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The Weekend in Pictures



Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde addresses a press briefing in Lusaka


Inspector General of Police Francis Kabonde, talks to spokesperson Ndandula Siamana before addressing a press briefing in Lusaka


Justice Kafusha is a Zambian who has been in Denmark for 20 years now and works as an IT Technician for an Energy Company named Vattenfall, in the Town of Odense(Justice requested to share his picture with bloggers)


Some Enumerators for the 2010 census being deployed in readiness for the programme from the Ministry of Finance and National Planning Offices in Mongu.


Some Enumerators for the 2010 census


One of the dormitories that was burnt at Kabunda Girls Secondary school in Mansa


KABUNDA Girls Secondary School in Mansa District has been gutted. The inferno swept through the school Dormitories leaving three pupils hospitalised. The fire started around 22hrs on Saturday and destroyed students' Books, Clothes Groceries and other school materials. Here, grade 12 pupils Angela and Frida, mourning because they lost all their belongings


Some of the dormitories at Kabunda Girls Secondary school that was gutted at the weekend.


Some of the dormitories at Kabunda Girls Secondary school that was gutted at the weekend.


Chief Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha, First republican president Kenneth Kaunda, second president Fredrick Chiluba and his wife Regina and Lusaka District Commissioner Christah Kalulu singing a hymn during this year’s independence interdenominational church service at The Cathedral of the Holy Cross


First republican president Kenneth Kaunda addresses the audience at this year’s independence interdenominational church service at Cathedral of the Holy Cross


A choir band singing during the independence interdenominational church service at The Cathedral of the Holy Cross


Chief Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha, First republican president Kenneth Kaunda, second president Fredrick Chiluba and his wife Regina and Lusaka District Commissioner Christah Kalulu follow proceeds during this year’s independence interdenominational church service at Cathedral of the Holy Cross.


Several church leaders join the congregation in singing a hymn during this year’s independence interdenominational church service at Cathedral of the Holy Cross


First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda shares a light moment with former President Frederick Chiluba while Chief Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha looks on


Chief Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha greets first Republican President Kenneth Kaunda


First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda , former president Fredrick Chiluba and Chief Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha walking out of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross


Different members from various denominations after attending this year’s independence interdenominational church service at Cathedral of the Holly Cross


  1. Very interesting pictures, Kabunda Girls Secondary photos makes me sad, I come from right there and my sister attended that school. I question the significance of a picture of Justice Kafusha who is a Zambian who has been in Denmark for 20 years. Who cares about that?

  2. Pic #3 is a typical bazaziba bwanji picture from a diasporean. The added tag of number of years is like a badge of honour as if to say the longer he has stayed the more worthy. Seriously what benefit will such pictures bring to anyone?

  3. Pic 3-Eimwe ba kafusha kanshi.I remember lulya ulusele mwatukene ulya umukashana ha ha ha nice one bro keep on representing Zed,Pic 15-wow it is nice to see the two former presidos together.Pic 7 and 8 -it is very disheartening looking at the pictures of the gutted school i just hope no foul play or negligency was involved.Zed ni ziko lamutendele zo-ona.

  4. Living in Denmark for 20yrs and working as IT technician is not good enough, work at becoming a professional man.

  5. Twenty years in Denmark and so what? Are we supposed to care?
    On a more serious note, thank God that nobody died in that school fire! May those affected find the strength to get through this…

  6. Sorry for for our kids at kabunda girls secondary, i hope RB and the group will come in and help the school please.How did the same fire start?

  7. #5 hahah ukwisa isbukishamofye ulusele umu guys atukene ka.
    Umu guys after ukutakana ulusele elo aisa chita na expose identity yakwe. Awesome lol
    Indeed who is interested in seeing ichinso cha ba Justice and does it earn anyone points to be based 20 yars outside zed?

  8. However much the KK/FTJ relationship iz sugar-coated, the fact will remain that somebody iz doing “a lot of work” to make it look real in order to win some millage.

  9. Bloggers # 3,4,6 and 7 please don`t be so hard on Mr kafusha.The guy is just using this site as natubalondole.Guess some of his “lost” friends from school will recognise his face and make contact.This might be a good chance for some to ask for some few Danish kroner from the dude.:-?

  10. Lazo nakashika bad, the man must be applying Ambi special, wait for 2 years lazo, you will regret the effects creams you using!!

  11. pic #14, uyu pastor lolwiimbo alakopela. ilemoka kwati mukamba ali bad mukukopela ilyo ali kusuku. talaba nanomba. its hobby! yayayayayaya ! too sad for the girls in pic #7.

