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Father nabbed for defiling his 15 year old daughter

Rural News Father nabbed for defiling his 15 year old daughter

Kalomo Police have arrested a villager of Mulamfu Village in Chief Simwatachela’s area in Kalomo District has been arrested and charged with incest for defiling his 15 year old daughter and impregnating her.

Onest Simakuni is alleged to have been defiling his biological daughter since 2006 and consequently made her pregnant.

Southern Province Police Commanding Officer Lemmy Kajoba confirmed the development to ZANIS in Livingstone yesterday and disclosed that the 15 year old minor has a three months old baby alleged to have been fathered by Simakuni.

Mr Kajoba said Simakuni was expected to appear in court soon.




  2. this one pliz amputate his dick he should go to jail without that dangerous weapon he carries in his bombasa. bembas say uyu ena muputuleni bukala

  3. …Since 2006, shes 15 now meaning she was probably 10 or 11 when this s.e.xual pervert of a man started molesting this poor soul. I am so mad but instead of channeling my anger to vulgar language I will pray for the little girl and all others that have been victims of such barbaric, uncouthed, good for nothing, lunatics.

  4. Dont forget the Tonga dude who recently pounced on a bed-ridden AIDS patient in Mazabuka and banged her till she fainted. She died like the next day. Thats Tongas for u. I am Lozi so I have every rite to diss these horny bums!! Try thinking with your heads one day, u’ll find that its quite pleasurable also.

  5. Where was the mother? An accomplice? Appropriate laws should be enacted to protect the girl child. It is a very sad development, and am sure it all has to do with juju to make the man more rich. He has destroyed the girl’s future and should be put away for a long time.

  6. The girl has probably been enjoying it. It was not until she fell pregnant that she revealed the father was responsible. Under the guise of going to protect his daughter from naughty boys deep in the night, this man was busy chewing her and I tell you, she enjoyed it.

  7. At 11 years of age, a village girl already has alot of experience on s.e.x. She does it with boys her age during the day and besides, at this age, even older boys have already started visiting and chewing her at night in her separate hut far away from her parents’ hut. She probaly had boy friends who used to chew her but her father, with more experience, turned out to be the strongest of all.

  8. 11 year olds when properly handled will within a short time get used to s.e.x and start enjoying it. I recall one incident about 2 or 3 years ago involving a 70 year old Cobbler and an 11 yaer old grade 6 girl. He met the girl coming from school at Show Ground in Lusaka, Zambia were his shoe shop was situated. Noticing that the girl appeared desperate about something, he sweettalked her and took her to his home. The girl was reported missing for three months from that day. By the time she was found in the old man’s house, she had been schooled in s.e.x and had no problem whatsoever in that department. When arrested, the old man had this to say, ”…she is grown up, she holds me just like any other grown up person….. Try her if you don’t believe me.”

  9. The fact that such cases are reported more in Southern Province than anywhere else is an indication that the people there are more civilized, are against immoral acts and are willing to report culprits to the police. Others just sweep such cases under the carpet in order to protect their families. Look at what is happening in the Western world for example, we hear of such cases on a daily basis because the media is vicious and the people community report such cases to the police. I hope the rest of Zambia will follow the lead of the Southerners on this issue of opennes.

  10. Incest, and not defilement is the issue here. Lets please reduce the age of consent for girls from the current 16 to 12 in rural areas and 14 in towns. Our daughters are maturing earlier than ever before.

  11. # 15 you are the man of the facts.southern is a dynamic,most mordern province being along the line of rail-there is good flow of information.but alas..! go to musangu in mwense,kazembe in kawambwa,mporokoso—–these typical villages without hope of life.I spent a night at Chembe boarder—the place is a village on my knees.You find typical illiterates who dont even know “HOW ARE YOU”.

  12. so what will the baby call him, dad or grand-dad? Maybe granddad since the word has both grand and dad in it, what do you think?

  13. Can the police pliz arrest the so called Dr. Kanganja he seem to be talking from experience. He could be the same cobbler who abducted the ka young girl he is talking about @ # 13. Just study his contributions on this matter very much in support of what happened.

  14. Comment 5 facts are facts my dear. No one will erase the show grounds story. Even the police have records of this old man. As Sata would have it, you seem to behave like a village dog that barks and retreats tail between its legs. Where are your ideas apart from the attack on my comments? Do you not know that borrowed cultures and ideas are killing us as Zambians (Africans)? All the same enjoy the day/night.

  15. Thats why am becoming a vegetarian, you eat to much bull meat( especially testicals) you start behaving like a bull, bonking pigs, AIDs patients and now their own children. typical.

  16. #27 msana wanzili….’typical’ what? :d

    # Zed Patriot and #20 who….sense guy!!! I once worked with guys who used to laugh at their colegues from Mazabuka as ‘mumbwa-mumbwa’ the guys were from Chinsali. When I went to Chinsali in 2000, my goodness….the buliding that once house ‘Mwaiseni store’ was full of buts. as to the levels of poverty and illiteracy, let me end here. The way some people keep up appearances in cities and sounding like they come from civilised places, its amazing. When I went through Luapula up to Chiengi, I had nothing more to say. What shocked me more was how people could be that poor when they had plenty of GOOD SOIL and lots of WATER. We need to help each other change some mentalities!

  17. who writes these articles? Does LT even have an editor. I can spot at least 5 mistakes in the first paragraph. Please sort it out. I am willing to edit your articles for free, as it is now just getting embarassing.:)>-

  18. #28 Mumbwa-Mumbwa
    ouch ! we’ve also been to Inthezi-thezi and we know where you go to answer the call of nature despite huge amounts of kwacha government pumps in that region to boost tourism year in year out. Tell us where Government sends more relief food yearly between Southern and Northern / Luapula provinces.

  19. #29 jelita
    Whats even more embarrasing are petty editors like yourself, the best you can do is to start up your own blog and show us how its done. You dont pay a thing to read news here and you expect LT to pick kwachas from trees to pay editors, huh? Start by donating to LT, they cant trust you to edit their work until they see how neat your blog is.

  20. #30 msana wanzili….this statement from last post answers your questions ‘What shocked me more was how people could be that poor when they had plenty of GOOD SOIL and lots of WATER. We need to help each other change some mentalities!’

  21. for your own information you chaps..defilements and incest are topping in Luapula and Northern provinces..go to police ..they will tell why..?ubuloshi..



  24. I lived & schooled in TONGALAND,MAN! These guys can shag! From cousins to anything on two legs, like the goat guy in KAPILI MPOSHI. @15? While whether its consensual sex or whatever, this man should have exercised responsiblity. I must also say that kids are just becoming something these days. I worked in one night club ku Zed around 16hrs pa friday-There were tu ma girls na mamina all over the dance floor. I just said to my self let them be shagged hard so that they know that its not a world of extacy only. For us men, lets at least pick aba kulu-tho badula but you will save yourself the devils baptism & soon your will be ku chimbokaila being shagged kumbuyo by the head of the cell. Mo hell! TONGAS IMPROVE! Some girls do it accrobatically even at 15. Its a rotten world!

  25. #31, dude there is no excuse for the grammar that is in use on this site. Even if you only went up to grade 9, you should be to construct proper sentences in english. Have you read some of the captions on the pictures gallery? By the way writing comments on a new website does not make you a blogger.
    A blog is something totally different from a website, a news website at that.
    Ever heard of spell/grammar check? Just press F7 on any standard qwerty keyboard.
    Peace out.

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