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The Barotseland contention

Columns The Barotseland contention

File:The Litunga emerges from the Nalikwanda

By Godwin M Kaluwe

The recent protest in Western Province on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010, resulting in very serious injuries and one death was something that should never have happened. But the government’s reckless behavior by ignoring Western province submissions to the new constitution has outraged the people of Barotseland. This is a good example of how civil wars are born. One little spark is capable of igniting a huge and destructive fire.

All this came about in August 2010, following the release of the final draft of the constitution. It was discovered then that all the submissions from western province were not included. Someone essentially thought they were not that important, and that Zambia can do just fine without them. Turned out to be a big mistake and recipe for disaster. Prior to this incident, when asked if he would ever thank the people of WP for tilting the presidential election results in his favor; president Banda is believed to have said; ” I did not ask for their votes.” As if that was not enough, the Vice President of the Republic of Zambia went to Western province and made a very troubling statement at the Ku-fuluhela gathering, which is reverse of Ku-omboka 2010. He publicly told the people; ” A Mulozi will never be president of Zambia.” People were so shocked that the Induna who was translating for him collapsed and passed out. Without an apology, he further demanded for another translator. The final nail on the unitary state coffin came when the constitution submissions from western province were thrown out of the draft. People who were in denial of government agenda can now smell the coffee. Hence the events of that fateful Saturday, after three requests to legally acquire public permit to hold a public meeting were denied by the pro Barotseland freedom advocates, not secessionists,

Barotse Agreement 1964

What many people do not understand is that the WP submission included a review of the Barotse Agreement 1964, which was the vehicle for the unitary state of the Republic of Zambia, without which the boundary between Zambia and Barotseland would have been the line of rail from Copper belt to Victoria falls. When King Lewanika signed successive treaties back in 1890, that claimed a vast area of Northern Rhodesia, he protected North-Western province from the Portuguese, Copper belt and Luapula from the French and Belgians, Northern and Eastern provinces from the Germans, and the whole Nation of Zambia was preserved as we know it today. This is the reason Zambia is known as King Lewanika’s country or Kingdom. Lewanika is a nickname, his real name was Lubosi. He acquired Liwanika name as people remembered his ability to unite tribes and Nations. Of the 73 plus Zambian languages, 31 are from Barotseland. In truth there is no tribe called Lozi. Bulozi or Barotseland is a Nation or Kingdom consisting of different tribes and peoples who have come to be known as Malozi today. There is no Lozi versus Nkoya, Mbunda, Luvale, Nyengo, Toka, Leya, Mbukushu, Mboela, Cokwe, Mweenyi, Kwangwa, Simaa, Subia, etc. Lozi is citizenship not a tribe. But those who want to devide and rule erroneously or purposely designate Lozi versus all of the above.

The following are implications of not including Western Province submissions:

* Technically and by default Barotseland ceases to be part of Zambia. Barotse Agreement 1964 was the glue of the union of the two nations
* Zambia cannot hold Barotseland accountable for stay, to an agreement Zambia no longer respects or considers abrogated.
* The Zambian Government will create a peaceful political atmosphere to help Barotseland resort to her original status, by referendum or other, if necessary.
* All Barotseans residing in the main-stream Zambia will be free to have dual citizenship or choose to stay wherever they want.
* The rest of the Zambians residing in Barotseland will choose to stay or have dual citizenship and live wherever they want.
* The Royal establishment resumes the role of reorganizing their government with the Litunga as King of Barotseland.
* The two governments will discuss boundary modalities without a fight, under AU and UN supervision
* The natural boundary being Kafue river running west side of Itezhi-tezhi passing through Namwala and Mulobezi area to Livingstone.
* Zambia takes Copper belt and the predominantly Lozi speaking people of Livingstone continue to be in Barotseland
* Kabompo and Zambezi will choose to stay in Zambia or be free with Barotseland
* The government of Barotseland will not seek to retrieve original parts of Barotseland now occupied by other countries like Kwando area in Angola, Caprivi Strip in
Namibia, Kasane area in Botswana, and Victoria falls town to the border with Hwange, in Zimbabwe.
* Barotseland will be a good neighbor of Zambia and the surrounding nations.
* Barotseland will join Common wealth nations, UN, AU, SADC and other.
* There is no treasonable charge against freedom of speech and expression of self-determination
* The Republic of Zambia under the surveillance eye of the International community will be a benchmark of a peaceful transition in Africa.

One of the objectives of Barotseland Peace Foundation, as a non profit and an apolitical organization, is to advocate for peace and facilitate for peaceful and transparent deliberations regarding conflict resolutions. Therefore, Both Zambia and Barotseland will benefit greatly by working with BAPF. We invite all other peace loving and peace making entities to join us in this matter, so we can resolve this matter without bloodshed. Self-Determination is imbedded in human rights, a privilege for all people everywhere in the world. There is a distress call from the people of Barotseland. The International community should not wait until it turns into Rwanda, Sudan, or Bosnia. Now is the time to respond and prevent war! Ki naako!


  1. I need to get the gist of this Barotseland issue by first reading the Barotseland Agreement of 1964, then can i make a meaningful contribution. In the meantime can someone with an electronic copy of the agreement send it to [email protected]

  2. western province is an integral part of zambia and it shall remain so for as long as zambia stands. we shall never allow any ugly face to attempt to talk of separation bcos that will be treated as treason and mandatory sentence is death by hanging. our lozi brothers and sisters dont be used and dont be selfish you cant stand on your own and we need each other as a country. you also need to benefit from the wealth of this great nation. litumuzi yaulu

  3. Sounds more of a threat than a mere explanation of what this so called Barotse Agrrement is all about.I’ve sensed a tribalistic and selfish tone to this article…But again, only the other day the Litunga (BRE) came out and condemned this group claiming that its just a few disgruntled individuals who needs to be arrested and punished,alas,this same clique of demonstrators are demanding that their submissions to the CRC be addressed, and these concerns where blessed and recognised by the Litunga and the BRE, and yet the BRE has distanced itself,meanwhile they sent a delegation to the CRC to present their well thought submissions.Has the BRE been bought? quiet confusing indeed

  4. A Lozi who behaves like these people only hurt the people of Western Province some of whom are integrated into Zambia. How do you claim that the Litunga saved Zambia? Are you crazy man? The Litunga was a traitor who sold the Lamba, Kaonde, Lunda and the Nkoya land as his own! How do you sell something that does not belong to you and later try to use it as leverage to obtain political clout? I am not a Bemba but this is one area where I agree with the Bembas that refuse to give in to this nonsense. The Bemba was clever by refusing to sign but influenced the Copperbelt, Central and parts of North Western provinces hence breaking the Litungas claim. When Independence struggles started it was engineered in Northern province with the Bembas naming all the Towns in the Copperbelt and Central.

  5. You will never get anything my friend! The Bembas out smarted you and you should just learn to deal with it!!

  6. What PF is proposing can sold this problem once and for all. They are proposing giving autonomy to all the provinces like in a federal system.

  7. Who can really blame Barotseland for wanting to be independent when successive governments have ignored western province to leave it desolete and underdeveloped.So they have a right and there is nothing for the rest of Zambia to fear as a new nation is born.
    Its time RB and barotse royal establishment and barotse freedom movement came to the table to draw up a final agreement otherwise this issue will never die.
    Knowing the people of western province and their high principles, they would rather die for wht they belive in than be trampled on.KK thought he was clever but he should have honoured that agreement.

  8. Godwin M Kaluwe
    Find something constructive to do my brother.You know down your heart that such an undertaking is not feasible.This will only happen in your DREAMS.

  9. Exactly how is Western province marginalised? They get money from the govt every year to stage the Kuomboka ceremony. The only provinces in Zambia without high levels of poverty are Lusaka and Copperbelt. If you go to large swathes of all the remaining provinces in Zambia you find high levels of poverty. We are after all a poor country. During the Kaunda years, Lozi were always prime ministers, infact one Litunga was part of the UNIP central committe. Lozis played a significant role in the formation of the MMD govt. So how exactly have they bee marginalised? I would say it is people like the Nkoyas who have been marginalised and have had their identity subsumed by the Lozis.

  10. no 9 Unworried Bachelor :what is wrong with you bembas? why cant you stay out of this, this matter has nothing to do with you, as the good writter has put it barotseland will be a good neighbour of zambia, and you bembas you will keep your zambia and we barotseans will keep our barotseland together we shall leave in peace. why should we continue leaving together with people that hate us so much that even a vice president can have the guts to say ” a mulozi will never be president”, no no no no, this is un acceptable from a vp. let us separate peacefully before it is too late. viva bfm, bapf and viva barotseland

  11. GRZ should hunt down these terrorist groups distabilizing western province.They should start with the author of this seditious article.Editors of LT should help with investigations as they are in a position of knowing were this crap of an article came from.If the author is in diaspora,Interpol and the CIA could be of help.

  12. One of the Big Wigs on the NCC is Mwangala Zaloumis…a Lozi..If she didn’t represent the views of the Western Province and prevail on her colleagues to have them included in the Constitution thats your problem for sending an incompetent representative. I’m sure Chifumu Banda got what the Easterners wanted.

  13. @#18 muntu pa muntu
    Since this issue is in the public domain and western province is still part of zambia, you have NO right stopping anyone commenting on this issue.Bembas have every right to comment, as western province is part of their country.Go find an Island in the atlantic or indian oceans if you want a new state.

