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RB warns HH about Sata

Headlines RB warns HH about Sata

President Rupiah Banda

President Banda has warned UPND leaders Hakainde Hichilema that he will soon know who Mr. Sata really is.

Mr. Banda was speaking when he addressed a mammoth rally at the community grounds in Namwala this afternoon.

President Banda said Mr. Sata was not a right person Mr. Hichilema can work with because both have different backgrounds and beliefs.

“HH is educated and is a young man but Sata has none of these things and all he wants is to become President,” he said.

He said he is happy that the two pact leaders were being questioned by their members on the motives behind the formation of the pact.

“HH is educated and is a young man but Sata has none of these things and all he wants is to become President,” he said.

President Banda said out of the 42 PF MPs, the majority from Luapula and Northern provinces have turned against him because they do not believe in what he was doing.

He said Mr. Hichilema was jumping in a sinking boat because Mr. Sata just wants to use the UPND to become president.

The President appealed to the people in the province to form a formidable pact with the ruling MMD because it is ready to work with him.

He appealed to all MMD members and leaders in the country to keep their doors open to those who wish to work with the MMD government.

“Politics is the game of numbers and we need numbers to continue ruling so allow whoever wishes to work with us do so,” said Mr. Banda.

The President thanked the chiefs and the people of Namwala for inviting him to visit their area.

And at the same rally, Namwala UPND member of Parliament Robbie Chizyuka said he did not regret having differed with UPND Hakainde Hichilema because his alliance with the PF does not make sense.

“Politics is the game of numbers and we need numbers to continue ruling so allow whoever wishes to work with us do so,” said Mr. Banda.

Major Chizyuka said the UPND was formed to provide leadership to the country and not to be given to other people to control it.

He explained that it was the belief of the founders of the party that people would get alternative leadership through the party.

Maj. Chizyuka said under Mr. Hichilema the UPND has continued to lose its popularity gained during the time of the late Anderson Mazoka.

He stressed that Mr. Hichilema would never be president of Zambia because of his alleged arrogance.

“How can a normal person work with someone who has insulted the people of the region where he (Hichilema) comes from?” he questioned.

He said Mr. Sata had insulted the people of Southern province as dogs and has never even bothered to apologize to the people even after being asked to do so.

Maj. Chizyuka appealed to the people of Namwala to support President Banda and the MMD because they understand what is good for them.

He thanked all the government departs in the province that contributed to the successful completion of the Choma-Namwala road.

At the same rally Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe assured Maj. Chizyuka of the MMD’s support in his struggle to improve the lives of the people of Namwala.

Mr. Munkombwe said he personally has fought battles and would, with the party and government, stand by his side.

He said those referring to Maj. Chizyuka as a fool, will soon see the kind of person he is.

Mr. Munkombwe urged Maj. Chizyuka not to be ashamed to fight for his people but to ‘walk with his head up’.

“The President is always insulted every day and he has never hit back but has continued with his job of providing for the many Zambian people. Don’t look back just go forward,” he advised.

He said Mr. Sata had insulted the people of Southern province as dogs and has never even bothered to apologize to the people even after being asked to do so.

Earlier, President Rupiah Banda challenged political parties to celebrate events of development with the rest of the country.

President Banda says this is important because all political parties are formed to push for development in various parts of the country.

Referring to the successful completion of the tarring of the Choma-Namwala road, the President noted that it would have been nice for leaders of other political parties to celebrate with the people they wish to lead once given an opportunity.

He said there was no need for people in a democracy to work like enemies because their goal is one and the same.

He called for unity of purpose and hard work from all citizens to propel the much needed development.

“It doesn’t matter who the President is or which political party he is coming from but that whoever is President should recognize that he has a duty to the people that elected him, said Mr. Banda.

He said as President he is duty bound work with all the people regardless of their political affiliations.

Mr. Banda explained that political parties are there for people to choose and join if they agree with their ideologies.

He said people must not be compelled to support a political party on the basis of tribe or regionalism because the tenets of democracy are such that they do it freely.

“We have all been in one party or the other such as UNIP, ANC and now MMD. As for me I am happy that my presidency is an example of a miracle because whilst at my farm my late brother President Mwanawasa invited me to serve the people which I am gladly and happily doing,” he said.

