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Rupiah thanks Mpulungu electorate


President Banda talking to journalists at State House

President Rupiah Banda has thanked people of Northern Province for their determination and hard work.

President Banda has also said his government is determined to provide leadership in the development of the province and a country as a whole.

Speaking upon arrival at Mbala’s Samora Machel ZAF base, President Banda said victory in Mpulungu parliamentary by elections was a clear indication of the trust that people in the area and the province of have in MMD.

Mr. Banda also commended the MMD leadership for working hard during the just ended parliamentary by elections where the ruling party emerged victorious.

President Banda said the opposition parties thought it would be easy dislodge the ruling party in the area but that the people in the area know exactly what government has done.

President Banda also commended Given Mungomba for emerging victorious in the Mpulungu parliamentary by elections. The new MP for the area has since been appointed Deputy minister , Science and Technology.

And speaking earlier, North Western Province Minister John Chinyanta said the party in the province is happy with the collective victory scored in the Mpulungu by elections.

Mr. Chinyanta attributed the victory the many government project initiated by government in the area.

And President Banda is this afternoon scheduled to address a public rally at Musadabwe ground in Mpulungu.

The rally will be preceded by meetings with chiefs and another one with party officials.

He is accompanied to North Western Province by Foreign Affairs Minister Kabinga Mpande, Tourism Minister Catherine Namugala, Health Minister Kapembwa Simbao, North Western Province Minister John Chinyanta and Home Affairs Deputy Minister Gunston Sichilima.

After the rally, President Banda is expected to fly to Eastern Province where he is scheduled to meet Congolese president Joseph Kabila.

Meanwhile, President Banda has appealed to MMD membership to continue working hard and explaining government programmes and projects so that the party can emerge victorious in the 2011 elections.

Mr. Banda said the 2011 elections are very important for the MMD because the successes scored so far need to be protected and new projects after 2011 need to be initiated.

“The 2011 elections are very important to us as MMD because we cannot afford to lose the successes we have scored so far as that would mean people going back to suffering,” said President Banda.

He said government would continue implementing projects for the benefit of the people.



  1. Please reduce these unnecessary trips. They are better and cost effect methods of thanking the electorates, it doesn’t have to take the entire Presido to travel.

  2. Bo president plse spare our little resources on better things. You are ever in the sky. What are you scared off at state hse. Do you know something about levy’s death. I am now suspecting muuna muhulu.

  3. What is wrong with the Zambian president travelling in Zambia? There is more to Zambia than just state house. Is the president supposed to perform chisungu and hide himself in state house? Anyway, congratulations on your party’s victory in Mpulungu and wishing you all the best in the up coming elections. My suggestion to you would be to call the elections soon, so that we can get them over and done with so that you can continue with the developments projects that your party has constituted.

  4. Obama is in Asia and David Cameron is in China with several cabinet ministers. These men have travelled to these places in an attempt to save their economies. Banda on the other hand has been attacked for doing just that in fact he has shown more foresight than obama in this regard. It took a political walloping for obama to venture out of his comfort zone. Let us criticize constructively and help build our nation. The presidency in times like this is more than state house but it is about securing investment for businesses and for our service sectors

  5. #4 Running man on the move. Husband duties could be also tough. First lady still young you know!!!!!!!. ooh ninchito malume. Anywhere the man is working for Zambia.

  6. #6 you are talking from the balcony. Ever seen type of jobs Zambians are doing through the so called investors approach. Donkey work. Only foreigners are in executive jobs.

  7. Take real development to the people, not just offering lip service. Its amazing that Bwezani has never stopped campaigning for his re-election since being elected president.
    For a change, stop your stupid travels, channel that money towards meaningful programmes to benefit the people.
    Does any one know how much on average it costs to move the president fro point A to B & back to point A? anybody? Factor in everything possible such as advance parties, fuel, security, allowances, etc and its impact on our small economy
    I am sure we can better utilize this money

  8. Zambian voters around the country who give the ruling mandate and hold a social contract with their leader do not do so on the premise that he becomes a president of lusaka only stuck in State house. President Banda is a people’s president connected to the grassroot listening from them directly.A seasoned pragmatist RB does not believe in elitist politics of gap theories. He vote has never been a regional vote but national. The people of Mpulungu as as important as the people Livingstone, Mansa, Shang’ombo etc. As a servant it is appropriate of him to humbly visit them instead of receiving third party emisaries.Building bridges through consensus with the people is cardinal and RB the people’s president is doing just that.

  9. We can pull electoral voting records empirically, RB’s mandate has never been a regional vote but national. He is a president for all. Regardless of his political predisposition he can fall on around the country, his leadership alignment remains anw will continue growing national. His dynamic leadership premised on connectedness with all Zambians from border to border. He will not be like sore losers preoccupied in Lusaka with tabloid front pages in competition for insulting space only to revist other parts of zambia in the election yera only 5 years after being rejected.

  10. # 2 what??? that the spirit of Mwanawasa is.. you see we told that RB not to cry before his friend died. Now ng’anga are talking that muli fiwa. First sign was when monkey urinated on his big nose.

  11. With massive infrastructural developments of schools, hospitals, roads, bridges, economic stability and sustainable growth for all and food security a historic bumper harvest has brought, RB must now enter into an overdrive campaign mode national wide. This should be ahead of the forthcoming MMD convention and tripartite 2011 elections. He should be positioning to call for General elections any minute in 2011. Activate and electrify all party functionaries and structures around the country for a landslide at hand through hard work. Keep building a national consensus across political divides. Let proactive political machines ruthlessly start leveling the ground obliterating them. Its time for applied Pol 101.Victory through continuity, stability, and exponential growth for the hard work.

  12. Zambians are lucky to have a President who is always travelling making allowances. He has no consideration for the Zambians. Come 2011 watch out Zambians or else

  13. #13 Senior citizen. How much are u being paid? Mention it. What development is taking place? Have you ever travelled to see the world out there?

  14. # 15,

    What travelling are you alluding to which you think you have comparatively do? Does it have to take you traveling to know an ideal hardworking pragmatic leader of the people as RB? FYI though unnecessary to mention here but for your need to know following your question, i’m privileged to know Zambia from border-to-border, district to district and chiefdom to chiefdom likely better than you. over the years i have had the privilege of being in many western nations, Europe, Asia and most African nations unless you talk of Somalia and Burma where i have no immediate interest to visit, the issue of exposure you should not even bring it in because it will leaving with a feeling of self inadequacy. Talk and counter me on fundamental issues than flawed assumptions.

  15. This Animal Farm president is a BIG JOKE. Got no clue on what he’s suppossed to do as a Head of State. It’s such a shame! What a waste of our precious time.

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