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PF cadres block Veep’s motorcade

Headlines PF cadres block Veep’s motorcade

Vice president George Kunda

Suspected PF cadres yesterday blocked Vice-President George Kunda’s motorcade as he was heading to Ndola International Airport after addressing a campaign rally in Chifubu Township.

And more than five MMD supporters including the daughter of the party’s aspiring candidate Frank Ng’ambi were yesterday beaten by suspected PF

cadres who descended on them after they stopped the vehicle in which they were travelling on Kwacha Road in Ndola.

In Kitwe, suspected PF cadres on Sunday stormed Radio Icengelo with the view of attacking three former Patriotic Front (PF) Secretaries General when they featured on the radio station on Sunday.

In the Ndola incident yesterday, PF cadres who were in a convoy which included a vehicle in which PF leader Michael Sata was travelling disobeyed traffic police orders to stop to give way to the vice-president’s motorcade which was heading northwards to the airport.

A female police officer who tried to block the PF convoy was almost hit by the vehicles.

Copperbelt Minister Mwansa Mbulakulima condemned the development.
Ndola district police commanding officer Stella Libongani said police had received a report and investigations into the matter had been launched.

Mr Mbulakulima said opposition cadres blocked Mr Kunda’s motorcade, which was forced off the road at Ndola Fire Brigade along Nkana road to give way to a convoy of vehicles which included that of PF leader Michael Sata heading southwards to Chifubu.

Mr Mbulakulima, who is MMD Chifubu campaign manager, said it was unfortunate that Ndola had started experiencing some cases of violence after the arrival of Mr Sata, whom he alleged was accompanied by scores of imported cadres.

“It is unacceptable that a good number of people were beaten and vehicles damaged by some PF thugs. Why do we have a situation where some people from outside Ndola are now breaking the law with impunity; after all the parties participating in the elections pledged to see to it that the violence which happened in Mufumbwe does not repeat itself in Chifubu,” he said.

Mr Mbulakulima said as provincial minister, he would see to it that those who had intention to bring chaos in Chifubu would be visited by the law.

He said he would not allow a situation where the electorate was intimidated and harassed before they cast their votes.

He said the MMD would not retaliate despite being provoked because the ruling party does not want to be detracted because victory was certain with or without the intimidation of voters.

But PF campaign manager Willie Nsanda said the problem could have been caused by the fact that the vice-president used the same route to go to the airport when Mr Sata was heading for a rally in Chifubu.

“People were just excited today but I think the incident could have happened due to the fact that the route the vice-president used when going to the airport was the same one used by Mr Sata when coming from the airport,” he said.

Mr Ngambi confirmed that his daughter Lukundo 16, Clement Bweupe, the driver of the vehicle which had MMD campaign posters were rushed to the hospital where they received treatment after being beaten by the PF cadres.

Later, police in Ndola yesterday fired teargas canisters to disperse MMD and PF cadres who fought running battles at Chifubu market after the rallies held in the constituency.

The Times team which rushed to scene found police keeping vigil at Chifubu market as cadres from both sides stonned each other.

Four people were injured in the fracas which started around 18:00 hours. By Press time, cadres from both sides were seen still camped at Chifubu market.

In Kitwe, the cadres allegedly led by Kitwe Deputy Mayor Chileshe Bweupe camped at the entrance to the radio station waiting for the trio to finish the programme.

The trio who confirmed the incident castigated PF cadres and described their behaviour as cowardice.

But when contacted, Mr Nsanda denied having sent the PF cadres to go and attack the trio and said Mr Bweupe went to the radio station to go and place advertisements.

But Mr Edward Mumbi, Edwin Lifwekelo and Charles Chimumbwa who had to be escorted out of the Radio station by police said they had to quickly alert Copperbelt Commanding Officer Antoneil Mutentwa who in turn instructed officers from Riverside Police station to provide escort for them.

Mr Mumbi said it was shameful for the PF cadres to think the three former PF secretaries had no right to go to Radio Icengelo and tell the Zambians why they left the PF.