President Banda said together with the ruling MMD he has gone round the whole country to have every one vote for him because he believes that all regions and tribes in the country should work together instead of fighting each other.

And President Banda has said politics of bitterness should be avoided because this was not the right way to conduct the affairs of the nation.

The President wondered why Patriotic Front Leader Michael Sata, whom he described as his traditional cousin, was bitter about him.

“We have all been in one party or the other such as UNIP, ANC and now MMD. As for me I am happy that my presidency is an example of a miracle because whilst at my farm my late brother President Mwanawasa invited me to serve the people which I am gladly and happily doing,” he said.

He said Mr. Sata has at many occasions insulted him and other people such as traditional leaders without reason.

Mr. Banda said he finds it difficult to understand the source of the hatred towards him from Mr. Sata.

The President appealed to the Ila people and Tongas in Southern Province not to embrace Mr. Sata because they would not work with him.

“It is not possible for anyone to become president if the person creates enmity with the people they intend to serve. You need to humble yourself and go to the people to explain what you want to do for them when they give you an opportunity,” he said.

The rally was also attended by several local chiefs and others from various parts of the country.



  1. This is the real man zed needs, not satanists vampires. To the Tongas. Wake up. You are being used and for many years you were horses for Bembas. They tricked Nkumbula senior, they Killed Baldwin in your eyes to avoid him being the next president. In an effort to easy the tension they wanted to appease you by naming UNZA, Nkumbula University. What nonsense! When you supported Mazoka they said tribal part, Today they want you just for them to go state house and when they get there, the pact is dommed and you are out. These are crooks who thought they can win by themselves bcos they think they are the majority. Majority loses 3 times? HH don’t work with thieves, least you will be called a thief very soon.

  2. VIVA RB. To all the progressive Zambian please you must avoid bringing Kawalalas in state house. They steel from the economy, after steeling they don’t go school to acquire decent qualifiactions but forging is their game and you still trust such fools to lead you. Wake up. Viva Banda, Viva MMD

  3. RB is now desperate. He is inviting everyone to join MMD for his own personal benefit. His allies cant company for him any more. Soon he will invite pf to form the pact. All those opposition symphasizers during levy’s funeral have turned him down. We will see come 2011.

  4. RB, even KK who supported you during election time is now a shocked man. He can’t believe what you have turned into, or what you have continued to be. He thought becoming a president you will be a bit more responsible. Alas, you have now become more criminal than in UNIP where you were disciplined maybe three times cos of your thieving nature. Anyway expecting RB to be a descent human being is asking for too much. He has ever been a crook.

  5. The unholy alliance that has birth this marriage of inconvenience between HakaSata is on terms of “Horse and Rider” to doom.It has no basis, principles or fundamentals but delusions.

  6. On “He said Mr. Sata had insulted the people of Southern province as dogs and has never even bothered to apologize to the people even after being asked to do so… The President appealed to the Ila people and Tongas in Southern Province not to embrace Mr. Sata because they would not work with him” the Holy Bible admonish that we must forgive one another especially when the party to be forgiven has confessed. I therefore find Mr President RB Banda’s request from us Zambian-Tongas as very bad although Mr PF/Sata MC is alleged to have insulted us as dogs.

    A while ago, President RB Banda insulted HH as a puppy, dog, and insulted HH’s father anf family as dogs; and this means that RB insultes all Zambian-Tongas as dogs and inturn all humanity. Are Sata and RB different?

  7. Idiosyncratically His Excellency President Rupiah Banda’s leadership comes out as very progressive one with best national interest at heart unlike the opposition who are hollow dissemblers of a leaf in the wind. Continuously RB has kept proving that he is not just Zambia’s Guardian of hope and unity that has resisted polarization, the man has kept showing adaptive capacity in all national endeavors for the common good. He has shown learning and change ability – about the Governed, the world around him, and what it takes to adjust to, and to make, change that is of common good.

  8. Since when did RB gave advice which he thinks will benefit HH. I thought RB doesn’t even consider HH to be human: Remember “SON OF A DOG” tag? So how do you give advice to a non-human? I think HH is intelligent enough to see through this garbage. UPND is bigger than Chizyuka. And I hope the majority of UPND members are mature enough to reject these lies from people who have shown very litle regard for their Party for all these years. How come MMD only realises now that they need UPND’s support? What have they done for Southern Province (and the whole country, for that matter) since 1991—Namwala road only? Who do they think southerners are, I.D.I.O.T.S?

