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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Grace Mugabe ‘in secret love affair’

Feature Lifestyle Grace Mugabe 'in secret love affair'

Mrs Thandiwe Banda and Grace Mugabe (second from l) with other African First Ladies

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace has reportedly been having a secret affair with central bank governor, Gideon Gono.

South African Sunday Times newspaper reports that Grace Mugabe- who is 41 years younger than Zimbabwe’s 86-year-old president,
has allegedly spent the last five years cuckolding him with Gideon Gono, her husband’s financial adviser and key politically ally.

The report says that Mugabe’s sister Sabina warned her brother before she died that he was being betrayed by two of the most important people in his personal and political life: his wife and his personal banker, a pivotal member of his regime.

The couple would meet as often as three times a month either at Grace’s dairy farm or in expensive hotels in South Africa as well as on foreign trips to Asia.

Mugabe is said to have learnt the shocking news as he sat by his dying sister’s bed in July. He is said to have left the meeting “devastated” although initially refusing to believe the allegations.

The president later consulted his most trusted bodyguard, Cain Chademana, who had sat in on the meeting with Sabina.

The bodyguard reportedly said, like other members of the secret service, he had also heard the rumours.

Particularly infuriating for Mugabe however, was the fact that he had encouraged the friendship thinking the pair was discussing mutual business interests.

Chademana – who is said to be the source of the story by intelligence officers quoted by the newspaper – has since lost his life amid suspicions that he was poisoned.

His body, according to The South African Sunday Times, was handed to his family for burial at the end of August. The Sunday Times alleges no autopsy was carried out.

The newspaper claims officials had hoped the secret affair would be buried with Chademana but renegade officers in the intelligence services, unhappy with conditions of service, have started talking.

Still, it is not the first time Grace has been linked to affairs behind her ageing husband’s back.

One former lover, Peter Pamire, died in a mysterious car accident. Another, James Makamba, fled the country.

But never before has Grace been romantically involved with a politician in Mugabe’s inner circle. And never before has a man so close to the president risked allowing it to happen, the South African Sunday Times says.

Gono has known Mrs Mugabe, who married the president in 1996, for at least 15 years and they are partners in a number of business enterprises.

He is a pillar of the Zanu PF party that has held on to power in Zimbabwe since its 1980 independence from Britain.

As one of Mugabe’s most trusted friends, he has served since 2003 as head of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe – a period that saw the country’s currency suffer hyperinflation of more than a billion per cent a year.

While many of Zimbabwe’s desperately poor people struggle to find enough food to eat, Gono lives in a 47-bedroom mansion with swimming pool, gym and its own mini theatre.

Yesterday a source close to the banker confirmed that he and the first lady were lovers and claimed they had planned a life together after Mugabe’s death.

The senior official in Gono’s office told South Africa’s Sunday Times newspaper: ‘Mugabe trusted Gono. He even thought our boss was taking care of the first lady, keeping a protective eye on her so that she could not again be adulterous.’

Mugabe’s relationship with Grace, his former secretary, is itself founded on infidelity.

Two of their three children were born when Mugabe was still married to his popular first wife, Sally, who was battling a kidney disease from which she died in 1992.


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  1. imwe dont be dumb! read other sources of news before you come up with conclusions, eh problem yama zambians too fast to conclude! basically there is a family feud concerning wealth going on in the mugabe family and this is probably just a smear campauign against the woman. you think grace would risk everything and by this i mean her life for a stupid affair? be reasonble bane. read before u open yo stinky mouths. but if given a chance kuti nachilya chi grace, live bane, no doubt. deuces

  2. Yes what goes around come around! And that is what he desserves after what he did to that country! and a little more!

  3. Can’t trust these women nowadays, it’s game of play or be played. That must burn mugabe’s soul because a young buck is all up spraying his womans ovaries while he is probably on medication giving him erectile dysfunction. Mugabe needs to hire me as a game advisor because you never encourage any man to befriend your woman

  4. ka slumdog you are also dumb kanshi? do u have internet access pa computer or phone? please follow this story up and learn wot the real reason is before u open that mouth. i love you baby but apa wayiposa.

