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Chakwela Makumbi ceremony in pictures



Chieftainess Nkomeshya dancing to hymns during a mass before the Chakwela Makumbi traditional ceremony


Vice president George Kunda meets Chieftainess Nkomeshya


Vice president George Kunda greets Chieftainess Nkomeshya's daughters


UNPD president Hakainde Hichilema waits for his turn to meet Chieftainess Nkomeshya


UPND president Hakainde Hichilema meets Chieftainess Nkomeshya


Vice president George Kunda and UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema shake hands


Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya enters the main arena for the Chakwela Makumbi traditional ceremony


Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya performs a ritual


An elder performs a ritual when praying for rains


Chieftainess Nkomeshya's daughter and her suitor Leonard Kaw during the Chakwela Makumbi traditional ceremony


The royal dance troupe dancing during the Chakwela Makumbi traditional ceremony


Paramount Chief Mpezeni and senior chief Nzamane arrive for the Chakwela Makumbi ceremony


Ngoni dancers in action during the Chakwela Makumbi ceremony


Ngoni dancers take over the Chakwela Makumbi ceremony


Chieftainess Nkomeshya watching performancs during the ceremony


PF vice president Guy Scott kneels before Senior Chieftaines Nkomeshya


The Soli royal dance troupe join Nyau dancers from Chipata


MMD's William Banda and his team going to present gifts to Chieftainess Nkomeshya


An unidentified youth shopping for liquor


A drunk and disorderly man is led out of the arena during the Chakwela Makumbi ceremony


  1. gee so many ceremonies in zambia.I’m glad we didn’t have to learn all these obscure ceremonies in social studies or did we? nice pictures though.So politicians are now clammering to every ceremony?

  2. # 10 paliba ichimona! This culture of kneeling down is pathetic, i would never kneel down for a fellow human being. Basta!!

  3. awe pa zed nomba lekeni fye tumyebelopo ati mwacita over with these traditional ceremonies of yours!Now it’s like every chief has a traditional ceremony or what?Too much of everything is bad.Chiefs are not democrats but monarchs so check their powers and keep it in control.Most of them promote superstitious beliefs in their subjects and that’s why they even call witch hunters into their chiefdoms from time to time who only torment any elderly person in their chiefdoms.Democracy,Christianity are not compatible with the fundamental beliefs of traditional rulers.See that elderly man perfoming ‘rituals’ while ‘praying’ for the rains, to whom is he praying?To God or the gods?Just look at him and you can tell for yourself.

  4. #1 Its elections next year my dear , expect all politicians between now and November 2011 to be attending ALL traditional ceremonies. The 2011 elections campaign is in full gear

  5. Why does the Chieftainess wear Zulu head gear? #5 Not every Zambian is a Christian and it is a bit much to say that all forms of traditional authority were or are inimical to democratic practice. If people want to pay homage to a traditional authority, who are you to stop them?

  6. Kadobi@5 – They are praying to God the most high. Christianity has pervaded the traditional culture so deeply that despite superstitious beliefs, most people still profess to be Christians even in villages.

  7. #7, Zambia is, by constitution, a christian nation regardless of how many zambians are christian.I suggest you ask constitutional lawyers the implications of embeding the christian declaration in our constitution means.Even if 2moro 99.99% of zambians became hindus,zambia will still remain a christian nation by lay until the constitution is changed.
    #9, It’s good to know they’re praying to God the most high.I’ve watched these traditional ceremonies like the mutomboko were such elderly people take food stuffs and throw in some rivers as a way of praying to their gods.I’m sure you’ve watched similar episodes on tele.Such practices encourage satanism but we only complain when a suspected satanist buys a marcopolo bus.

  8. #10 Some of us are proud of our African culture and dont think that every form of African spirituality is about devil worship. If you have been so brainwashed by the muzungu to hate your culture then that is your problem. Who are you to tell anybody else what God they should worship and how they should worship? Does that mean that most of your ancestors who were not exposed to Christianity before the muzungu came had lives that were worthless? I cant understand how people can be so brain washed that they cling to a religion that was brought to them by the same people that enslaved and colonised them and told them that they were sub-human for centuries.