    UPND, get in bed with MMD and you will be “pimping” Zambia off for another decade of abuse and rape by MMD thieves—Wake Up!

  9. Tazan, 2 and 3, my dear brother/sister such tribal sentments are not good for our country. why do you hate Bemba? do you realy know why people call bembas thieves? i am not a bemba but I have been to nothern province for work. I have also worked in southern p. for your information. typical Bemba are not what we think they are. The copper belt (mixed tribes) is what has tanished the bemba tribe because when people migrated to the CB the language they used had more Bemba words and the behaviour of people in CB was bad becuase it was a mixture of tribes. Bemba are a very wonderfull people and for your information,we have alot of Tongas and Lozis who are well setted in nothern province.You not compare for eg Chinsali and Choma were people are always killing each but they leave in same village.

  10. Senior Citizen, ala kwena ulonaula ifintu iwe! Just when someone ie enjoying the issues, you put something to make us angry. You will die from indigestion nefyakulya ubushiku. Wabe lobo!!

  11. Everywhere and across the nation H.E President Banda carries with him a spirit of practical teamwork, mutual Support, Cooperation and altruistic statesmanship. This is why institutionalized politics of ruling MMD remains the only hope of this country until such a time another credible party emerges on the scene. MMD is a national party to reckon with in perpetuity.

  12. RB a great saviour ? LOL senior citizen

    A lot of travels
    His gang members and ministers steal donors money (health, roads)
    arrogance against donors
    Zambian assets sold for a song
    European Union has observed that ‘Zambia is not benefiting from its copper
    Connivance with foreign companies : windfall taxes scrapped, low minerals taxes, crumbs given to zccm whereas mines owe zccm hundred million dollars
    The justice is RB’s puppet : Mpombo, M’membe
    more and more corruption and impunity for thieves : willing to remove the abuse of office clause from the ACC Act to dilute the fight against corruption, Chiluba cleared
    Poverty so high and the govt plays the beggar while foreign companies earn billion dollars
    Civil servants not paid

    rather a great DESTROYER !!

  13. We really don’t know who should be warned here. I thought the warning should go to all Zambians about Rupiah Banda and his new found mate FJT. The heading here should have read: ZAMBIANS BEWARE OF RUPIAH BANDA.

  14. Why i say the unholy alliance that has birthed this marriage of inconvenience between HakaSata on terms of “Horse and Rider” to doom? Evidently it has no basis, principles or fundamentals but delusions.I will zero on facts shortly in the next few months before gasping pact finally implodes and Presidential Political historians starts writing on its historic circus years. I always expect Dr.Beyani’s HH’s political advisor and indeed Ichilema himself we blog with here occasionally to defend this line of facts.

  15. senoir citizen how does this private marriage affect you, remember a marriage is a personal affair between the partners, so what are you complaining about, are u by any chance the illegitimate product? Mbuzi.

  16. Add this whistle blower, RB to the comment above, what is your interest if not jealous? Let them shag each other HH and Sata, are you a referee?

  17. Bonafide Zambian voters across our country who scan through the contemporary political arena find all rivals to ruling MMD and RB as titular circus parties without national agenda other than their tribes. To win national elections presided by the ECZ, the first prerequisite is that you have to have a national character and spirit missing in these regional parties.Ruling MMD is the only national party with a voice, structures and vision across the country.

  18. Justice:

    Never mind Mr. Senior Citizen. Those of us who are familiar with the way he operates just ignore his rants. He is quite ROBOTIC in the way he propagandizes—just a friendly advice!!

  19. Hello Justice says, don’t pay attention to senior citizen. I live with this ***** here in my backyard, he is a loser and in real life he is one chap you will never want to sit next to because he smells like a skunk. Zambians here tried to put up money to buy him some body wash and perfume but he is arrogant so we let him suck.

  20. Where are the PF political structures in Southern province, North Western, Western and Eastern?

    Where are the UPND political structures in Luapula, Northern, Western and Eastern provinces?