  5. These are the results of marrying someone fit to be your grandad. Bob is old and may not be statisfying the wife sexually. I dont think this will go well to those presidents married to VERY young women.

  6. As the saying goes “Beautiful ones we share, the agry ones we marry”.Ya ya ya another vera mctribouy arrangement.This should serve as a wake up call for RB ala bane these young stars tuleupa we should be making sure that they are well covered in all areas and avenues, otherwise Kutibakwafwa just like the young man Danny sung.Too bad bamupita pa mano shikulu.

  7. Kudos to Gono. Hope his next stop will be Zed State House. Elo plus ifwe mudala wesu is ever on the move. Takeshiba nokwishiba ati Thandi balamutanda kuli bambi (in our case Caleb Fundanga) lol

  8. what do you expect..the man is finished and can’t satisfy her..?she’s just there for money!eish..Gono..flee the country now ..!!its makes very sad reading ..most African 1st ladies have been a disgrace ..

  9. #15 You seem to know a lot about African first ladies – can you please supply more information? What do you know about the wife of former Namibian president Sam Nujoma or the wife of Blaise Compaore of Burkina Faso for example?

  10. I know Zimbabwe is a neighbouring country, but what has this story got to do with Zambia? Is either Grace or Gono of Zambian parentage or is this story here just to titillate the readers?

  11. Thats the problem of marrying someone very young than you. She is in her 40 with high sexual feeling while, the old man is in his 80’s obviously with little or no feelings. ladies dont just go for money

  12. I agree with # 15 African 1st Ladies, awe mwandi….. We had our case with Maureen who it is alleged she was going out with her husband Legal advisor, Darlington Mwape, The Swazi 1st lady ……..
    Who else add

  13. If he was involved with her when he was still married to his first wife and she was doing this full y aware of this what can prevent her from doing somethig similar again? Thats life. Not fair but thats wht happens.
    Too bad for the big man tho. And why get get rid of someone who only has information about his adultarous wife instead og gettign rid of the adultorer herslef. Fwe baume naifwe at time we are the stupidest pipo around when it comes to behaving irrationaly just cause of bottom power.

  14. such stories are found in homes of pipo of high status in society why? guys lets go back to the basics, most african leaders are so preocupied with becoming wealthy. money has taken center stage. most of these men have neglected their marital duties of loving their wives, they think the money they chase after can substitute their marital duties and love. This is why it is possible to find men today who spend more nights outside the home tru the so called business trips, this is y u can find men of today intrusting their friends with their wives, and even buying them expensive gift than to say a simple i love u. guys money is not eveything.

  15. No Name says:
    October 25, 2010 at 4:06 pmI agree with # 15 African 1st Ladies, awe mwandi….. We had our case with Maureen who it is alleged she was going out with her husband Legal advisor, Darlington Mwape, The Swazi 1st lady ……..
    Who else add
    3. Grace Mugabe lol


  17. I would give these rumours more credence if there hadn’t been a propaganda war against Zimbabwe for 10 years. If outlets like the BBC, CNN, etc. had been doing their job, and had reported on not only the existence, but the devastating effects of economic sanctions against Zimbabwe.

    Instead, they only report news that will put President Mugabe, the ZANU-PF and Zimbabwe in a negative light, which means they are not doing news, they are doing propaganda, when it comes to Zimbabwe.

    Consider that, when you know one of the sources listed is the Daily Mail.

    If it is true, then so be it. However, it could also be just another slander against Zimbabwe.