  9. #11, Offcourse our ancestors were ignorant of the true God and worshiped idols instead.The Bible teaches us that “in times of ignorance, God winked, but now that light has come to the world God will not let a sinner go unpinished.”It’s not being brain washed.We call it “enlightment”.This is the reason God sent his only son to bring light to the world so that we stop living in the same old way of worshiping idols that our ancestors did.If you want to continue worshiping the gods of your forefathers you’re free to do so but remember that you’ll be judged on a different standard from your forefathers.They worshiped idols out of ignorance and you’ll do it out of choice.Christianity wasn’t brought by our colonial masters as u want us 2 believe but by CHRIST hence the name…

  10. there is no such thing as naked christianity every concept of faith is imbued in a certain culture it comes in contact if you seems to call african worship satanism basing on not knowing your culture you are lost. Each culture wherever is found needs to be challenged by gospel values but that comes when you know your culture better then you can challenge. have you asked youreself why churches dress, sings and conduct prayers different from the origine jews first place gospels came. the answer is simply cutural influences depending from the areas that missionarie’s came from.

  11. #14 You can choose christianity if you want that is your right. I also have a right not to practice or believe christianity – please dont shove it down my throat. The bible was written by people at a certain time in history. Why should I base my life on the writings of some jews who lived in the deserts thousands of years ago and yet reject the spirituality of the people I am descended from? Most people who have lived on this earth have not been christian does that mean their lives were all in vain? Carry on quoting the bible if you must but I reserve the right not to listen and to retain my freedom to practice whatever religion I choose to.

  12. Pic 5: What tribe is Nkomesya?. She looks like a Zulu nkosikazi. I haven’t seen doilies on chairs in like forever!

  13. #18 I guess the Ngoni dancers were there with their King as a courtesy call. Nowadays, you find many chiefs and their dance troupes putting in an appearance at the traditional ceremonies of other ethnic groups which I guess is a good development as we try to build ‘One Zambia, One Nation’.

  14. The ngonis were there just for ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION thing. Dont worry, the solis have no dancers who are as entertaining as those Ngonis. Basi

  15. those of you who want to be “white” people, leave us true Zambians alone. We want to enjoy our tradition. If the ceremonies don’t please you, keep away. We are proud to have various tribes and dance troops performing as a sign of unity when we have traditional ceremonies. I am a proud Zambian and this pics give me joy. Our tradition is to kneel before our chief and chieftenesses and we will continue to do so. The rest of you should stay ukokwino kwabene and claim you are ‘better off’. We dont talk bad about your wannabe accents, so dont talk bad about our patriotism to our culture and our country.

  16. #20Chomba. Its really nice of you to answer my questions. I appreciate it. After living in the US for so long, I really appreciate tradition. Thanks

  17. Mwapoleni bonse

    These are nice traditional pictures. Reading the comments above, it seems some people are degrading African tradition in favour of European religion, which was forcefully imposed on us as “Christianity” by white missionaries. If you want to know the true Christianity in it’s original concept, then you need to forget all you know from Sunday School classes and begin researching for yourself.

    You will be surprised to find that your research will bring you right back to Africa – where God began His salvation plan some 3000 years ago with the Israelites. By then, the Jews were only slaves in Egypt building Pyramids or graves for African Kings. An African tradition.

  18. Good evening #23 Chomba

    May I remark that “Mwaiseni” does not truly translate as “you are welcome” when used in response to “thank you”.
    The word “Mwaiseni” is actually an exclamatory welcome greeting simillar to “Hail!” in ancient english. A more appropriate response to “thank you” in Bemba would be “endita..” or “eya mukwai”.

