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Milupi wins Luena seat on his party ticket

Headlines Milupi wins Luena seat on his party ticket

Alliance for Democracy and Development nominated candidate Charles Milupi and his wife

Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi has won his Luena Constituency seat contested by five other candidates yesterday.

Returning Office for Luena by elections , Chrispin Kalihonga declared Mr. Milupi as a duly elected member of parliament for Luena Constituency at 10:30hrs this morning.

Mr. Milupi scored 3, 688 against ruling MMD’s Mwangala Maopu who scored 2,800 votes while UPND’s Muyunda Ililonga came in the third with 1,806.

UNIP’s Mutakela Mutakela was fourth with 115 votes while Musole Sikatala from ULP scored 116 votes.

The total number of voters in the Luena by election stood at 8, 630 and the rejected ballot papers where 115.

And Charles Milupi who was present when results where been announced thanked the people of Luena for giving him votes and also voting in a peaceful manner.

Mr. Milupi said his party will concentrate in mobilizing itself throughout the country adding that it will field candidates in both parliamentary and ward seats in next year’s general elections.

Meanwhile, the ruling MMD has retained both the Mpima Ward in Kabwe and Mailo Ward in Serenje respectively, after beating the UPND/PF pact candidates in by-elections held yesterday.

In Mpima Ward, the MMD candidate Christine Mutale Chilufya got 304 votes, beating the UPND/PF candidate Dorcas Munansangu Miyanda, who got 299 votes out of a total of 3, 723 votes cast.

The Returning Officer, Andrew Bwali who announced the results at the Kabwe Civic Centre last evening, declared Mrs. Chilufya as the duly elected councillor for Mpima Ward. 10 votes were rejected.

And speaking later, MMD national Youth chairperson, Patrick Musonda, commended Mrs. Chilufya and all the MMD party officials and caders who campaigned vigorously for the winner, adding that the going was not easy, as the opposition campaigned viciously.

Mr. Musonda said it was disappointing that the MMD appeared like orphans as they campaigned on foot, adding that, the fact that the people of Mpima still voted for the ruling party was an indication enough that Zambians still wanted the MMD to continue ruling the country.

He said it was going to be a shameful thing if the ruling party lost, especially that the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema, campaigned for Mrs. Miyanda.

Mr. Musonda urged the MMD party to ensure that campaign logistics were available next time there would an election, and that the party should reorganize itself, having members who should be sincere and truthful to one another.

“MMD is still the only party that is democratic and the only party the people want to continue ruling this country. Mrs. Chilufya you have brought pride to the party and therefore we congratulate you for your victory,’ He said.

Earlier, Central Province MMD Chairperson Boyd Mutonka said the victory was just one of the many more coming and urged all the party members not to start organizing themselves only when there was another election, but be well organized at all times.

In Serenje District, the Returning Officer Milton Sakala, declared the MMD candidate Douglas Mukosha as the winner, beating the PF candidate Morison Mwape Mukando.

Mr. Sakala announced that the MMD’s Mukosha got 401 votes, against Mukando’s 378, out of the 788 votes cast.

Mailo Ward had 1, 995 registered voters.



  1. ADD and Mr Milupi, congratulations for your victory and for waging a clean and noble campaign. As MMD we concede and wish your party all the best and look forward to another clean and noble battle next year.

  2. Chifundo ba mmd! the ruling party cant be losing by eletions like. its high time they realised that people dont want them.

  3. Congratulations, you have remained Honourable Milupi. I hope that yours will be issue based politics and not the other type.

  4. In hope it will not be another ULP situation.Sak cant win any election apart from standing as an MP in Livingstone.Even UNIP managed to beat his party.What a shame.

  5. Nkani yalula!! 5 losses and only 2 wins for the MMD in parliamentary bye-elections. Congrats Mr Milupi, this just proves how much your people like you!! We need that brain in parliament. Now may all rebel MPs resign from their respective parties and prove their popularity.