  14. vj rigger, i dont want to insult you, im asking you politely, stay out of this it doesnt concern you , it is a barotseland matter it is for the people of barotseland. please!!!!!!!!!!!!! ki naako my barotsean brothers

  15. The events of Saturday 23rd Oct 2010 in Mongu should not be taken lightly. Firstly why Ian Khama of Botswana rush to Lusaka. From the statement its clear that the claim for Batotseland affects not only Zambia but Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Its something that should be handled with outmost care. Arresting those who are advocating such moves will just harden their resolve. Lets learn from the past the Boers despite being armed tooth to nail failed to subdue the majority and today South Africans are living side by side in peace. KK, the Winas and others are still alive should come out in the open and tell the nation what they agreement was at independence not to hide under security concerns.Why are Ministers and MMD leaders from Western Province quiete are they hiding something?

  16. At one point i said, i do not like Lozi’s for one thing-selfishness. You would be travelling with one old fellow lozi either sex & if he is eating, he will not even give you a glance, thinking you really need his food-A whole loaf of bread with zigolo, not knowing you are just amazed at such a spectacle-a being for that matter. No doubt, these dark coloured guys ve brains, but they luck human nature. I have seen RB and VP campaign there, they ve wellcomed him several times even when recently he made unpalatable remarks or sent bad sentments when he wore a wrong traditional hut for the occassion. Dont forget-niku six koloko. They sun goes to wee when it appraoces this place. Its a pity Fred is Lozi, also Zoulomis is and the rest we can deal with ourselves as zambians. PEACE.

  17. What is this happening in western province. Mazoka told you to work to together if you want to have share in the national cake. Please do not wast time, these people must sentenced to death by hanging. Any one talking about this useless thing must be sent to MUKOBEKO maximum prison, the next day must be killed. We even told milupi join other parties not to create problems, They started earlier they want vice president position. The next position will be president…!!! The last one seperation. They are not serious in life, look now, you think milupi will win with his small party. What is wrong with these people., we have ready the whole of this so called BRE. There was nothing it is talking of seperation but to give Litunga powersto carry out his duties as a Leader of Lozi speaking sons.!

  18. VJ Rigger: but does your comment need to be insulting lozis? as lozis, we dont want to be part of this corrupt and immoral one zambia one nation nonsense. keep your zambia we will keep our barotse land. why do you get worked out? how are you affected?

  19. # 24 This issue concerns all Zambian! You are talking secession here and you are trying to secede from my country. The American civil war was caused by such behaviour. We will defeat you if you attempt it and we shall catch you soon. That land does not belong to the Litunga! It belongs to Zambia of which I am a citizen. Touch one of mine and I will destroy everything you touch.

  20. kizito: my brother, no one invited you to this descussion, if it bothers you so much to hear lozis debating the destiny of their mother land find something else to do with your valuable time. no one will be sentenced to death you bloody thirsty criminal

  21. Any one writing this article lacks knowledge of the issue at hand…!!!! There is no where on earth you will get land without fighting..!!! Let me remind you, when Lozi came in zambia, they took land of the Tonga people by taking their animals, you think western province, you will get it for free like what this dull person is saying,, If you want to have your own country, be prepared to fight to the death, this is not just alarming you but reality on the ground…!!! Especially that we know now there is diamond in western province, which your foolish people stay in water thinking one day you will have a country of your own and start mining..!! haha.. vote for SATA, he will give you..!!!!zambia is for HH now..!! see what they are writing on Times of zambia, there is time for every thing.!!

  22. a lot of people are againest this shit, why do you think they are bembas, what makes you think only bembas are againest this foolishness??

  23. Muntu pa [email protected] Is that what you call not being part of? That sounds more like aparthy-from jehova’s witnesses. The speaker of the national assembly must be your tribes mate,uh! The person who is purpoted to have endorsed that agreement still lives and you must direct such anger and unreasonable claims to him and not the zambians out there whose fathers and mothers fought for the liberation of this entire country including the so called and assumed BRE.Why should it not affect us when one RB wants to spend 1.25trillion on one of your unproductive roads? Uh! Wake up, the sun has already risen. The same corrupt people in these govt institutions are Lozi’s loike M Zoulomis. She has fatened herself with taxpayers money for a very unsound document called cons”””. You should visit a…

  24. Unworried Bachelor : what im saying my brother instead of you getting worked out to the extent of you preaching all that hatred, there is some with you can do with your time because those threats and insults that you are uttering will not deter us from this cause.

  25. Hmm iyi issue ya vuta ka. This really is a complex issue. One question for those advocating seccesion. Why just start with seccesion from Zambia and not pursuing the other countries to give up the parts of their countries which are supposed to form part of the Barotse land?

  26. Our lozi brothers and sisters are a proud Zambian and they proudly represent this country with absolute dedication.The love our country (Zambia)so much and they have done so much to unite the pipo of Zambia.Deep down the hearts of many of our lozi brothers and sisters is to see a united zambia with pipo who love each other.The action of some of them can happen in a good number of provinces of Zambia.The massage they are preaching is that leaders we choose should bve serious to foster development for their pipo.46 years of independence honestly as a country we can do better in all provinces of our country.We commonly blame govt coz is the biggest drawback to the devpmt.we ve leaders who are like mad pipo,no sense of dedication and patriotism for their own countries.devlopmnt the solution!

  27. Bwesu: yes geoge kunda said ” a mulozi will never be president ,” i have just confirmed it with some one that litsened to the news on muvi tv that day

  28. One question for the seccesionists: Why just emphasise on pulling out of zambia while not pursuing the other countries to give up land which is supposed to be part of the Barotseland.
    Also, a comment for the bloggers: Why is it always that when an issue concerning Lozis comes up the bembas get dragged in? I think it would be fair to say Zambia is for everyone regradless of tribe and in this day and age its such a waste of time discussing matters on tribal lines. Mind you you might be Lozi/Bemba but you’d have blood relatives from the other tribe. How do you react to such?
    Lets all grow up!

  29. @39. Not all bloggers who are against the LOZI daydream are bembas. Iam half Lozi and some other tribe. I dont know how we shall disscuss this without touching tribal lines? In the first place, Lozi’s themselves have started it. If you are really patriotic as you put it, you would not chicken out of the fight for equalness in the disbasment of development. Dont think, southern province is getting a share of the national cake, they are just patriotic and fighting the cause with onesness as other tribes elsewhere. For you, you give up and want the seemingly shortest way to allianet yourselves from everything zambian. Well,good luck but as VP put it, no LOZI would rule zambia, how would he even afford a campagin with thier selfishness?PEACE

  30. These Lozis are very dull! Look, the Bembas had the same argument over Katanga in Congo but they got inside by influence not war! Now they have Moses Katumbi from Luapula Zambia ruling Katanga and he keeps coming for Umutomboko. You have to be smart with these things!

  31. Hahaha someone busy attacking bembas has just realised that he’s been using a bemba name and now he’s changed it lol. You cant really completly rub bemba off you can you? lol lol

  32. #40 thanks for yo sentiments. Indeed you ve got a point. However what i was trying to say is that some people are missing the point here and instead of facing the issue with level headedness they jump the gun and start accusing bembas of having an agenda against the Lozis. I think this is missing the point completly. Anyway, as you ve rightly put it, this is a fight that has to be fought with heads by being smart and demanding a fair share of the country’s cake rather than taking on the seemingly easiest route, which is not easy after all. This we can all see by how all the successive gvernments have smartly avoided the issue.

  33. The BRE and the people from western province should not claim as per report Livingstone. Who gave them that? They should also not talk on behalf of NWProvince. If they want to secceed let them talk about Western province and return all the mineral royalties they erranously lied and got by selling the mines and getting royalties instead of the Lamba Chiefs getting it. You Lamba’s woke up. If the western province secceed we wont allow then dual citizenship!! Thy cant have it both ways. We shall deport all of them. I hope the Barotse agreement does not allow succession. It’s them to suffer.

  34. No referendum on this issue has been carried out in the territory covered by the Barotseland agreement, which means that nobody can claim unequivocally or legitimately to be speaking on behalf of the majority of the peoples concerned. By the ‘peoples concerned’ I am also including ethnic groups like the Kaondes, Lambas, Ilas and others whose territory is also covered by the agreement in question. Up until such time, it is absolutely futile to say as did Bishop Duffy ‘that the people of Barotseland want this or that’. Lets first of all define and agree what we mean by Barotseland and if need be take it from there.

  35. # 7 don’t try to be a tribalist. Shut your big mouth. Who told you that Bembas are above everybody? Mind your language. This can cause fire because of your careless talking. If you are a Bemba please keep it to yourself.

  36. Mwe bantu, these disgruntled elements from the respectable WP are claiming half the area of Zambia. I’d really want to get feedback from those affected among the Lambas, Nkoya, Luvles, etc.

    Please don’t waste pipo’s time with this kind of day dreaming!!!!! ONE ZED ONE NATION … You can go hang yourself!

  37. The international dimension as others have stated can not be overlooked. The territory in question is extremely strategic to the northern part of the SADC region which comprises Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia because of the importance of the waters of the Zambezi. Zambia is in all probabilities not able to let Barotseland secede unilaterally. It would be a matter to be hatched out at the SADC or African Union level. Neighbouring countries such as Namibia which has a sizeable Lozi population in the north from whom it has faced insurrection or Zimbabwe with the ongoing issues relating to the Ndebele people in the West are unlikely to support a move for the secession of Barotseland.

  38. @#35 Mutu ki mutu, umuna kufita likuba ze kaufela.
    Whether people like it or not, the Lozi will emerge victorious.U have taken Lozi people for granted for too long.The agreement is there so why ignore it?.Botswana was a protectorate and I know that had Serestse Khama (MHSRIP) signed an agreement to be part of Zambia,KK would have deceived him later.Half of Botswana is a desert but very rich country.Likewise western province may be referred to as the “sand dunes” of Zambia but in actuallity a very rich area rich in oil,diamonds and gold.

  39. @# 28 muntu pa muntu
    My brother I have not insulted any Lozi.I have simply asked the secessionists to find an Island if they want a new state.Not every Lozi is for this idea.I have great respect for many Lozi’s,I am even married to one beautiful Lozi girl.Besides insults wont take us anywhere but degrade us.