The three featured on the Radio station where they said they left the PF due to alleged lack of internal democracy and unity of purpose.
[ Times of Zambia ]


  1. Sick George’s motorcade bumped into Micheal Sata’s motorcade. George Kunda’s motorcade was outnumbered by 1000:1. Lelo George felt the PF might. Why should we always give way sacastically to these politicians when they are always heading fast to cut Zamtel and Nyiombo fertilizer deals. We wont, this is a serious first salvo fired at them. we got them off the ROAD now we shall get them off POWER legally. There is no rule in the constitutionthat which says we move out of the ROAD when George is coming inthe opposite direction. The man is SICK why should we harm him.

  2. He he He, Sick George had a torid time in Ndola, first catholic priest father Umberto lectured George in Church on the need to take care of the POOR in society. Now we forced him out on the ROAD cause it is him (George) who was contravening by wanting to take even the other lane, stopping on coming traffic.He George should be fined K270,000 by the Police for contravening.

  3. #2 Mr. Capitalist – 3 E’s steering economic growth

    George & teh MMD should blame the Police in Ndola. They are not paid in time, they have been abandoned by kabonde the Police I.G. Without PF Knowing, they led Mr. Sata’s motorcade into the route George was using so that the Police send a strong signal to MMD. Right now there is a police shake up in Ndola, they are transfering senior officials to remote areas for the embarrasment cause. So ring any Police station in Ndola, they will tell you there is an imminent shake up and ba Shushushu there today. So #2 dont blame the PF. RB’s Red card has started.

  4. @ #4 Mpangula Mputyu

    The PF is attacking former senior PF officials, they are attacking innocent MMD supporters, they started a ruckus at a market and they ignored Police orders and instead opted to go against police orders. The female police officer ordered the PF motorcade to stop and they ignored this.

    The PF is a party full of law breaking loonies who inconsistently bark at anything and have a strong disposition to violence. And this is a party you expect to rule Zambia. One that disregards procedure and the law. No wonder they have been rejected 3 times now and are going for their 4th rejection by the ballot. You can quote me when I tell you that Mr. Sata and his PF will never rule Zambia. Never ever. It’ll never happen.

  5. Let us not blame PF only because in this article we have been told that MMD cadres were also throwing stones,so both party cadres are at fault.Shame on you PF,shame on you MMD.:-j:-j:-j:-j

  6. #5 Mr. Capitalist – 3 E’s steering economic growth I respect you and YOUR Opinnion. However, the PF is the largest opposition party in Zambia. Fact. W ithout checks and balances the MMD will destroy Zambia the way they destroyed Ndola. Mark my words, the people of Ndola will vote PF not because they are Kaponya’s but because let down. At least if you are MMD take pride that PF has put MMD on their toes and that is good for democracy. There is so much single sourcing going on in Zambia being perpetuated at state house, RB has appointed so many overgare and retired children into the foreign service and you keep quite. B.Y & Chiluba chief destroyer of MMD on Copperbelt gave out $20m dollars for arms purchase, I reported time & again on this fora. Money gone, Zambia lost. So as PF…

  7. This was the problem with the Ndola traffic police, they shuld have forseen this and put the situation under control before the PF motercade came.

  8. RB has appointed so many of his over age, retired children into the diplomatic missions of late. Now The most educated areas of Zambia per sq kilometer is the copperbelt and Lusaka. In all affluent areas check who is the councillor, PF. I’m not talking about shanties or compounds but in Kabulonga, longacres, Nkana east, West, Parklands,State House area, Woodlands, Ibex, Ndola Town centre area, Northrise, kansenshi etc who are councillors and who voted for them? The educated voted for PF so when you pipo say PF is for kaponya’s Youa re out of your mind. There are so many things that are wrong in zambia, this country needs healing. Look at the NCC. has it achieved it’s intended goals? You answer for yourself.

  9. the police wanted to put sata to a test so that they can put it in the times of zambia the following day. wrong again!!! you have now seen who is the president and who is vice president. honestly people, you have to give way to the president and not otherwise.

  10. Georgre was not on national duty but party duty,fact”’sata is senoir than george in both politics and party ranks,so it was just normal for george bootliker kunda to pave way for H.E Micheal Sata when they met on the road,it was courtecouis enough for george to do that.”””””’mwamukolo,come thursday MMD will be at the supreme court filling in election petition for losses in luena and chifubu.””””””

