Holding elections under current constitution is a mockery – FODEP


The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) has charged that it will be a mockery for government to allow the county to hold the 2011 elections under the current constitution, considering the huge resources invested in the National Constitutional Conference (NCC).

FODEP president, Stanley Mhango said that electoral conflicts the country has witnessed in the past will never come to an end as long as the elections are held under the current constitution.

Mr. Mhango said the culture of violence and failure to accept election results the country has been witnessing will continue to haunt the good governance and democracy sector of this country as long as the current constitution remains in place.

He, however, FODEP welcomed the announcement by government to begin the process of enacting provisions in the NCC draft constitution that do require a referendum.

Mr. Mhango has also challenged government to give the nation a time frame for putting in place a new constitution.
[ QFM ]



  1. Whatever happened to the promises made earlier that a new constitution would be ready by 2011 and to think of all the money that has already been spent on the same!


  2. MMD as usual. Ever making promises but never able to deliver! Why should the issue of cost come in now? Democracy is expensive. One cant choose democracy and want to keep elements of dictatorship.


  3. This simple majority win will not help opposition. It will even make things hard for the opposition. Banda won election because of western, North-western and central provinces. So we need somebody who is popular in these provinces to deny Lupiya victory. If you put somebody who will loose in these provinces then, the pact must start crying now..!!!! We all know coperbelt and Lusaka provnces will still vote for the pact ad some pocket of supporters in Northern provinces but Luapula and Eastern provinces are for MMD, No question about…!!!



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