  40. For the people of Barotseland to gain international support for them to secede from Zambia, they would have to show that they have been systematically discriminated and persecuted because of their ethnicity as happened in South Sudan or Darfur. An example of this would be the fact that the Lozi people are not allowed to speak Silozi through law. As is the case now, Silozi is one of the 7 recognised indigenous languages of Zambia and is broadcast on both state owned and private media. The fact that the Zambian government heavily subsidises the staging of the Kuomboka ceremony would suggest that the Lozi people are not in fact as marginalised as some elements claim them to be .

  41. Hmmmmm…………..nkhani yambo limba eyi…..Bloggers should counter this article not the nonsense being posted.Guy has articulated this article professionaly which most of the dunderheads here cant do.argue against the points raised not hiding your mental deficiency behind your old office PC.

  42. Dont forget that for the most part Zambia enjoys cordial relations with its neighbours. I doubt any of them would covertly support a secessionist movement in W province. Namibia and Angola have suffered decades of war and doubt would want to host any refugees from the conflict. Zimbabwe at present is a non-starter, so I dont think that this movement will be going very far in the near future but who knows?

  43. Criminals in Zambia will always be known and no doubt even a 2 year old child knows that Bembas are criminal. Bembas can even kill you over money. Nigerian hardcore criminals = Bembas. Zambia is the way it is because of these Bembas who think they are literate. Just two days ago these chaps where failing to vote. Bembas are the most illiterate Zambians we have. Satanist PF Bemba party was punished by God for claiming there is not Jesus. To hell with these chaps.

  44. “Some people see things as they are and ask: but why? others dream things as they are not and ask: but why not?” Anonymous. The problem os Baroste agreement is poorly understood, and this problem has been compounded by you ba some of us, the educated who have been hero worshiping policians for the work that they dont do. Had the educated zambians been patriotic they would have been holding politicians accountable for raping the resources of the land. This problem has resulted in people thinking, dreaming, and hoping that, if they got the Baroste land, they would be better off. Surely, a Zambia with all these opportunities, why would a person start struggling to get a part of it? and not be concerned about getting parts that are in Zambabwe, Botswana, Angola and the like? Ni Dobo elo…

  45. Call me names or what: the problem zambia has is the politics. We resolve this and we develop. In medicine, politics; in engineering, politics; finance, politics. It is the constraint we have to deal with. You the tuma educated chaps who always think you are educated, research on how to deal with this, and we will be sorted. for now, I wish the Baroste people PEACE. If you get your land, i will also get mine. We will be watching how you resolve this.

  46. Please lets not create animosity on tribes. We are basically one and the same-created in God’s image. No tribe is more superior than the other. I overhead a certain Lozi man confencing that he did’nt like Bembas-imagine for no apparent reason! Conversely, I have head Bembas confencing in the same manner. I think the best way to end this tribal animosity is simply to swap tribal cousinship, Period. (Secret:I am eyeing a ka Lozi girl! Donti kubeba!)

  47. @#55 Web
    Your utterances is what is getting some of us lost.What has your secessionist chants have to do with Bembas?Get off your inferiority complex horse bro.

  48. If the Honourable Vice President George Kunda said what this article alleges that he said, and if His Excellence the President of the Republic of Zambia uttered those words containted in this article, then, it’s the duo that has declared war on the Barotse people. Let it be established beyond reasonable doubt that the allegations are false. Otherwise, the two leaders must be impeached or else the Lozis are entitled to self-rule.


  50. keep on criticising us, it is your criticism that is building our resolve to fight for our cause to the end. one thing you should remember is that this generation is not the same as the other generations that has past. we are a very determined generation and we will fight to the end until we achieve for us, our children and for the generations to come. my barotsean brothers and sisters we are on the move. ki naako

  51. Kaunda somehow should have followed what Julius Kambarage Nyerere did in Tanzania.After independence,he abolished all the kingdoms(chiefdoms) and transfered all the powers to the govt thus uniting 120 tribes.Today,Tanzania is a shining example of a county where tribalism does not influence politics.

  52. Secessionist woo! This is being primitve,why of all things still cling to strongholds of colonialism.Come on liberate yourself,46 years is a long time to learn to survive on your own.Dont blame govt for slow development in your area,blame your primitive behaviour,where are your brains? ooh in the past.How can you still have villages in town where development is suppose to be.The BRE should have a development agenda not that nosence which will not take you anywhere.

  53. I would like to thank the Govt of Zambia for leaving out the Barotse issue off the constitution which clearly means the agreement is non and void. which then means the implications highlighted above then take effect…………….thank you NCC for a good job well done.

  54. Lets keep our cool we are and always will be Elephants.It is futile they will never get it..
    Sir Ronald Bell (Buckinghamshire South)I beg to move, ‘That this House deplores the unilateral repudiation by the Government of Zambia of the Barotseland Agreement 1964 (Command Paper No. 2366), which was signed by Her Majesty’s Secretary of State, by Dr. Kaunda and by the late Litunga of Barotseland, and was, further, reinforced by solemn assurances.’ The Barotseland Agreement was concluded on 18th May, 1965, and broken 14 months later, but I thought it right to say nothing very much in the House about it until the death of the Litunga a fortnight ago made it certain that nothing which I said would damage his position. It happened that in a professional capacity I negotiated the Barotseland…

  55. “When King Lewanika signed successive treaties back in 1890, that claimed a vast area of Northern Rhodesia, he protected North-Western province from the Portuguese, Copper belt and Luapula from the French and Belgians, Northern and Eastern provinces from the Germans, and the whole Nation of Zambia was preserved as we know it today.”
    The Eastern Zambia was secured under the North Chaterland treaty not through Barotseland. Although the Undi’s Chewa were predominantly friendly to the Portuguese, it was the British through Alfred Sharpe who eventually got concessions in Eastern Zambia. Mpezeni, on the advise of his friend Karl Wiese also signed with Britain although his son Nsingu rebelled.

  56. this is a seditious article. the author is definitely one of the proponents of the Bartotse nonsense. i am surprised that LT can allow such ana article to be published. can the police please round this chap up

  57. Let our leaders hold a crisis meeting so that they find a way forward. Let all stakeholders be brought to the table without delay. All what we are saying as bloggers here will not resolve anything. This problem is an international one and can only be settled through mutual dialogue.

  58. @68 wow you figured that one out you are so smart(Einstenian proportion! )@65 News flash:To the best of my knowledge Barotseland was never colonised,we were a Protectorate,sorry love,the truth sure does have a piercing sensation to the [email protected] worry yourself non we are all too aware of this hatred and its bound to get worse.So really its nothing new,may you find your spiritual station and find the calm manner of the Elephant but keep your wit and intellect growing that what we do when insulted and hated.

  59. We need to look at the original agreement first, then we can make meaningful, objective & intelligent contributions to this debate, not just your submission to the constitution review commission.
    your article sounds more like a threat than anything else. why have you chosen not to claim “your land” from Botswana, Namibia, Angola & Zimbabwe in your submission?

  60. All I can say is that the article is poorly written! LT, do you get every Jim and Jack to post articles on your site? Please let me know how you select articles because I want to do one, and you will be impressed with the quality. And by the way, do you have EDITORS?

  61. It is interesting that while progressive peoples all over the world are uniting as HUMANS on the fragile earth, reactionary forces want separatism. To say, Livingstone should be part of Barotseland because of a predoiminantly Lozi speaking people is the same as saying that Ndola belongs to the Chitimukulu! Livingstone has its own peoples who for long were subjugated by the Lozi. Sorry, you will have to do with your sandy plains, after all, is that where the name comes from?

  62. After reading through this article and the subsquent arguments, I realize how poor we know anything about our history of our mother Zambia. Im challenged to study hard instead of emotionally respond to sensitive issues without much thought and proper knowledge. I encourge others to do the same and not pretending to know anything when we are not. Reading culture is beyond us but let us try.

  63. Barotse Patriot
    I have always admired the chequred history of the baRotse. But, wouldn’t you agree with me that the first time a Barotse treaty was abrogated was in 1899 by the British government and the BSACo? Lewanika appealed to Queen Victoria, claiming that the terms of the treaty had been misinterpreted? The maKuwa break the treaty and you mildly complain, but your blood brothers and fellow peoples (allegedly) do the same to you, and you want war?

  64. Barotse Patriot
    Secondly, would you agree with me that the ‘Protectorate status’ was only so on paper? The administration of baRotseland was under the Litunga but officially, the Litunga was not recognised with the same umph as the Khama across the border. When the two Northern Rhodesias were united into one, Barotseland became a province and not a kingdom. So, do not blame KK. The Zambia Independence Act clearly stated what the boundaries of Zambia would be. It gave the Litunga-in-council some autonomy, but the defence, police and tax system were all under State House. Now in civics we are taught that you are a government if you collect tax, defend your people and protect their property. How much tax has the Litunga ever collected since 1890?

  65. mike, what is it that hurts you about lozis wanting to rulre themselves? if you have things to contibute, do it without annoying others. barotse land has not developed because your government has refused to take development projects there, partly because some few greedy lozi traitors of the likes of mabenga, zalumis and others. but now my generation whose patriotism lie with barotseland we have tried in our personal capacities to bring some resembrance of development to western province but we are just individuas, so now we want western province to rule it self so that we can exploit our resources and build our mother land. if you dont like it please go and hung masipa

  66. If the Barotse Establishment can claim land in Zambia, then they should seek to retrieve original parts of Barotseland now occupied by other countries like Kwando area in Angola, Caprivi Strip in Namibia, Kasane area in Botswana, and Victoria falls town to the border with Hwange, in Zimbabwe. Please people get over this and move on. The bottom line is that no government will ever want to lose Barotseland.