  6. Until the level of knowledge is upgraded, this punditry of failed thinking baselessly seeing momentum for regional parties at national level against a national party will only keep entrapping regional parties into political quagmires. In an electoral system as ours…regionalism cannot win General elections on aggregate.

  7. Our multiparty democracy is a winner-take-it all electoral system where the national level aggregate results of a leading party carries the mandate. Constitutionally after elections coalition Government has no place or legal framework to even think of it in this discourse here. Regional Political entities have to merge now and enter the ballot as one to land the much sought after mandate. Can that happen? The narrow margins have instead infatuated and emboldened Sata, Milupi and Ichilema into the fantasy of believing they are ultimate leadership materials a national vote need for 2011. This means more ego, internal strife and pact political acrimony beyond compromise in bargaining if any.

  8. Well done milupi. For all the bravado and big ego when anouncing your ka party. You could not get a clear majority in your own backyard. Your party will get less votes in 2011 and will not get enough anywhere else. so what have you proved? that you are not as popular as you thought. Now concentrate on issues and learn to build bridges. Pettiness is destructive, look at HH!

  9. Suffice to say actually regionalism of titular parties is a strategic asset to a national party which is enjoying an enduring national character and political predisposition as the ruling MMD is. To win national elections MMD does not necessarily needs to lead every constituency or region, but maintain its moderate impact on all so-called strongholds of regional parties wherever. A second position in all opposition strong holds tied to some run away margins in its heartlands, is a mandate on the dashboard for the ruling party. This outcome is strategically very good for Decision 2011 and the political theatre just about to ensure henceforth.

  10. Congratulations Mr Milupi! As pointed out by #1 you are better off joining either the Pact or MMP. On your own it will be difficult to make an impact on the national scene with a Kantemba party.
    Something caught my attention:
    In Mpima Ward, the MMD candidate Christine Mutale Chilufya got 304 votes, beating the UPND/PF candidate Dorcas Munansangu Miyanda, who got 299 votes out of a total of 3, 723 votes cast.
    What happened to the other votes cast considering that there were only 10 spoilt votes?

  11. I suppose very few MPs like Mpombo and Katele Kalumba would resign today and retain their seats like Milupi. We need good MPs and not bloodsuckers like Machungwa, Faustina Sinyanwe, Chimbaka, Chizyuka etc who keep filing court injuctionns for fear of going to the polls.

  12. Yes, congratulationz Charles Milupi, but the people of Luena should have taught you a lesson not to take them for granted. Unless there are disadvantagez of being an independent MP, your status quo will not change.

  13. Ooh, I nearly forgot: congratulations MMD(especially Senior Citizen) for wining the ward elections. However, there is no need to keep on bragging about winning a ward election and dominating the article with such.
    Senior Citizen: thanks for your advise. As Pact supporters we will ensure that we come up with a formular next time. We have learnt our lesson that MMD will continue using and promoting tribal politics to enable them win chunks of voters in every constituency. As a Pact we stand for national development and we are against promoting tribal impis.

  14. Wel wel comin second in some areas en hopin t get landslide votes in ur so cald strongholds,thats wishful thinkin sc

  15. The question is, can these regional and individualistic personality cult parties manage to realise a national character politically by representation? Let time tell us.Only MMD has representation across the country either at local government or parliamentary level and pulls a first or second place only across the country at Presidential level. Is there a party that would never limit its slide into the 1st and 2nd continuum only as MMD? Let time show us.

  16. SC: PF & UPND have master political strategists and they will learn from this. I am sure these results will solidify their resolve to work together. As a Pact we decided to work together so that we stop MMD from using tribal divisions to perpetuate their hold on power. We are aware that the man at the helm of Zambian leadership(RB) is a well known hardcore tribalist who will stop at nothing to exploit tribal divisions to his advantage.

  17. Congratulation PF and ADD party for the work well done,this is the lesson the ruling party who are just interested in enriching themselves forgetting a common man puts them on the government positions. Lets rise up, unite as the opposition and form a government that will give benefit to a common man in the village. VIVA OPPOSITION. UPND wake up, cooperate with your elder brother PF,and MILUPI uli nshimbi.

