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FAZ emergency council meeting on


THE FAZ emergency council meeting (ECM) to deal with the legality of the association’s executive committee will be held this month following the securing of the two-thirds majority by the convenors.

Nkosi Warriors secretary Gift Chaipa, who is one of the campaigners for the ECM, said in Lusaka yesterday that a notice for the meeting would be delivered to FAZ general secretary George Kasengele before end of this week.

Chaipa said the ECM would be held this month but the date and venue for the gathering would be announced after delivering the notice with the FAZ secretariat.

He said the ECM convenors would not seek a request from the FAZ general secretary but merely notify him of their intentions because he was allegedly the chief campaigner for the embattled Kalusha Bwalya-FAZ executive team.

Chaipa said the date and venue had been set but would only be announced after the notice had been handed over to the secretariat.

He said his group was not petitioning for anything but calling for an ECM to put in place a legitimate FAZ executive committee.

“This is not a petition but a call for an emergency council meeting. It will be held this month and the nation will be told this week the venue and date for this meeting,” he said.

Chaipa reiterated that the Kalusha-led FAZ executive became dysfunctional after the resignation of vice-president, Emmanuel Munaile and committee members, Henschel Chitembeya, Pivoty Simwanza and Violet Bwalya.

[pullquote]Chaipa said the ECM matter had nothing to do with FAZ employees and Mwanza was wrong to attack his employers in the Press because by doing so, he was risking his job. [/pullquote]

He said only the councillors had powers to call for an ECM since Kalusha had no mandate to do so.

The former Zambia Under-20 team manager advised FAZ communications manager Erick Mwanza to refrain from commenting on policy matters which involved his employers.

Chaipa said the ECM matter had nothing to do with FAZ employees and Mwanza was wrong to attack his employers in the Press because by doing so, he was risking his job.

Meanwhile, MULTI-CHOICE Zambia says the boycott of matches by KCM/FAZ Premier League teams is affecting its coverage of live broadcasts of the local football and hopes the impasse between the FAZ and its affiliates will soon be resolved.

Multi-Choice public relations manager Marlon Kananda said in Lusaka yesterday that matches’ boycott was regrettable as millions of the Zambian football league followers were being denied an opportunity to follow the exciting season-closing stages of the 2010 campaign.

Supersport was expected to show some of the week-29 FAZ-KCM Premier League games live last weekend but were forced to cancel due to the boycott.

Premier Division clubs are boycotting matches to force the Kalusha Bwalya-led FAZ executive committee call for an emergency council meeting (ECM) to resolve constitutional issues following the resignation of four FAZ executive members.

Kananda said Multi-Choice would remain committed to ensuring that the Zambian game was improved through live broadcasts of matches and expressed hope that FAZ and member clubs would resolve their differences soon.

[pullquote]“It is an unfortunate situation that games have been boycotted but as Multi-Choice/Supersport, we remain committed to ensuring that the Zambian game is improved through live broadcasts and it is our hope that this impasse is resolved as quickly as possible,” he said.[/pullquote]

He said it had become difficult to plan for the live matches in view of what was happening, especially that the Zambian league had reached its climax with some exciting matches to look for in terms of which team wins the league and who gets relegated to the lower ranks.

“It is an unfortunate situation that games have been boycotted but as Multi-Choice/Supersport, we remain committed to ensuring that the Zambian game is improved through live broadcasts and it is our hope that this impasse is resolved as quickly as possible,” he said.

On the Barclays Cup finals, Kananda said Supersport would hold talks with FAZ, Barclays, the Referees Association of Zambia (RAZ) and the clubs to chat the way forward ahead of the match.

He said it was important to get first-hand information before the crew starts getting ready to beam the game live as it would be expensive on their part should the game not take place as scheduled.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Thats Good.
    Someone educte me. What will happen when the emergency meeting is held. Are they going to remove Kalusha, Marcha chilemena and others OR are they going to fill in vacant positions only.
    Please ensure that those pertition papars from Clubs are well signed and that you have the correct number to make 2/3 majority. Get excess.
    And how do you eventually get blessing of FIFA. PLEASE EDUCATE ME?

  2. Who is going to finance the ECM since Chaipa seems to suggest that the Secretariat will only be notified after the date and venue have been set. I thought the Secretariat of any organisation is responsible for organising such a meeting once the requirements have been met. Eric is already been threatened!!. Kaya with this group

  3. The ECM goez ahead az being demanded by the councilorz, then what happenz? Will there be a complete new executive, retain the Kulu team and just fill in the blanx or an interim ushered in? What becomez of the decizionz made by the current “illegal” executive? Could some expert out there pliz shed some light on the above?

  4. #1. You have posed good questions. Sadly the Petitioners have not articulated what will be achieved at this ECM. In my view this ECM thing is been poorly handled. I doudt if the letters have been properly prepared. My guess is that Chaipa has a sheet with signatures on it. Remember one of the Petitioners is in court for signature forgery. My view is that the ECM if held in this heat will end up achieving nothing. Those for and against will simply agree to disagree on all points that will be raised.