  11. Let there be PEACE ,LOVE AND JOY among the Zambian Brothers why should we start killing each other. State house will only accommodate one person, could be RB ,could be Sata the rest of us will remain where we are today. Lets work hard to improve our own lives not fighting for the Politicians who always forget who put them up there.

    When two Elephants fight its the grass that suffers

  12. #12 BRE spot on, I think I like you very much. You bringing positive dimension, mature thinker. MMD should blame the Police if they have someone to blame, not PF. But the Police is PF aah I forgot. Then MMD should blame itself. YES Goerge was on party duties. No need to move us out. He should use and keep to his lane.

  13. ‘MMD will be triumphant’

    PRESIDENT Banda says the MMD will put up a spirited campaign across the country to ensure the Patriotic Front (PF)-United Party for National Development (UPND) pact is politically extinguished by the time the 2011 tripartite elections are held.

    Mr Banda, however, declared that with or without the PF/UPND pact, the MMD will emerge triumphant because Zambians have trust and confidence in the ruling party.

    He said the MMD will conduct its campaigns based on the economic development of the country recorded over the years.

  14. Mr Banda said the MMD has always been winning elections because of the development achieved over the years and that the people have developed confidence in the ruling party.

    He said although the country is facing economic challenges, the MMD has been trying its best to create employment and reduce poverty and hunger in the country.
    The president was speaking shortly after his arrival at the Livingstone International Airport yesterday.

  15. “We are going to put up a fight that will have the MMD emerge victorious come 2011. With or without the PF/UPND pact, the MMD will win because the people have confidence in the ruling party. We have formed our pact with Zambian people and not a few selected people. The MMD has always won the elections because the people feel the party is trying its best,” President Banda said.

    He said politicians claiming that they will have answers to all the country’s economic challenges once elected are doing nothing but fantasising with governance.

  16. Mr Banda said leading a nation is not the same as enjoying some panoramic view. He said there is no human society under the sun which does not experience problems and that no country has ever managed to resolve all its challenges.

    President Banda said some countries in Asia are currently experiencing floods and fires while others are battling droughts but that their governments are doing the best to save their citizens.

  17. “B.Y & Chiluba chief destroyer of MMD on Copperbelt gave out $20m dollars for arms purchase, I reported time & again on this fora. Money gone, Zambia lost”

    And Mr. Sata desperately pushed for Dr. Chiluba to go for a third term. He was the chief campaigner of this despite the little piece of information you have released.

    “In all affluent areas check who is the councillor, PF.”

    And yet they are failing to fix burst pipes in Kabwata and are failing to put drainage systems around Lusaka. Even in Emmersdale, they haven’t even started working on the drainage system which the people of Emmersdale have demanded they work on. In short, PF is not doing anything in those councils. They have failed to run the councils.

  18. “It is easy to say there is poverty and that people are poor. There is no human society that has no problems. There are countries in Asia that are in floods and if these were in Zambia, some politician would have accused me of having caused the floods, drought or even some other disasters,” he said.

    Mr Banda wondered how practical it would be for the opposition to create a Zambia without problems saying it is not possible for any government to wipe out all the country’s problems.

  19. He said PF leader Michael Sata and his counterpart, Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND, have been telling lies about him because they have no national issues to discuss with the Zambians.

    President Banda said there is a lot of development across the country but that the opposition political leaders have decided deliberately to be blind to the achievements Government is recording.

  20. Ba Mr. Capitalist, Just as your name speaks Volumes,MMD has more hooligans and you’r are one of them.Those opportunist that want to capitalise on the poor for their selfish needs,thats why you want to hold on to power untill 2030 nd beyond just like your sick George said

  21. He wondered why the opposition has always dwelt on the negatives and mistakes when there are a lot of positive developments in the country.
    Mr Banda said it is disheartening that the people from outside the country should be able to see the achievements when some local people are maligning government on just everything.

    “Why do they not look at the positives we have scored as a party and Government? …And why should it take people outside this country to appreciate what this Government is doing?” President Banda queried.The President urged the MMD in Southern Province to go flat out so that the party can capture seats in the region next year.

  22. Remember Zambia; PF Robert Mugabe how he treats his people. Michael Sata’s PF will not be any different if allowed in power.MMD is not an option either. The only option is power to the people through strong local governments not controled from Lusaka.

  23. He said he will personally dedicate himself to the campaigns and preach the development the MMD is recording until the people of Southern Province understand and change their perception.

