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Sinazongwe Shooting incident aftermath in Pictures



Collum Coal Mine Shaft two which the angry mob removed the iron sheet during the riots on Friday after the Chinese nationals shot 10 miners including one onlooker in Sinazongwe district


Chinese Directors for Shaft two and three at Maamba Hospital visiting the Miners who were shot by the two Chinese Nationals . Left in red is Sinazongwe District Commissioner Oliver Pelete


One of the victims shot at by the Chinese Nationals Wallen Muntanga 28 at Maamba Hospital ward


The Collume coal miner who was shot at by the Chinese national Alfred Nsenuka 24 in Maamba Hospital ward


Wisbon Simubulo 25 at Maamba Hospital ward


The damaged wall fence by the angry miners after the shooting incident


Villason Mwanamusiya 24 at Maamba Hospital ward


One of the victims shot at by the Chinese Nationals Ruaben Siakalumbwe 22 at Maamba Hospital ward


Madinda Siamubotu 27 at Maamba Hospital ward


Brighton Sikafunu 21 at Maamba Hospital ward


Bowas Syapwaya and Ward Sianaine at Maamba Hospital ward


One of the victims shot at by the Chinese Nationals Boston Munakazela 21 at Maamba Hospital ward


Miners waiting for their salaries outside the Chinese Coal mine shaft two while police monitors their movements


A mob of miners outside the Chinese Coal mine shaft two waiting to go in to get their salary after the riot on Saturday


Chinese Coal mine miners waiting to get their money through a window after the riots calmed down on Saturday at shaft two


  1. The hospital looks like an 18th century prison. I would be ashamed to be a doctor at this hospital!!! What a shame. There is your President riding in the sky in a challenger jet.!!!

  2. From these pictures, i can see that these are family run tuntemba mines. Isn’t there a decent way to pay hard working pipo rather than thru a small window as if its colonial days mwebanthu? I know China has a poor mining safety record becoz there mines are run by families with no interest in healthy and safety of the employees.

  3. The Minister of mines needs to brought to book for allowing these Chinese to operate in such an environment. This mine must be shut down until Safety Standards are improved or else, innocent strong boys will be dying. These are the same guys whose mine blow up in Chambeshi a few years ago and clearly no lessons have been learned, typical of Zambians.

  4. Were these people shot with a pellet gun or what? I’m questioning what kind of gun was used for obvious reason after looking at the “patients”…lol

  5. Unfortunate incidence but with due respect to the clinical/medical officer(s) who admitted some of these patients, ‘on examination’, 9 out of the 10 patients shown above didn’t need admission.It’s not like they were involved in a mine accident with falling rocks and you fear there’re might be some internal injuries, no! Discharge atleast 8 of those guys and serve your nurses from unneccesary workload!

  6. this day n age nig.gaz still getin from a lil window? is this how zed has sold its soul for a few yen? my mother and father never went to a window, even our kaboi was paid in a dignified manner, they would sit him down in the sitting room and pay him and say thank you. what is this i see now? Maybe im mad but does pic 15 make sense to you people? for the educated, does pic 15 make sense to you?

  7. well pic # 15 reminds me of the people in the kaunda’s. however, we are not in the kaunda’s time, we have past the chiluba thru the levy and now in the RB. we don’t need to see such things happening in zambia, we don’t need to start fighting for freedom again. To conclude its high time RB was removed from power, everyday his flying in a plan, not knowing the conditions of his own people. i wonder if he has even visited the site to see what happened. 11 people dying is not a joke. look at the trapped miners in chile, their president was there watching everything that was happening from day 1 of digging the miners till the last day. RB should be voted out n put somebody with a fresh brian.

  8. #4 is Mary Musiyalike already exected in China for drug trafficking? Let the just leave. We are a country of laws and we respect human life. Unlike China where the kill for drug trafficking. Our govt should teach these Chinese basic human rights lwas.