  18. Congrats boss, i see your move was very well calculated. Man! that was close, was almost sick to my stomach when i heard that MMD was closing in last night, congrats again….. Now where the heck is that ‘Luena will be another dyonko’ fella?

  19. Congrats Mr Charles Milupi on being re-elected as Luena MP now under your political party ADD after you resigned from the same MP seat that you then held as an INDEPENDENT.

    However, a close look at the ECZ elections results show that your party ADD is suffocating for political oxygen to survive and you do not have to celebrate but start working hard to make ADD be real competitive and useful in Zambia politics.

  20. well done Attention Deficit Disorder – now can join the pact please / well done sir

  21. 24 continued

    ECZ Luena elections results since 2006 tripartite election to now

    2008 Presidential by-elections were:

    C. Milupi ADD [not in existence]

    RB Banda MMD [assisted by FDD,UNIP,ADD/Milupi] 5,821
    H Hichilema UPND 627 [PF-UPND PACT 1131]
    MC Sata PF 504
    G. Miyanda HP 41

    Total recorded cast 6993
    total registered voters 15,653

    2006 presidential elections:
    MWANAWASA Levy MMD 9,886
    HICHILEMA Hakainde UPND, FDD, UNIP (UDA) 410 [PF(/ULP)-UPND(/UDA) 813]
    SATA Michael M.C PF [assisted by ULP] 403
    NGONDO Winright K APC 206
    MIYANDA Godfrey K HP 78

    Total recorded cast 10,983
    Total registered 15,642

  22. Another message coming this time from W/Province.
    MMD don’t you get it?
    RB and George have failed to appeal to the Zambian people. They don’t even know how to campaign.
    Can Machungwa officially resign from PF or die so we can put Luapula to the test in terms of PF/UPND PACT and MMD strengths in the area. Amen.

  23. 24 and 26 continued

    2006 MP elections:

    MILUPI Charles L. Independent [ now in 2010 under ADD] 6,410
    SILUMESII Kalumyana L. MMD 4,450
    SIBETTA Crispin U. UPND, FDD, UNIP (UDA) 186
    [PF(/ULP)-UPND(/UDA) PACT 310]
    MUSOLE Sikatala APC 145
    LUBASI Phillip N. PF 124 [actually PF-ULP alliance]

    Total cast 11,315
    Total Registered 15,642

    2010 MP by-elections:

    C. Milupi ADD 3,688
    Mwangala Maopo MMD 2,800
    Muyunda Ililonga UPND [PF-UPND PACT] 1,806
    Sikatala Musole ULP 116
    Mutakela Mutakela UNIP 115

    Total recorded cast 8,525
    Total registered 15,642

    Clearly, the above ECZ results indicate that the UPND(-PF PACT) has actually improved its performance in the Western Province and thus UPND deserves the congratulations…

  24. No. 12 senior citizen.
    RB beat Sata by 35,000 when western, N/western and CB rural were MMD strongholds. Right now we can only talk of Easten province and parts of central province as being their strongholds. Stop deceiving the old man that things are ok as we long he comes out 2nd coz he may be 2nd everywhere except in Eastern.

  25. 24, 26 and 28 continued

    Also, ADD/C.Milupi has dwindled in popularity just like the MMD which is clearly losing its National presence character.

    Therefore, the 2011 results for Luena MP and presidential elections are most likely going to be in favour of the UPND(-PF PACT) candidate(s) — both MP and presidential candidates if HH is elected as the 2011 PF-UPND PACT presidential candidate or UPND goes it alone.

    Have a blessed day all as I urge MMD to take not that its so-called national character is slowly coming to an end. I just hope MMD will not be extinct after the 2011 elections. May it is now time for the MMD to become a real party not a MOVEMENT.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  26. But one issue is clear now here is no party alone can remove the MMD in power they just have to come together and A win for ADD is nothing to talk about check the ADD results in ndola 403 votes only atleast HH has tried because he has gained almost 3 times that is from 603 in 2008 to 1806.HH need to talk to Charles Milupi and SAKI if he wants to command Western Province.

