine in health care delivery.

    This is so good that I will not summarise it but give it verbatim, watch this>>>
    “To deal with the problem of the brain – drain of medical personnel, the PF
    government will put in place measures that will restore the dignity and
    pride of the medical profession. To this end, the PF government will:
    – Ensure that the conditions of service are on par or better than those
    obtaining in the Southern African sub – region which is a major
    destination of our medical personnel, by providing a package of
    incentives that will include entitlements to mortgages, car loans,
    child allowances, etc.

  77. (Perhaps it was inspired by my dear sister and doctor, the first lady of PF)
    – Award appropriate hardship allowances and other incentives for
    medical personnel deployed to rural areas.
    – Provide opportunities for advanced and specialized medical training
    so that medical personnel are in tune with the latest developments
    in medical research and technology.

  78. There we are then. That was in 2006, and the Zambian voter rejected this. Perhaps, they did not read the manifesto, or the people who wrote it were not the Presidential candidate himself so that he was unable to articulate these lofty ideals to the people. More than 65% of the health budget is spent on remunerations, where will the money come from even if health expenditure was 20% of GDP? Can someone now produce the MMD manifesto and tell us where they failed? If so, we have the right to vote them out.

  79. On Telecoms, this is what PF said:
    1. Liberalize the Information Communications Technology (ICT)
    sector by making it more competitive through the establishment of new international gateways and thereby reduce communication
    costs in internet connectivity, mobile and landline telephony. (What does ‘liberalize’ mean?)
    2. Encourage the development of a country – wide fibre optic network that will in turn be connected to the trans – oceanic network for enhanced connectivity to the rest of the world. (MMD is doing that)

  80. Well, you can read the PF manifesto for yourselves on their website. See what MMD has done and compare with what PF promised in 2006. There is very little difference except on tax and small cabinet and of course the re-introduction of pre-independence colonial Local government systems and American style justice system. The rest is wishful thinking.
    Good night and God bless the Republic of Zambia!


  82. On Brain-drain, it looks like the PF has never heard of ‘osmosis.’ No one can stop brain drain. South Africa may have the best rates of remuneration for medical personnel, but thousands of them have left for ‘greener-pastures.’ Where do we draw the line? It is amazing that politicians think that it is only better pay that doctors want. If that was the case, most of them would have had other jobs or go private. Doctors want to do the job of preventing disease, treating the sick and making life comfortable for those who cannot be cured, without impediment from lack of resources and un-necessary beaurocracy. Nothing beats the joy of seeing people healed!

  83. The Zambian political system is not a typical Parliamentary democracy, so the Party is not in power because of a parliamentary majority as such but because of the man elected as President. Theoretically it is possible that a party may be in the minority in Parliament while having the Presidency. Now that would interesting. That is what is most likely to happen when you have a leader like HH. The UPND can never win majority seats, although HH may win. The country would be ungovernable.

  84. # 87, you sound like Basaunkalo, the boxer from Mali when he came to fight with Lotti Mwale. Sadly he was beaten and sun rose in Bamako.

  85. Am glad you ve articulated well on the PF manifetso. I for one will not waste my time digging through MMD’s because its an utopia kind. I should also tell you that, companies like Multichoice’s 100%subscription pa Zed is 30USD/mnth in RSA & 110USD pa ZED. Check the mobile rates for ZAIN zambia & compare to other ZAIN regions. Dr NGOMA, its sad that your attack is posed on personal attributes of one SATA. It does not take God to come down on earth for change or for us to embrass what Botswana has done through the leadership. If for instance,Isaac Newton never took it personal to indulge into the unknown-science would have never known breakthroughs the world has come to appreciate. It is possible to bring change in 90days. Change is a process & begins somewhere.We should not be shadowed by

  86. by the fact that Zambia is peacefull-while the ruling govt is pilfering, police is RB controlled, courts ve no significant say on jugdments & your fellow DR MUSONDA can afford to shot a human being at his will-only to be charged for bodily harm,maim & whatever. My law states that as attempted murder. I dont believe that MMD needs applause. If you see Manda Hill & Arcades sprouting beautifully, dont call that govt’s efforts. Go to NW province & for yourself what these invetors are doing for social contribution. Go to Chingola & see how many indians are there.Southern province-will never see development-it is as ever as it was since UNIP. Livingstone is the tourist town, it is as small as Kapiri. My point is get me right-Sata is not opposing privatisation-he is saying, empower zambians

  87. Give zambians,those who are busy in formal employment have a say in developing this country through shares. Yes, free market economy is tops & Sata does not object, thats y he says empower zambians. We cant afford to be in formal employment to the age 60.No. people must endulge in several economic activities as individuals & families. If you offload 75% to a foreign invetor, what remains of you is just recieving dividends and no apparent say in the running. If we befriend the invetsors on a personal level as RB as done, what remains of us? No windfall tax, yet our counrty is being ploughed into ditches, our resources are developing china & india. Look at the yaun against the USD? Now, China’s economy is a force to reckon with.The Chinese & Indians are more corrupt than you know.Wake up…

  88. Loose canon, I think you need to invest more in getting the facts on the ground about developmental activities and not just to sing the same old song of ‘where is development’ when you are not here. Things are changing my friend here. I can see your flag you are not here and probably making some good money in the west for your self. Good for you. Believe me we are rising from the ashes. Each young Zambian now realises we need to make money on our own and not to wait for cheap slogans of more money in your pockets CRAP. Peasenat farmers have got the harvest and and are learning how to bargain when selling their produce. Check Buseko market in Lusaka, all sorts of genuine business transactsions are going own without the governments involvement. Lazy ones make the most noise here.

  89. Jack of all trades Master of none.Successful stories about those companies,Sata you want to come distroy .You are not worth to be trusted in.


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