    President Banda said he has always felt the heartbeat of the people of Livingstone and Southern Province and will ensure that the MMD is victorious in Livingstone and all other districts.

  24. “There are so many things that are wrong in zambia, this country needs healing”

    Healing will not come from Mr. Sata and his PF. If they can disregard a police officer like is stated in the above article and break the law when they went to attack defenseless innocent MMD supporters are is reported in the above article, what makes you think they will legislate laws that they will actually follow. How can you be so sure that they’ll legislate laws that do not serve the PF interest.

  25. Mpangula Mputyu , you’re an embarassment to humanity.You sound very bitter and seem to be taking pride in the unlawful behaviour of your fellow PF cadres.I guess it’s very painful to come to terms that Sata will NEVER rule Zambia no matter how passionate you are about him and your PF.SATA WILL NEVER RULE ZAMBIA. Perhaps HH may even rule Zambia one day if he makes the right decision now which I doubt he will.

  26. Mpangula Mputyu,

    Its beyond protruding ignorance that you dream a Sata Government born out of any democratic national elections. As long as Zambians votes in ballot boxes and constitutionally ECZ gives every Zambian from part of the country the suffrage right to vote, Sata will never land a ruling mandate in this country. Not on yours or indeed my watch and time. MMD is winning this tripartite election then 2016 will be a generation change election. Be reminded that actually Sata is set to run in Taiwan where he has already started asylum arrangement. The pain and shock of taking a fifth ballot rejection will be too big for him to absorb. Like Kuomintang or Nationalist Party of China leader Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan, Sata will die there too as a self imposed embarrassed refuge.

  27. As long as Zambians votes in ballot boxes and constitutionally ECZ gives every Zambian from every part of theis country the suffrage right in the voting booth, Sata will never land a ruling mandate in this country. Speak and dream with your lungs out, he will never rule this country. We all appreciate his comedy in the opposition but will never risk the country with him. You don’t draw mad men closer to the instruments of poor. Look at what another illiterate retard Dada Idi Amin did in Uganda. That is what personifies Sata.

  28. Senior Citizen it is your president who is arranging his retirement on the banks of lake Malawi, VJ has gone to organise for him

  29. whether on party duties or state duties the vice president of any nation is protected for security reasons, whether he is out of the country or not he is protected wherever he goes whether anyone likes it or not, to overrule this fact and try to stop or block his motorcade is just being shallow minded, and why the violence in Zambia!!!!

  30. Gone are the days when the motorcade of a President or Veep pushed others on the pedestals. In developed countries like Germany UK USA I have never heard of such. In Switzerland a president walks on the streets like any other citizen. While in a poor country which feels unsecured makes a president and his Veep demigods.

    This really must have been done deliberately by the police to voice out their displeasure to the Veep. What a shame for the traffic police to have made two big motorcades use same road if they know that their country worship a Veep or President. That was good that George for the first time had to feel the off road. I hope he had a Nissan-off-road. I wish I witness this where the Zambian demigod is pushed off road by a counter demigod.

  31. Kangachepe kalila M’tembo,

    You wrote and i quote, “In developed countries like Germany UK USA I have never heard of such”.

    You must have visited the USA based in your village and not North America. Are you sure that you could divert Obama’s Beast on the American roads? Do you really understand the risk you are putting Sata in from those Presidential sweepers?

    I hate commenting on such dangerous gambling.

  32. haha Senior Citizen you are exposing your ignorance now, you think Obama drives pa mseu chabe???? ahahahahhha

  33. Senior Citizen, can you honestly tell us what good the MMD have done in 20 years? All we hear are backward policies of not providing Jobs to the indigenous population but continuous outsourcing of everything and all the employment is casual labour. Civil servants are not getting paid etc, etc. MMD is a joke, very myopic and needs to be voted out.

    Senior Citizen, leave Mpangula Mputyu alone. This young man is in Zambia and knows exactly what is going on.

  34. this would never happen in the KK era, all would and should be arrested. and these are the phuckers we get to vote for…..