  12. Interesting photos of Hefty Jay and KK. Those two given a chance to be left alone aion a room for even two minutes kuti chi Super Ken chakasakula ka Lazo big time lol

  13. @picture 3- If you want to post a picture about yourself, go ahead and do it. I dont see why all pictures have to be of great significance to some people. We should learn to shut up if we dont have anything to do with the topic. If you dont like the picture simply ignore it. Not all of us want to see the same pictures that everybody else wants to see. So please, if picture 3 has no significance to you, let it be. How can a blogger’s picture simply bring such negative comments? An IT technician is nothing to be ashamed of. Not all of us are going to have big management positions and i cant see what the issue is over the issue. If i say that i had lived in zambia for the same amount of time and had the same job, i bet you wouldnt care.

  14. PHD syndrome! Thanks LT for photos. Mr. Kafusha has been contributing online comments for years. If he shares his photo with us we are just to appreciate. If not keep quiet! What is the problem with you haters? Thanks Mr. Kafusha! GRZ please help out on the gutted school and the student. What caused the fire? Too sad.

  15. No.16 (kafusha i guess), you asked this for yourself. Blogging is about divergent views; we all have independent minds hence own opinions. Get on with it, no one asked for your pic not even LT. People blog on anything on the site. Tough!!!!!!

  16. Bloggers can we please start a fund to help out at this school? I am sure LT can facilitate. The police and fire services should not take this lightly, there must have been foul play for a structure to burn like that. Do the pupils cook in the dormitories. To me the fire burnt structure looks like there was an accelerant.

  17. Just ignore the technician and politicians.The people that need attention are the girls some from poor families but lost everything.Even Jesus once ignored “big fish” who gave lots of money just to get all the attention and instead gave praise to a poor lady that gave little but it was all her wealth.Give them your prayers as tomorrow it could very well be you.

  18. Am surprised up til now no one has accused RB of starting the fire at Kabunda sec school personally using petrol he bought with the money from the sell of Zamtel.

  19. Ine ndifye pali chi Regina. Imisango ya kulyila pansansa shabanenu. Ubukaka weka weka. Ne nsonipo iyoo, awe mweee…uyu na mayo ni ndoshi anso ali pama leka leka!

    Super Ken na Kafupi ka kapoli, at least they now can see eye to eye.

  20. The Kabunda girls incident is a tragedy. Pity those girls. I was at a rural boarding school once in my life time. This is so painful to look at .Best wishes girls….

  21. Politicians should not be speaking or addressing religious gatherings and likewise those of the cloth should stay away from politics. Religion is used to sugar coat politics and its not appropriate.

  22. If ‘Mr 20 Years in Denmark’ is looking to ‘londola’ friends and relatives, he best join dem Facebooks and My-Spaces of this world! There he will meet a lot of fellow show-offs and narcissists who will be right up his street.

  23. I agree with THE SAINT, Lusaka Times should facilitate a fund so we can pull resources together to help the burnt school. Any donation would be most welcome.

  24. #19, only constructive comment out of 30 ( including this one ); that works out be a cool 0.03%! how progressive!! i suppose one should be thankful for the little things in life.
    #23, spot on observation

  25. As for the girls with burned stuff … there is a couple of lessons. First, life is delicate, as in, y’all could have died in this inferno. Celebrate the fact that you are still alive and not reduced to ashes. Secondly, it teaches you that you can have the world one day and lose it all the next day in a fire .. and since y’all are probably not insured against such, you have to rebuild from the ground up. Good luck accumulating more stuff …

  26. Kabunda girls didnt have windows even vefore fire, shame! Maybee it helps with reducing suffocation from smoke lol! On kaunda and kafupi- so much history there. You see them as normal human beings there.

  27. I think it is wrong to make this classy man KK sit next to Kafupi Kabolala. Super Ken will always be our independence hero where as the other one, well, let’s just say that there is a special place for him in you know where.

  28. This is the original msg.

    KK is not a complainer but I think it is inhuman of RB and his fellow m*o*r*o*n*s to make this classy gentleman to sit next that piece of s*h*i*t FTJ. You can sit FTJ and KK next to each other all you want but FTJ will never ever be in the same league as KK. KK will always be Zambia’s independence hero and Kafupi will always be a thief that stole from poor people.

    Mr Technician, I am not sure if you are trying to impress with your looks or your job neither of which are impressive. Go to mwapedotcom and see some real accomplished Zambians. As for your looks, I am sure there is some men and women out there that will find you irresistible. Good luck with that.

