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Shikapwasha says ‘blood remarks’ were devastating to nation

Headlines Shikapwasha says 'blood remarks' were devastating to nation

Chief government spokesperson Lt Gen Ronnie Shikapwasha featuring on during Radio Phoniex Programme LET THE PEOPLE TALK

Government says Col Panji Kaunda’s statement that this year’s tripartite elections would be the bloodiest was very devastating for most people in the country.

And Government has stressed that it does not harbor any hatred against the Post Newspapers and its owner Fred Mmembe.

Featuring on Radio Phoenix Let the People Talk programme in Lusaka today, Chief Government Spokesperson, Ronnie Shikapwasha said Col Panji would have done well to consult government on measures put in place to ensure the elections are violent free than for him to make such a statement.

Lt Gen Shikapwasha said most people especially women kept calling him asking if it was true that the 2011 general elections were indeed going to be the bloodiest.

The Chief Government Spokesperson who is also Information and Broadcasting Minister explained that the statement ignited a lot of fear in people and is likely to create voter apathy as most people will be scared to participate in the electoral process.

He said government is working around the clock to ensure that the 2011 elections are as violent free as possible, saying the police have been beefed up and defense forces are on hand to assist conduct violent free elections.

And Lt Gen Shikapwasha has stressed that Government does not harbor any hatred against the Post Newspapers and its owner Fred Mmembe.

He said what government hates is for the paper to continue peddling lies that are aimed at discrediting the government of the day.

Lt Gen Shikapwasha said many people have been hurt because of the unsubstantiated lies that the paper has peddled.

“One Chieftainess from North-Western Province, Chieftainess Nyakulenga came crying to me that the Post Newspapers had misquoted her and that when she went to see the reporter who had written the incorrect story, the young man insulted her”, he said.

Meanwhile, Lt Gen Shikapwasha has said the public media in the country operates independently and free from government interference.

He said the public media have boards and management that are professional enough to make their own decisions, adding that government does not prevail over headlines they make.

Lt Gen Shikapwasha also stated that the public media is open for all citizens to access and air their views concerning what is happening in the country unlike certain private medias that have shut out certain individuals.

“ZNBC, Times of Zambia and the Zambia Daily Mail are available for all our citizens to access. It’s up to the people themselves to decide whether they want to use the public media or not”, the Minister said.

Speaking at on the same programme, Economic and Political consultant Bob Sichinga commended the MMD for holding ward and provincial conventions to elect party officials. He said this was a manifestation of what true democracy is.

Mr Sichinga stated that all political parties in the county should emulate the move by the ruling MMD and hold party conventions for the sake of enhancing democracy in the country.

He proposed that a law be enacted to compel all political parties to hold elections to select their representatives.



  1. How come col Panji words are taking out of context. its not the first time we are hearing this. After Mufumbwe etc you dont need a lecture to see that before next general election we must seriously sit down.

  2. Simple mathematics for shikapwasha:
    Put on the scale: the prophetic wisdom of Panji and the blood we saw from by elections. which one generates more fear??

  3. I do not know whether this man lives in the same Zambia or he is forever in his own cuckoo wonderland. For a character that has a shameful habit of “Kayopering” in parliament, cabinet and international meetings, these comments are indeed rich. I mean, when the violence in Mufumbwe, Lusaka MMD conference or Gaston’s knock-out contest etc were playing out, this foolish Gen. of theirs was busy slumbering in his office. I just hope they do not turn around to blame Panji for violence they are busy engendering. As for the North-Western Chieftainess, she can go to hell and marry the devil.

  4. Its a fact. You would better as a minister to hid the advice and work on improving the situation rather than bury your head in sand

  5. Somehow it seems when you are a govt spokesman you have to deny everything, no matter how true. Is that the job description?

  6. For someone who rose to the position of Lt Gen, Ronnie is a BIG let down. Can he not say something people will appreciate for a change?

  7. This is what Banda said in reaction to Panji’s correct prediction of a bloody election, and quote: “What gives him the right to make such big statements? Who is he? That’s my question,” President Banda said yesterday. Now, if Banda does not know who Colonel Panji Kaunda is, just who the hell does this man know? Who appointed him ambassador to the USA, UN, Egypt, Namboard, LUDC, Foreign Affairs minister etc, was in not shiPanji? If I recall well, Betty’s father, John Kaweche Banda, also happens to be the big brother of Bwezani’s father and if this man does not know his own first cousin’s son, whose father appointed him to various posts albeit knowing his incompetence and tribal bigotry for which he later sacked him, then he is a danger to our nation.

  8. Sichinga’s observation on need for all parties to hold convention is correct but he should be mindful that such ventures are costly to undertake. What more in this country where whoever wish to donate to a party has to think twice about bootlickers including banks? Even mmd’s conferences are not been done out of promoting democracy but to showcase that they are capable of abusing national coffers without any fear.

  9. Shikapwasha it will be bloody for real because we have people like you running the country instead of governing. Prepare there is more than what Col Panji has said.

  10. #8 GET A LIFE ! the General is simply not doing his job he should tell the nation what measures are in place or will be in place to curb any anticipated violence of all kinds not “blank”statements

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