  35. Kuomboka ne nsaka,

    I don’t need to wipe you with econ 101 that the insulting menu sata is giving you is not Zambia’s panacea. Recommendable stimulants adding momentum to the success story are these:

    (1)-Napsa pumps K3.2 trillion into various projects

    (2)-Financial institutions give out K10 trillion in loans
    “The financial institutions have posted growth in loans paid out to the various sectors for economic growth. It was important that commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions continue to make available credit to Zambians to enhance the economic development process. Demand for credit was high in the different sectors with personal loans getting the biggest portion followed by agriculture, fishing and forestry.

  36. The Bible says we should respect those in authority. I feel PF should apologise for disrespecting the VeePee. Mind you, you are seeking the same office and you would want people to accord you all the respect you deserve. Zambia as a country is beyond these chachacha tactics. Apa pena, mwa tena.

  37. 1000:1 is the current ratio of MMD bootlickers to PF/UPND supporters on the Copperbelt and Lusaka Provinces. There waking up to a rude shock of the reality on the Ground, as no one told those guys to Block sick GK. They have realised he is just like any other citizen and we do not see any reason for giving way just to him when the President is passing. This is a fact which MMD needs to leave with whether they like it or not.

  38. #37 Kuomboka ne nsaka, thanks for your support. I deliberately kwept quite to let other pipo judge Capitalist & Senior citizen.

    Thanks a lot. I’m not bitter as someone has said. But Iam angry on how our country is going down the drain. I have a successful consulting company and I’m doing not too bad with a lot of investiments. But I feel for this country, I want to be a pround Zambian, where checks and balances are real, where our money, our resources are well managed, where there is consultation for those being lead(masters) with the people in Govt., (our employees). Us the younger generation (40 yrs and below) will bear the brunt for the mistakes we allow today.

  39. Kuomboka ne nsaka,

    Jobs, opportunities and prosperity national or at personal level are not born out of the sacrilegious behavior Sata is planting in you. It’s all about smart enterprising, hard work, ingenuity and realism. Tap in the many opportunities in the national economy, you will turn your generational family poverty around.


  41. Ba Kundaless has been yapping a lot and this should send a clear warning that the MMD is no longer popular on the CB. RIP Geroge.

  42. Iyee Ba Kunda, mwafikwako. That is copperbelt you think ni mu Lusaka umo bamipepa bapolice. Well done for giving way to the incoming President. Keep it up

  43. This is the behaiviour I hate Sata for. I wonder what entered into me to enter a pact with hooligans. Sata nikabova through and through with his willee Nsanda- pure kabova.

  44. Senior Citizen. I sincerely admire your objectiveness. A pity most do not take time to read and analyse developments. Keep it up, sir.

  45. Nosense reporting….. how did the PF block the sickly Kunda? PF was using the opposit lain so was kunda. Did the PF go into the lain of Kunda?..no they did not but kept their lain. Now why didnt Kunda continue moving since his lain was free? Coz he wanted both lains since he is too fat and he uses abnormal benz thats takes two lains.

    Mhhh guys this is nosense…. let Kunda know that he is just a person like any Zambian. He is not a God to be worshiped. What a useless thing to think he is a god. To hell with the MMD thugs.

  46. LT you are MMD , please behave guys….why are you blocking my comments? Ofcourse Kunda is not a god to be feared. You hear me LT? useless chaps.

  47. Iwe HH who forced you to join the pact with PF why didn’t you just listen to VJ chifu chamafi rigga to join babululu bobo ba MMD mukwafwilicha Bingo ukuwina ama elections Kumalawi.Kabiye ngolefwaya i can still make it without you,Ngamulefya mwise bonse pamo na Rupia gwandani Banda,Ndemitutila pamo

  48. Life is a boomerang!! Imagine Sata is president,can he allow such behaviour on him.I hate to say this but the behaviour by PF cadres from CB is barbaric and ofcourse such behaviour is what Sata thrives on.SATA WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT of our lovely Zambia.Maybe President of CB cos not even in Lusaka will allow such nonsence.

  49. In what capacity was George? National Veep, or Party Veep? was George conducting National business or party business? I am meant to understand that Mr Sata was representing the PF – UPND?
    Maybe when these questions are addressed I can comment.