  19. Nine Chale hello my brother, I have been of the edge lately but am happy you explained to our fellow Zambians the origins of religion. We knew God before we ever started our idol ancestral worship. Read people it’s in the bible. Jethro the father of Zipporah was Ethiopian, an African fine Nubian princess. Like our own Nubian princess on this blog. Take a moment and think like Jesus independently and not what your friends taught you hahahahaha :)

  20. #26 Thanks for your post. I am not actually Bemba myself and was just being a bit playful with our sister Nubian Princess hence I wrote ‘should I say Mwaiseni’, as the literal translation of the English ‘you are welcome’. I guess the joke got lost in the translation. I shan’t get into the argument of where Christianity came from as I think we are looking at the matter from different perspectives. Each to his own. Peace!

  21. # 5, KK used to call people like you as “situpidi-*****ies”. What has democracy has to do with Zambian traditions? Stay with your democracy in your getto surrounded by the KKK. Leave our traditions alone. And that old man you are insulting takes care of himself than you take care your father.

  22. Am worried Soliland has long been easternised . . .all the area from chongwe to Luangwa has been hijacked by these mbuyas . . .all you find now are bandaa, phiris ae al. Its now an extension of esatern province. watch out PF and UPND

  23. #29, I guess we will be asking for too much to expect more from you than the insults you’ve issued.A man can only give what he has and you have given what you have-insults.When by luck your mind gets into the thinking mode to enable you argue with me devoid of insults then you can come back but in the meantime carry on with what you know best- insults.

  24. I must say she is clean and really does take care of herself, surrounding and her subjects unlike other chiefs. As a lost soul between nations and races myself I must advise that people who can identify themselves with a tribe and clan should take pride in their cultures more so when presenting themselves.

  25. I woukld like to thank all those people who attended CHAKWELA MAKUMBI TRADITIONAL CEREMONY of SOLI PEOPLE of luslka province come next year it will be more interesting God bless you all

  26. I thank you you for all your positive comments and LUsaka times Congrats for the good pictures i can see myself there keep it up GUys….Bigmozee

  27. Was going through all comments, am so glad no one said nothing on picture# 20. Guys, keep it up- hope our dad, uncle, and anything someone would call him, did enjoy himself with that Shake shake- we love you Dad-lol

  28. Musukuma. Actually my favourite picture is no. 20. The old man must have had a good time at the ceremony. You always need such persons to spice up otherwise dull moments. I will go look for him in Chongwe KUCHOMWETU.

  29. #5 aka Kadobi. Traditional ceremonies are just that ceremonies performed by people who are still transitioning in their cultures. Around the world there are christians who still hold to their old traditions in some sense, even the Christmas tree is a tradition born from pagan cultures in Scandinavia. There is no need for this “holier than thou” attitude, if it urks you then leave it alone. As for democracy in chiefdoms… are there not kings talked about in your bible? How can you also accuse all traditional rulers of being witch hunters? That is a prejudice attitude; also don’t forget that real democracy doesn’t even exist in Zambia.

  30. Christians are the most insecure people I know. Hey, xtians, get hold of yourselves. Listen, just because we don’t call you to our shrines does not mean we don’t sympathize with your situation. The only difference is, we do respect your choice to go the other way. We love and respect our idols and I hope you can find it in your Christian hearts to respect that. Stop imposing your beliefs on us. We have read the bible and we know its contents better than most of you. Do your thing quietly and we will do ours over here. Let respect and peace reign between us. It really isn’t that hard to do, is it now?

  31. hehehe…my favourite picture is number twenty cibuku shake shake bakamba the beer with a surname am sure that uncle enjoyed one zambia one nation….

  32. This “Chakwela Makumbi” sounds so much like bemba – “Climbing clouds”. So, is the soli language also a derivate of the Bemba language?

  33. # 47, Iam shocked that you dont have basic knowledge of your country and tribes at large. Nway, go back to primary school. # 41, i can direct you where to locate the old man. From the pics, seems it was a great ceremony. Keep it up SENIOR CHIEFTAINESS NKOMESHYA MUKAMAMBO II, the QUEEN MOTHER of all the people in Lusaka Province. TOBASOLI BANTANSHI, TOBENE CHINSHI. For #37 and 38 Job well done my brother. But i cant see ka Masebo, where was she ?

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