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Embrace Chinese investment, urges Prof. Saasa


Chinese Collum Coal Mine Managers resolving the problem of the shooting incident in which 13 miners were shot and wounded in Sinazongwe district

Lusaka Economist Oliver Saasa says Zambia should be proud and applaud major investments that China has continued to undertake in various fields of the country’s economy.

Professor Saasa said it is heartening that Government has continued to embrace investments from China which he said has a large presence in sectors such as manufacturing, construction, communication and transport among others.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today that Chinese investments in the country should be recognised and appreciated by well-meaning Zambians.

Nevertheless, Prof. Saasa stressed the need for Government to ensure that investors coming to invest in Zambia adhere to and respect Zambian labour laws and regulations.

He said Government should firmly deal with investors flouting Zambian labour laws and compel them to adhere to and respect the country’s labour statutes.

Prof. Saasa who is also Mulungushi University Chancellor emphasised the need for Government to ensure that Chinese investors and other foreign investors investing in the country’s economy adhere to the laws in order to dispel controversies surrounding Chinese investment in Zambia.

He added that Government needs to ensure that there is transparency in awarding of licenses to investors and bring to book investors that flouted the law.

He also noted that it is Government’s role to ensure that laws are not only respected but followed by both local and foreign investors.

Prof. Saasa said this will enhance investor confidence as Zambia is a safe haven for conducting business.



  1. Its true. My ex bf is married to a chinese girl they live there. Their 2 children are gorgeous. Anyone seen a chinese black baby?

  2. Serious guidelines must be adhered to by all investors local and incoming, if we have to retain our sovereignty. Government has to realise that Zambians who go abroad are subject to laws of those nations and we have Zambians in jails abroad.

  3. #2 imagine, I wonder how many Chinese investors are in Zambian jails?

    It’s fine for Saasa to say they “should adhere to the laws” but unless we make it happen, it’s just talk. If a snake comes into your house do you advise it to adhere to the boundaries of the property? No – you take action and you chase it. Otherwise it pays no attention to you at all, it just hears a funny talking sound somewhere

  4. I’m really impressed with the professor’s opinion on the need to embrace Chinese investors. We have to go that way. China is now the most vibrate economy in the world and Zambia stands to benefit by embracing investments from China. Some of u may argue but u are entitled to your opinions. The fact is China is the best option for now. If there is tomorrow good for us.
    Well, a lot has been said and condemnations poured on some chinese citizens maltreating Zambians in work places. If a one chinese manager or whatever the title is mistreating, dehumanizing Zambians, flouting labour laws at will, then our governance systems have broken down. At this moment we have our systems to reform, not the chinese. It means labour law enforcing institutions have be compromised. Period.

  5. Is it not the same professor who was condemning Chinese investments a while ago? What has changed in a short spell of time for him to see the good now. People must have forsight and be able to see indicators from past experiences.China is the new America. They stunned Obama during his visit to China by biulding a 15 storey hotel in six days. Here in the USA, in whatever store you enter, all products are from China. At one time isent a pair of Nike shoes to my friend in Zambia, the guy was annoyed with me because the label said made in china. I could not send him an American made Nike because they dont make them here no more.

  6. just look at the pic, chinese sitting in chairs while zambians are on the floor, it should be the other way round, those criminals who shot at Zambians are given respect the would never get anywhere else, not even in their own country. This is how the mzungus use to treat Zambians back in the colonial days, can somebody teach our people how to be proud in their own country and not let foreigner take the higher seats. If they are not careful they will be squatting on their own land while the squinty eyed migets gets all the power..

    • I like this site very much, Its a real nice place to read and oatibn information. You know that children are growing up when they start asking questions that have answers. by John J. Plomp.

  7. No 6 No it shoudnt be. They have the money so we have to bow to them

    Money makes the world go round, you probably migrated to Germany for the same thing

    If i tell you to sit down, and say bow to me I will give you £50 , you mean you will refuse? ofcourse not.


    • it comes to China-U.S. trade rotlaiens, particularly for growth companies, Benjamin Wey is a name to reckon with. The president and the founding member of NYGG, Wey has dedicated his

    • ovizan with all of the posts that you made on here, the CCP did not pay you eunogh for a debate class?Oh, I forgot, can’t teach an old dog new trick. LOL.

  8. Mushota, at first i had respect for your views but now have just realised that you have lost your head. So the more reason you went to scotland and get married to a muzungu is for money? shame on you little girl. learn to be patriotic.

  9. Mushota why? you silly cow, unlike you I would never bow for a fellow human unless he too bows with me. Keep your crap to yourself, what brought me here is none of your freaking bizzness you cheap twat, go on and bow for bob the builder from Glasgow!

  10. #4. Correction. China is not the best economy in the world; the U.S. is. China is still a 3rd world country. It will take a long time for China to catch up in development even with, say, Japan or Europe. It is the fastest growing economy in the world though. It’s workers are among the lowest paid in the world and can not compare, at the moment, with for example, Japanese workers.

  11. #10.Correction.China is NOT the fastest growing economy in the world.Afghanistan is fastest with East timor,Ethiopia,Qatar and Azerbaijan coming before China.However,China is the fastest growing large economy.Also the USA being the “best economy” is chauvinism since there are much higher GDP’s per capita than USA with little or no debt,budget surpluses,huge foreign reserves,higher dollar exports than USA and overall better employment figures than USA.So to say usa is best economy is a stretch.
    For zambia it should just diversify its investors and try to create an entreprenuerial class capable of holding its own since even in the region zambians have not invested much at home and around the region.It is always others coming like Nigeria,Kenya or ZA.You can’t always rely on others.

  12. This is a South African Story:
    Blade Nzimande said that the poultry industry was selling “rotten” meat to black people.
    He said chicken past its best-before date was being recycled – thawed, washed and injected with flavouring – then sold to shops in black townships.
    A spokesman for the poultry industry admitted the practice takes place, but said it was both safe and legal.
    The meat is removed from major chains of supermarkets and is re-distributed to spaza shops – smaller, family-run shops which serve black communities – and independent wholesalers.

    Probably we should be worried about those chickens being sold in Shoprite. And if that is happening, what about the Chinese products that are the World’s renowned poisonous and chemical filled products? That is the investment.

  13. Well spoken No#2 Zambians we are no longer in colonial times, for sure guidelines are needed. We cant just be shot and treated like that in our free motherland.
    As for Mushota, plz just ignore this nicompoop he has no heart for her motherland.

  14. I got no problem with embracing Chinese Investment. What I have a problem with is Rupiah Banda who has failed to put in place regulations which will deter these Chinese doing Jobs which can be done by Zambians and a decent mininum wage. RUPIAH KUYA BEBELE but DON’T KUMWEBA.

  15. While zambians reamin unemployed and unable to feed or educate their children, china is sending prisoners from their jails in china to do work in zambia. its all about cheap labor and the chinese unfortuataly have a bad history regarding civil and human rights. zambian politicians are not smart enough to keep ahead of the chinese, all they see is the the Kwacha they wave infront of their faces. zambia is headed for tough times ahead with the chinese inpact and will not compare to the British. in fairness the many zambians got a good education allowing them opportunities in life, that will not happen under the chinese influence.

  16. You sulohd pay more attention to the Chinese web space and you will find evidence to the contrary of your comment. Many Chinese want to rise, colonize and dominate.

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