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Monday, February 24, 2020

Anderlecht hand Charles Musonda’s sons 2 year deals

Sports Anderlecht hand Charles Musonda's sons 2 year deals

Charles Musonda’s sons Laminsa and Tika have both signed two-year professional deals with their fathers former Belgium club Anderlecht.

Anderlecht’s official website rsca.be on Thursday confirmed the deal to sign the two teenagers with one of them Lamisha been tracked by the Zambia Under-20 bench for inclusion in the team for 2011 Libya CAF African Youth Championship qualifiers.

Musonda told the rsca.be that he was excited that Anderlecht had recognized the potential in Lamisha 18 and Tika 16 who will follow his footsteps at the club as a professional player’s at the Brussels club where they have come through the teams’ junior development program.

“The fact that Anderlecht have offered my two eldest sons a contract, shows their appreciation,” the former Zambia and Mufulira Wanderers midfielder told rsca.be .

“They have been guided well at Anderlecht for years now, both with respect to football training and otherwise. Moreover, my sons feel like part of the family here at Sporting Anderlecht, where youth training has become a priority.”

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  1. Aaah, I’m not sure if the Under 20 selectors are right to persue the youngsters now. What league do the youngster play in? they could be too raw for the assignment. Let us review their relevance for now, we might rush the boy or boys into competitive games when they are not ready. We can finish their career thru injuries.

  2. Yashanai ba LT, again mwayamba futi, when I use Mpangula Mputyu my name you are not posting my comments, when I shorten it to Mputyu u paste it. Yashani, Atase!!

  3. LT this is good news, but i have a feeling there are many other Zambian children oversees who need to be considered for our youth sides. Ba Mputyu, Lamisha at 18 is just too old for under twenty. That’s the age others enter a senior national team in other country. Let’s not wait until he’s above 20 so that we can CHEAT his age like the case has always been with our players

  4. What if the boys decide that they want to play Belgium and not Zambia. have not noticed that their has not mentioned Zambia.

  5. I hope Mr kalu’s daughters have also been signed by PSV, then we can use them in the women national team.

  6. :(( I am sure the Musonda boys can play in the under 20 with an impact. The youth levels in the European clubs are very competitive and are the ones that supply most of the European national under 20 teams with players. The league in which they play can’t of course be questioned just as we shouldn’t question the ability of boys playing in say chiparamba or k- stars. I only share my fears with Armchair critic that there is no mention of Zambia and doubt if those boys ever dream about wearing the Zambian Jersey. There father has a lot of influence on the boys and his degree of patriotism will have the ultimate say on where the boys end up the kicking the ball!

  7. #$ Bra G, I would like to welcome Lamisha in the U/20. I really do IF he qualifies to Play. I’m bringing the fitness level to play in the U/20 on the African Continent where age cheating is rampant as he will find himself playing bashi Mpundu over 30yrs but playing in the U/20. If his fitness level not up to date and playing not competitive games, you risk the youngster being injured. However, If he plays in competitive games with full fitness, he is welcome. I have a brother genuine normal 19yr old, when I compare with the U/20 Zed Players aaaah …..


  9. Ka ‘Charlie Mu’ naiwe walitumpa. Can’t you just come a help Zambia like the Great Kalu so that we can save money that is being paid to Bonetti and the Mafia. Or at least so that we can pay the money to our own. You can go back if things don’t work out. Kaili abana bobe nabekatika.

  10. If they choose to play for Belgium we should not demonise them. They grew up there although one of them was born here. However, knowing the dad he will persudae them to play for Zambia

  11. They can play for Belgium if they want. Tukabateesha umupila in Brazil in 2014 bakalapila.Jabulani football in Samba style mwanya!!

  12. The challenge has already been thrown to lamisha to turnp for the under 20. Charlie was less patriotic to zambia national team compared to kalusha msiska stone nyirenda who all played in belgium at onetime. Let us see if his kids will turn up. If they don’t its their life and our born and grown boys will always carry our flag till we break the duck

  13. #11 Kalu is the one who doesnt like charles no wonder i doubt if he will be ready to release his childrens. it started way back coz charles used to out shine kalu. Remember charles used to score brilliant free kicks before than kalu. in 1991 i remember the presidential motorcade was on its way out in the injuri time, charles scored a classic free kick that prompted kk to reverse back to come and finish the game.

  14. These boys will never play for Zambia, stop hallucinating. Kalu would never allow that, he is too selfish. They are better off playing for Belgium anyways, what does Zambia has to offer?

  15. That is great news for both the Musonda family and Zambia irrespective of whether the boys elect to don the Zambian jerseys or not. I personally have a lot of respect for Charles Musonda…LONG LIVE MY MAN! During his hay days, he brought a lot of smiles to many Zambian faces. Nonetheless, we as a nation didn’t give Musonda enough support, if any, after he got injured. All through the trails of going through pain, medication, rehabilitation (in the USA), and recovery; we, as a nation, alienated ourselves from him and his livelihood as a Zambian and footballer. Zambia still needs much learning on taking care of its own…sports personalities and Zambians at large.
    The media is partly to blame in this saga of Zambia casting a blind eye to the plight of Zambians at home and abroad.

  16. OK. So they qualify to play for Zambia, but they also qualify to play for Belgium. have they decided which country they will represent. Knowing zambian patriotism, i think they will try to represent belgium first. if there is no place for them, they will then seek to represent zambia. sad but true

  17. @ wanu ngwee last time I checked he was coach and youth director at the same club, big money for Charles. If the decide not to play for Zambia it’s okay our politicians do not play for us. With the craziness and lack of passion and monetary support faz renders let them enjoy their lives in Belgium unhindered :)

  18. ”……….Lamisha 18 and Tika 16 who will follow his footsteps at the club as a professional player’s at the Brussels club…….”

    Please note that Anderlect is NOT in Brussels!! but near. Do not expose your lack of knowledge or research in geography..

    Congrats lads.

  19. Let them decide, what they want, one Prince plays for Ghana, Jerome for Germany. One thing u people must understand is that these boys are more Belgian than Zambian. So at the end of the day, its about making a living, if Belgium makes sense, let them do it.

  20. charles musonda’s children playing for zambia?…in ur dreams but maybe for their own profile…which seems to be so much of value nowadays …for a foreign player to be seen playing in their national colours. i think charles has his plans cut out well for the boys and chipolopolo is not on the shopping list. He was always clever even when playing football. i bet if he came for the FAZ post, kalu would know his days of appointing coaches with no proper footy history will be over…..charlie cool… i was lucky to watch such talent…

  21. well i would be the happiest if such talent and other intelligent zambian players could be allowed to play by the rotten faz. but with the attitude at faz, maybe they should just play for belgium

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