Anti Money Laundering Unit unearth scam involving over K2bn fake claims


The Anti-money Laundering Investigations Unit (AMLIU) of the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC)has unearthed a scam involving over K2 billion of fake claims for supply of goods and services to Government departments.

The scam was discovered during the on-going verification exercise of outstanding bills for the Ministry of Defence and Home Affairs.

DEC Public Relations Manager John Nyawali said the verification exercise which is being conducted by the Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit was prompted by huge bills of claims of supply of goods and services to Government.

In a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Nyawali noted that 81 claims out of a total of 681 which were scrutinised for the period covering first half of this year were discovered as fake.

He said the Prisons Service in Southern Province was highly affected accounting for about K1 billion while Zambia Army in Lusaka had over K800 million of fake claims.

Mr. Nyawali noted that other departments which had claims of supply of goods and services scrutinised include Provincial Administrations, Immigration, Zambia Air Force and Pass Ports Office.

He said the Commission has since recommended to the Ministry of Finance and National Planning to block payments for fake claims and other claims which were not supported by necessary documents.

Mr. Nyawali warned unscrupulous suppliers and Government workers who were dubiously obtaining money from Government that they would be brought to justice soon.

He indicated that the verification exercise would be extended to Ministry of Education and Health to ensure that Government does not continue losing money through fake claims.



  1. This is a sad development. The other only way to strengthen controls in these issues is to re-inforce intelligence work and bring all thieves to book. I am sure the cost of putting up the intelligence unit will be far less than the benefits that will accrue. Let the officers in this unit take oath of professionalism and constitution,

  2. Start with RP Capitol, $12million worth was paid to them with no tender procedure,they shared the loot at Mfuwe lodge,the mastermind flew from Mfuwe direct to joburg with her CUT,then the chairman of RP Capitol and the son followed a few days later to watch the worldcup,with the loot safely stashed in the presidential challeneger,diplomatic entails no searching, VJ remains in joburg to make arrangements to pay off the ballot paper printers,meanwhile back home gullible Zambians are told the presido is enroute to Namibia,where he was just a few months ago for the inauguration of that countries president,he stashes some of the loot there….MMD as a party gets a cut,she devil,gets her cut,RP capitol gets her cut,MMD wins next year,everyone is happy and keeps their jobs,the circus goes on n on

  3. As with all similar reports the Zambian Gov’t will perpetually study this report, before doing nothing.

  4. Kwena Pa zed paliba bu Lazo
    This is the seed that Chiluba planted it has now germinated and spread its roots everywhere

  5. Ha ha….! hola the looting at its peak..! ma ma ma…hee…../ this is nonsense of worst kind,can u imagine? and this is just with six months ONLY/. anyway.I dont blame anyone at all coz the system and leadership in government is fake too.the whole system is rotten from head to toe and pipo ar merely taking advantage. The only bad effect is the impression tat all civil servants are dubious pipo yet just a few thugs are behind the looting,,,,,,,(those so called key management) are the only pipo with authority to abuse not a an ordinaly civil servant who is made to languish with peanuts of a salary.NONSENSE..! I pity RB for inheriting such a rotten system engeered by CHILUBA.

  6. Govt trying to save face after donor pressure on accountability.If DEC has identified 81 fake suppliers why not effect arrests immediately[-x[-x[-x[-x[-x[-x onlu gullible people will believe that cheap story

  7. Is it possible for zambians to make a citizen`s arrest on RB for allowing all these things to happen under his nose?

  8. Thieves…thieves in MDD. MMD cadres are the ones who control govenment accounts , why cant you arrest them than just saying the warnings which donors are tired of. Because donors have raised their voices now you want to cheat them that you are fighting corruption, where were you all this time?
    Hmmm sure its RB and MMD thieves at their best. Hehehe :o:o:o

  9. Pa Zed Unga Lile (you can cry). I remember each year the teachers payroll system is cleaned up to remove GHOST Workers, ala kwena during the very clean up process, MORE GHOST workers appear or are added on to the payroll. It spins my head.

  10. #3 At a Glance – You are right. But do you know why? Because more often than not the people resposible for the scam will be those close to MMd and have probably assisted the party with funds. Its sad that you have educated persons like SC, Veteran etc who will defend what ever wrong this GRZ commits. They are ready to crucify Sata who has nothing to do with GRZ failures. They complain that we attack RB forgeting that RB is feeding on my tax and as such I would want to know how he is using my money- see K6m per month in tax is not a joke. So like you said the report will be studied until the second coming Christ Amen

  11. 4 1 9, are u sure there are no Nigerians invloved in this scum. They are are the masters of such sums, they call them 419. , the govt is a mogul, *****.

  12. Going to investigate the M.O.H again?
    he he he

    Sounds like DONOR money being stolen again.
    No wonder other countries REFUSE to give Zambia anymore money and would trust the U.N to do a better job.

    Now that is showing MMD Kaponyas how their party is looked upon by the WORLD.
    No need to worry what opposition thinks when your name is MUD worldwide.

  13. Ba LT you are a butch of MMD cadres…I now know that. Why are you reporting lies? There is 50% fake cases which is 381 out of 681.
    But since you are MMD cadres you reduce the number of fake cases to 81 instead of 381. You have also remained silent on the percentage.

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