    In Luapula embattled PF that has resorted to insulting traditional rulers is gasping for air. The trend is no different in Northern province among the Mambwe, Lungu, Namwaanga and tumbuka speaking people worsen when with Sata’s indorsement of GBM’s xenophobic statement “Kasama is for Bembas only” to the chasm of the entire PF establishment.

  21. No savvy politician with fire in his belly for his country would subscribe to the Horse and Ride offer of taking your educated legislatures to deputize Grade 7s a tribal party has assembled for its shadow cabinet. Ichilema has been assured to deputize Guy Scott a deal ever sober people would never sign to.

  22. “There is need for the people of Southern Province to break the myth that they are tribal by supporting a political party with a national character”. True

    “The United Party for National Development (UPND)/Patriotic Front (PF) Pact is neither sustainable nor viable because of its ethnic and regional support bases”. True

    “Time had come for the province to change the status quo”.

    “The people of Southern Province should appreciate the many development projects the Government is undertaking in the area by supporting President Rupiah Banda in the 2011 elections”. True

    “Apart from new schools that had been built, new roads were being constructed and health centres being put up”.True

    “Namwala & Itezhi-Tezhi had a bumper maize harvest because of the good…

  23. “Namwala & Itezhi-Tezhi had a bumper maize harvest because of the good policies of the MMD Government” True

  24. “The people of Southern Province were tired of being in the opposition”. True

    “They are tired of eating under the table as a people. It is about time that they also sat and ate the national cake from the table,” True

    “The province need to break away from the image malicious Sata dressed them up when late Mazoka founded UPND that portrayed them as tribalists by voting for a party with a national presence”.True

  25. “The province need to break away from the image malicious Sata dressed them up when late Mazoka founded UPND that portrayed them as tribalists by voting for a party with a national presence”.True

  26. Michael Sata hated late Mwanamubotu Kambela Anderson Mazoka an iconic Executive chief he chased like a dog from MMD for his patriotism. That patriotic nationalist was maliciously dressed the tribal tag and the people of Southern province like North Western called dogs. If he did that as a mere minister, what more hateful spite would he make against his none tribal Zambians? Like Dada Idi Amin he would exterminate them considering his natural illiteracy and lack of respect for constitutionalism.

  27. Today Anderson Mazoka is turning in his grave at the humiliation of his spirit and values going by the treacherous opportunism of Ichilema without principles of the party he has inherited. This is why he is facing doom politically because of some bad omen every time Andy is turning in his Grave.Mama Mtinta Mazoka’s widow has been but all isolated for Sata.

  28. Gentlemen, in all fairness, we need to help this guy. Ba Senior Citizen, we know that right now you have no work to do at the embassy, but ukusabaila is not the solution. We know you are so stressed, but this crazy talk you are posting here is not the solution. Somehow you need a psychotherapy or total psychiatric treatment. Mazoka is not the discussion here. Turning in the grave? Where did you see dead people turning in their graves? If you find one, please take them out. They are alive. On # 29, you are evoking tribal fights by stating that people from Southern and NW were called dogs. State facts. Show us when this was done. The only person who called someone from Southern Province son of a dog is Rupiah Banda. We have evidence to that fact. Stop mashabe, ingulu, ukusemuka.

  29. Hang in folks (#2 Tazani), PF is not for Bembas only, please! Also the Bembas are the most educated people in Zambia!! I am lozi / Bemba and I really know what I am talking about.

  30. But i thought cobra also had his 2 or is it 3 degrees, have they been wiped away with the changes in the NCC clause?
    Knowing Mr Sata, i wouldnt be surprised if he warns HH tommorrow against RB.
    If he does then HH should then warn Zambians against the 2.

  31. People, people, dont go tribal, we all belong to our lovely nation called zambia.

    Senior cisilu, get a life. So you think blogging puke here will make you a somebody? You are just putting yourself in mwamoneni, ndiwe chimbwi no plan kusabaila che. Advice from Banda will only work for andrew, henry etc Oh, and miss piggy as well as the chipata school teacher who shares his bed. HH is too smart to listen to this old far/t.

  32. Banda in your travels, try to get some face lift, yaba too many wrinkles on face looks like my grandmothers tummy!!

  33. MP Chizyuka sings praises for RB ahead of visit

    Namwala Member of Parliament Robbie Chizyuka has said the people of Namwala have the right to thank President Banda and his government for fulfilling the dreams of their ancestors of ensuring that the area received a fair share of development.
    Major. Chizyuka told ZANIS in an interview in Namwala today that the people in the area were overwhelmed by the support Government had continued to give to them.

