Friday, February 23, 2024

The Week in Pictures



A Tonga woman smoking in a traditional style


Southern Province Permanent Secretary Gladys Kristafor Addressing Chinese Collum Coal Mine employees in Sinazongwe


Pupils at Sinakumbi Basic School in Southern Province ferrying bricks as punishment for reporting late to School


Mines and Minerals Development Minister Maxwell Mwale greeting the Chinese Collum Coal mine Director for shaft three Xu Ziang on arrival to address the miners


A rural Zambian woman feeding her chickens


Home Affairs Minister Mkhondo Lungu with the Chinese Coal Mine Managers


Home Affairs Minister Mkhondo Lungu addressing the Chinese Coal Mine employees


Fetching fire wood still remains a way of living in many rural areas of Zambia and here a girl from Simabula area in Southern province doing the usual task


Chinese Collum Coal MIne employees listening to the three Cabinet Ministers that President Rupiah Banda sent to address their concerns


Collum coal mine employee in action at shaft one


Young girls who dropping out of School to become mothers in Nkanddabwe area in Sinazongwe district


The Chinese Collum Coal Mine employee reading out oppressive labour laws to three Cabinet Minister that President Rupiah Banda sent to address their problems


The boys and girls enjoying swimming in Nangombe stream


Local Government Minister Brain Chituwo toasts with United Nations coordinator Kanni Wignaraja during commemoration of the 65th anniversary of UN in Lusaka


Local Government Minister Brain Chituwo, United Nations coordinator Kanni Wignaraja (l) and Millennium Development Goals envoy Marshal Moyo at the 65th anniversary observation of UN in Lusaka


US ambassador Mark Storella (r) presents a certificate of grant empowerment to Sustainable Agricultural Programme director Mpenza Mwanza in Lusaka


President Banda on a campaign trail in Chilanga constituency.


MMD cadres brandish the party symbol in Chilanga constituency


A fallen street light along the Great East road


President Banda confers with former president of Botswana Festus Mogae at State House


President Banda poses for a picture with former president and other VIPs who are champions against AIDS in Africa.


Workers from the Food Reserve Agency packing maize at a shed in Choma


President Banda with former president Kenneth Kaunda and former Botswana president Festus Mogae at State House


Pupils learn how to use the computers at elementary level at Macha Christian School in Choma


Collum Coal Mine workers picking coal without protective clothes at Shaft One


  1. Pic 1-What was she smoking ? Looks like weed to me.Pic 10-Very depressing looking at the conditions the miners work under, as can be seen from their lack of proper safety clothing.Zambia ni Ziko lamutendele zo-ona.

  2. Pic 25- further adds yet another picture of how the owners have had been using these miners without proper safety kits,no gloves,no boots and no cover for the mouth.These miners are in danger of developing cancer in future coz of their direct exposure to tar from the coal.

  3. this is very sad you mistreat workers such as in PIC-25 and on top of that you shoot them. A dust mask is only K10,000, overall K80, 000 and gum boots K45, 000 chabe. What does the occupation and safety department do kanshi?

  4. Pics # 9,10 & 25…This is how a caring govt lets its people be enslaved by so called investors or sorry infesters.
    This is our country, we need to take it back. We must never trade our dignity for a handout. Its our heritage to stand erect, proud and brave . we need to change our govt next year.

  5. It’s such a shame that even after more than 40 years of independence Zambian citizens have to live through such sadistic situations… What the hell on earth is our ministry of labour and social services doing? If they can’t regulate and enforce workers safety

  6. If this Collum Mine is what they call Chinese investment, it is roten and smelly and its better these Chinese peasants-cum-miners pack up and go. Is there no Zambian surely who can drun this mine with the dignity and health of our brothers and sisters at heart? These young men may not even have adequate medical check ups to detect occupational lung disease. They are breathing in coal dust and since they have no job security, they will be dying of pneumoconiosis long after the Chinese have gone. Here, I do no agree with the MMD government. This is wrong.

  7. 46 years of Independence and this is what we have to show. The pictures of the workers and people in the villages is a stark contrast to Chituwo toasting and some meaningless feast. My heart bleeds for this country.

