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Only 23% of Zambians access VCT services

Health Feature Health Only 23% of Zambians access VCT services

Women queue up for voluntary counseling and testing during the commemoration of VCT day in Chipata

A Survey on sexual behavior in Zambia has revealed that only 24 per cent of people are accessing Voluntary Counseling and Testing(VCT)service in spite of 99 per cent of the teenage and adult population having had come across information on HIV/AIDS Pandemic.

The survey further reveals that out of the 99 per cent, only 4 per cent of the people are ignorant that HIV/AIDS can not be cured.

The survey has been conducted by Corridors of Hope (CoH), an institution that provides VCT services and currently operating in 10 districts around the country.

CoH Program Director, Leslie Long disclosed this in newsletter published in December.

Long said the majority of people among the 24 per cent who have had accessed voluntary HIV test, received the test and received the results are in the ages between 15 and 49.

Commenting on the low turn out of people who go for VCT as compared to 99 per cent of people who have the information on the pandemic Long described the difference as an amazing gap.

“It is a puzzling gap.Why is there such a gap between the near universal knowledge of HIV/AIDS and the relatively small percentage of those who have actually chosen to learn their status,” Long said.

CoH project has been working in Zambia for over 10 years.

And Livingstone General Hospital Director, Namani Moonze said the hospital is experiencing a problem with re-entrants of TB-AIDS cases due to incoherence in taking medication by patients.

Mr.Moonze said most patients get back to the Hospital on account of medical apathy.

He said some of the patients stop taking medication and seek God’s intervention but in the end they come back to the hospital.

80 per cent of TB patients are co-infected with HIV/AIDS according to the 2007 AIDS Report published by World Health Organization (WHO).


  1. Well dont have sex without a condom

    I first slept with someone at 13, and i regret it. I made sure i got tested before my hubby and i met. Now we do thinngs knowing we are free

    Please test yourselves and go to VCT, also remember no sex without condoms. say NO! I have always done that and I am healthy


  2. The statistics presented here are over zealous and incorrect or the construction of the key sentences is wrong.

    Surely, not the whole Zambian population has been surveyed by CoH.

    Therefore, they need to say 24 per cent “of the people surveyed”… 99 per cent of the teenage and adult population “surveyed”… out of the 99 per cent “of those surveyed”, only 4 per cent of the people are ignorant that HIV/AIDS can not be cured…

    The key word to change the statement from falsity to truth is “surveyed”. People should not exaggerate statistical figures, but tell the truth. One who doesn’t know the country that is being written about might just think the whole nation is indifferent, ignorant, and soon dying.

    One hopes it is not the reason why so many Indians want Zambian…

  3. On “CoH Program Director, Leslie Long disclosed this in newsletter published in December… the majority of people among the 24 per cent who have had accessed voluntary HIV test, received the test and received the results are in the ages between 15 and 49” this only shows that only 24/100*11,600,000 or 2,784,000 about 3 million Zambian people have actually been tested and the so-called 16% prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS in Zambia only applies to this 3 million people population as opposed to the actual about 12 million Zambian people population.

    Therefore, we could safely say that the 16% prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS in Zambia only applies to 16/100*3 million Zambians or 480, 000 or 480 thousand Zambians as real HIV positive individuals in our country.

    Be blest all.

  4. #1 i have been following your comments but your level of ignorance is very annoying,dont you know that your hubby might be ****ing some other women ,especially that he knows that you are black and can be bought and shut you up by money.

    Most people who are infected with HIV have said they trusted and did not suspect there parnters infidelity.Shame ,Thats why probably the muzungu got you because he saw your level of ignorance.
    Havnt you ever wondered that ba zungus mostly when they come to Zambia marry condemed black women like prostitutes and uneducated.They are few educated black women who have married bazungus.Go to lumwana (northeasten mines) and copperbelt you find these bazungus marrying prostitutes

  5. mushota if you started having sex at age of 13 how small is your canal considering you have been enjoying dicks since you were 13. it goes to show how morally spoilt you are. you are a victim of defilement, rape, sexual assault and abuse no wonder you ended up with an old white man who take advantage of weakened pipo like you. you need alangizi

  6. ## 1… you did it at 13???? wow! Did you consent…I dont think so..at 13 that was statutory rape!! Please report that person to the authorities!!!

  7. It seems Mushota’s flag has changed, I thought she was blogging from Great Britain (Scotland to be exact). My young sister that is Too Much Information (TMI) regarding the age at which you lost your innocence as a child. Statistics of HIV/AIDS cases are so confusing to a point where only the people conducting the surveys believe what they come up with.

  8. Hi thermometer

    No actually I am at work, That is why my flag has changed, its probably the Ip addess

    I have to work if I am not working one day, I lose £270. Thats my earnings a day


  9. # 3Maestro Hhehhehhehhe- You are spot on….The current figure they show around the world for Zambia’s HIV prevalence is not a real one. Therefore giving a wrong message to the world.

  10. #2 Gundix – absolutely spot on. I have struggled to understand these stats. They are an awful misrepresentation of facts. Also the use of the word ‘accessing’ gives the impression that there are difficulties in getting VCT.

    AIDS/HIV stats on Zambia are terribly inaccurate and misleading. You would think the whole country is infected!!!!

  11. No 3 that is 24% of the people who went to VCT centre. not 24% of the population. Long is talking about a specific group.
    the stata are an estimation that is as close as possible to the truth. to get the exact prevalency of HIV in zambia one would have to test all the 11 or is it 12 million zambians. now this is not feasible, hence the estimations

  12. No. 6 Mrs Mushota you sound to be a better person by the way you responded to Mushota. Has anything of the sort happened to you which you have never talked to someone about. What if the husband is aware about the information she has disclosed. The problem is we like little secrets “don’t let your husband know about this he will leave you” Be considerate and learn to be positive, you could have asked her why she free to about such when she is married so that you learn from her.

  13. mushota….that sad you had sex at 13!!!!! thats a bad example to our teens. the problem is you wanna try everything in the world…but remember the bible say everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.

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