  27. By the way, ULP or Sakwiba Sikota is finished as evidenced by the 2010 Luena election results above as well as the PF-ULP alliance results of the 2006 tripartite elections.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  28. What was he trying to prove by causing a by election and contesting for the same seat? This very costly they should come up with some law to stop this nonsence of spending tax payers money he is a very silly man.

  29. Senior Citizen why dont you just give praise where its due for once? You keep refering to by election wins by the opposition as “regional”… Dont you know that Parliamentary elections are inherently regional? What makes up Parliament is an aggregation of all the regional election results. In short, the party with the most “regional” seats carrys the day. At presidential level it is national.

    The writing is on the wall for MMD, but as usual with most incumbents, there is either s culture of denial or simply a lack of strategy (other than rigging). Bold decisions need to be made within MMD.


  31. Milupi has gained my respect. He was criticised for causing this bye-election but trhat is exactly what a democrat should do. He should test his popularity and let the people have a say. All those politicians with their tails bewteen their legs hiding behind someone else should take a leaf from this. They should resign their whips and stand on their own merit. Now that includes the 15 PF rebels, and Mpombo.

  32. Ati MMD has come out second! What nonsense is this? MMD has lost period.The opposition is busy winning & you are busy consoling yourselves with the coming out second nonsense.MMD is being confined to Eastern province & some portions of Central Province for obvious reasons.
    MMD has lost 2 bye elections to UPND in N/western province,how does the coming out second come in?
    Which seat has MMD grabbed from the opposition since john walker became president?

  33. iwe malupi,join the PF/UPND pact wiashiba..alone you wont make it in the general ele nxt year..kuti wabako minister or something.you seem to have brains.comeon join us dear,our arms are wide open:x:x:x we we love you malupi,i wonder why it has taken us ages to admit this..

  34. According to Mr. Musonda of MMD “…. it was disappointing that the MMD appeared like orphans as they campaigned on foot” and my question is “Where are they going to use RB;s mobile ambulances in Mpima?”

  35. Congratulations ADD and thanks for having a clean and peaceful campaign.

  36. What is it that the MMD didn’t do to which will make them win 2011. The trend shows. They have lost the seats to the opposition and the opposition is retaining theirs. They used all the taxpayers money, all GRZ vehicles for their campaigns, inported all the image- biulders overseas and the VJ victory just for RB to get that narrow victory over sata. Now you are busy consoling yourselves with an overdose of a self denial pill. IN fact in was a pact. Nawakwi supported RB, before she regained her senses and is now opposing him. Ngondo, though he alone in the party, added his voice to woo some votes to RB. All those will not work. The senselessly broke VJ will be there, but men- MMD is going and SC’s statictics will be nothing but trash

  37. Milupi is cleaver, he want to go into 2011 elections as a President of a Party so that any pact after the 2011 General Elections he is viewed as a Presidential companion warranting a big post in Govt in the Unity Govt led by the PACT unlike if he was an Independent. Of course we know Milupi can’t win the Presidency Just now and in his life time. cleaver move Bo Milupi. At least he won, MMD was not the altenative.

  38. What a waste of our precious resources surely. The money spent on the election of Milupi could have been used to even build two clinics or schools in Luena. Was Milupi under pressure to resign and retain the seat? Probably Milupi is eying 2011 general elections. As others have said, he better join the pact so that together, they can hound MMD out of the place and confine it to Eastern Province

  39. People, what is Milupi in ADD, is he the President or just a member? anyway we have seen it before where some party presidents contest for parliametary seats, and then it becomes a one man party show…sakwiba, BY a case in point..

  40. Congratulations Milupi. MMD if you guys want to rule beyond 2011, find a new presidential candidate. True that MMD is the most national of all parties, but what good is that if there is growing dislike for RB? At this rate, you will end up having to rely on the eastern vote.

  41. Lusaka Times you never post anything positive for the opposition especially PF as a main headline. When I started reading articles on this site i thought you were objective but I guess everyone has a side to actually lean towards.