  67. The [email protected]&80 – I absolutely agree with you and thanx for teaching some of these illiterates the true history of Zambia. Godwin Kaluwe is going around peddling inaccuracies and clearly has an interest in the future of Barotseland as an independent state. The then Litunga never saved Zambia from anybody but was duped by the BSA Company into signing away land that did not belong to him as it saved them the trouble of negotiating with each and every chief in those areas. The Litunga’s complaint to the British mornarchy back in the 1890’s that the BSA Company was misinterpreting their treaty was ignored and they decided not to pursue it. And lastly, why targetting Bembas as against this agreement, we Easterners will never accept it either.

  68. In order to protect future generations this matter has to be brought to a proper close. People you have to understand that the boundary of barotseland had changed over a period of time through agreement with the Litunga. Those parts that fall within Botwana, Namibia, Zim Angola etc were all given up in subsequent agreements such that the 1964 Agreement excluded majority of what used to be Barotseland. Therefore even if the agreement stood today Copperbelt would not be included, if you refer back to the 1900 map of barotseland it was far much lager than as at 1964 thats because the litunga released more land to the British colonial masters. Fear not but dialogue is the way forward

  69. U cant make a Bemba understand sense. All these chaps see is ubomba mwibala aspect. Everything the see they must steal. The best one can do is to understand an issue before opening the mouth and show ignorance of the highest order. So let sensible Zambian shop arguing with these chaps.

  70. Typical of african mentality, reason is sumtimes so far away when it is just around the corner, instead of debating the issue which apparently has raised considerable conflict, all you do is call yourselves names, this tribe that and this. Provide possible solutions in the prevailing circumstances. Whatever the tribe you are you are still zambian and black. Your colour is the only visible attribute you have, not your tribe.

  71. Lozi’s dont worst our precious time just get gun and start fighting stupi.d. Go and rot in your Barotseland.

  72. The article combines some historical facts with plain lies, logical fallacies, and legal naivety. The author should produce the whole video or speech where the president and his vice explicitly said that no lozi will ever rule Zambia. Even if those words were said, it should be clearly demonstrated such words cause a direct breach of the Barotse agreement. Also, where is it written that if the agreement is breached then the implications will be what the author has listed above? The author has clearly failed to separate facts from personal opinions (most of which are actually misguided). I wonder why LT allows such substandard material to be published.

  73. “…The government of Barotseland will not seek to retrieve original parts of Barotseland now occupied by other countries like Kwando area in Angola, Caprivi Strip in Namibia, Kasane area in Botswana, and Victoria falls town to the border with Hwange, in Zimbabwe…”

    By rules of contract, doesn’t the above nullify the entire claim of Barotseland as a Nation then?!

    If Barotseland encompasses these other lands in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Angola, and you lay no claim to them, does Zambia then also have the right to get out of the contract/agreement and keep the Barotse territory that it now controls? If you claim something was stolen from you, then claim it back in total! And why have one tribe in this grouping called “LOZIS” dominated everybody Else’s views on this?

  74. #91 Yambayamba saya: “By rules of contract…..”

    I am curious as to which contract you are referring to? Barotseland is an ancient kingdom whose history goes back to the 16th century and possibly beyond. The Partitioning of Africa was a late 19th Century affair. The isue at hand, namely the Barotseland Agreement came into existence in the 20th century. If by “contract” you are referring to the Barotseland Agreement, I wish you to note that the national boundaries of Angola, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe pre-existed the Agreement and cannot be undone by it. Your reasoning would be akin to demanding that the Tongas on the Zimbabwean side of lake Kariba swim across to the Zambian side. Totally absurd. And which is that “dominant” tribe in Barotseland you have made referrence…

  75. #78 Fessy says:…….”Reading culture is beyond us but let us try.”

    I appreciate your observation. However, I think it’s more than just an absence of “reading culture…” I am afraid that our history is neither being well documented nor preserved. Recently, I was in Zambia and checked many book stands for good quality local books and I drew a blank. Even most of the old titles one could think of, are now out of print. A book I would recommend, if you don’t have it yet is: “The Elites of Barotseland 1878-1969, A Political History of Zambia’s Western Province by Gerald L. Caplan. I know that this book is also out of print, but if you are luck, you may be able to find a used one. Presumably, libraries in Zambia and the Livingstone Museum could have some out of print books…

  76. I do not understand why people like # 93 and the author of the article want to resort to lies to make their point. It is not true that the lozi kingdom dates back to the 16th century. The history of the lozis is taught even in the grade seven Zambian syllabus and we all know that the lozi kingdom was founded by immigrants from the kola region in present day DRC in about the early to mid 19th century. The author claims that lewanika protected the zambia we know today from european invaders. Lewanika signed treaties because he needed protection himself. How could he protect other kingdoms when he needed protection himself? Isn’t this absurd?

  77. Dont listen to this bogus guy, he lives in Minnesota purporting to be man of God yet fueling archarcy in Zambia. He has been collecting offering from his church made of six families and sending it to this confusion. We shall stop coming to your church and see how you will be buying those suits you wear everyday.

    Luyanas and Mweenyis, don’t join this confusion. It will only benefit the Royal Clan who have refused to recognise the Establishment of the current Litunga. It is not about self government, it is all about families within the royal estblishment fighting for power.

  78. #23: VJ Rigger says: “Since this issue is in the public domain….”

    I concur. This is a national issue and all stakeholders should be afforded an opportunity to respond to it. I consider this a forum where issues of national importance are debated and deliberated upon. What’s regrettable though is that some bloggers use insults and abusive language. Notwithstanding, I do understand that not everyone has been to school, and some being thus handcapped and having limited vocabulary, find abusive language and insults a more appropriate way to express their frustrations.

  79. #95 Kalimuna says: “I do not understand why people like # 93 and the author of the article want to resort to lies to make their point.”

    My apologies. I may have said what I said out of ignorance, but not necessary with an intention to tell a lie. According to the following sources, the Luyi are said to have arrived in Bulozi around the mid-1600s
    L. Gann, A History of Northern Rhodesia: Early Days to 1953 (Chatto and Windus, London, 1964) p. 14, M. Mainga, Bulozi under the Luyana Kings (Longman, London, 1973) Mainga, op. cit., pp. 213-214 and and Langworthy, op. cit., p. 49.

    I am just a poor bean counter, not a historian. You are free to correct me if I am wrong and probably at liberty to call me a liar too.

  80. Let us be very clear. The earliest settlers in present day Zambia are the Khoi-San peoples who were driven out by the agrarian bantus from the area around Chad. These people came in phases and died off in phases as well, for example leaving the great Zimbabwe and Makumbugbwe earlier, Mwenemutapa later. These kingdoms shrunk southward.

  81. The next wave of immigrants was from the Congo basin and that was three pronged. The Marabi in the East were earliest, the Luyana in the West circa 1600 and the Luba-Lunda in the north. The Marabi went farthest south and the Bantu botatwe and Lake people are their descendants. The last wave in the 19th century was from the South, with Nguni and Sotho peoples. We are all immigrants and we should make the most of living together in unity and harmony. One Zambia. One nation.

  82. Please can they give these lozi f.o.o.l.s what they want. They have an undeserved sense of entitlement. They get on my last nerve.

  83. At the turn of the 20th Century the most powerful rulers were, Mwata Kazembe, Litunga, Chitimukulu and Mpezeni in present day Zambia. Undi of the Chewa ruled more people in Mozambique and Malawi. The Bantu botatwe were not a coherent force, neither was the Toka-Leya peoples. The maNdebele harassed them now and then.

  84. The tributary peoples were ignored by the White man (to his advantage) when signing treaties. Several tribes aligned with the others, purely for protection. There was a horrible slave trade going on and the Arab-Swahili traders were ruthless, attacking small, and independent groups. Some people in Malawi (Yao) converted to Islam to avoid being taken into slavery. Perhaps, that is the etymology of the name ‘aChawa (traitor).’

  85. Colonialists did not have it easy in the north and eastern parts of Zambia. The first son of Mpezeni, Nsingu led the first organised war against the British in 1898. With the help of Indians and Africans from Malawi, the revolt was quelled, and Nsingu executed. Permanet British Fort was set up in Chipata and Mpezeni. The threat of the Belgians siding with Mwata and Chiti necessitated another Fort in Mansa. These were potential trouble spots.

  86. i wonder wat wud hav happened if chitimukulu gave in to sign to dat agreement wit da lozi’s…..we wud hav all bin doomed by these guys!!!!>>>>>>>>>>> CHITIMUKULU IS THE BESTEST!!!

  87. Ask the Northerners what we did to Lenshina and his followers (with Kapasa Makasa), or try Mushala in North Western Provinvce! We are more than ready to shoot at some Lozis this time around!!!

    This Agreement is made this eighteenth day of May, 1964 between KENNETH DAVID
    KAUNDA, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia of the one part and SIR MWANAWINA
    LEWANIKA THE THIRD ,K.B.E., Litunga of Barotseland, acting on behalf of himself, his
    heirs and successors, his council, and the chiefs and people of Barotseland of the other
    party is signed by the Right Honourable Duncan Sandys, M.P Her Majesty’s principal
    secretary of state for common wealth relations and for the colonies, to signify the approval
    of her majesty’s government in the united kingdom of the arrangements entered into
    between the parties to this agreement and recorded therein.
    Whereas it was proposed that the northern Rhodesia shall become an independent
    sovereign state to be known…

  89. All the Pompous or pretentious writings here is evidence of one clear thing, which is that most of these comments are from ill-educated and unread persons with no substantial knowledge of the formation of Zambia and the history of Southern Africa.