  50. solomon ‘solola’musonda shud have been with kunda.sata for president.here in western province we promise to support you

  51. good point above – who was in the correct lane? Kunda is not the president so should abide by the traffic laws. reminds me of Grey Zulu going home for lunch in Makeni every time, full sweepers everything just so he could eat lunch. monga ku Nigeria

  52. Sharp Shooter #54 jus shut up !! u,a very useless n worthless ! take yo madness to hell !! VIVA PF

  53. Eish, Zambians and even bloggers are becoming more aggressive everyday. Every person has a limit as to the amout of B.ullsh1t he can swallow and for a long time now we have been swallowing a lot of MMD sh1t! Natunaka so i can understand the aggresssiveness. Fack GK! They should have stoned his chi eye!

  54. The road in question is a dual carriage (four lanes with no island to separate). Other motorists were passing except the Veep one! The Veep felt insecure. Now without justifying any violence you can objectively support PF supportes because they know the police are on the MMD side and they need to protect themselves, because even an opposition leader like Sata requires police protection going by the respect he commands and security needed. But the police in the country are shamelessly worshiping MMD. Even Solomon Musonda would be escorted to court by police and get protected for shooting a defenceless.Police would never dare to touch such. Therefore, there is no law by the MMD police and people feel unprotected. intimidated people naturally become reactive! Be objective MMD.

  55. MMD should just pull out of Chifubu contest otherwise going by what I saw ,they are in for a rude shock. Kwali intapendwa ne ntependwa ya muntu. If I were Frank Ng’ambi, I would have just thrown in the towel. There is nothing MMD will do, especially in Copperbelt ,that will move the electorates. Continue winning in rural Zambia! That crowd is too immense to be defeated. Give up before you are terribly embarassed!twapapata ba MMD. Lekenifye mwa lasebana!

  56. Bembas have a problem. They cant solve problems peacefully but they bring KMB mentality. Thieves will never learn. MMD must teach PF a lesson. bye the way did Satana get his $27,000 he stole in South Africa? We should not trust these thieves. They will end up turning Bemba into official language. In Namibia the passport and see if u are Bemba. U are letting us down. Kunda is the Vice President and not Sata who fears elections in the part.

  57. am not PF but you MMD guys do you know that Sata should also be protected by the same police. This is not an option for both GK and the police. Even GK himself knows this fact. Sata is a public figure and a leader. If you doubt what am saying ask GK himself or the police, or the minister of local government

  58. Am not PF but you MMD guys do you know that Sata should also be protected by the same police. This is not an option for both GK and the police. Even GK himself knows this fact. Sata is a public figure and a leader. If you doubt what am saying ask GK himself or the police, or the minister of local government. I guess it was quite hard for police to choose who to go first between the two dignitaries!

  59. Chifubu is going PF – look at sick kunda trying to show off, wan.nya enjoy what is left for now, coz 2011 muyenda kumatongo bonse imwe ba soboli.

    Sr Citizen na Mwata, you two are just blind supporters, you are so pathetic, looking at the amount of blogs you post, get a life!

  60. #14 Mpangula – you have the brains, keep educating these thugs who blindly support MMD just bcoz they get packs of chat beers. PF is forming govt 2011. Bakaponya are in MMD. Banda has not developed the country and is not going to no matter how many years he is given to be in power. Send him back to his farm come 2011! He is just ste.al.ing state resources morning, day and night. Thats why he wants to remove abuse of office clause, so he can escape jail.

  61. #62 Thank you for your usefulness.Dont commit suicide in 2011 when your Sata loses for the forth straight defeat.

  62. Why didn’t the Police line up along the road from Chifubu to the Airport like they normally do? Some one should have been there to divert traffic so that the VP could have a free way back to Lusaka.

  63. Ba senior citizen en wer is yo chima mmd bootlicker? Ati pact is dead,jest watch the space this is the birth of the revolution………

  64. Sata for president whether you like it or not. digiree or no digiree. HH for president whether you like it or not. VIVA PACT

  65. Come 2011, HE President Michael Chilufya Sata in State House… too ghastly to contemplate!
    This is an ensample.

  66. NIPA NDOLA APA. IFWE BAZIMA NDOLA tatwangasha. Umushili lye tatumufwaya. Tuli ba PF nangu twaingala inshito mu Government. On top of that, We are using government money studying in Europe. Chachabe. Lets teach them guys that Zima Ndolaz we know what we are doing. Apo pa Northrise epang’anda. Kabili nkaba lumba abaiche nganaya ati walimulanga George.