  9. Dear Fellow country men, Time has come to get united and vote out MMD government. I have been praying and I thank God my prayers are being answered every day. Rupiya Banda became a president by accident and it is through accident we are going to get him out of power. The recent plane clash is not the end, another one more fatal is coming and all those who are missusing the nation resources will mourn day and night. Zambia twasebana for selling our country to the Chinese. This is what happens if you have blind leaders. Rupiya and all his ministers are selfish. That plane clash is a big warning to all who are eating and enjoying at the expense of poor Zambians. Rupiya is always in the air, time is coming when he will not fly. May God spare him if he is doing what Zambians need.

  10. agree with most on the blog, but lets sit back and try not to oversimply issues by being personal and targetting rupiah banda for this. to begin with as it has been pointed out elsewhere on another blog, this particular mine deal was ironed out long before rb came into the picture… he is just implementing the so called legacy and i am sorry to say that most of the very same people on this blog castigating him for this are the same ones who in the same breath are accusing him of abandoning the legacy
    a comprehensive overhaul of systems is needed in all sectors because as zambians we have just decided to just take a back seat and complain from a distance. and again this is why i am sorry to say given the calibre of the opposition politicians we have, i would rather we stick to rb and just

  11. positively engage him to strengthen him and make him a better person and leader. we owe it to ourselves as citizens to train our leaders

  12. Maestro, what has happened? You have disappeared. Your bululus were gunned down by the people you support with your MMD as you continue to insult Sata. Dead silence on ZAF Plane crash and shootings from MMD noise makers like Veteran Senior Citizen, Bootlicker, Lady figamba and the gang that has made a living insulting Catholic Priests and threatening to defile Nawakwi because she states the truth. Cadres, are you so spineless that you cannot spin this? Are you afraid this is Sata’s simple case to solve?

    One other MMD cadre that has disappeared is the ZCTU President. What is he doing? Inept bunch of numbskulls. Come on, wake up and smell the blood being spilled in Maamba. MMD new policy, is shoot the protesters. Pay them less and shoot them for asking why? Wow!

  13. Gentlemen and ladies let as take these development and Human rights serious.How are these Chineese people bringing development wen all I can see in those pics are delapidated buildings and workers who look more than exploited.That is not investment but Zambia been robed in broad day light

  14. That is MMD development. People living worse than they did during colonial era. Banda is afraid to see the damage he has done that is why he has opted to live in the air or other countries.

  15. the last picture is so sad and angering what is going on muchalo chesu that people are treated like they are not human and our useless government officials tummies keep getting bigger zambian people twapapata enough of this rubbish we need to take action.

  16. Rupiah Banda and his entire government must be ashamed of the the kind of Investment they keep bragging of. I wonder what message of Independence will come out of state house because clearly, colonisation is still tolerated. I feel for the majority of Zambians who are desperate for jobs to make ends meet. This is really really sad. Can the opposition up its game, we need leaders that care about Zambians real fast

  17. I ve enjoyed reading the names but my heart bleeds to see the photos. Infact there is nothing to suggest that thats a mine. Is it becoz Maamba is in rural Zambia?? The idea of running a mine is ok but the investors in question are not suitable to run it.

  18. To hell with the such investors.Seems like we ain´t yet been independent.What happened to the two rights….freedom of speach and freedom of expression?

  19. # 1. I wish you had gone ahead and mentioned that the hospital looks as though Action Man Sata was never a Minister of Health at one time. What did he do? Probably the hospital was built by KK and all these old guys want to be voted into office even after serving in previous govts. Zambians lets put HH, Charles Milupi, Elias Chipimo if we want to see development.
    As for the mines most of us who are on the Copperbelt are not that surprised.

  20. 19, Kalos, i have no words. this is the devt zen, mwata, capitalist have been singing about not knowing that one day a picture will pop up to see the so called working MMD govt in disarray. surely even if kufolela pa window, yes at UNZA we used to get BC ku students center pama window but noti insolokoto iyo namona

  21. Pic#15, getting paid through a hole in the wall is reminiscent of the colonial days when our forefathers were forced to buy groceries through a small window at the back of the shop. Surely, is this what the ZDA keeps bragging about as FDI? I’m lost for words.

  22. Really want to hear from the Human Rights Commission, ZDA, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Commerce and the Police Service. If Zambians will not be treated as humans in their own country, then what hope is there?