  8. Zambians concerned about the inhuman treatment of Zambians by Chinese employers have been called names in certain quarters but the pictures of miners working without any sort of protective clothing sums up the pathetic working conditions. Who is primarily to blame? The GRZ of course!
    LT, On Pic #11, It should read, ” young girls who dropped out of school”.
    Pic #19, From experience that damaged street lighting pole will only be put right after it has caused a fatal accident.
    On a good note, it’s delightful, pic#24 to see youngsters in rural Zambia learning how to use computers.

  9. :”>These pictures surely reflects the issues on the ground.Why are our people so stupid that they keep praising Bwezani and his puppets on his achievements? After 46 years of independence, the country is no better than a failed state.Only 20% of the entire population has access to electricity and some fools have the guts to say there is “development”.Look at the quality of schools that are being built, the quality of Teachers and you will easily understand the mindset of our people.If this is development then I don’t know what underdevelopment is

  10. They say a pic says a thousand words. Finally we ve seen with our own eyes what these workers are subjcted to. And then we get a president defending the owners of the mines. On top of that you ve got some really shallow minded cadres on this blog supporting their equally hopeless president. Honestly, why shouldnt these guys protest, looking at the conditions they are subjected to. Its really a tough world. After being subjected to such inhuman conditions then you get some useless boss shooting at you. God please help us

  11. So many wrong things we need to fix from street lights to stopping promoting smoking,rural poverty to ending child marriages to stopping exploitative labor practices and mandating protective clothing.LT surely those kids surfing there will see pic# 1 and think smoking is cool.What are you promoting? Also pic #3 is not punishment as you put it but child labour.Make them kneel down or something else.Pheww, thats my zambia,just amazing.

  12. i believe we need to bring occupational health and safety in all Zambian businesses ASAP…!

    we cant have our fellow brothers working in such sub standard conditions its Disgusting..

  13. Pic. 9. What kind of a work place is that where almost all workers are in pata pata. It only shows how bad our fellow Zambians are being exploited by these foreigners. I feel sick looking at pics 10 & 25. Where are the labour inspectors. How do they allow pipo working without any safety clothing. Someone is benefiting from these cheap Chinese conmen.

  14. All i can say is that, its terrible and unacceptable when you look at these pictures from coal mine. Surely those the only best investors we need in Zambia? who cant even take care of their employees.

  15. Pic 1 – Bong smoking woman, awe sure Tongas!
    Pic 11 – Are the miners visiting these girls. Where did the babies come from?
    Pic 25 – All these young men are going to have tremendous health problems, messing with coal like that. No one should work in these mines until there is protective clothing for the miners. If we had leaders in Zambia, this cannot happen.

  16. Pictures # 10 & 25 are absolutely shocking. How can the mining regulatory and safety agencies (if they exist) allow this appalling situation?

  17. Pic #24. Great to see young people learning how to use computers. Such skills are necessary in the age of information. They are key to development. Macha being in the rural areas of southern province deserves pride at such advances. Congratulations.

  18. Where was the Zambian media when these coal miners were suffering? The media is not doing enough in Zambia. What other abuse is taking place without the risk of exposure by the press. I think all Zambians share some blame. We keep quiet and look the other way.

  19. PICTURE 10, 25…What investement?! These guys are so desperate that they are risking their lives working without protective gear…you cant see this in any serious country, who has allowed this operation to go, to let people be abused this way-ALL IN THE NAME OF DEVELOPMENT- I dont mean to blame the Chinese-its us to blame people-PICTURE 22-These guys are employed by a govt. agency-no protective gear-foreigners have learnt from us in the way we take advantage of the less educated in our society…its a shame..well, atleast we dont shoot them when they complain!

  20. I thought the miners on here on the copperbel were having a hard time, kanshi somewhere else ni ziiii. The chinese get away with so much pa Zed and what does our president say: live the chinese alone. How can you live then alone when all they bring is misery and more misery? Where is that blogger ‘MMD Bootlicker something’? You and your RB are going come 2010!!!

  21. Akaka nobantu are those animals or human beings at that shaft 1 and look at the assembled workers in pic 9 no one looks like had ever put on a safety boot for the last 7years.