  18. No Name says:
    October 25, 2010 at 4:06 pmI agree with # 15 African 1st Ladies, awe mwandi….. We had our case with Maureen who it is alleged she was going out with her husband Legal advisor, Darlington Mwape, The Swazi 1st lady ……..
    Who else add
    3. Grace Mugabe lol
    4.Vera Chiluba
    5. Soon Thandiwe (Imwe RB is 74 yrs…how can a sweet 30 be rocking those old twanukanes….watch very soon

  19. Who has proved it ? There is not even any kind of evidence here , what of if it was just a grudge btwn Tete ne Muroora? A dying person can not be trusted esp. one who dies at an old age she/he will be mentally retarded. Ok lets say its true is he the first one to be cheated by a wife ? Stop judging maybe next is your wife/husband, or she/he has already cheated you,its part of LIFE. What of its Political !! ha!! You knw tht we nearing the Presidential elections next yr and there are so many things opposers can do juss to discredit the “OLD MAN” Don’t give up Mudhara !!

  20. What has the BBC or CNN have to do with this? Why has every story about Zimbabwe have to do with any western conspiracy against Uncle Bob and his cronies? This is a matter of infidelity in the master bedroom. Simples! I am very suspicious of people who are in the forefront of defending Mugabe at all costs. There is only one way to explain their behaviour: they are material beneficiaries of Mugabe’s looting! ‘Comrade’ next time you start pounding those keys remember the people that were maimed and killed for your family to be handed the keys to the Barn!

  21. what are the results so far for the bye elections in Chilanga and Mpulungu? Pabwatooooooooooooooooo

  22. He heheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, wat goes around comes around! Anouraya nebanga anofawo nebanga!!!!!! ( Who that kills with a knife dies the same way)

  23. Tuna first ladies of Africa: Grace, Thandiwe, Kalista etc these young ladies are married to very old men with a total age of 341 years!!! Their ages total 121 years. They are just cosmetics for these old baff.oons.

    Whatever, what the results of the elections please, someone do tell??

  24. The two lovers plan a life together after Mudabe´s death. Wonder who will go first. Hehehe. Gono lives in a 47 bedroomed mansion…, the country suffer hyperinflation of more than a billion percent…, Mugabe´s relationship was itself founded on infidelity.
    Sound like a movie to me, can someone upload it on megavedeo please.
    Kwashala RB, carefull ka.

  25. Last time, i said ka Tandiwe, banakafaka yakumbuyo, you all condenm me, manje siapa mwaiona, Grace bana mufaka yakumbuyo by Gono just wait Katandiwe’s story is next

  26. Once upon a time, Mugabe was a decent and kind man. His Ghanaian wife died and in came the ‘gold digger Grace.’ Mugabe changed to be a ruthless man. Grace and Gono have been behind the destruction of Zimbabwe right from the start. This is a true case in which a man’s love for a woman brought him to ruin. Like Jezebel of old, Grace Mugabe has plundered the resources of the country left, right and centre. I fear that going by the way Mrs Banda is dressing and trying to impress, she may also fall into the same trap of vain beauty and deceitful charm. There is no need to over do it but to simply dress modestly without ‘shouting’ colours!

  27. Yaba, nkani ya pipe ili brutal bwana! Ngataule popa plot 1 bwino, some stud somewhere will surely assist you with the task @ hand. As for Gono, the chap surely has balls? If I were him I’d run outta there faster than Usain Bolt; failure to which the chap will conveniently disappear.

  28. Women always have a way of complicating things. The first woman on earth (Eve) messed Adam’s life after he had lived peacefully alone for hundreds of years. The daughters of Eve have continued where their mother left off with unbroken continuity. Married men check your wives’ activities. You may unknowingly be having the same problems as Mugabe.

  29. Karma is a bi-tch! You build a 47 bedroom mansion while your subjects are suffering; you then have the balls to fck the living daylights out of the boss’s wife! If Gono hasn’t yet fled, his balls will be chopped off, fried and fed to the dogs…

  30. # 51 what liberation are you talking about. What this lady did is actually what I would call dignified prostitution. Is that your idea of liberation.

  31. Z|uma is right , evry one laughs at him .but have a back up ,once someone messed him he wil continue with lyfor other descent wifes lol……

  32. crazy story. Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako, loosely translated from swahili “you shelter whatever hurts you”. what a shame.