  23. Were is the mine? Surely do we need Chinese to do such kind of mining? Our government should start empowering its own people to run such businesses. There are alot of Zambians who can run those ‘mines’ better than those blood Chinese. Chinese might have the money but are NOT good investors. They have the money but can not even put proper safety measures in their mines back in China.

  24. :(( i really wonder if zambia is truely free especially that our independence is this month and something like this is still happening, Lord help us only you can truely free us!!!

  25. this is very bad. Going back to the colonial days and yet we are supposed to be celebrating our independence and where are these bl#@% shootors??????????????

  26. I cant see anything that looks like icigumba on any of these allegedly wounded fellas. Were they all short in the buttocks that we cannot be shown where the wounds are?

  27. Nonsense. Efyo twalefwaya. I was once attaked by two rogued chinese students weilding iron bars in Russia. No brains at all.

  28. Gun shot would victims don’t look like any of these p.unks in the pictures. Was it a real gun used or it was a bibi gun used to hunt birds? Circus in mamba I guess lol

  29. This is Zambia for you guys. Very much of foolishness than wisdom. You think you cant run any company and thus you prefer foreigners to do it for you by using the same Zambian man power. Useless creatures which GOD has stopped listening to. God gave you minerals just as he gave oil to the midlle east, the midle east countries have used their GOD given oil to develop but you dull creatures have used your GOD given minerals to develop other countries like China.

    Nowonder now you are turned into slaves..because you have useless and selfish leaders who are there to care only for their pockets.

    Please flush them out in 2011 so that you gain back your degnity as Zambians.

  30. Chi senior shitzen were re u and i why ain’t posting your stupid comments,u only ve the nerve to comment wen u c sata. These are the investors your boss RB(rubbish bin) brought in zambia.musulaobe.

  31. These guys are in human, very in human how cud u shoot sure at your friend ? dont you know that u have evrything that your fellow friend has xcept for the colour?? may God punish u

  32. # 15, Elliot Munsanje – What makes you think when the Chinese enforce their laws on drug trafficking then its a “human right violation”. If their drug trafficking crimes carry a death penalty, why shouldn’t they enforce that – because it is a Zambian woman?

  33. Shooting a few Tongas here and there is not a problem for me. If this is the kind of thing the chinese will be doing then maybe ba tata ba Sata will look at them differently.

  34. It would have been helpful to the readers if the pictures had shown details of the wounds received by the miners. Most of the victims in these pictures seem to be ok, to me.

  35. Very dissapoited with the so called chinese investors, why should we be treated like this in our own country.When His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata speaks against fake chinese investor, others blame him.These are not investors we need in our country, I believe China has more realistic people than those using guns to stop our fellow zambian from complaining about poor conditions of service.Is the labour office still there? I ask this because there are a lot of companies that are do not comply with the labour laws of the land, what hates more is that some of these are reputable zambian companies.I feel labour office should be going round privately to find out about the conditions of service in most of these companies.

  36. Some employees are on monthly contracts and they have worked for over two years, how do you expect zambians to develop when they are offered monthly contracts,no pension ,no leave days,no over time,no bonus and alot more incetives which others in the same organisation are intitled to.GRZ pump in money in labour offices and let them inspect all the companies in zambia and see if all of them are in compliance with the labour laws of the land.

  37. Where r the pics of the people that did the shooting? If you can take pics of victims surely u can take pics of the assailant… If that fails at least the police station they r being held in assuming they have been locked up :-/ [Investigative Journalism ba LT]

  38. me shame as Zambians can we accept living in our own country as if we are in a borrowed nation or as slaves.Look at the pay point in picture no.15.We say NO to the kind of investment to Hell with it and whoever has allowed them in our God given Nation………………Zambians stand up this is the rightful time

  39. these fellows are foolish and backward, how can they accept to be paid thru. a small hole like that and they acknowledge. gone are the days when miners used to get their pay thru. kumbwa or kuchilindi. someone organise a tomato bank branch in that remote tonga mining communite. this is really shameful MMD bootlickers!