  29. Nice picures. Sorry for the schoolgirls, but they should be happy that they were not caught up in the inferno. Their lives are more precious than the stuff they lost in the fire.

    Pic #3 I see nothing wrong with a blogger sharing his profile on this forum. Who says we are all supposed to live in anonmity anyway? Is it a crime to be yourself? It’s unfair to attack someone simply because he presents himself on a public forum.

    How many Zambians are privilledged to work as IT specialists for European Energy companies? Here in Germany, jobs are not given anyhow. As a Black man, you have to prove a point, work harder than others to convince the boss that you’re worth your revenue. I assume the same goes for Denmark. Big up yourself Justice!

  30. ba nine chale ikalenifye if he relly wanted 2 show wat he has achievd they are many differnt ways o4 doing it he would have even posted it on face book to be accessed by those it concerns. most of us bloggers on LT are abroad we fill closer to home wen we see pics of the developments and wats affecting zambia if all o4 us decide to start sendin our achivmnt fotos the entire purpose o4 the column will be questioned.

    please LT stuff put an end to this were i am an know a dozen o4 zambians whve excelled and hv well payin jobs but it take them to the highest of justice to publicise their achivments

  31. pic #3 just sent his pic so he could feed his narcissitic ego. The tag of 20 years reminds me of the zambians abroad who think the longer you have stayed the abroad the better or more worthy you are. I frankly would rather prefer to see zambians in zambia > What benefit will we draw from such pictures ?

  32. # 39, i strongly agree with you, if every one starts sending pictures what will be the need of this blog? something is wrong with Justice, or maybe it is the LT, did not just finish up what was supposed to be written about Justice, or maybe it is the name, or something else, if he paid for the space in LT, then it is ok, but please in future,update us why that picture was put there- if it was from zambia yes,

  33. #33 sport on, very important lessons. pursuit of materials things is vanity for most part. its also tru dat life is like mist which apears today and disapears 2moro.

    Ba Kafusha conglats, but dont be an IT foreva, use ur opportunity to advance.

  34. Imwe ba Kafusha imwe indalama mwa kongwele mukabwesha lilali? Mulelangisha na photo pano kwati mulewamya. Ala ba Kafusha ba nkongole!

  35. Pic #15: KK is smiling but am sure inside he is saying “aka ka chi color jailed me not so long ago”.
    Pic #13: Is Shikapwasha mentally stable??
    The school situation is sad mwe.
    Justice kafusha, whats the point naimwe. You look like a lazzo technician dont show your face again mambala.

  36. LT nice pics of KK, it reminds me of 38 years ago when we had humanism week at Primary School. I will never forget when we went out in the villages to help the old and disabled people. It is really something that made us grow up with that mentality of being helpful and liking others regardless of who they are or what they say about you, and this is the reason why I like all Zambians and wish them all the best in whatever they are doing. God bless mother Zambia and I hope things improve. Cheers to you all

  37. Very very sad indeed its just few weeks before the exarm for the sugocan the ministry to something to the young mothers of the nation.


  38. #43 Na Mpudu kanshi Ba Justice na iwe balikukwatila inkongole? Ala ine balinkwatila inkongole. Balisha bandya live elo bakana nokulipila. And to make matters worse balimpela nefumo baleka nokumoneka. Uwana alikwanisha na 20 years elo alibapala na mesno ayakashikafye ififine kwati ni bena!!

  39. As much is it not of our concern, positing photos on the blog is not on. LT are you going to manage putting up photos of bloggers? As one blogger put it Mr. Kafusha should join people on facebook etc if he wants the world to see his face and profile/achievements.

  40. Most pictures are just as useless as picture number 3. eg picture 17 a short thief and a tall thief coming out of the cathederal = IT technician justice kafusha speaking on his phone.. so what??

    Lets discuss ways to help and support the victims of the burnt down school. Picture 4-8

  41. I thought LT was wise enough to tell us the truth about anything. Whilest I enjoyed all the pictures, I would ask LT to tell us more about the Pictures. I don’t know why you chose some pictures.

  42. 1.The fat in zambia get fatter.
    2.If I call organising politicians with religious people would be wrong to call that “fornication”?
    3.Educational and fire fighting system in zambia still with “the dogs”.

  43. I don’t see nor understand why people are hating on justice Kafusha’s pic 3. This is a Zambian site and he just wanted to share his photo. If it was a foreigner or a white person you were not going to be hating. Stop being jealous and bringing other people down my fellow Zambians. Nice picture Justice!

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