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Zambian Football At Crossroads

Sports Zambian Football At Crossroads

One of the most intriguing 48 hours in Zambian football history will be played out in when parallel Faz emergency council meetings are held by two camps, in separate towns, both with the potential to change football landscape as we know it.

Call it a tale of two cities with first part of the drama to be played out in Lusaka on Friday where the growing influence of latecomer to the game Zambia Premier League and the more established Tea Party grouping of lower league teams gathering at InterContinental Hotel.

The agenda of the rebel group of 147 clubs will sit to vote for an ECM chairman and dissolve the current Faz executive committee whose constitutionality has been in dispute after the resignation of four committee members in early October.

Thereafter the Lusaka band of brothers is set to vote in a new Faz executive whose candidates have been very cagey about their ambitions over the last fortnight.

Fridays ECM will be happening without the blessings of Fifa whose statements have done little to even win public favor.

Meanwhile, Kalusha Bwalya will on Saturday chair the second and Fifa-recognized ECM at the Zambezi Source Motel in Kabwe.

What is on their agenda? The president’s speech for one and the status of Kalusha executive which the 1988 African Football of The year has insisted is illegal despite four resignations and the stepping down of three of four other co-opted members.

This is one intercity drama that will be hard to predict but one thing is for sure, football will never be the same again by the time we wake up on Sunday morning.

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  1. The guys meeting on friday, how can they dissolve an executive that they claim dissolved itself? Anyway,i’ll just sit back and watch.

  2. Now am not sure where to put my antena. whether towards dar es salaam -cecafa; or torwards zurich -fifa; or towards kabwe/lusaka – faz.

  3. In fact its not even tripartite but we are talking of four top stories as under 20 prepares for cosafa ( pliz soccer people top stories should begin with 1.cecafa; 2. cosafa; 3. faz; and last 4. fifa

  4. So galu has indeed agreed that his meeting is illegal!!! LT your F.U.C.King reporting is really breathe-taking!!

    Lusaka ECM DOESN’T have to dissolve FAZ!! FAZ dissolved itself when the 4 resigned, the REMNANTS OF FAZ are simply caretakers looking after FAZ property such as Football House till when the NEW EXECUTIVE is USHERED IN TODAY!!!

  5. The firs stop in the impasse is the FAZ constitution. FAZ is governed by rules and regulations as an association and those rules will clearly explain what must be done in this case, which point has already been thrashed out by eimnent people at law. The stubborness by Kalu and hi cohorts just raise alot of curiosity as to why they must be clinging on to power when its plain and clear that their stay lacks the neccessary legal spine. That said FIFA, in as much as it insist on non-interferences, should uphold the value of the association constitution and not seem to be in support of a clique that is holding to power without legal backing.

  6. Elyo lwanya nomba.Simaataa was on Q FM last night battling it out with Erick Mwanza.Simaataa left the show before it finished due to security concerns.It appears Galu had sent his tandem of thugs to sort out Simaataa after the show.

  7. I almost got carried away, na ma popcorns yalungula, anyways I am standing on my toes. Cant wait for this weekend. The hour is here, Chindi chazika, ntau yakwana. Good luck to both ECM participants.

  8. Simata Simata is an alarmist how can one, be killed at Q FM, that is exaggerating ,if that is true where are law enforcement officers? I do not believe him ,for sure the media houses do assure its clients of security and if that happened they will not be pleased too, mind you FIFA has sent two officials for tomorrow’s meeting NOT at Simataa’s ECM, he could be the President of the renegades at today’s illegal Inter Continental Hotel,watch this space.He is still smiling in the Dark, who will see him?

  9. Useless petitioners.
    They should have first sought the blessings of fifa way before today. whatever they are doing today is valueless to fifa but to NSCZ, past faz presidents and some lawyers and some zambians. wat a way to waste money.
    saturday deliberations will be endorsed by fifa and some zambians FULSTOP
    Now tel me zambia….how much talking have u don against kalu and wat hav u achieved? good at toking zambians. I tod u to find kalu guilty of theft by public servant then he wd hav given way to faz office not this tok of constitution abrogation and lack of concensus.
    petitioners hav oso abrogated the same constitution.

  10. Kings kid you are right. I dont see fifa recongnising the executive born out of friday ECM and so its a non starter…

  11. Fine let fifa disregard what will happen today….let us be banned from international engangmenst( after all we suck!!!)…lets puul all the money for internationals to develop the soccer locally for the period we will be banned!!!!

  12. One thing is for sure, football will never be the same again by the time we wake up on Sunday morning. Good luck to all, Viva the football family. Fare play is the name of the game.

  13. It doesn’t make sense to ask an elected leader to step down because you are not happy with his style of leadership. Pin point what he has done wrong and take him to court .Further,his performance compared to the previous administration above by miles.

    FIFA rules. Its either you agree with their position or you stay out of it.

  14. Galu is just turnishing his name coz he is standing on the CAF ticket, and by him failing to control the local affairs, i dont think anyone sensible can even think of voting 4 him in CAF. he has wrong advisers.

  15. Whoever legally get what they want will have the backing of the law to get rid of the other, and this my friends will be very humiliating. But that the price of holding on to pride

  16. It is unbelievable that some people on this blog still can’t see what wrong galu or is it kalu has done. If all that has been said to be wrong can’t register with these people, well, all that was superseded by the resignation of 4 executive members, which meant there was never a going back, FAZ had been dissolved (meaning , it never mattered whether Kalu had done anything or not, the QUORUM could never be met!!) hence bringing us to this momentous day; We await the deliberations!!

  17. he who pays the piper calls the tune. government of zambia must have a say in the football is run in the country. the government is using tax payers money. if fifa is not comfortable if this arrangement it should take over the responsibility of meeting the costs the government is paying.

  18. Luapula fish wila tusebanya, with your contention, should we take it you are in support of MMD & RB?
    That’s why the system is democratic, hence 2/3 of affiliates have decided to change leadership via A PROVISION OF THE CONSTITUTION, therefore IT IS NOT ILLEGAL!! Just accept that your pin up hero has seen the last of his FAZ officialdom days

  19. The two thirds majority ECM has CONFIRMED disolution of the Kalu executive and ushered in a new FAZ executive led by corporate businessman Andrew Ndanga Kamanga as president. Cephas Katongo is vice and Rix Mweemba is Treasurer. Votes for committee members should be on shortly. The Kalu ECM is meanwhile on 2moro. Let the battle-football war- now begin! Get ready for the final showdown of Armageddon! FIFA will now insert the date on the letter calling for the ‘NEW FAZ’ to dissolve itself after 14 days before we get banned. Jerome Valcke(sp) had long drafted the letter. Lets see who has the last laugh. meanwhile its clear some guys and clubs are being used as pawns by Simataa and co. They will stand for elections at the end of the 90 days period for the ‘new interim’ FAZ. Anyway FIFA…

  20. The Zambian game is going the Kenyan – Nigeria way were there will be two groups controlling football. This could have been avoided but the so called interested parties are not interested in resolving their differences peacefully.

  21. He He He He The ECM called by the Pertitioners at Intercontinetal Hotel has Just BOOTED out Great Galu and his team. He He He waya to go.

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