  40. let the due process of the law take course without regards for status and race. Justice should not only be seen to be done it should be done. we can not allow a situation were foreigners can behave as although they are above the law just because someone is in touch with them. or that they have access to the powers that be..

  41. Was it a pendo gun used ? Those dudes looks fine to me, i wont be surprised to learn that plastic blank ammunitions were used in the shooting(at close range).But hey that aside i think it is about time we showed the China man who is in charge.The pictures above shows how pathetic things are at that mine.Surely in this day and age can someone pay a fellow human thru a window ? Bane is is high time we woke up Zambia has gone to the dogs.The big one always on the move.

  42. We are being treated so many “developmental” projects being done because of the “wisdom” of our great leader commonly known as RB.But when one looks at these photos, we still have a long away to go.Zambians must realise that no amount of foreign investment will be beneficial to the country if we give away ownership! Can our Government wake up and monitor this looting of our natural resources…

  43. It’s high time that Zambians should rise up, Some of these mines can be runned by Zambians NOT chiness.Why should innocent Zambians be killed in their land. Arise Zambians, it is your time!

  44. chinese are some of the most repressive people in the world. look at what they’ve done to Tibet, look at what they have done to Nobel Prize winner Xiaobo. Human rights are simply not inculcated in the chinese mindset. what would you expect? Sata is always against Chinese but the MMD insists on welcoming them to run tuntemba businesses. The Chinese have no sense of corporate responsibility at all. they do not plow funds back into the social sector. They maximise profit, minimise safety and minimise workers’ pay. They just come, make the money and get the fark out. When we the pact come into power we wont tolerate this nonsense. Let the MMD go with their friends the chinese to China. We must never allow foreigners who come to make profits from our resources to start murdering us…

  45. At the end of the day why blame the mine owners when we have incapable government leaders who do not screen these business men when they come, and then do not enforce safety, but would rather travel around the world using donor money intended to be used for development.

    If the president of the country is taking advantage of his own people do we expect better from foreigners.

  46. Racialism and colonialism is clearly exhibited from what transpired in Maamba. Look at the type of structures where people receive their pay, the environment and the attire of workers. Is this the investment we are bosting of! Leaders should be serious with pronouncements over investments. We are still in colonial era.

  47. Let me agree with number 17. We should not bring personal hate in this matter. Why talk about the way the Hospital looks when you know how many hospitals RB is constructing. Have you not heard that inflation is reducing tremendously, what about the bumper harvest? stabilization of our currency?
    construction of the roads that is going on? Let us not practice politics of poverty, God is on the side of RB because the opposition have nothing to offer but tribal politics.

    On the shooting let us encourage the police to investigate thoroughly and bring the culprit to book.

    My advice ti 28 above who says he will shoot chines on his/her side, he/she has to be very careful because technology now is able to investigate through submission of text on the blog, where the text is coming from…

  48. It’s sad indeed what i ve just seen of mamba hospital on picture,surely are we forever going to wallo in such deplorable hospital conditions?Am sure the investors do not go there whenever they fall sick because most definately they have something better.So what are the general population gaining from the mines?Only employees and their direct families benefit.Come on,lets take a leaf from our neighbours congo,investors are compelled to make improvements to general infrastructure like hospitals for the benefit of both miners and non miners

  49. Kwena this is pathetic mwebanthu.In this day and age sure?To those who think this is not a serious matter u are very foolish; u must be foreigners and not zambians.It is clear to see that the victims were all told to “dress up and sit up” so as to show as if everything is normal and they are not wounded and in pain.This is evil at it worst especially by a govt purported to have been elected by the pipo.Pictures 9 u can see that guy is covering a serious wound on the leg with a face towel.Picture 12 u can see blood stains seeping through victim’s trousers on right leg.LORD HELP US!!!.

  50. Will some news reporters publish the photographs of these two Chinese bandits that shot and wounded 12 Zambian miners so that we can wipe them out clean before they escape to China because ZP wont do anything as they only act on opposition partty cadres and the instruction from top command will never come for the arrest of these 2 Mad Chinaman.Shows usthere photos and will flush them out from there hidding place..