  5. Let the petitioners follow the FAZ constitution otherwise I per see an illegal body not recognised by FIFA! Or should I say a Kenyan formula! This is a very sensitive matter and all those involved should realise that the ECM is not meant to settle scores but to re-direct the wrongs to the correct path. Does the constitution provide that in this situation new ExCO should be assurred in? From the layman understanding, if we follow that notion then I bet there could be no goverment that can last a term!

  6. ITS time kalu was put in order..ajaila na illigal transactions ku faz… kalu councilors,U have the powers once ECM is conviened and can prove that the later has put the football house in disrepute…Kalu kuyabebele!

  7. No. 1, there are two things that can happen. the councilors may decide to legalize the executive and fill the vacancies or they may decide to do away with the kalusha executive (more especially that he been arrogant) choose an interim committee till the next elections. During Teddy Mulonga the councilors wanted to impeach him. he called for an ECM and after deliberations he was allowed to continue. For Kalusha i do not know because he has been very stubborn he may be kicked out.

  8. Even if they change the FAZ Ex, they hold ECM, nothing will ever improve soccer in ZED. Am happy I watched real Zambian Football in 80’s & 90’s when we had ZCCM. As for now it’s No. 5 Wanzelu’s way: La Liga and EPL, who cares about Nkosi Warriors!!!

  9. #1 khani cain what will happen is that kalusha will not be allowed to chair the meeting then the meeting can choose to give recognition to kalusha executive and choose three other members but what will likely happen is that they will choose an interim committee for three months then elections. the person who sits on the interim will not be allowed to stand for elections. the bother is that kalusha will go down fighting bcos faz is his lifeline he as good as dead without faz

  10. these player haters are going nowhere.simataa,mwewa,chaipa,justin mumba combined with there entier families can neva match what kalu has done 4 this country.its the pf which is bringing this confusion.govt and fifa will not recognise these failures.all you kalu haters,you will swallow yo vomite and you have neva done anything 4 this country and yet spewing rubbish.some of you have never built a pit latrine to be rememberd 4.amambala

  11. This team is full of chancers. Why should Gift tell Eric to keep quiet because he is supposed to reprot what his employers say. Thats his duty. Even if Kalu leaves FAZ Eric is expected to continue with his media duties just like the secretary general who is like Eric a full time employee. Its evil for Guft to suggest the new Interim committee(whatever it will be called) to start threatening these guys. Infact to be fair the new team must not involve these chancers. Some people spent more time washing jerseys in division one teams and today they claim to be administrators. (Sic! Jesus wept!).

  12. Let them hold this meeting as soon as possible and those of you who are Kalusha’ blind supporters your boy has failed in management and done alot of silly things at football house, he has no respect for no one including the minister of sport, PS and NSCZ. It is not that any one hates him but they way he has been going about issues at Faz doing every thing alone in south Africa who the hell does he think he is – do you know how many Faz presidents we have had and their professional back grounds?

  13. # 18 stop dreaming, this is not the first time we are hearing about this petitions. there was one earlier this year with the same allegations. you are a PHD holder # 18

  14. Gring gring: alo whose zis
    Kasengele: Bena kalu ndine K
    Kalu: K you changed the fone number again?
    K: Abena I cant keep one number, ma reporters are always on my butt, I cant even eat now
    Kalu: Ohh gosh K, so what else this time
    K: Ka Gift Chaipa from aka kalitimu kaupuba – Nkosi announced today ati finally they have two third signatures now and that the meeting is this month end
    Kalu: Kekeke abena K bachepa aba and dont panic. 1st, we have to check all signatures I am sure yambi yabufi, 2nd, we will tell them theres no money for such meeting. We will ask them to raise the money if they want the meeting
    K: Good idea presido..shud I make any distraction announcement
    Kalu: Of course, tell the nation will play friendly matches with man united, arsenal, liverpool here as AFCON preps

  15. The councillors not PF nor UPND are the ones to push and pushing Kalusha out. So Kalu brought this all upon himself for his failure to adhere to the constitution. He gave a company linked to his wife to negotiate for the Multichoice extention deal. He is reaping what he sowed. He single handedly employed coaches and signed deals without the other executive memebers debating or privy to the agreements. His ending wil be a disaster.

  16. # 14 you are right. i think these are the guys who take pleasure in seen our former footballers begging for food after retirement, i can give you there names but i cant since i love them. no wonder players like stone, charlse and others cant come back to zambia becoz of this PHD syndrome. viva great kalu

  17. So what will happen should Kalusha Bwalya not attend this meeting? Has boycotting of matches ever happened in the history of zamian football? if not then kalu is a disgrace and must resign immediately.

