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Unexpected rainfall temporally disrupt classes in Kapiri

Rural News Unexpected rainfall temporally disrupt classes in Kapiri

The learning process was on Friday temporally disrupted at Mubalashi Basic School in Kapiri Mposhi district after unexpected rains soaked both staff and pupils, alike. The unexpected rains soaked pupils and teachers during lessons held in a roofless classroom at the school.

The classroom blocks of the school had its roof blown off by strong winds early this year and has not been replaced causing lessons to be conducted in un-roofed classrooms.

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) chairman, Emmanuel Sinyangwe told ZANIS in Kapiri Mponshi that the pupils and teachers were soaked during class lessons.

Mr. Sinyangwe has appealed to the office of the District Commissioner (DC) and the Ministry of Education (MoE) to find a permanent solution to put up a roof at the school before the rains intensify.

He said the school should be roofed in order to safeguard both pupils and teachers lives and improve the learning environment. The PTA chairman said his association has failed to raise funds to work on the roofing of the school.

He also said there is need to provide a roof over the school building before the commencement of the grade nine examinations to protect the pupils from the rains. Mr. Sinyangwe feared the examinations will be disturbed unless the classrooms are not roofed on time.

The PTA Chairman advised the government and other well wishers to organize tents to cover the classrooms as a temporal measure to allow the grade nine pupils write their examinations which commence on 15th November.



  1. Rain is expected at this time of the year in Zambia. LT your heading is meaningless. Secondly, why are you showing in your picture a school with a roof when your story is about a classroom without a roof? A school has many classroom, why did they wait to be soaked? Whenever it rains there are clouds and that is warning enough that it could rain any time. For me this story is about PTA chairman and the Headmaster to asking for assistance and sympathy from the public but at same time showing their poor planning and leadership skills. This is November, why should you have a roof without a roof??????????

  2. It’s the rainy season. How can the rain be unexpected?
    Third world logistics. Zambians are educated people, unfortunately all the brains with ideas on how to implement good governance are out of the country with no Agendas to return.

  3. correct me if im wrong! this whole PTA thing was wrong in its inception. why should schools be under ministry of education if it must source funds frm parents and the community? on top of that parents again must pay for there childrens exam fess.Gov should abolish the PTA scheme, thats why they shy away from responsibilities. is there any allocation of funds to existing schools? all i hear about is the allocation of funds to build new schools which they wont maintain and support. they should be called PTA schools then and not government schools.

  4. Fipubafe. Why did they seek shelter when the rain started. Kuti ulefundafye but ulelokwa?? This is meaningless to me.

  5. if it rained in August then it wud have been unexpeted but pipo this is November Chabashani kanshji?????????

  6. This is a government school NOT private school hence it is the responsibilty of the Ministry of Education to make sure that the classrooms are in order. Surely what is the cost of rooifing sheets? This is the the development some BIG CORRUPT idi.ots keep singing about. This school is in Kapiri Mposhi now what do expect from deep rural areas?

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