Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Weekend in pictures



Children from Kidz Tennis academy learning how to play the game of Tennis.


Some children captured at play at Barclays Sports complex


Children from Kidz Tennis academy learning how to play the game of Tennis


The sun setting over the Lusaka International airport


The sun setting over the Lusaka International airport


A Lusaka motorist trapped in the drainage after his Porsche careered off the Great East road


Some ladies on a weekend ride in Northmead township.


President Banda at Lusaka international airport when he arrived from Tanzania


President Banda getting into his car at Lusaka international airport when he arrived from Tanzania.


Nkana football club supporters leave the Independence stadium after their match against Green BUffaloes was a flop


Some children watch the empty Independence stadium after the football match between Nkana and Green Buffaloes failed to kick off


Police officers leave the Independence stadium after the football match between Nkana and Green Buffaloes failed to kick off


Some drivers warming up in the queue during the Zambia Motor Sport drag race in Lusaka


Motorsport fans cheering drivers during the drag race in Lusaka at the weekend.


Motorsport fans cheering drivers during the drag race in Lusaka at the weekend


Some Roman Catholics during a fund-raising walk along Nkhata road in Lusaka


Some Roman Catholics during a fund-raising walk along Nkhata road in Lusaka.


Green Buffaloes and Green Eagles teams during the Midlands Volleyball league.


Green Buffaloes and Green Eagles teams during the Midlands Volleyball league


Green Buffaloes volleyball team players warming up for a game at Zamsure sports centre in Lusaka


  1. Great to see kids being taught to play tennis. Maybe it will help channel resources from football and Galu’s FAZ

  2. No.6. That’s not a Porsche please. Can’t you just say sports car. It’s sad to see the level of tennis in Zambia. Glad to see some people trying to revive it. Give the kids something to do so they don’t end drinking utujilijili

  3. By far a very nice and well balanced combination of pics. Pic 6 ama rough riders zoona pa zed lol
    Pics 8&9, Vascvo Da Banda on the move again!!

  4. #6 LT Goodness gracious, that’s not a Porsche. I thought it was a Porsche Boxster but upon closer examination, it might be one of those cheap Japanese autorecs.

  5. #1,2,3 Great tennis photos.I have not heard much about the Zambian tennis in a while. I hope this kids will receive the necessary support in order to become the fine and future stars. Do Zambia tennis assocation still exhist?. I hope those kids can bring the old glory days when we used to have the Simunyolas, Kangwas, Mambo Njovu, Dick Mpheneka, Andrew Makwaza, David Mutale, John Mwalongo, Kachingwe Sinkala, Lizzie Mlevu, Sweeney,Sidney Bwalya, Leighton Muchinda, Kasulumbwe, Chipopola, and Edgar Kazembe. By the way, what happened to all them guys? I hope some of them are behind or at least supporting Kidz Tennis Academy.

  6. Quite an interesting mix of pictures.
    Pics #4 & 5, A reminder of God’s glorious creation.
    Pics #8 & 9, A boring pre-occupation of our president’s two years in office, arriving and departing!

  7. # 4 don’t boast……remember to carry the shocks and necessary equipments for repair, with the onset of the rains, am sure the roads are bad……if you one, you are better of using it here. :d

  8. # 4 take your Lamborghini to zed, then lose it the following day. Someone will just come and grab it from you. It’s no longer the zed you knew…….

  9. # 6 is not a Porsche, it is either a Pontiac or Mazda, very cheap car!! Only that anything “new” in Zambia is called Porsche. They call any washing powder as Surf. Any all cooking oil is Salad.

  10. Kwena ba LT, some of your captions leave much to be desired…
    Picture #7… “Some ladies on a weekend ride in Northmead township”

  11. Pic 7-Very interesting seeing those ladies ryding on the back of that truck.It is a positive sign for gender balance.Am sure the dudes were ryding in front.

  12. #6 is a SLK 200 Mercedes Benz Cabrio which is a posh car but not a Porsche! Very fast and very expensive car indeed, not made for zambian roads. Zedian roads are for vimbayambaya’s like the girlies in pic#7 are cruising on…lol #11 American pontiacs might be cheap car’s but plz dont mistake them for German cars.

  13. #18 Abena Dongosima,
    You are so funny but right, and to add to your list,
    ‘Every toothpaste is called colgate’,
    ‘Bed sheets are called shit bed’
    ‘Tea cup is called cup tea’
    and every hot beverage is called tea….Lol

  14. Ba Dongosima shani kanshi imiponto…….my friend let me tell,if u havent been to zed for sum tym,u gona get a shock of yo life.those things u r tokin abt fyakale…..pipo now drive the best of them cars.Elo sum of u imiponto bt u r 4gettin that even UNZA cud nt accept yo G12 results….nomba mwasela thats wen u wana kam out sharp…atase u dull africans by all standards.U will neva hear a white man praise zambia as opposed to his own country.