  34. He said for close to 46 years after independence the area had not received the amount of development it had seen in the last three years and eleven months.
    Maj. Chizyuka said the Ila people were happy that their support towards the freedom struggle to which they sacrificed their cattle by funding it, was now paying dividends under President Banda.

  35. “The dream of our forefathers was to have the Choma-Namwala road tarred so that the area could be opened up for development and this we have tried several times and failed but now we celebrate this unprecedented gift from President Banda’s government,” he said.
    He said the people of Namwala have since invited President Banda in their area to thank him in the Ila way.
    He said the Ila people and their chiefs knew that taking development to an area such as Namwala was not an easy task because it required huge resources which the Government had willingly made available.

  36. “For us whether or not others like it, we believe President Banda’s word is his bond and this we will eternally be grateful to him. You know that this country has had leaders but him is just a few years in office and has proved to us that he is not just our friend but a father, “said Maj. Chizyuka.
    Hundreds of people from the outskirts of Namwala boma have already started arriving in the boma to witness the visit of President Banda who is expected to arrive in the area tomorrow.

  37. Several chiefs from many parts of the country and the province have also started arriving in the area.
    Over 71 chiefs from other parts of the country and over 1 000 headmen from Namwala and other surrounding areas are expected in the district by the end of today.
    Meanwhile, Major Chizyuka has described as wishful thinking assertions by some senior UPND leaders that he would announce his resignation from the party to join the ruling MMD at a rally to be addressed by President Banda on Tuesday.

  38. He said he had no intentions to do so because he was still a pure UPND member adding this was the reason he contested his expulsion from the party in the courts of law.
    “I have heard about those funny rumours but I can tell you that there was no such a thing because my heart is UPND, my blood is UPND and I will not leave,” he said.
    He said he had spent huge personal resources to build the UPND and that no one could easily chase him out of the party.

  39. He said those misleading the people that he intended to resign this Tuesday should allow the people to appreciate President Banda’s support to them.
    Maj. Chizyuka said he played a critical role in the initial stages of the formation of the UPND and also in the appointment of Mr. Hakainde Hichilema as leader of the opposition party.
    He said President Banda had shut up his opponents because he had delivered within a short period of time.
    “For example, this Choma-Namwala road is not only an economic road but a serious political road and on this shame to his critics because he has shown them how things must be done,” he said.

  40. He advised his critics not to mistake development for politics urging them to start politics at the right time.
    Maj. Chizyuka said President Banda’s visit to Namwala was purely development and was at the invitation of the people in the district.
    He said people want to have him in the area so that he could see how resources that Government had been allocating to the district have been used.
    Maj. Chizyuka said President Banda was selling a product in the name of development and this had sent shivers in his political opponents and critics.

  41. Bakawaya waya mu pact are in troubled waters as their hate crimes fall flat on their noses.

    A ZK 167 billion Choma–Namwala Road project delivered

    PRESIDENT Rupiah Banda has pledged to deliver development to all the people of Zambia and called on the people of Southern Province to remain united.

    And Mr Banda has said he is happy that the K167 billion Choma–Namwala Road had finally been completed.

  42. President Banda, who drove from Choma to Namwala on the tarred road, said he was in the province, and Choma in particular, to celebrate the completion of the road.

    “I have been in politics for all these years and the Choma-Namwala Road has been the song and prayer of the people of Southern Province. Today we are here to celebrate the completion of the road,” he said.

    He said he was happy that the people in the province had welcomed him at the airport, adding that the gesture gave him impetus to work hard and deliver development to the people.

  43. He said he was also happy that the Lusaka-Livingstone Road had been completed.
    The president said he would not make promises that he would not fulfill.

    “It is our duty to everyone to ensure that our children go to school, to build hospitals and roads not only in Choma but throughout the country.

    “We are not saying that we have done enough. We are very ambitious people and we want to do more and more for our people,” he said.

    He said Zambia in the next 10 years would be more developed than it is because of the peace and unity in the country.