  33. Other failed attempt from the media controlled by the West to humiliate Mugabe.
    But Mugabe remains a hero of Zimbabwe and Africa and no one can change that.

  34. i am going to zim mailo mukucilya ci grace, awe caliba open bane…kanshi even ci gonoria cilelyapo!

  35. Women have an evil way of taking out there Sexual Frustration. Gents! The minute you avoid pumping blood to manhood to stop you from having an erection – you allow your woman to go Awol.

    While I would not encourage adultery!! . Let’s be honest. How many times does a human being spend time thinking about “The Lust of The Fresh” in a single day? Grace is a frustrated woman.

    If this is a true story. Mugabe needs to disconnect Internet at home at home and buy Grace the Quran. So that the next time she does it – Mugabe can just cut off her legs & arms

    How many people posting comments on this blog have cheated on their partners? Or wish they could BANG the woman or man they fancy, at work, college, in the neighborhood and so forth. Let’s hear it from some honest Souls & Hearts.

  36. It’s all about controlling what gets into your mind. If you cannot control what your eyes feed you. Then the world becomes a messed up mess. No wonder we have so much aids in Southern Africa.

    LETS ALL STICK TO ONE WOMAN ONE MAN and live by Christian examples.

  37. why stick with a frail dik when you can have a boner … Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  38. this lady taught many a stupid men a lesson. you want meat you get meat…you want to dish out money you get money eaters..what is the problem nowoooooooooo?

  39. Confucius the great Chinese philosopher said: “Man 70 marrying girl 20, like buying book for someone else to read”!

  40. Yeah it serves Mugabe right, what goes round comes back round to you. So the Good Book the Bible did not lie when it advises “Do unto others as you would like it done unto you.” Well back to Mr.Bob Mugabe.

  41. What has this world come to. Its a pity to the wife of this cheating man who cannot keep hand out of the cookie jar

  42. The age difference bane is too much. 41 years in between them? At 86 and staring at 90 in the face, things just don’t happen anymore.

  43. Mr Gono, the family has met to discuss your alleged affair with my wife. I find her very attractive even though I cnt get it up. Well you might as well **** me in the ass real hard. I’m gay now onwards, cnt trust women anymo. lets ammend zim constitution, give rights to gays and lesbians.

  44. Gono **** the bitch harder. Have you seen Grace shacking her booty and a***s on dinner parties. It is obvious, guys,… once a prostitute will never change. Oh! poor bob…r**p what you s**w. Have you forgotten what the old Roaster did to former Grace’s husband? Give the chance I will fu**k the bitch too.

  45. Kwasila, Mugabe is finished sexually, socialy. Policaly and everythng about him except
    killing his own people, his children.He cant stand this ignomity imaginging Gono pumping his wife.Grace come I give you good sex.

  46. Kwasila, Mugabe is finished sexually, socially and politically and everythng about him except
    killing his own people, his children.He cant stand this ignomity imaginging Gono pumping his wife.Grace come I give you good sex.

  47. No 54 i agree with you,

    A woman is the most insecure being, did she get married to Mugabe when he was a young man and now she thinks he cant perform?

  48. this story sounds too fake, it aint that easy to pull such stunts on that man, he may be old but definately not slow or stupid, i have question marks on this one??? sounds to me like a reporter tryna get a shot at Gono, might even be a strategy from the MDC!