    As usual it becomes a battle of the tribes. But stop for one minute and digest the facts. Any who has done contract law and has a bit of knowledge in that area would recognised a valid and binding contract.

    My advice to the wise is to get the facts if you are sincere and be objective and not shoot for the hip.

    And to the foolish, I have nothing for you but Proverbs 29:9 “ If a wise man goes to court with a foolish man, The fool rages or scoffs, and there is no peace. “

  90. from wat most of yu chaps a toking about i have only cum 2 one conclusion, thoz antagonistic tribes get yo machetes and kill yoselves, ie bembas vs lozis, tongas vs ngonis, but one thing is that yu chaps will never get to a level of civilised tribes like the kaondes, luvaes, lenjes, lambas, lundas, nkoyas, ilas, mambwes, etc coz even when they most parts of zambia they brag about it, only fools like you uncivilised tribes do, its only gud that yu are black otherwise you wud have claimed being sumthing else, *****s.

  91. After all , its common knowledge that you lozis come from barotseland, bembas come from northern province, copperbelt the richest province to date is lambaland, and you want to fight over things that dont even belong to you, you shud just rot in hell.

  92. the bre got loyalties for minerals in territories under other chiefs, litunga here is potrayed as a saviour because he somehow protected all the provinces in zambia and it somehow means that he should rule a greater part of zambia?
    zambia helped liberate south africa, have we gone there to rule? and it is not so true to say litunga protected other regions.
    he made money…got royalties that other chiefs should have been receiving, have we the rest of zambia held it against him?
    you think this will go peacefully? you will now fight with everyone
    tongas, toke leyas, kaondes, lambas….i hope you are ready because from your article you are a coward living in dreamland.
    you are offering dual citizenships…all what i see is you offering zambians and barotse citizens to carry the same…

  93. zambian passport…if you are to be a sovereign nation…
    if you have to secceed do not hope for good blood from zambia…do not hope for cooperation
    already you have shed zambian blood, made our paramilitary brothers engage you and waste resources.
    you will pay back all the royalties zambia and the other regions have paid or lost to you in your many agreements and concessions.
    you are good at agreements and concessions to avoid war…this time you will get it
    remember that this is zambia, peace has always prevailed…but you want to break zambia…you want to break our peace
    get ready to be walloped…infact let litunga stock up

  94. so kind of you to inform the international community so that they are aware that battle lines are being drawn…and you know very well that their interest is in zambia and not barotse

  95. VP Kunda said,” A Mulozi will never be president of Zambia.” People were so shocked that the Induna who was translating for him collapsed and passed out. Without an apology, he further demanded for another translator.”
    Ubufi ba kalamba imwe ba Godwin M Kaluwe.

  96. Ki Naako! I think we cannot continue in this marriage with northern Rhodesia! As a Lozi, am proud of heritage, principles and values. What we Lozis hate is stealing, and corruption. Zambia has become another Congo and in a few years it will be a failed state! Barosteland has a right to a peaceful self determination and with Gods help, it shall be possible, after all, what is there to loose? we are still the poorest province in Zambia and how poor can we Get? We shall overcome Viva Barosteland! Ki Naako!


  98. I have heard of Alarmist, but little did I know that our Kaluwe supported by LT would be such.

    In the 70s we had enough deaths on CB as a result of unthinking beliefs as portrayed in this article. Moderate Lozi thinkers and those who oppossed Westerners were not tolerated. We always prayed for our parents’ survival especially those who were on late shifts.

    To balance Views on BRE, LT link up with people like # 70 The Saint.

    Much as I understand that Barotseland aligns itself to Lesotho and would like to be independent as Lesotho and join AU, their history differ. BRE forgets that claimed boundaries are imaginary otherwise Lambaland, Tongaland, Kaondeland etc would never have existed.

    I pray that the Litunga takes charge of his subjects in all honesty. This is no laughing…

  99. #123 cont…
    This is not a laughing matter.

    Stupid thinkers promise gold when in reality they posses clay.

    Kaluwe, would I be wrong to suggest that the peeping oil, precious copper, the coverted Zambzi river originating from NWP is what BRE seeks to own? And you mayhave discovered the treasures Chama Chakomboka always referred to!

    Who is behind these two groups if the Litunga and his Council are not? Usually, Cimbwi pakulila ninshi pali uko ashintilishe bokosi. As the wise saying goes.

  100. Ok riger, i understand ol this but tha tribal part of this nonsense, its the same thing that drove hitler to extremes. and now he is the most hated but he still made history anyways, otherwise this world wud hav never bin the same. so we have a choice to go the hitler way or the mandela one.

  101. just thinking aloud and at the risk of being mulled by the LOZIS. how could the Litunga sign an agreement without any clauses like termination, compesation and others. the truth of the matter is that he probably was handsomely paid either in cash or in kind. so Kids Like this Kaluwe guy should research and tell us the exact clauses that were contained in the agreement and how these have not been met. its flowerly yes to refer to the agreement without disclosing its contents. kindly divulge the contents so that people understand your position and not farting all the way to the media without substanting your arguments.

  102. #15 ZOZI-A-ZOZI SAYS: “The truth is you cannot re-write History, no matter how you hate!”

    …I wonder that you mean? During the “Scramble for Africa” much of Africa was taken by white colonialists. That was history written. The Nationalist movement came and liberated most of Africa from the colonialists. This was a re-writing of African history. Nelson Mandela and the ANC have re-written the history of S. Africa. Yes indeed, even the black man in America is re-writing the history of America.

  103. HANSARD 1803–2005 ? 1960s ? 1964 ? July 1964 ? 10 July 1964 ? Commons Sitting ? ZAMBIA INDEPENDENCE BILL
    HC Deb 10 July 1964 vol 698 cc776-86 776

    § Question proposed, That the Clause stand part of the Bill.

    § 11.54 a.m.

    § Mr. Ronald Bell (Buckinghamshire, South)

    I was very sorry that I was not able to take part in the debate on Second Reading, because it ended earlier than I had expected and I thus lost that opportunity. During that debate things were said about this Clause with which I would not have been in full agreement.

    I should now like to say that I regard the outcome of the negotiations which led to the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 as one which was very happy both for Barotseland and for the new country…

  104. #80 THE SAINT SAYS: “….So, do not blame KK.”
    With all due respect to our founding father, I chose to differ with your sentiment here. Such reasoning of yours, is akin to the illogical logic that one is not a thief if he steals stollen property. Barotseland was not Britain’s property. KK and his fellow nationalists used trickery to coerce the Litunga and the traditionalists into signing the Barotseland Agreement when he, KK and his fellow nationalists, knew very well that they were not going to abide by its terms.
    Fortunately, some of his fellow nationalists came to know the real KK as they too fell victims of his political carnage – the likes of Kapwepwe, Nkumbula, Mundia, Sipalo etc. KK’s hands are stained with the blood of an assassin in as far as the BA is concerned.

  105. #107 zambian
    I was all alone on the blog when I wrote the ‘continous pandering’ you are talking about. So I gave myself literally freedom. However, the point I am trying to make is a serious one and that is to show that it is not true that the rest of Zambia would have been under Belgian or Portuguese rule were it not for the Litunga. That in short is the point of my ‘endless pandering.’

  106. #129 Ikandulwa, Los Angeles, CA
    I am talking about ‘blame’ here. The point of whether it was right or wrong is not my thesis. Blameworthiness takes into consideration mitigating circumstances. It is wrong to wee in your pants, but if you are 3 months old you cannot be blamed. I believe that KK and Mwanawina 3 had a particular understanding with each other to which we are not privy. It would be nice if the man spoke for himself rather than go to the grave with this ‘secret.’ When is his memoir coming out?

  107. The truth of the matter is, Bemba language is widely used in Zambia probably that could be the reason why some disgruntled tribalists hate this particular tribe. The way English is widely used in the whole world so shall it be with Bemba!

  108. My dear Lozis, this is really not workable in this present day Zambia, I would urge you guys if you want this thing to work out, just stick to your western province alone. The truth is that many people are now educated and are aware of their rights, hence no one at this age can do something behind their backs the way that Lewanika use to aquire territories and even receive mineral rights illegally. Actually, all Lozi chirfs are so silent about this thing because it may open a pandora box for all Lozi chiefs including that Lewanika to payback the money for mineral loyalties they were receiving illegally on behalf of the owners of the land, e.g Lambas. The rule is when you invest in mines the people who are who are suppose to receive mineral loyalties the displaced owners of the land.

  109. As Zambian we do not care whether it’s history or mistry what Lewanika and his Lozi fellow were doing was illegal and it they push as far, then they have to compansate us our mineral loyalties they were receiving, Shame on these first thieves even if they keep calling Bembas thieves. Lozis you really day dream, Namwala under Chief Nalubamba and Livingstone under chief Mukuni to be part of Barotseland at this present day? under their foot. This agreement can work if it can just concentrate on your territories of Western province and not other areas outside your province. Tokaleyas were never part of your Barotseland, you just manipulated the old Musokotwane chief Lishumi whose mother was from western province and henceforth the people in the area have voed not to put any Lozy related…

  110. Ilas are the most proud people and never accept to pay homage to any chief apart from their own. Lozis stop dreaming these are modern times, the law will visit you one day if you start opening such pages. Even when you think of making western province you own country, do not include Nkoyas and other tribes who are not part of you, better still just make Mongu as your country and capital. The Basotho people formed Lesotho by just concentrating on their territories and not other people’s land. The country is small but what they wanted was just freedom even under poverty. The NCC could not include your agreement in the draft constitution because it covered other areas which were included illegally. If it was just western province they could have included it, so if possible redraft it.

  111. At one time or another a marriage comes to dire straits. People come to believe that they are better off on their own or with someone else. They forget the very reason that they got married to X in the first place. Well, this marriage has been going on for 46 years and the wife feels neglected.

