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Fasting Comoros Brace For Zambia

Sports Fasting Comoros Brace For Zambia

Comoros coach Jean Paul Rossignol is concerned the holy Islamic month of Ramadan will affected his players performance in this Saturdays afternoon kick-off against Zambia in the two teams opening match in the 2012 African Cup of Nations Group C qualifier.

Rossignol said his team is predominately made up of Muslims who are currently fasting during the day while observing the holy period of Ramadan that ends on September 9.

“All my players are affected by Ramadan we have problems,” Rossignol said in Lusaka on Thursday evening just after arriving in Zambia for Saturdays game.

“It will be difficult for the player’s, all the players will lay without eating. We will only eat one time in the day and that is in the night after that nothing. Sure it will be difficult.”

The game will kick-off at 15:00 Hours Central African Time (GMT+ 2) and will be played at Nkoloma stadium in Lusaka.

Asked about his sides’ chances of beating Zambia, Rossignol said the likelihood of his side winning were slim but that Comoros will give it their best shot.

“A draw will be a very good result for us,” the Frenchman said. “Your team has the advantage of playing a lot of professionals playing abroad in the national team our team has none.”

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  1. But ba coach we still don’t know what and how much your players are eating daily when the sun goes down.Perhaps they’re even taking more than our boys in that one per day night banquent!

  2. Ama excuse yabusushi ba coach! Not even Egypt, Algeria or other north African teams which are predominantly muslim would buy this BS.

    Zambia 6-0 comoros

  3. Dont worry Zambia ma kula you can beat them. Dont be scared of the so called professionals as they play for mediocre clubs and some of them are even clubless. Comoros 3 Zambia 0

  4. #5 ulichisushi,pubafu kolwe wampili…uba aka.b.w.a.m.ba ubunono ngolufindu….zambia is gonna win ..zambia 4 comoros nil

  5. “All my playerz are affected by Ramadan we have problemz”. Should fasting during the holy month of Ramadan be a problem?

  6. tulafwaya cricket score, 7 – 0 at the least even Mweene should get a goal in this game. Ba zambia iyeeee a Zambia chipolopolo

    I can see Friday Njikata is trying to stir up issues, mune I reserve my comment for you.

    Comoros coach stop with the silly excuses, you want to say ” I said before the game, the fasting will affect the players” you’re building reasons even before kick-off.

  7. haha buti imwe vantu imwe, why all the hate? nizeee! awe zambia 0 comoros 4. those are the predictions. even if zambia plays starved people we still lose bane! and for al those who are gona insult me when they read this post.. i have one already for you.. va sataanyoko imwe

  8. nambala 8 ndiwe mbuzi zo ona, mambala iwe, eveb after two trials u cudnt spell thief correctly haha, too much matuvi in the head wawumfwa iwe? u ka 2vee. deuces mune

  9. Nga aya ama foreigners yatupa so yafuma kwisa? How do you wish Zambia to lose? Its only those from the PACT who will always want to be NEGATIVE! Shame on you!!!! Zambia 7 ba Kamalasha (Comoros) 0

  10. The guys from Comoros they didn’t have enough sugar in the blood stream, that is why they were having crumps towards the end of the game. It is not possible to play on your empty stomach. We would have witnessed a good game if those boys had energy.They couldnt run from there side to the zambian side even the goal keeper had no strengh to kick the ball and cross the centre line.

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