  22. Why is everyone pretending to be shocked about the working conditions in Zambia? Hypocrites!!! The Chinese have always been exploiters. They are raping the country digging holes all over. Once they finish our natural resources they will move on. They will leave you with huge holes in the ground….Rupiah thinks that is investment. These Tongas look like worse than roman slaves… I thought Tongas were smart and educated having had access to many secondary schools…..mawee. they look like slaves…..wake up chaps……

  23. refering to the mining pictures, I struggle to undersatand how the so called dignitaries are smiling and shaking hands with those chinese managers as if they are doing something great, these people should be packed away back home for this kind of modern slavery, note i said these people, and not all chinese.

  24. awe pic 10 and 25 kasembeni! vakulu vonse ne nsoni tavakwata.. blaaayi shiiit men. festus was slaped by the devil haha

  25. #3, 10 and 25 profile of a nation right there!! archaic fedulo laws… a constructive form of punishment would be to give these pupils extra study time on a saturday or if they are seventh day adventists a sunday
    if we are serious with ourselves as citizens with self esteem should, we should be calling on people to resign over this mine saga… abuse and exploitation of workers whose government is unwilling or unable to protect them right there for the whole world to see. do we still have occupational health safety inspectors, let alone acts in zambia?
    shameful indeed. i demand that
    1. these mine owners recieve a hefty fine for this
    2. all these workers undergo a fully paid full medical examination and compensation for those found to have developed health conditions

  26. Trouble in motherland.Where is Mines Safety Department??Majority of these pictures call for a state funeral but there are a few glimmers of hope.# 7 your comment today confirms you are a Saint indeed!!!

    Agree with distant drum #10 that the street light wont be repaired until accident ONLY because its on the wrong part of Great East Road.If it had been between airport and Addis Ababa junction which is used by our frequent flier or if it had fallen in Chilanga or Mpulungu(any street lights there??),it would have been repaired within hours!!!!!

  27. My heart bleeds for my brothers in the pics. Small wonder the life expectancy is 38! I give each of those men 10 years to live and am being generous. So sad. Just sad and heart breaking!

  28. Well, whoever compiled these pix did a swell job…we tend to get overwhelmed with the bad forgetting that there are some positive strides at the same time. Yes majority of the the people are in poverty, unemployed etc however it is also important to celebrate the good – even though it may not be much. As we celebrate 46 years of Independence (at least from colonialism) let us stand as proud Zambians and commit to be the change we want to see. Let us work hard, fight tooth and nail to go over hurdles brought on esp by politicians, seize opportunities few as they may be, use the internet productively and not just entertainment.

  29. #39 ka ndalya live
    wanisekesa iwe ka shetani,,, ati Festus was slapped by the devil,,, thats classic hahahah

    Most people here are being hypocritical about pics 10 & 25, we’ve been talking about thses issues here on this blog over and over and you thought we just hated RB and his chinese infestors,this is nothing

  30. This Zambia for you. Now this is bogus which SATA meant. How can one claim that these people will bring positive developmet
    anyway RB will still win the general elections come rain or no rain even if all Zambians incuding RB voted for the PACT RB will still viva RB Viva MMD. Punish your own people viva RB and allow more to shot at. Viva RB

  31. Where is ba senior citizen to comment on the miners conditions of service? He/she must have something to say on this one please


  33. PICTURE #10-This is how china has developed!Chinese workers are able to build a dam with bare hands!if the investors brought in machines, they probably would have employed three people only!The only mistake we are bringing in WRONG INVESTORS BANE!

  34. At the end of that silly mine, we shall also learn chinese! “transfer of technology in a foreign investment”
    the land will be degraded turned upside down!

  35. Pls dust mask in china is only $ 0.5 cents US dollars, Overall work suits is minimum $ 1 US dollar . I see no reason why the chinese who r really caring can fail .to organise these things for the people who r making them rich. ……

  36. Pic #: Traitors! Fat belly Lioto is even smiling at the oppressors. All the pictures show that these so called miners are just being abused and subjected to health hazards, for what? 2 pin! Enjoy your independence rupia and your minion ministers.

  37. I am tired of this Colum Coal mine story. Why is it being published when the government has authorized the ill treatment of its people. Nonsence.

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