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Weekend in Pictures



A dancer from the Amayenge troupe dancing in Chisamba at the weekend


An acrobatic perfoming group in action at the junction of the Great East and Makishi roads


A Kenyan dance led by Emmy Kosgei in action at the Kenya National Day in Lusaka


A perpetual gate crusher to cocktails- fake journalist Tommu Mumba escorted out of the Kenya High Commission premises after he was discovered by alert Security Personnel


First Lady Thandiwe Banda with Bank of Zambia deputy Governor Mabula Kankasa at State House


First Lady Thandiwe Banda with National Housing Authority managing director Elias Mpondela at State House


Ministry of Lands Permanent Secretary Matondo Yeta speaking during the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants meeting in Lusaka


Stand up for Zambia producer Chanda Chimba (III) captured when collecting footage for his series that has launched scanthing attacks in PF leader Michael Sata


Stand up for Zambia producer Chanda Chimba (III) captured when collecting footage for his series that has launched scanthing attacks in PF leader Michael Sata.


President Banda's motorcade arrives on the Mumbwa-Landless corner road before he commissioned the road's rehabilitation works


President Banda talks to National Democratic Focus leader Ben Mwila when he toured the Mumbwa-Landless corner road


President Banda is mobbed by enthusiastic workers from Wade Adams in Mwachisompola area when he launched works on the Mumbwa-Landless corner road


The Zambian flag flies along the Presidential flag characterised by the Coat Arms


Zambian athletes captured on arrival from SADC games


Some of the opposition party councillors draped in MMD chitenge wrappers after they defected to the ruling party in Kasempa at the weekend


Members of the opposition National Restoration Party clearing garbagge in Lusaka's Chainda Township


Kasempa Member of Parliament Kabinga Pande's wife Bridget donates maize seed to Kasempa women's club representatives


Kasempa East Member of Parliament Kabinga Pande (l) welcomes UPND vice provincial chairman Davide Mufwaya to the ruling MMD during a defection in Kasempa


Home Affairs deputy Minister Gaston Sichilima with Kenyan High Commissioner Kipyego Chegulet during the Kenya National Day in Lusaka


Equipment from Wade Adams waits for the official flagging off of construction work on the Mumbwa-Landless corner road


  1. PIC #16, If a small Opposition Party called National Restoration Party, without funding from anybody, can organise its people, to go out and clear out gabbage in an area controlled by the Biggest Opposition Party in Zambia , why can’t the council controlled by PF do their job?

    By the way this council has full funding from Government, they collect Council rates, they collect revenues for all bill boards put up in Lusaka and Lusaka being the capital city, they have all sorts of oportunities to raise money , yet they still can’t collect garbage. They are waiting for Minister of Local Government to go to Chainda and do it.

    Thanks NRP for leading the way and showing them and you don’t need Govt funding for this .

  2. PIC6: So this is were Mpondela was coming from to be MC at a funeral?…no wonder the frequent mention of breakfast with Mable Mungomba

  3. Pic #16

    Honestly does it have to take a small political party to do the job of the PF controlled LCC? Really disappointed that the PF controlled LCC has failed to carry out their duties. Something as simple as garbage collection is what they are failing at. Really disappointing.

    Btw, when is the PF report on PF led councils coming out. Some of us have to read on why it has to take a small political party to do the job of the PF led LCC. Lusaka Times, is is possible you can follow up on this??

  4. Ba Tommu Mumba paliba survival instinct ayi!!!! But stil that was undiplomatic, why starve amid plenty parties. Shud hav chases sichilima instead.

  5. Cogtrats to NRP!!! Councils are not supposed to be controlled by political parties. GRZ should stop this nonsense of PF or MMD led councils. Councillors & mayors should non partisan

  6. #1 You are right on, the Lusaka City Council iz controlled by majority, if not all, councilorz from oppozition PF, BUT supervized by, like all councils in Zambia, by government through the Ministry of Local Government and Housing. Maybe the supervizor must do its obligatory part in this.

  7. Pic12
    In your FACE-RED CARD

    ka wigi kapa kamwala aka bakakonda ba first lady hey!! or she’s got plenty of the same

  8. Nice to see a variety of events across the country once more.

    Pic #4 special uninvited guest. He came in thru the backdoor and left thru the frontdoor… LoL!