  49. Anyone who is saying this story is false is STUPID. Everybody knows how EVE cheated on ADAM. All wives around the world cheat on their husbands. You guys in the UK and left your wives in Zimbabwe, do you know who is satisfying your wives for over 6 years now. Dont pretend that these things happen. Once you let your wife talk or meet another man, definitely she will want to know the man very well. ITS you MEN who are stupid, how can you allow your wife to partner with another man in BUSINESS and where are the other LADIES. Munonyana kuzviita ve chirungu. Imagine your wife eg a secretary spending 8 hours from 8am to 5pm in the office with a MALE boss. After all these day, you allow her to go with a mini skirt, Zvidya zvese panze. Tinoswera tichibata zvidya zvake and you will never know…

  50. GONO and GRACE its your TIME dont separate. You are a woman just like any other woman. If I can get the chance I will be next.Let the OLD man ALONE. He has messed everybody including you. He stole you from your HUSBAND. Then why is he crying now. He must know that waht he does can happen to HIM also. It fair game. The DEVIL has exposed him now for his evils. Our children are suffering because of him. Zimbabwe is suffering. NO ELECTRICITY EVERYDAY when they spend money in HOTELS. Stupid and Unreasonable ZANU PF and MUGABE

  51. Aint she fyn guz, jus couldn’t resist nailing her, I am heading for swaziland for assylum there, I hear therz plenty of choice there. Royalty, here comes the big bad bedroom bully Gono!

  52. :(( hey Uncle Bob you stole from your service man, what goes around comes around and those who kill by the sword shall also be killed by the sword, \:d/ sorry uncle Bob its :x Love that you cant give to the young and vibrant lady, she has to sought it else where from one that you could least suspect, sorry uncle Bob once again its called game of numbers.:((:-\”:)>-\:d/\:d/\:d/;):-t:-j:((=))

  53. Nga cha pwalala, baguy bala chankwila. Nothin more frusstrating than betrayal from a loved one, wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy…………Sorry bamudala

  54. what would you expect for an aging man like mugabe?he has made his country suffer,the guy is pol and cant meet the sexual demands of her wife same as muswati who gets aviegin every year he cant satisfy them all hence guys have to encroach and give a helping hand,i think thats the least of the expected.

  55. Ps. I need Gono to lecture me on his sexual skills so that I can satsfy my woman in order not for her to leave me.Whenever a thief steals, he is happy, but when he is stolen he is angry.somebody tell Grace that next time she visits my country, I will like to rock her too and then award her an Honorary Doctorate Degree in International Prostitution. Cudos, Gono. Bravo Grace.

  56. I thought Bobo was gay and he never had kids. He hired bodyguards to service his women to cover up.
    after prison, they say he preferred men ONLY.

    HE is truly gay

  57. What grace is doing if true is unfortunate, however ba mugabe should have seeing this coming… over 40 years difference with a wife is just too much… grace still has the apetite which she shouldnt be denied…..

  58. I like your thinking no 24,honestly Gono was just trying his luck as men will always do even when thy are not wheathy.it was up to Grace to realise she is married.or may be Grace started it all and why clearing yo friend and not the offender.Men you a problem when it comes to bottom power.on that Mungabe was even going to hate his own sister for telling him trueth has she not died.I dot know whate wrong with men anyway there is nothing wrong its foolishness

  59. #24. Shaka Zulu had a policy that the bearer of bad news dies….If you came to Shaka and told him that you had information that another kingdom was planning to attack Shakas in two days, he would thank you and immediately stab you to death, then get ready for the coming impis!

  60. u never know who betrays u nowadays, sad 2 hear someone had to lose his life over the infidelity of other people.Africa wake up and lets stand 2gether in the fight for the respect of human rights and decency.

  61. its pay back time for Mugabe of what he used to do to his late wife, alelya Grace kumbali ending up with 2 kids now its him balemulila!

  62. u guys u are educated why boo HH, dot u think PF GOVT needs a strong opposition to provide checks and balances for u????????????? keep watching the political scene.

  63. Grace is human Bob is finished . Grace is preparing her future i wonder how Gono’s wife is feeling.mind you, Gono is the next president. Viva Gono!

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  65. I heard gono has been killed in a car crash, what was he thinking at the first place having an affair with grace. may your soul rest in peace Mr. Gideon. its a lesson for others who are having an affair with the first lady (grace) this time one will get stuck into it like those who were found stuck in Johannesburg (yeovile)

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