  112. Chiti Mwaiche wrote on 29 October, 2010, 11:45 (Zambia Watcdog)
    AGREEMENT 1964
    Presented to parliament by the secretary for commonwealth relations by command of her majesty may 1964
    Following talks in London between the British Government, the Government of Northern Rhodesia and The Litunga of Barotseland; an Agreement regarding the position of Barotseland within independent Northern Rhodesia was concluded at the commonwealth Relations office on 18 th May, 1964. It is entitled, “The Barotseland Agreement 1964?. It was signed by Dr.K.D.Kaunda, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia, by Sir Mwanawina Lewanika III,K.B.E L (Cont…)

  113. 137 Cont…
    Lewanika III,K.B.E Litunga of Barotseland and by the Right Honourable Duncan Sandys M.P Secretary of State for common wealth Relations and for the colonies signifying the approval of Her Majesty’s Government.
    The text of the Agreement is attached as the Appendix to this paper.
    19th May, 1964.
    This Agreement is made this eighteenth day of May, 1964 between KENNETH DAVID KAUNDA, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia of the one part and SIR MWANAWINA LEWANIKA THE THIRD ,K.B.E., Litunga of Barotseland, acting on behalf of himself, his heirs and successors, his council, and the chiefs and people of Barotseland of the other party is signed by the Right Honourable Duncan Sandys, M.P Her Majesty’s principal secretary of state for common…

  114. Right Honourable Duncan Sandys, M.P Her Majesty’s principal secretary of state for common wealth relations and for the colonies, to signify the approval of her majesty’s government in the united kingdom of the arrangements entered into between the parties to this agreement and recorded therein.
    Whereas it was proposed that the northern Rhodesia shall become an independent sovereign state to be known as the republic of Zambia.
    And where as it is the wish of the government of northern Rhodesia and of the Litunga of Barotseland,his council and the chiefs and people of Barotseland that northern Rhodesia should proceed to independence as one country and that all its peoples should be one nation:
    And where , as having regard to the fact that all treaties and other agreements subsisting…

  115. NOW THIS AGREEMENT WITNESSETH and it is hereby agreed between the said Kenneth David Kaunda, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia, on behalf of the government of Northern Rhodesia and the said Sir Mwanawina Lewanika the Third, K.B.E., Litunga of Barotseland on behalf of himself, his heirs and successors ,his Council and the chiefs and the people of Barotseland as follows:-
    1. Citation and commencement
    This agreement may be cited as the Barotseland Agreement 1964 and shall come into force on the day on which Northern Rhodesia, including Barotseland, becomes the independent sovereign Republic of Zambia.

  116. 2. The Constitution of Zambia
    The constitution of the republic of Zambia shall include the provisions agreed upon for the inclusion herein at the constitutional conference held in London in May, 1964 relating to:-
    (a) the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms of the individual;
    (b) the judiciary; and
    (c) the public service
    and those provisions shall have full force and effect in Barotseland.
    3. Administration of Justice
    (1) Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the people of Barotseland shall be accorded the same rights of access to the high court of the republic of Zambia as are accorded to other citizens of the Republic under the laws for the time being in force in the Republic and a judge or judges of the high court selected from among the judges who…

  117. 4. The Litunga and His Council
    (1) The government of the republic of Zambia will accord recognition as such to the person who ois for the time The Litunga of Barotseland under the customary law of Barotseland.
    (2) The Litunga of Barotseland, acting after consultation with his Council as constituted for the time being under the customary law of Barotseland shall be the principal local authority for the government and administration of Barotseland.
    (3) The Litunga of Barotseland, acting after consultation with his Council, shall be authorised and empowered to make laws for Barotseland in relation to the following matters, that is to say-
    (a) The Litungaship;
    (b) The authority at present known as the Barotse Native Government (which shall hereafter be known as the Barotse…

  118. (g) land;
    (h) forests;
    (i) traditional and customary matters relating to Barotseland alone;
    (j) fishing;
    (k) control of hunting;
    (l) game preservation;
    (m) control of bush fires;
    (n) the institution at present known as the Barotse native treasury;
    (o) the supply of beer;
    (p) reservation of trees for canoes;
    (q) local taxation and matters relating thereto; and
    (r) Barotse local festivals.
    5. Land
    (1) In relation to land in Barotseland the arrangements set out in the annex hereto shall have effect.
    (2) In particular, the Litunga of Barotseland and his Council shall continue to have the powers hitherto enjoyed by them in respect of land matters under customary law and practice.
    (3) The courts at present known as the Barotse Native Courts shall have original jurisdiction(to the…

  119. powers of the High Court of the Republic of Zambia in relation to writs or orders of the kind at present known as prerogative of writs or orders.
    (4) Save with the leave of the court at present known as the Saa- Sikalo Kuta, no appeal shall lie from any decision of the courts at present known as the Barotse Native Courts given in exercise of the jurisdiction referred to in paragraph (3) of this article to the High Court of the Republic of Zambia.
    6. Civil Servants
    All public officers of the Government the Republic of Zambia who may from time to time be situated in Barotseland shall be officers serving on permanent and pensionable terms.
    7. Financial Responsibility
    The Government of the Republic of Zambia shall have the same general responsibility for providing financial support for…

  120. 8. Implementation
    The Government of the Republic of Zambia shall take such steps as may be necessary to ensure that the laws for the time being in force in the Republic are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement.
    9. Interpretation
    Any question concerning the interpretation of this Agreement may be referred by the Government of the Republic of Zambia to the High Court of the Republic for consideration (in which case the opinion thereon of the Court shall be communicated to that Government and to the Litunga of Barotseland and his Council) and any such question shall be so referred if the Litunga, acting after consultation with his Council, so requests.
    10. Revocation
    The herein before recited Agreement of the sixteenth day of April, 1964 is hereby revoked

  121. In witness whereof the parties hereto
    Have hereunto set their hands in the
    Presence of: – K.D.KAUNDA Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia (Signed)
    E.D. HONE Governor of Northern Rhodesia (Signed)
    (Signed) IMENDA SIBANDI Ngambela of Barotseland
    MWANAWINA LEWANIKA III Litunga of Barotseland
    Signed by the Right Honourable Duncan
    Sandys in the presence of :- (Signed)
    Parliamentary Under Secretary of Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary
    State for Commonwealth Relations of State for Common wealth Relations And for the Colonies And for the Colonies

    1. The Litunga and National Council of Barotseland have always worked in close co-operation with the Central Government over land matters in the past have agreed that the Central government should use land required for public purposes, and have adopted the same procedures as apply to leases and rights of occupancy in the Reserves and Trust Land areas, where applicable. At the same time, the administration of land rights in Barotseland under customary law and practice has been under the control of the Litunga and National Council in much the same way as customary land rights are dealt with in the Reserves and Trust Land areas.
    2. In these circumstances it is agreed that the Litunga should continue to have the greatest measure of responsibility for administering…

  123. 3. The Barotse memorandum has indicated that Barotseland should become an integral part of Northern Rhodesia. In these circumstances the Northern Rhodesia Government will assume certain responsibilities and to carry these out they will have to have certain powers. so far as land is concerned, apart from confirmation of wide powers the Litunga over customary matters ,the position is as follows:-
    (1) The Northern Rhodesia Government does not wish to derogate from any of the powers exercised by the Litunga and Council in respect of land matters under customary law and practice.
    (2) The Northern Rhodesia Government would like to ensure that the provision of public services and the responsibility of economic development in Barotseland are not hampered by special formalities.

  124. (3) The Northern Rhodesia Government recognises and agrees that full consultation should take place with the Litunga and Council before any land in Barotseland is used for public purposes or in the general interests of economic development.
    (4) The position regarding land in Barotseland in an independent Northern Rhodesia should ,therefore, be as follows:-
    (a) There should be the same system for land administration for the whole of Northern Rhodesia including Barotseland, that is, the Government Lands Department should be responsible for professional advice and services with regard to land alienation in all parts of Northern Rhodesia and that the same form of document should be used for grants of land (i) for Government purposes and (ii) for non-Government and non-customary purposes…

  125. (b) The Litunga and National Council of Barotseland will be charged with the responsibility for administering Barotse customary land law within Barotseland.

  126. #Shikulupino, You can talk as if you are preaching to a group of pagans. but your words will never yield anything in our ears, only the fact that this agreement was illegal, because your Litunga at that time was acting behind people’s backs. None of those people whose territories you were claiming signed a document consenting that they wanted to be part of the Barotseland. Other Chiefs in areas like Livingstone (Chief Mukuni of the Tokaleya) and Ndungu of North-western cannot accept to lower themselves by paying homage to your Litunga who they cannot value. The problem you have Lozis is that you cannot develop your own areas hence you want where others have laboured for to develop so that you can enjoy. Lazy chaps who use to receive mineral loyalties illegally, you are not getting…

  127. Please, Lozi dreamers do not open this page because we have not forgotten your old dubious past.
    Your actions reminds me of a dependant who keeps receiving rent on behalf of the owner of the land and just wakes up the next day to claim ownership of the property. To shoew that what you were doing was illegal and sinful, God has denied you development even after receiving that money which was meant for Lambas on the Copperbelt. That was your Golden chance to develop your areas but instead you were cursed to remain in dust forever. Which chief can accept to be working for that lazy Litunga who up to now cannot make his own clothes only that Colonial guard uniform given to him by colonial masters, I really wonder what pride is there in western province, where their own is not cherished.

  128. Those in government must thank the demonstrators. They must encourage people in other parts of the country with similar and different cries to take to the streets and show other forms of displeasure. It is healthy! Let us be slow to condemn and quick to discern the motive behind particlar actions, extracting the message one is trying to convey. The Barotseland issue, which is really national in character, is a fat symptom of something seriously wrong, a blatant failure to address a debilitating grievance and better the condition of a lot, if not all. Most, if not all, of us are actually Lozis, calling for a distinct but collective secession!! Take time to reflect and analyse things, fellow citizens!!