    Pic #16 it would be more interesting to see the final destination of that garbage heap.. let’s hope it doesn’t get dumped near a residential area again to retrigger cholera and malaria parasites.

  9. Pic #6, T.B looks so comfortable with Mpondela. anyway i dont blame her, thats almost her size besides they look good together.

  10. whoever is responsible for thandies wardrobe need to fired. there are better fitenjes in kamwala than that trash of a chitenje she is wearing.If am hired, responsibilty no. 1, will be to fix her nails, then sort out her name of a wardrobe.

  11. #5, nice picture of Dr. Tukiya Kankasa-Mabula with the first lady.

    Picture #19, ba LT, the Kenyan High Commissioner to Kipyego Chegulet, I wonder where this country is, anywhere near Zambia? I have never heard of it.

  12. Why are those Acrobats performing in the streets? You cant take chances with Zambian drivers. Minibus drivers are always running away from the Mushilikalis. Taxi drivers cannot driver, then there’s all the drunk drivers roaming the streets.

  13. Isn’t it a tad dangerous to be doing ‘acrobatics’ at such a busy junction? Do we even have ‘elf en safety pa Zed? Yaba!

  14. No# 1 MMD bootlicker even before a party called PF there was garbage in Lusaka. MMD was in power even then. Firstly it’s people of that area that need to collect their own trash and castigate the council. Kaunda left Zambian people virtually toothless, in terms of speaking up for truth and justice. Why can’t the PF and whatever ministry is responsible for these messes own up. Whether PF, MMD or UPND they all belong to government period! At times I really wonder about my people.

  15. Another thing that still bugs the nerves out of me, why does a president have to commission the building of a road; where is the minister of works? Maybe even the minister of labour. Zambians really don’t see the irony in all this?

  16. Whats with k’s,Kenya,Kasempa,Kosgei,Kankasa,Kipyego,Kabinda,Kamwala,Kibaki,Kaunda,Kenyatta?Its their national day i guess we have to “kongratulate” them as we have much K’s in “kommon”

    Anyway,much thanks to NRP for leading by exemplary actions yet you hardly hear them being noisy in the media for the wrong reasons.

  17. I thought Commissioning was only done after completion of road works and before? who knows if this project will ever be finished knows MMD and Zambia. Move some new machines to the site. take pics (like UTH machine scandal), go on TV say you’re working. come 2020 only 5 KM was done .. nothing after that.. pipo hoodwinked as usual.

  18. picture 11 cant help but come to the conclusion that Rupiah Banda and the Ben Mwila owned Wade Adams are on a serious deal on this road construction!!! pali idilu lya chine apa..

  19. Moderator how have you been my brother? At times it is to share light moments. Political topics sprout everywhere so I thought of a sporting moment hahaha.

  20. #26 Mwanawakwitu, he acquired the companies ‘Wade Adams’ and ‘Minestone’ from Sardanis or is it government. And by then they were the in thing names in construction, so no need to redo registration or change of name.

  21. Congratulations to NAREP.
    That is exactly what needs to be done in Zambia. Everyday, ‘Government this, government that…!’ The environment belongs to everybody. The Councils have the power to enact by-laws that can be used to punish anyone fly tipping or throwing litter anyhow, but first of all the council MUST provide means whereby people can dispose of malabishi. I believe that Labour day holiday can be used for everyone in the community to don overalls, work kit etc and spend the day clearing the township, instead of baking in the sun listening to empty political speeches and union megalomaniacs!

  22. pic #7- that ka look from ka mudala,ala bwafya! pic#15-number 6 from left to right seated front row,namakasa sure?no wonder? maybe ifintu kuti fyabako bwino nomba! pic#19-ba Gaston iminwe na smile! charcoal buner?

  23. Mpondela and Thandy … one can only use their imagination. Thandy your friends try bank governors, that is where the money is but then our needs are different especially that age can be problematic

  24. For how long will the people of Zambia have to receive donations of maize seed? What progress have we made since our ancestors left the Luba-Lunda kingdom? Atase…

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