  67. MMD should know that there winning of Elections from 2001 has been through Rigging. Am comforted that the message been preached to our people is for them to guide there votes after voting is closed. This is the message that needs to be preached to all Zambians. Am eqully comforted to note that the CATHOLIC Church with 3 Million faithfuls have committed themselves to monitor the 2011 Elections. MMD no way out in 2011, your rigging schemes have been brought out and will NEVER work. MMD is HISTORY after the 2011 Elections and will be joining UNIP to the ARCHIVES.

  68. The problems African countries have is that they think presidents are kings. that is why they sleep on their duties, thinking they are everything;; entourage for what let Kunda travel alone in campains no one should be treated as the master, there must be level playing field. I for one dont see any problem for what happened in ndola; the politicians where all on duty with their party duties no one of the two was special.

  69. So chi bootlicker ni Chi B.e.n K.a.n.g.w.a, I vividly know this ci chap. He was married to a lady who used to work for cabinet office, not sure if there still together. We haven’t forgotten lies you used to spread to your fellow worker after Frank Mutubila left the institute. And today you must have the gumption to say you have a really job. Who doesn’t know your back ground. Ulelya nobwapona, your days are numbered.

    Let us embrace ourselves for another state funeral like mike mulongoti put is when george mpombo almost drowned in Livingstone.

  70. Suspected PF cadres yesterday blocked Vice-President George Kunda’s motorcade as he was heading to Ndola International Airport after addressing a campaign rally in Chifubu Township.

    You are saying suspected PF cadres, how do you know may could have been from FDD, Heritage Party, ADD or even Ben Mwila’s party

  71. #79 – Bootlicker is Leslie Mbula. He admitted it himself. He has been withdrawn from RSA. maybe thats why the silence.

  72. Maybe a cadre should have slapped him on his red lips and kicked him pa kalukobo to push him over the edge. It’s been a while since we last had a state funeral and I do not blame PF cadres for trying to create one. Well, but there president also has six serious diseases inside him, they are all sick and busy blocking each other.

  73. Mwe Banda condemning PF, on this site RB has aknowledged the Police were at Fault. So why Blame PF and Sata? george Kunda strayed into PF stronghold and PF motorcade, what do you expect? he had to shove off the road, simple logic. The Police are not paid, they wanted to send a strong mesage that “we look afetr you so stop messing as around cause we shall embarrase you and your boss”.

    Thanks RB for clarifying that it was the Police at fault not PF. But the Police are PF so very intresting scenario.

  74. Mr. Capitalist – 3 E’s steering economic growth ## 3 ..mind your words iwe,,so your parents being PF carders you mean are hooligans?

  75. The MMD need a miracle to win these two by elections, the writing is on the wall- KUYA EBELE- PACT OR NOT MMD kuya bebele!

  76. Mwe Bantu, Sometimes I feel sorry for George Kunda, he is not in control of himself. Really not in control of his mind. Something else is controlling him. He secures FTJ’s conviction and now failing to push for it’s registration so that it is enforced. When you hear him talk, he labours. This man plotted againt RB using UPND’s Garry Nkombo to bring RB down and not RB to assend to power when Levy died. Now he talks senseless staff? George is sick, very sick.

  77. On “In the Ndola incident yesterday, PF cadres who were in a convoy which included a vehicle in which PF leader Michael Sata was travelling disobeyed traffic police orders to stop to give way to the vice-president’s motorcade which was heading northwards to the airport.[..] A female police officer who tried to block the PF convoy was almost hit by the vehicles,” it is very sad that PF has behaved in such a terrible manner and hope the PF leadership will not repeat this again when they are in the Opposition of GRZ.

    This incident also serves as a warning to the mighty UPND Team to be careful with their partner PF in the PF-UPND PACT for the unruly behaviour exhibited by PF now can re-occur when HH is either President or Vice-President of Zambia if the PACT wins in 2011…

  78. kangachepe,you a liar!All the countries you have mentioned people respect authority.To be honesty PF is exaggerating and if sata does not change his attitude then if he became president,people in zambia will suffer a lot.

  79. Am out of town for comments……………….its very unfortunate did the police go to sleep or Ndola has no any other roads -Nkana Street ..or Ku Masala

Comments are closed.

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