  129. Bo Godwin, we salute you brother, keep the pen on so that the ignorant can be schooled. I mean the die hards who think they are wise yet are so dwarfed. We shall get to the promised land someday and enjoy our heritage. We say in luyana: Wachila ng’umbili auke mulipumo (Whoever is scared to fight for justice should go back to his/her mother’s womb). Let them continue insulting we know they lack manners, yet they claim to be christians. If they can even insult their own President who are we stop these uncultured lot. Barotse Patriots stand firm, unite in the fight for justice. We know they are blood thirsty and they have been killing our brothers over the years, but justice will catch-up with them. Keep writing dear Ki naako. Justice will prevail.

  130. I wish Richard Ngenda, Nalumino Mundia, Kawanambulu and others were still alive to join us in the fight for justice. Kaunda would have a nice time in court. However, we still have sharp guys home and arround the world. To the glory of our departed brothers we keep the fight for justice. Bahali ba Bulozi keep marching, worry not about the turbulent. Kinako

  131. Can you imagine they go to the extent of arresting 13 year old kids. What level of desperacy? Halusikafoseza mutu, we are peace loving cictizens who are just saying let there be justice and honestness in the management our country’s affairs. No need to fight, no need to block citizens from expressing their views. Kinako

  132. guys, lets learn to subject some of theze things to scrutiny b4 showin off our ignorance on issues. first of all, i wud like to say that this is a very shity article, not even supported by anything sensible. the writer is clearly being emotional and tribalistic, i would just urge the writer to grow up n learn to think like a mature person.

    I have lived n worked with Lozis for a long time, i honestly think that they have an issue of pride, wether it comes from inferiority complex, i do not know.this land they claim shud be theirs, they wudnt even manage to lead themselves.look at it, the king signs an agreement, purpoteldy for the Lozis, but it only benefits him, the British knew the king ans sons and not the tribe. even wen it cums to education, its the king and sons who are to receive

  133. on the development, the reason y the province cant develop is because of interference by the corrupt indunas and the BRE.MTN and ZAIn had to bribe for them to set up masts there, bcoz u just cant bring any development in W province unless sumone is benefitiin, then u cum n preach about corruption in lusaka? hypocrits. the lozis r to blame for not developing, one because they block development and two bcoz they r LAZY. u can go round W province, apart from rice, others who live in sand and along the roads, dont farm anything n dont do shit. they think that wen u r given barotse land then u will succeed.

    U can all go and hang, get ur ****in province n book out. all the *****s callin for secetaion shud be arrested n hanged, wether its the litunga or the comon man, the law must aapply. so d

  134. #64 Sharp Shooter says: “Kaunda somehow should have followed what Julius Nyerere did in Tanzania.”
    Interesting analogue. These were two contemporaries, both teachers by profession, ruled two neighbouring states. One led one of africa’s poorest countries and transformed it into an economic giant, the other led the richest country in Africa north of the Limpopo and ran its economy aground. Today, Tanzania’s economy is larger than that of Zambia. One successfully united 120 tribes into an admirable nation, the other tried to unite 73 tribes and managed to create a culture of tribalism and regionalism. One had his Zanzibar and Tanganyika, the other had his N. Rhodesia and Barotseland. Today Zanzibar is still a semi-autonomous state within Tanzania and Barotseland has been destroyed!

  135. What is most surprising about this article is how people who are opposed to Barotseland self-determination, dont comment on the statements made by their president and vice president. Does this mean you support what they said; “No Lozi will ever be president of Zambia.” and “I did not ask for their votes.” I can see why people are calling for independence. It is foolish to support a government that has no regard for its people like this. I agree with 160, Ikandulwa, ya sa wisezwi fafasi, that Zambia has failed to manage these 2 countries. Let my people go!

  136. Thank you brother, your article has not only courageously revealed what is possible, but what should happen. Common sense dictates that Barotseland should be independent. It was foolish in the first place to have been part of Zambia where Lozi contributions have not been appreciated. You will always be used and amount to nothing in Zambia. Lusaka keeps growing, the people of Barotseland cannot eat Lusaka. Underdevelopment in the west is pre-meditated. There was a plan from the very beginning to break the backbone of Barotseland. The One Zambia One Nation was made to subdue and destroy Barotseland. All these efforts have failed. Like the children of Israel Barotseland wake up and stand for what is right and noble. Be true to the spirit of your ancestors who laid the foundation.

  137. It is good that KK has lived to witness the independence of a Kingdom he wished could have been wiped out from the face of the world map. It was not God’s plan. You cannot undo what God has done. You cannot curse what God has blessed. You cannot bless what God has cursed. Barotseland is a chosen Nation by God from the very beginning. It shall exist until the Lord returns. All efforts to stop it will only fuel more fire and determination. Mufa na sae! Ki naako!!!

  138. If you still wanted to continue to enslave the people of Barotseland, let it be known to you this day that the party is over. Why hold on to their undeveloped land. You always lied that tall buildings can’t stand in the sand of WP, yet they stand in LA, Dubai, Botswana, and other more desert places than BL. Why do you attempt to divide the people of BL. On the other hand, you lozis are your greatest enemy cos you have accepted to be divided. The greatest obstacle to your freedom from Zambian bondage is not Bemba, Nyanja or Tonga etc. It is you. You cannot keep silent when they are arresting your 13 year olds for nothing. That is rediculous. Speak out, that is injustice. If you don’t speak out tomorrow they will be at your door. What will you do then? Mbututu ya sa lili ushwela mwa tali.

  139. #151-152 Kanguya, thanks for your comment…but looks like you have not noticed that this is a quotation of what is believed to be the sore hurting Agreement.

    Like you I do not agree with the Loud imaginary dream of some of my people from the West. If you follow their demands today one wonders where they were in the late 60s late alone when their sons and daughters were Prime Ministers and Ambassadors.

    The young generations joining in this cry are like the War Veterrans of Zimbabwe who were born long after independence!

  140. Godwin M Kaluwe Yeta Lewanika – I think you should declare your interest here! The way you children of Lewanika, especially you Yetas and Mwanawinas treat your so called subjects, still calling them “batanga” in this damn age and you want to bring another “Swaziland” if you are allowed to secede, no ways. I went to school with these chaps at St. Johns in Mongu and I have never ever seen such a pompous lot, just how Lozis can stomach such “kulimonesha ta” spooks me deeply. Yooo shwela koo mwana nja tuwe Kaluwe.

  141. The Zambian constitution does not allow for dual citizenship LT quit embarrassing us with your ‘half researched articles.

  142. I don’t know why people talk so much about the agreement which is so clear.

    The agreement states that the Barotseland shall share the same rights that all other citizens shall have, meaning there shall be no special preference given to other citizens more than the Barotse people nor shall there be any special preferences to barotse people more than any other citizens of the republic.

    Also the Barotseland shall not in any way differ from other establishments under customary law. And that the nation of the people shall be one called the republic of zambia.

  143. The problem we have as zambians is that we are quick to talk, but we hate reading. The agreement is a short thing but few of the discussants here have bothered to read it.

  144. Be assured that Tongas, Lenjes, Ilas, will be enjoying real peace and freedom in Free Barotseland. Even as we speak the Bembas and Lambas and Nyanjas and everyone else in Barotseland right now are enjoying eating fish and rice. A free Barotseland is not only for Nkoyas and Luvales and all those constituting Lozi, it is for everyone who lives in Barotseland. There will be no segregation as we see it in Zambia today. One Zambia one Nation is not for the best interest of Barotseland Nation in Zambia. KK should have been wiser from the beginning to say; One Zambia, Two Nations, Co-existing!!!!!!!!! But he was driven by a spirit of wipping out a Kingdom blessed by God. It did not work. Now reality is kicking in, unstopable. The wave of freedom and independence in the west is like a train.

  145. Here is the Agreement:
    Following talks in London between the British Government, the Government of Northern Rhodesia and The Litunga of Barotseland; an Agreement regarding the position of Barotseland within independent Northern Rhodesia was concluded at the commonwealth Relations office on 18 th May, 1964. It is entitled, “The Barotseland Agreement 1964”. It was signed by Dr.K.D.Kaunda, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia, by Sir Mwanawina Lewanika III,K.B.E Litunga of Barotseland and by the Right Honourable Duncan Sandys M.P Secretary of State for common wealth Relations and for the colonies signifying the approval of Her Majesty’s Government.

    The text of the Agreement is attached…

    This Agreement is made this eighteenth day of May, 1964 between KENNETH DAVID KAUNDA, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia of the one part and SIR MWANAWINA LEWANIKA THE THIRD ,K.B.E., Litunga of Barotseland, acting on behalf of himself, his heirs and successors, his council, and the chiefs and people of Barotseland of the other party is signed by the Right Honourable Duncan Sandys, M.P Her Majesty’s principal secretary of state for common wealth relations and for the colonies, to signify the approval of her majesty’s government in the united kingdom of the arrangements entered into between the parties to this agreement and recorded therein.

  147. Whereas it was proposed that the northern Rhodesia shall become an independent sovereign state to be known as the republic of Zambia.
    And where as it is the wish of the government of northern Rhodesia and of the Litunga of Barotseland,his council and the chiefs and people of Barotseland that northern Rhodesia should proceed to independence as one country and that all its peoples should be one nation:

  148. The problem is not the language in the BA1964 more than the fact that the Lozi people feel betrayed by the Zambian government, especially by KK. The Litunga was forced into this union of convenience. If you recall UNIP Youth sponsored by KK went to Lealui and attacked indunas with horns, forcing the then Litunga Mwanawina Lewanika into submission. This was unfortunately made possible with some Lozis who were blinded by power and gain. But after that Western Province was trashed, only reduced to a battle field for the struggle of Rhodesia, Namibia, Angola and SA. Even though it was good to be that kind, it is foolish to do something like this at the expense of your own children. That was irresponsibility, unless you don’t love your own children. Ki naako!!!!!!!!!!