  18. Few questions. #1 Did the guys who resigned declare dispute with Kalu or they just choose to put him down. #2These guys who are petitioning have been in this business for over 20 years, what is that they are going to do now that they did not do before. #3 Can some but pinpoint to the scandles that Kalu has done because i see people getting worked up over nothing, some people do not even know what Kalu did, but because it is Kalu they want to pull him down. Kalu Will always be great, Great men always go down but they always come back great.
    Remember that when Kalu stood for Vice president Simataa Simataa said a footballer can not govern football, now this is the chance to prove himself. By the way all these petitioners their teams are doing so bad both on the pitch and administration. For

  19. when i was in zambia i never heard a team called nkosi what ever please guys leave kalu alone this guy has done alot for zambian soccer he is connected in football he is not like this chaipa guy who knows him in world football with his rural team does he think if he was faz president supersport could have even thought of coming to zambia who does he know at supersport now that kalu has worked smart to get sporsors everyone wants to get into faz shame chaipa with signatures,even if you come up with your new faz fifa will never even speak to you and you will organise friendlies with your rural teams,zambia nation team vs khosi what ever ahahahah

  20. At this point, the best thing is for the meeting to take palce. Although some people may be doing it out hatred for Kalu, the incumbent must realise that there is power in numbers. It is possible that the meeting may retain him. Remember what happened to Mulonga?

    He risks losing International respect which he has worked so hard for over many years. Kalu, drop your guard and show leadership. It is possible you may become Great again.

  21. #23,pls name them so that the world knows.simataa is failure thats why he was fired from finance bank.mwewa,chaipa,these are jst chancers with no direction.kalu is rb n fifas boy.failures are a problem

  22. U blind followers of this ka crook ka kalu u are use-less & still living in the past.Here the issue is kalu in football management & not kalu as in taking free kicks okay. The fact is yo kalu or galu now is a crook arrogant 4 nothing & wants to run FAZ alone like kantemba. To hell with him. galu kuyabebele.No more job pa zed ka chi colour.

  23. Why is it that only small teams are in fore front making noise about Kalu? You ll never achieve what Kalu has achieved both as a player and an administrator, coz Nkosi Warriors will never be in premier league nor you at FAZ.

  24. Kalu should go.Being a great football player does not translate into being a great football manager.From what is happening at FAZ he has obviously failed and should step down for other people to lead.We are losing time preparing for the important international matches coming soon.We are already amakula when it comes to international matches.We need all the preparation time and organisation we can get!

  25. Can we have respected administrators from big teams guide us. Who are these teams..NKOSI? Why are the officials from teams like Nchanga Rangers,Nkana,Power, Zanaco etc not saying anything on this matter? We also need facts not just speculations. Some of us have not seen any documents on the allegations but we want to speak as if we know the details. Kalusha may not be perfect but surely is one of the best (If not best) sportsmen Zambia has produced and today we call him a DOG(GALU). He may not be degree holder but he has a VERY good standing in society than most of us KNOW IT ALLs’. If he has failed us,he needs guidance not insults. He has done alot for Zambia than most of you. People like Simataa have been at FAZ before, they never brought in any new deals.

  26. #31. Please educate us what is happening at football house? Most of us are in the dark and even when you have a point are failing to give you support.

  27. #33 welcome to the real world, you seem to be the only one lost on this blog, if you really really really want to know, go back to LT, The Post, & other daily papers archives, it’s just waiting for you to discover!!!

  28. # 34 the blog is for sharing information. I find you response very uncivilized and uncoordinated to say the least. Is there any harm in a sober mind trying to understand issues at football house?. Abash with this kaponya nonsense mentality. My question was in good faith. Zip up your arsh if you are not interested in educating people.

  29. I agree with #33 . I am also in the dark of the happenings at football house. ANYONE who can shed a bit of light people?.
    Senior citizen and VJ Rigger can maybe assist…….

  30. We just give too much power to individuals in Zed, especially to the so called presidents. It’s high time we reverted to the title of Chaimani, maybe it will make sense.

  31. #35 yes I’ll try & educate you if you start by explaining to me what an”arsh” is. Hats off to you for spelling kaponya correctly!! Don’t use the words Uncivilised & Uncoordinated if you have no inkling of what they mean – considering that I directed you to the original sources of the info you were looking for you are a typical “ka mushi’ who relishes hearsay – good on you!!

  32. Just read this article and I suppose this is a different meeting from the one which is said to be taking place today in Kabwe ?

  33. Until FAZ has a President who understands football management, we will always go round in circles. Kalu has completely messed up things but is too dull and pompous to see the mess he is causing. You just cant have a person who claims to be a chief but lives in another village. Only pa Zed can this happen. Can you imagine this happening in developed countries, the guy would have been crucified by his ba……. Lets all stand and say, ‘God help Zambia’ I am moving to Mars.

  34. its nice to see how the petitioners have managed to convinced everybody for the EGM. But i have not seen anyone cite the constitution which has been abrogated. What are the sins kalu and group has committed?
    Some of us know simata from way back. he has been a rebel through his life. asks him how he has moved from church to church and his stay at finance bank. this is a good example of how how jealousy and vindictiveness can do. you will suceed in destabilising but you will not equal or surpass what kalu has done for zambian football even if the goog Lord added hundred years to your life. he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.
    Captain Football

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