  51. The pictures are a sad picture of President RB Banda’s investors. The pic with “Chinese Coal mine miners waiting to get their money through a window after the riots calmed down on Saturday at shaft two,” is very sad for it brings to mind the inequalities that existed in the Colonial era.

    I hope this nonsense will come to an end no further than now and that the useless Chinese investment will be curtailed for better FDI.

    Be blest all.
    Matt 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

  52. Mwebantu please look at the wall fance that they razed down. I this the infrastructure RB investors ve brought to Zambia, look at the office block where they are paying our hard working Zambian brothers. I wonder how much is been paid to each. And lastly look at these prisons RB calls Hospitals, with beds and blankets for raping dead bodies, nowonder they go to morning hospital in SA. Shemuna Banda

  53. @47&57, stop fooling yourselves,even that man with an elephant skinned face called sata can not do away with chinese investment.he talks cheap politics and you fall prey you iddiotss

  54. @ Mutombela Kuchulu let me explain to you the mechanics of a shotgun with or without the pump mechanism. Shotgun bullets or better shells are unlike normal bullets because they pack pellets, metal pellets with gunpowder suppliments. When a short gun goes off the pellets spread, and thus if people are at a distance a lot shall be injured. Close range shots instantly kill due to a shotgun’s devastating explosive nature. Thus the bullet spread and multiple injuries and patients.


  56. Imwe sure!!! As if all this shooting is not enough. My mouth just fell open to see the ‘window’ that the miners get paid through! Kwati its during slavery sure? I can’t believe how we’ve given our country away. God help us change this mess please and give our people back their lives and their dignity. So much for being independent right?

  57. The bottom line is that we are a poor anation nd our leaders are corupt and selfish. It pains me but this is a fact. Nonsense.,

  58. What the hell are these china men thinkin’ who do they think they are? no wonder we see the at air port waving at RB and his minions, This is what they are up to. i will sort them out as well. Is this what MMD can call development?????? Zambians, lets wake up. Lately their are a lot of chinees building in zambia, this is how they are going to take over this country if we are not careful. watch this space

  59. This is total nonsense…..though we are a poor nation, we deserve to be respected and treated well in our own motherland. It is a shame to see foreigners getting away with such serious crime.
    Our country has gone to dogs, we have to wake up and defend ourselves

  60. No one is against Chinese investment but the Chinese should follow the rule of law in Zambia period! Unfortunately, our government is compromised and we now know why. They are all bribed starting from our Judges to Government leaders. The Chinese have invested heavily including in developed countries but they follow the rule of law.

  61. Seriously a pay line window??? what the fck?`we back to 1959??? RB is an *****! what infrastructure?? i dont even know where to start parthetic it is…

  62. :((
    Kuti walila mwe.
    Zambia Zambia, Zambia when will you wake up to fight for your rights and choose the right leaders. I know the main peoblem is the literacy levels in the rural areas where the Chinese are capitalizing on this error but we can surely do better.

    I wish you where in my shoes to see Zambia from the outside. Sad indeed.Being paid pa window???? NONSENSE.

  63. Ba LT, napapata can you please print these comments (make hard copies) we are making and send them to the so called leaders in power because I doubt if they even know how to use the internet to access your site.

    It is paining me alot to see our volnurable citizens being exposed to these hard hearted kaki skinned people.

  64. It is difficult to accept that the people shown in the pics are miners. Gentlemen, lets have respect for workers, please! How can a government abandon its people to criminal like that, even paying salaries through that ‘colonial’ like window. How does the government negotiate with China on how to deal with companies on Zambian soil. Isn’t this a government of laws? Shame on GRZ, shame on rupia and his minion ministers!

  65. Sad for us zambian cose RB won’t do anything for z chines investors. He has more confidence with z chines cose he thinks are z only people who develop our country zambia.

  66. Sad for us zambian cose RB won’t do anything for z chines investors. He has more confidence with z chines cose he thinks are z only people who can develop our country zambia.

  67. Pic # 15 shows it all!!!! We are back to the colonial times. This times it is Chinese colonialism. Where is Sata? He has to create some order here!

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