  44. President Banda told the crowd that received him that they should not allow anybody to separate them and depart from the national motto of ‘One Zambia One Nation’.

    Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe praised President Banda as the Choma-Namwala Road was completed during his presidency.

    Mr Munkombwe also said Mr Banda would win at the MMD convention.

    Southern Province MMD chairperson, Solomon Muzyamba said the people of Southern Province had resolved to support President Banda as evidenced by the votes he got in 2008 during the presidential elections.

  45. FORMER secretary to the Treasury David Diangamo has said it was impossible for the UPND/PF Pact to form government because of their divided loyalties.

    “The opinion poll is spot on. Southern Province can’t accept to vote for (Michael) Sata just like the people of Luapula can’t support Hakainde Hichilema,” Mr Diangamo said.

  46. After a National Bumper harvest State kicks off input distribution exercise

    GOVERNMENT has flagged-off the input distribution exercise for the 2010/2011 farming season with a call on Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) to consider diversifying the market for its products.

    Minister of Agriculture and Co-operatives Peter Daka said at the ceremony marking the start of the distribution exercise at NCZ in Kafue yesterday that farmers who will benefit from the inputs should use them prudently to produce more than they did in the previous farming season.

  47. “May I take this opportunity to urge all beneficiaries under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) to use the inputs wisely to increase their yields and production even better than the previous season,” Mr Daka said.

    He said transporters that have been contracted to transport fertilisers from NCZ should ensure they arrive at their respective destinations in good time and with the commodities in good state.

  48. Mr Daka said Government has subsidised the production of the fertilisers at NCZ.
    He said although the production of a bag of fertiliser costs K200,000, beneficiaries will be getting it at K50,000.
    Mr Daka said Government has also awarded contracts to other private sector input suppliers to supply fertliser and seed.

    He said the move is aimed at building their capacity and demonstrating Government’s commitment to continued liberalisation of agricultural markets.

  49. Mr Daka appealed to the suppliers to deliver their contract quantities in full to avoid loss of the gains the FISP has so far recorded.

    Mr Daka, however, said Government has a responsibility to ensure that domestic production of agricultural inputs such as fertilisers is promoted.
    He said NCZ should ensure that it remains competitive in supplying D-compound fertiliser outside the FISP.

  50. “While Government has provided money for rehabilitation and production, NCZ management should ensure that the company remains competitive in the supply of D-compound fertiliser beyond the Government programme requirements,” Mr Daka said.

    He said with limited Government resources, the NCZ should strive to find strategic partnerships in fertiliser and ammonium nitrate production.
    Mr Daka appealed to the private sector to look into the possibilities of partnering with the company with a view to increasing and taking up a leading role in the financing of agricultural inputs production and distribution.

  51. He said Government planned to distribute inputs early for the farming season and awarded NCZ a contract to manufacture and supply 20,000 metric tonnes of D-compound fertiliser.

    NCZ has since produced over 80 percent of the contracted quantity of fertiliser.
    He said the work by the company is commendable as it has worked to bring Government plans to fruition.
    Mr Daka reiterated that NCZ should maintain the momentum and work towards positioning itself strategically in the competitive liberalised markets.
    He urged the company to produce fertiliser all year-round.

  52. Mr Daka said while producing fertiliser, the company should not lose sight of other available opportunities through alternative profitable products.
    He said this will help the company to be sustainable.
    Mr Daka said Government is committed to building the production capacities of small-scale farmers and rebuilding their eroded resource base through input support.

    He said the FISP has increased its support from 120,000 small-scale farmers at its inception to 500,000 in the 2009/2010 farming season.
    Mr Daka said with the increase in the support, the ministry has been working on improving implementation modalities and support services

  53. He said as such, beneficiary identification is now being done at camp level.
    Mr Daka said the 2.7 million metric tonnes of produce the country recorded last year is also a result of the same.