  42. Chifubu results can in earlier than Luena results, I didn’t see that as main headline, that was supposed to be breaking news and followed by Luena because the results came in that order! Readers beware of the intentions of these sites.

  43. #34 You have to look further than the eye can eye. Come back in 2011 and it will all make sense. Sometimes it is better to keep quiet and let people think you are a fool than to post an comment and remove all doubt. Peace be with you.

  44. #34 You have to look further than the eye can eye. Come back in 2011 and it will all make sense. Sometimes it is better to keep quiet and let people think you are a f.o.o.l than to post an comment and remove all doubt. Peace be with you.

  45. Viva milupi you have shamed your critics and that is a signal for the end of MMD in western province coz luapula, Nothern and Coperbelt ARE for Sata, Southern and part N/western ARE for HH which means MMD has Eastern and Central Meaning MMD is Automatically out of power in 2011. Well DONE Milupi for yo cleaver thinkng. This must be good news for Sata

  46. It is good to read how people are atticulating issues. Honestly Congratulations Hon Milupi and ADD. There should just be a delibararte policy to develop the consituencies in terms of health, education and infrastructure development. I think that will be enough a campaign. 2011is just a few months away the time to work is now.

  47. Milupi #CUUUU# has shamed his critics. Despite the magine the victory is very sweet considering the vote buying the MMD and UPND engaged in. MMD ministers together with RB son Andrew camped at all the 41 polling stations, slaughtered animals and gave out money to voters are they were going to vote. The poor villagers were threatened to be soughted out if the MMD lost at the respesctive polling stations. It is only places like limulunga whare people were enlightened where the just chewed the money but still voted for #CuUU#. To win the bye election is just proof that Milupi was too popular. Well done bo Milupi and i know ADD will be a force!!

  48. CuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuCuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuCuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuCuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  49. I believe PF has no structures in Western Province and Mr Sata’s claim when he featured on a Radio programme that local people in Chadiza and Kaoma told PF to field a candidate has been disastrous for the PF-UPND PACT. Whoever those people in Chadiza and Kaoma Mr PF/Sata MC was referring to clearly cheated PF and now the PACT has terribly lost because of PF’s insincerity and dishonesty.

    According the Times of Zambia of today 7/08/2010 under a title MMD grabs 3 seats from opposition, “The ruling party… grabbed another ward seat from the opposition UNIP in Chadiza, Eastern Province… Chanjowe ward[,] the MMD candidate Isaac Phiri got 449 votes, UPND candidate Jester Mbewe had 162 votes while the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Paul Phiri had 147.

  50. The distant 3 position of PF in the Chadiza election shows that the mighty UPND is more popular than PF in Eastern Province. As a matter of fact, PF has also cone out number 3 in the Kaoma by-election where the mighty UPND came out number two to MMD.

    With the above results and others, the PF vuvuzela, the POST, must be happy that UPND hasnt performed very well in the elections.

    I therefore hope that PF has learnt a lesson from this Chadiza election results as well as the Kaoma Ward result where both UPND and PF lost to the MMD but UPND clearly beat PF in vote numbers obtained — another indicator that UPND is more popular than PF in Western Province.
    Be blessed all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto u

  51. mmd has lost its salt to win in Chipata they had to make breakfast and lunch for them is an insult lower a human being to be treated as such but unfortunately it happened. iam not suprise that eastern province is always behind in political tempereture in when we changed to mmd they remained in unip now people changinig to the pact they remain with mmd i dont know experts help me

  52. What’s the point? A waste of tax payer’s money if you ask me. Milupi is a delusional joker; couldn’t he have waited till Nov 2011 before he formed his ADD? This one man party syndrome is really getting on my nerves! no different from Gen Miyanda, Ken Ngondo, Elias Chipimo Jr…all seemingly sensible characters who unfortunately behave like insane chaps!!!

  53. #64 with all do respect, you clearly didn’t do your research well, if at all. What makes you think ADD is a one man party? incase you did not know, it was formed and is run by members from all corners of the country….so i suggest you do you research again and base you comments on facts and not mere feelings.

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