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Billy Mwanza Recalled

Sports Billy Mwanza Recalled

Billy Mwanza has been recalled to the Zambia national team by new coach Dario Bonetti for the Italians first game in charge against Uganda away on August 11.

The Zesco United defender has not played for the national team since late 2008 under former coach Herve Renard.

Mwanza will be amongst 20 home-based players who will report to camp in Lusaka on Sunday.

There is also a recall for his clubmate Enock Sakala while club-less midfielder Rainford Kalaba has also been drafted into the team.

12 foreign-based players who include captain Chris Katongo who recently moved to Greece side Xanthi  and striker Jacob Mulenga of FC Utrecht in Holland are in the team.

Zambia will be using the match as a build-up for their 2012 Africa Cup Group C qualifier against Comoros on September 4.


  1. The circus has continues. Why clinging on to finished players like Billy Mwanza? Please give chance to young players who are hungry to put on that copper jersey. Next it will be Moses Sichone to be recalled.
    Ba FAZ advise this Italian properly

  2. #2 Just keep quiet if you dont have something to say. Moses Sichone is playing for a team in Cyprus and I dont think you have enough to give him. Zambia team not really cash. You can recall Billy because his based locally not Moses who get kang’ono in Cyprus. What attaching people kansi Zedians? Nzulu zau fontini. You mean South Africa has failed to educate you in manners? Leave Moses Sichone alone.

  3. Iwe #3 Sichone’s time is long gone, its time to maintain the team that played the AFCON 2010 chapwa.

  4. #3 Please spare us the crap. Moses Shichone is old. We need young players in the team not Madalas. Lets him make his money. We have had better players royal to the nation not some big headed chap who wants be flown first class to come to Zed for a match. If he is your hero just continue watching him in Cyprus leave us with our players in Mpila league.

  5. the average age of world cup good prformers was 20yrs old and not 40 .Remember all players are age cheaters so always add 4 yrs to what they say………..

  6. How does Bonneti know Billy Mwanza. These plays are being called by the Technical Committee and given to Bonneti. Report accurately.

  7. Zambian football is crap. It is the only country in the whole world, were club less players and those not playing at their clubs are preferred to those with clubs and playing. We are a country of losers. Even the way we debate speaks volumes about the way we are as people. Billy Mwanza was never called by HR, he was offloaded in SA and even failed in China, Enock Sakala was always dropped even for the CHAN games. In Zed we think we are very clever and yet we show the opposite. With FAZ full of money cadres we are finished, fi pato fwesu. Has Sichone asked to be considered, shows how shallow minded we are. Debate the issue at hand which is team selection. Winning AFCON and qualifying to the world cup, yaba. South Africa and yet new on the soccer scene have won AFCON and been to the world cu

  8. cont……. to the World cup a record 3 times and yet we the best in Arica 0 (ilini lya kwa na mungwa). Ati Zambia akantu ku ku nwa shake shake nu bu chende na bu na mak kwenkwe, na bu shi makwenkwe. Uko ba swaini

  9. Billy Mwanza has been playing well in the Mpila league in recent times. Those of us who watch Zambian soccer can attest to this. After all its just a provisional team. The coach will want to have a general view of the material in Zed. As for Sichone I can only say lets admit the man has reached ‘his USE BY DATE’. He failed to deliver when Bafana Bafana came and beat us 1 nil at Independence stadium.If you think Zambian football is crap leave it to those of us who appreciate our soccer in Africa. Are you a real Zambian Bwaiiiiii…..?

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