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NHA scouting for land to construct houses countrywide

General News NHA scouting for land to construct houses countrywide

The National Housing Authority (NHA) says it is scouting for 100 hectares of land in all the 73 districts of the country to effect its national housing projects.

NHA Chief Executive Director, Elias Mpondela said the authority has so far secured land in Livingstone, Kitwe and Luanshya adding that all the councils have expressed interest to negotiate with them.

He said the authority will mobilize soft loans from quasi government institutions over a long term, and also partner with other institutions to finance the construction of the houses.

Mr. Mpondela has meanwhile said that NHA has secured a US$ 6.5 million loan from Shelter Afrique for the construction of a housing complex on the Great North Road in Lusaka.

He said the loan was secured in July this year and its agreement will be signed in the second week of this month.

Mr Mpondela said this in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today at the just ended 84th Agriculture and Commercial Show.

He said 345 housing units in total will be constructed at the site of which 200 units will be semidetached while 145 will be stand alone houses.

Mr Mpondela disclosed that preliminary works on the site have already commenced with the construction of roads and a police post already completed.

He said NHA has also embarked on an ambitious programme of urban renewal project to upgrade compounds in the country and make them habitable.

Mr Mpondela said the programme will start with the upgrading of Misisi and Kuku compounds in Lusaka which will cost an estimated US$ 200 million.



  1. This is great news. Affordable good housing is good for the people of Zambia.

  2. NHA houses are outpriced. The houses in Ibex Hills are very expensive and/but of poor quality. I was there in December looking for a 3-bedroomed House. They were going for over 475 million Kwacha each. The bedrooms were tiny. For the same amount of money I bought two big and better houses in Livingstone along Kabompo and Kanyanta Roads…

  3. Yeah, I also think NHA need to rethink their pricing of these houses.The idea is a noble one but one wonders who their target beneficiaries are because the cost is far above what the majority Zambian workers can afford.Maybe they should bring in more banks to offer mortgages.

  4. This is ranting of an empty vessel. It’s not a question of saying you will build the houses in 73 districts, because how may Zambians can afford to buy a house for a minimum K500million. The houses are just overpriced and the simple reason been NHA uses borrowed money which keeps on accumulating interest month on month. If this government had any brains in them they would get the windfall tax from the Mines and push it into NHA, and not building on borrowed money.

  5. There is another initiative called Lilayi Estate Project. Their houses are equally damn small. To get there from Lusaka-Chilanga road, you need to pass through three townships/locations. They are equally overpriced. A small 3-bedroom house on a 20m x 20m plot was going for over K310 million in December 2009. Ridiculous and ludicrous at the same time..

  6. # 6. I love the term “Tenderpreneurs”. Some one once asked me if I pray for our leaders. Well… when i look at our leaders, I pray for the country!!

  7. You never get anything tangible or new from Elias. He is a joker with a loud mouth. These houses are not meant for the poor Zambians. Only Chiluba can afford such expensive asbestos roofed houses.He should not be proud of such f.oolish projects that are meant to enrich himself and his fellow c.rooks from the MMD. Elias started c.roockery at UNZA – great east road campus and he has never looked back!

  8. Damn full you people supporting this move. For God sake how many Zambian will afford these houses? How many of us are overseas looking for $$$ to invest in our own country? And yet we can’t afford. Stupid Mponpolo with your plans. This sucks… damn you all.

  9. Alvin, work harder and then you might gt there. But first you need a change of attitude, sop thinking like a losee, see every hurdle as a challenge , an opportunity to improve yourself and those you care for most. Housing is expensive whereever you go especially in the developed and developing world.

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