  15. If u really feel that you are more white than black…pliz stop reading our LT coz the only this u kno is to compare btn were u r stayong and were u came from……Typical of dull african who have failed to improve their surrounding bt prefer to go en enjoy the sweat of their friends.To hell with all you who think that going abroad en neva going back home is development in yo lives….forgeting that we have great men who hav been everywhere around the world,aquired the necessary skills…now they are back in Zambia tryn to improve yo poor relatives lives.

  16. Third world bickering.

    Zambians are educated people, unfortunately all the brains with ideas on how to implement good governance are out of the country with no Agendas to return.

  17. Ba Nubian,
    when you have an idea en dont know how to implement it…its as good as not being there at all! So am not sure what brains you are tokin abt.My friends big brains are in Zambia itself strategising on how this RB monster is going to be removed before he does more harm…they are not in foreign contries enjoying other peoples sweat….TYPICAL DULL AFRICANS. You should go back and develop where your belly buttons were burried!

  18. Interesting pics.

    The toddlers look sweet in their sports gear. Nice to see that it’s not all rags and tatters in Zambia but also progressive sports and some flashy cars rolling on the roads.

    Good observation bloggers – the SUV in pic#6 is definately NOT a Porsche. Take it from someone who lives just 2 km away from Ferdinand Porsche Museum.

    pic#7 weekend ride or rump steak parade? LoL!

  19. Mwa bantu please, just took the picture of the car # 6, do we need to say cheap or expensive? what matters is someone is driving that car, that is how much someone can avoid, so that does not matter you drive expensive or cheap cars. At least we have some nice looking cars in zambia period.

  20. Number 1 and 7 I like your comments. There is a host of Zambians abroad in the Tennis Industry wait until there knowledge back to Africa

  21. Dont want to complain ba LT, but why no pics of my Thandi this week? Does anybody know why ZWD is off the net, it to do with the PF vuvuzela?

  22. # 5 is the dream of sichael mata and the inheritance of HH…. the zambian sunset never looked any better, pic 5 is the best picture ever, its just something about it i cant put my finger on….its not the tarmac, or the plane in the background, maybe the cloud formation…..dang whoa are all those w221 s-class benzes waiting for rupiah banda…..hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm i am envious of that….

  23. # 29 SEASONED ENGINEER, why are you so MAD, just because the season to practice your Bicycle Engineering is over does not mean you should start shouting like chimbwi, it is better you go to Zambia, maybe you work fix some of those unsafe trucks we saw in the pictures.

  24. Comments about the car in pic6 shows how shallow and petty some people can be,,,its cheap, so what!
    i dread to even think of the cars you people drive!

    and for someone to call that same car in pic6 as an SUV (small utility vehicle) is mind boggling, an SUV is a light truck,4 wheel drive on/off roader large sedan

  25. #38 RED CARD-Smoothcriminal
    SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, and you are correct – 4 wheel drive on/off roader.

  26. Cheap or expensive car,i realy wonder what that got to do with you guys that want to show off here,if you drive an expensive car,thats your business,leave those of us with cheap cars to drive ours too,thats what we can afford. People grow up please,is it jealousy or what?

  27. OK, I plead guilty of misappropriating the terminology SUV. I realised I was wrong when I had already posted the comment. Good to know there are smart brains on the blogg… way to go, Zambians.

    And seeing we have the ambition to drive fancy cars, I also hope we won’t remain eternal admirers of foreign technology but also get to innovate and manufacture our own. Is it impossible?

    #38, 39 don’t you see that the car is off the road, hence “off-roader”? LoL! Just pulling your legs…

    #41 you’re right, my friend. We can’t all have the same purchasing power. Cheers!

  28. I drive the same car #6 pic in metalic blue, its a Mercedes SLK 200 and i know what am talking about! Wanna a pic or come to Deutschland i’ll take you for a ride on the autobahn. The only Zedian in Germany with a flashy car!!! I would’nt take it to the potholes in Zed thou.

  29. Why does there always have to be some angry person complaining about how ‘rubbish’ Zambia yet they start ‘white man this’, ‘white man that’. If you don’t like white people then get out of your western country and come develop Zambia since you’re so smart.

  30. #22, inferiority complex will never let you grow. Ibelieve you are a door-mat in Belgium where you are because you think you are an object to some white fellow. Be real man, a Ferrari can drive on some of the Zambian Roads just like it cannot drive on some of the Italian Roads. Why are you so negative about Zambia? You think there is nopthing good that comes from Zambia?

  31. All you Zambians that are out there talking s### about your own country are talking s### because you failed to make it in Zambia. B####s

  32. that’s not a porches, that’s a plain pontiac firebird ..not even a trans-am.and I wanna join the next drag race in my r34 gtr or the gc8 sti

  33. And this zedian deuschbag is a no brain bia*ch who thinks owning a benz and living away from home makes him rich.You are not the only to ever travel, most have.the only difference is that some of us are back home trying our level best to put zambia on the map.shut up, keep impressing the white man by licking his feet while we develop

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