  149. #171 Nduma-nduma:d:-\” I am one of the many coloureds-by-origin in beloved Zambeziland with many others like Mooya Wina and Mboo Nyirenda.

    Come out clean on who is funding your cry for this imaginary-independence, after sharing in the spoils of country for more than sixty years. :-?

  150. If there was no manipulation and tempering of the BA1964, by chipping off some of those elements that gave Litunga autonomy, and had there been level play ground concerning development, we would not be talking the way we are doing right now. Zambia is not so much guilty of the sin of commission than ommission. It is what you have not done for WP, and not so much what you have done that we are crying about. If it was a mistake of one president we could understand, but it seems there is a pattern pre meditated. Thats why we can say; “I did not ask for their votes.” or “No Nkoya will ever be president of Zambia.” You never say such things as a public leader, unless you are drunk or something. This will cost Zambia that fake unity you have been preaching about. Be real!!!!!!!!!

  151. We proceeded into independence as one, but beacuse we have been tricked and it doesn’t seem to be any better, we refuse to continue this way anylonger. We feel abused and disrespected. Since the 21st century provides the opportunity for self-determination and Human rights for freedom of choice and speech. Thus we choose to pull out from the union with Zambia. FreeeeeeeeeeeeMuyanganaaaaaaaaas!!!!!!!!!!! before the International Community freezes donations for Zambia. You can’t eat your cake and have it. Stop breaking human rights for minorities, women, children and unarmed protestors.

  152. Chanda Muca like, It depends on what you regard as spoil. For me the spoil is development of infrastructure equitable management and maintainance of public utilities for the benefit of all Zambians, not only for the convenience of those who live in Lsk. Mongu don’t look like a provincial capital. Lsk looks like a morden city, but Mongu looks worse than what it was 46 yrs ago. If I were Zambian president I would be embarrassed to say Western Province was part of the country I manage. Why not let go, especially when the people are calling for that freedom. They choose to cut off because they can. The Zambian Govt. is not capable of managing a larger territory. Barotseland will be better of out of Zambia. The people have seen the worst and are tired. They will do better by self-rule. let go!

  153. Kabazo Musumali, yange njili ka Mbunda. Ka mandende ka mandende chizumba anakwatila mbambi.
    Now you are trying to do what you do best, dividing the children of the royal family. Mutaanga is not an insult. This is a term those of us who don’t belong to the royal family are called. It does not change who we are. We are just fine. Some of us are more educated than them, richer than them etc. it is just blood we cannot change except through marriage if you are really desperate and you want it. But we Barotseans are content with who we are. We are not threatened by the term Mutaanga, the Litunga loves all his subjects and respects them. There is no King without people. Anyone who thinks otherwise is foolish. There are certain previledges accorded only to us ba taanga.

  154. I moan for my country man and women because 90% of the bloggers are doing what we have been know to do, “going where the wind blows!” Stop making ignorant comments until you take time to read and understand the contents of the Barotse agreement of ’64. Most of you are foreign based with access to the internet so it shouldnt be hard for you to find the material you need. And for those advocating violence, enough blood was shed leading to this compromise and besides the loudest voice are coming from people seated in air-conditioned rooms behind their computers. If you want to fight, go home and fight in the trenches, dont just instigate the ill- informed masses to give up their lives for a cause they do not fully understand.

  155. I am one of the Dreamers of Barotse Independence;” I have a dream that one day the children of Barotseland will be free, that one day we shall hold hands in the free and independent Barotseland and eat corn with a thorn, that one day our dusty sand will be turned into greener pastures, and the traders from around the world will visit our beloved Kingdom. We have gone through thick and thin, but have come out victorious. This has been the longest in captivity, 46 years, as old as I have been on the planet. Thank God even just the thought of freedom makes me feel free indeed. I have a dream that one day we shall celebrate our independence and praise Nyamba n’gula for our triumph. We shall not be judged by the colour of our skin or by our tribe and accent. Ki naakoo!!!! God bless…

  156. Saying no to an oppressive regime is not violence. You can do it by vote or dialogue. If the slave master is too obsessed with the power, some times they need to be reminded by peaceful protest. But you are not allowed to open fire on unarmed group of people. When you tried, you the police died. Please don’t do it again. Now we have soldiers desguised as para-military rooming around Mongu insteady of patrolling the boarders. Free our people! Free Barotseland!

  157. #179 Nduma-nduma, as my name suggests I am Bemba-Lozi (that is my colouredness!). My father hails from Mongu, very Lozi, Mutaanga. So the man is scottish skirt is my Litunga too. I am no less Lozi than you want to think, just because I question the motive of your cry for freedom from your perceived-captor (Zambia) of 46 years.

    My question still stands:
    Who is funding your cry for this imaginary-independence, after sharing in the spoils of country for more than sixty years?

  158. Nduma, some of the spoils, if I may remind you, the British supported the education of Lozi children. Other provinces fended for themselves before KK’s Education for all policy. The Litunga received royalties which no other King in Zambia receives.
    I am yet to be convinced that the freedom Nduma-nduma advocates is FREEDOM FROM SELF CENTREDNESS.

  159. Nkoyas are clear that they are not part of this nonsense and so are not the rest of non-Mutaangas/Lozis.
    So Nduma-nduma back to the drawing board and come up with new boundaries of your imaginary Independent Lozi plain.
    Bo Nduma, an opinion poll can also be used an gauge the local people’s dispostion. Those of us blogging here are only a drop in the ocean.

  160. #Nduma- nduma,
    No single Lamba, Lenje, Ila, Tokaleya, Luvale, Kaonde, Nkoya etc can accept to belong to your Barotseland, on their dead bodies, they do not even count your chief Litunga as someone who is special to them. He has no meaning to them at all, so the quicker you re-draw your boundaries to just cover only western province the better. These people cannot accept to give loyalty to a Lozi chief and leave their special chiefs, who does the Litunga think he is. We are aware of your plans Lozis, because you are lazy and no mineral loyalties for the Litunga to benefit from then you want to use people so that you can eat fruits on top of our heads, forget! We have no problem if you can just stick to your imperverished western province, and leave those with a mind of development.

  161. :-?wat a heck is wrong wit u guyz. Lozis try to remove this in born thing n let us jst live in harmony. All are important.

  162. I am appalled and disheartened at the comments that have gone on here. I think we are short or guns and machete’s because this would have been a war zone of finger pointing and who is right and all this foolishness that actually gets people to killing each other. Some one mentioned above that Zambians don’t read. They look at an article, pick out convenient things and make an attack blindly without fully understanding the context of it. I honestly see no treason in a people who want to take an action because they feel neglected. Are people supposed to sit back and just continue suffering if they feel they are being marginalized? I don’t think so and even as individuals if we are unhappy about our situation we get up and do something about it. So this is what is happening.

  163. I feel Zambians should be free to speak out and air what they want. Freedom of speech. Its a human right. So arresting anybody will not help anyone. Another one will come out more vocal and forceful. Its just sad that when anything Barotse is mentioned people jump up and get all defencive without even understanding why. Anyways all that said my point is that whatever Barotseland is waiting for from the government will not happen. I say pick yourselves up and go it alone. Not necessarily detach from Zambian but show Zambia that you can in fact make it on your own. Develop yourselves and stop waiting on this and that from the government. That is what I really don’t get is that what do you want the government to do?

  164. truly kinako bulozi kibwaluna
    fellow Zanbians i know that if they agreement is made we have no option but to honor that agreement
    #14 i know you are nkoya but read about the history of nkoyas then you will underdtand that the way nkoyas come to that land


    The Liyungandambo & Black Bulls are organization contrived by people of Barotseland to advocacy for secession and development of western province.

    The Liyungandambo & Black Bulls, on financial and technical support from International organizations and well wishers is conducting a recruitment of Liyungandambo & Black Bulls Movement Activists to fight, advocacy for secession and development of western province in namely districts of Shango’mbo, Kalabo, Kaoma, Sesheke, Lukulu, Senanga and Mongu.

    The Organization is evolving and keen to encourage new members to join who have an interest & heart to die for mother land Barotseland in advocacy for secession and development of western province for Zambia. The Organization needs active…


    VIVA to our hero’s we have shed blood and accused of treason for advocating for secession of Western province your mother land country BAROTSELAND, we shall procure Barotseland state by force one day. We are frustrated, traumatized over the killing, injuring and jailing of citizens of Barotseland. The Zambian president Rupiah Banda and the friends shall pay the price for this.

    14th January 2011, makers the day we lost our two citizen of Barotseland who were not armed but shot to dead and injuring a lot of citizens by the security force of Rupiah Banda.

    One would like to know what kind of treason accused to the 23 citizen of Barotseland who were advocating for undevelopment in line with the Barotseland agreement of…

  167. Barotse Crack Squad
    Allow me to air my views on the Killing, wounding and arresting of more than 131 youths in Mongu over Barotseland of 1964 on the 14th January 2011.
    Our problems in Zambia arise from MMD bad government, corruption, unemployment and arrogance by the MMD leaders; I am a well educated Lozi young man with a two Degrees in Law and Commerce but still jobless for six years now.
    I was one of the 131 treason accused persons in Mongu, I had to escape from a containers at CCC were I was detained, we had no fresh air, food, water and medicine for five days and the wounded youth who were treated of gun shots wounds in Lewanika General Hospital were brought to CCC containers which are turned in police cells, life is hell for my fellow friend who are still in these containers,…

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