    NCZ managing director Richard Soko thanked Government for selecting his company to supply 20,000 metric tonnes of fertiliser to the FISP.
    Mr Soko said the contracts Government has been awarding NCZ over the years to supply fertiliser to the programme have helped to sustain the

  54. senior citizen and mwata i have a simple question for you two gentlemen?what do you do for a living?i think you both seem to have nothing else to do but to continuously ridiculously posting senseless comments around the clock.don’t you have something else to do?i understand you have the right to express your views but your blogging style is infuriating and neausiating.make good use of your time while you are still young.don’t show such advanced levels of primitivity as if you are still in stone age dispersation.Lets be responsible,i hate to insult but we should not be too childish in our blogging.One day you will remember this precious time u are wasting as if you work for LT.Every article you are always there with 90% irrelevant comments.SHUT UR MOUTH AND OPEN YOUR A*****S.NEXT TM WATCH

  55. Attorney General,

    You must be misled to think these die-hard MMD propagandists have no vocation and economic lifelines. One fact you need to know is MMD is in power and has jobs for their loyalists. Some people say Senior Citizen is Ben Kangwa the first press secretary at the Zedian Mission in DC whatever evidence they have which has never been authaunticated. But my realiable sources has it that SC is actually a US educated economist with a Master degree in Developmental Studies based in Boston, MA working for “Bain Capital” one of the world’s leading private investment firms managing approximately $67 billion in assets under management. I’m yet to know of Mwata. Their support is partisan and spirited.

  56. Attorney General,

    The other hard thing you should ask yourself and share with us the answer is, who wons LT??????????

    If you don’t know the avoid humiliating yourself with statements that its as if they work for LT because this world of surprises could teach you that they own it. Everything is possible. Hold your tongue and just rebattle them if you have facts.

  57. From what I read in The Post,Hachipuka is now coming out and certainly not in good terms with HH’s leadership.I remain waiting.

  58. Headmen are Zambia’s cornerstones – RB

    President Rupiah Banda says village headmen are an important corner stone of the country’s foundation.President Banda says this is so because traditional leaders are the ones that provide guidance to the people at the grassroots.

    Mr. Banda says village headmen have continued to play a critical role in the maintenance of national peace because they have always treated their subjects as part of their own families.The President was speaking when he meet about 5,000 village headmen from Namwala and Itezhi Tezhi districts at Corner Point Lodge in Namwala this morning.He said there is still need for headmen to continue working together with government in ensuring that the peace and stability the country has enjoyed for a long time now is…

  59. He said there is still need for headmen to continue working together with government in ensuring that the peace and stability the country has enjoyed for a long time now is upheld.

    He advised the nation to reject ideologies that aim at dividing the people because they have the potential to derail the many achievements the country has recorded so far.

    “We are all leaders with a common goal of ensuring that the aspirations of our people are adequately met and this is what all of us must strive for not division,” he stressed.

  60. President Banda said the dream of the country’s forefathers was that of a united people and hence the slogan, One Zambia, One Nation.

    He said Zambia is a peaceful nation a situation he said did not exist in other countries.

    President Banda said he was happy that head men in the two districts had decided to engage him on various issues affecting them and their people.

    He said he considered the meeting important because he was able to personally hear some of the challenges the people in the hinterland face.

  61. “You have raised a lot of issues on agriculture, health, infrastructure, education among others. Rest assured that I have heard and therefore direct the relevant ministers to immediately come up with a report so that we can start considering of them,” said the President.

    He said government departments were there to serve the people and that they should be utilized to the maximum.

    President Banda said government runs on public resources and that everyone was entitled to development without discrimination.

  62. He appealed to the headmen to take full advantage of his government and ensure people in their areas benefit from his leadership.

    And speaking to journalists immediately after his meeting with headmen, President Banda said he decided to allow them to cover the meeting so that they too can hear some of the challenges the people are facing.

    President Banda described the meeting as educative as he was able to interact with leaders at the grassroots’ level.

  63. He appealed to the media to educate the masses of what government has achieved and challenges people in rural areas were facing.

    “You have a critical role to play in ensuring that people are correctly informed about what government is doing to address their many challenges and not some institutions who have seen it very important to attack me every time,” he advised.

    And Senior headman Simpande of Chief Muchila commended President Banda and the MMD government for the many development projects in the district.

  64. Headman Simpande said the people of Namwala had in the past considered themselves as aliens because of the low levels of development in the area.

    He said with the coming in of President Banda, people feel part and parcel of Zambia because he has heartily embraced them and given them their much need roads, schools and health centers.

    “It is only wise for all of us to thank you and this is the reason we called you here. You have demonstrated leadership,” he said.

