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KCC grave diggers battered

General News KCC grave diggers battered

Some unruly Mulenga Township residents in Kitwe at the weekend beat up Kitwe City Council grave diggers at Chamboli Cemetery and grabbed picks and shovels from them after they were allegedly stopped from burying their colleague in the high cost burial site.

Kitwe Town Clerk Ali Simwinga said the “thugs” from Mulenga Township who were among mourners who had gone to bury their relative beat up the grave diggers after they were denied access to high cost site because they had not paid for any space there.

Mr Simwinga, who rushed to the cemetery said in Kitwe yesterday that all well-meaning Zambians should condemn the lawlessness exhibited by the youth.

“We all know that there are high-cost and low-cost sites at the cemetery, and to resort to such behaviour was the worst form of lawlessness.

“It is sad that some people could just wake up and decide to go and beat up people who were doing their work,” he said.
Mr Simwinga said it was unacceptable that while some people were desecrating graves, others had now resorted to attacking innocent workers at cemeteries.
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  1. Does a Town Clerk ever retire? I started hearing about Kitwe Town Clerk Ali Simwinga thousands of years ago!!

  2. High cost and low cost?is there a difference in land?soil texture?or its just the fees that differentiates the two burial sites?A dead body will still rot whether in high or low cost.

  3. This issue of high cost & low cost should be removed,even in death their is status.If people want high cost let them acquire land somewhere else not Council land.

  4. Come to think of it. why should people be made to pay when burrying their loved ones. Just like VJ Rigger has said (difference in land or is it the soil texture). Nkhani ya prestige

  5. This Ali Simwiinga has been a Town Clerk since i was in Grade 7! i finished varsity and now i have 11years post graduate experience!! meaning this guy has been a [email protected]@king town clerk for about 30 years!!!

  6. This is why there is that much corruption in Zambia. Old people are too afraid to let go of public jobs. The political system is now bent towards the maintenance of the status quo by these old people.

  7. Discrimate aginst the dead? Come on Zambian this should be the last thing to happen to anyone. Anyway I just pray that the peole who go to low coste also go to heaven

  8. #5 VJ Rigger- Even in heaven Archangels dont mix with ordinary Angels. Dont you know that there special sections in Zambian burial grounds? You surprise me.

  9. When Sata gets in as president will we will have free burials for everybody in 90 days! Sounds like some of his kaponyas want to bring that about prematurely. Of course they are differences in how people are buried – that is why Mwanawasa is buried where he is. Even coffins have different costs and that is why is there such things as pauper’s funerals.

  10. Surely, I am now 42 years old and I have been hearing about Ali Simwinga as Kitwe Town Cleck since I was about 12 or 13 years old. Is this man a Town Cleck for life? Can’t he even be posted to another city so there could be some fresh brains to run Kitwe? Please help me understand whats going on.

  11. There should not be high cost or low cost at a burial ground. All Zambians should be buried equal. The rich one can have elaborate headstones if they want but there not be discrimination in a cemetery!

  12. Please, mr ali leave in peace. Your mere mention distrusts everyone from the subject. If u were in our position, u would feel the same. We need try something different on the menu.

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