Friday, March 1, 2024

Bats invasion worry Ndola residents


Fears are rising among Ndola residents over allegations that fruit eating bats which have infested Ndola’s Northrise area may carry rabies.

Millions of bats have infested Ndola targeting three houses and have been described as a nuisance because of constant noise and excreting indiscriminately in the affected houses.

The migratory bats are not indigenous to Zambia and are believed to have started finding a safe place in Northrise as far back as 1998.

Bats are mammals that give birth, breastfeed offsprings and have their head facedown when resting.
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  1. Im trying to find a way to blame theses Bats on RB, lol…….just anything to decampagin him,anyone out there with a suggestion

  2. He come with them from Brazil, atleast he has brought some tangible investment in the from of meat. Ndola people should try eating them..especially Bembas who have exceptional taste buds..

  3. @ #5 If you are truly a cousin, you are forgiven but learn to introduce yourself or else you will receive ballistic missiles from the Bemba squadron on this web. and how do you claim that bembas have expectional taste buds? are you forgetting what you eat yourselves, those koswe temunani. enjoy blogging.

  4. No 10,my cousin, it is those chimps you eat that convince us that you have exceptional taste buds. LOL. You should try the mice (i.e. mbewa and not koswe). Tastes like chicken wings!

  5. Rb and his minions(bats) at work.Hey # 2 thanks for clarifying the comment for a joke other wise anso iwe….No i reserve my comments since you are my Mbuya.Enjoy the weekend Zedians.

  6. Eish people are so touchy,whatever happened to having some chimbuya bunter. We the tongas are always being made fun of,but we just let it fly over our heads. Those bats have bn there for years. The most affected house at the corner of kabinga and mulobezi road has tall trees(which have become their habitat) all around its wall fence. Cutting down the trees could be the answer to there problem. Has that not occured them yet?

  7. coming from ndola i know bats have been migrating there since the 80’s……………………the council has even protected the area between chintu road and kabinga road along mulobezi for the safety of bats (same as #17)leave them alone y do we have to distrub nature all the time

  8. In My home in Hillcrest-Ndola I lived with the bats as housemates for years. Since the council could not remove them I just made them my friends. However imwe tuma Koswe eaters there’s nothing that comes close to monkey meat. Just try it.

  9. Why are you guys surprised with this migration, this is what happens when you de-forest the plantations & protected woods which were their habitat, so since there are fewer fruit bearing trees in the de-forested areas such as Monkey Fountain area & Dola Hill, the bats have found mature & older fruit bearing trees in the urban surrounds. It’s all simple ecology. Govt privatised logging, Dept of Forestry lost control of maintaing forests & replenishing the logged forests, becoz private loggers were given a free for all logging license without mandatory replanting of the acreage they had logged!

    #11 mbeba tasting like chicken wings – sure?? more like bat wings tasting like wings, leka ku namizila tu mbeba!!

    #17 From above, cutting trees is what has led to above, solution is replant…

  10. I have now enjoyed news but your funy comments hahahahahaha ba zed you are funny for sure.
    hope you will smil to my joke as well,, the Govrmt should send the ZAF to fight this bats,, comandoos can’t do it, we need jets here.

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