  65. Headman Simpande assured President Banda that his people will support his government and will also give him their vote in 2011 because he has proved to them that he is capable.

    And Headman Chibwata of Chief Nalubamba’s area in Mbeza said his subjects were appreciative of Mr. Banda’s efforts to change the face of Namwala district.

    He appealed to President Banda to consider tarring the Monze-Niko road.

  66. After the meeting the President proceeded to meet about 41 chiefs from Southern Province and 30 others from various parts of the country.

  67. See how RB is shortsighted he used the name of Mwanawansa to be a president now listern what is saying about his friend Sata chachine bakolwe basekene ifipato.

  68. President Banda said he was very impressed by the caliber of leaders that the people had through their area UPND member of parliament Emmanuel Hachipuka, who was present in the Presidential entourage, and Munkombwe.

    Hachipuka, who also addressed one of the meetings, said he was close to President Banda and his clique because it was them that had access to the money.

    “I want to thank you for the road. I stay in Lusaka but people within UPND have continued to criticise me asking me why I am too close to VJ, but where can I ask for funds to develop if I don’t get close to you?” Hachipuka asked. “Why am I close to RB, VJ, Mulongoti? Because these are the people with the money.”


  70. flag Good stratergy for RB. Continue hammering HH who has sold the party to pf for his desperation. Vivaa Chizyuka we love u.


  71. flag HH should be very careful, he is just being used i dont know why he cant see this. This pact only exists if Sata is a pact candidate and HH is accepting this nonsense. HH leave sata we will support you. From rasta Man


  72. The President appealed to the people in the province to form a formidable pact with the ruling MMD because it is ready to work with him.

    The people of Southern Province will never vote for MMD.

    How can clean people bathe with p.igs like Senior Citizen and Mwata?

    Rupiah will sell his party just for a chance to take another seat for 4 years.
    It was not his seat to begin with anyway.
    True Blue UNIP.

  73. RB shame on you. It just shows how desparate you are to still remain president in 2011 and now talk evil of Sata and HH. RB wants HH to join mmd so that he can gain on their votes. RB forget this witchhunting and go to convention and let another mmd leader be elected only then can the party be revived. Whether pact or not pact come 2011 there will be change of government in Zambia and all the thieves shall dance to the music so RB you better improve prisons so it can be a better place for you and your crones

  74. we are headed fro real trouble. we have to contend with choosing the best from among the worst. yes we need to be warned that Sata makes the worst choice for president but where does that leave RB?

  75. This is madness! 71 comments and three quarters of them from the same person, Mwata. Please get a life. Don’t you have something better to do or are you one of those CCTV receptionist(security guard) who is on extended overtime.

  76. this so called mudidi president has nothing to tell the people..who cares..does he think these will eat his useless speech..tell them what you will provide..

  77. Bane,have we become so desperate,pliz are you not the ones who where calling HH the son of a dog?????????,what is up where you also being wrongly advised by George Kunda? nichani? easy bane,muoneka fulu muli desperate nichani?,Elo iwe chi senior citizen na chi Mwata muli fipuba mule kwata amano m****** mwe mwi leka mponte na mukanina muleke ubupuba.

  78. mwata makes me feel like throwing up. RB called HH a puppy now he turns around and wants to be guardian angel. what a shame.

  79. I am asking all MMD members including Mr President RB Banda to join us partiots who are supporting HH to become Zambian President in 2011.

    It is not too late MMD people to join the UPND-Zambians PACT winning team because in the mighty UPND group there ar e many mansions to accommodate all lost Zambians who have realised that we as a Nation need real leadership and change. Now is our time as sons and daughters of the Zambian soil to unity in purpose of making sure that HH becomes President of Zambia.

    Since Mr President RB Banda is now a cadre of HH and UPND, why should he and other MMD members waste time in trying to invite HH to the rotten MMD instead of doing the right thing of just disbanding MMD and supporting HH to beceom President of Zambia.

    Have a blessed day all.

  80. Those are words of wisdom coming from His Excellency RB. The man is intelligent and a father of the nation. His intention is to integrate all citizens as one family. Fatherly spirit is it not it?

  81. bot RB and SATA want to ride on UPND , why doesn’t MMD invite PF to join hands ,these part leaders are selfish. HH you don’t need any of these finished many VIVA HH

Comments are closed.

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