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China frees Zambian woman sentenced to death by firing squad

General News China frees Zambian woman sentenced to death by firing squad

CHINESE Ambassador to Zambia Li Qiangmin
CHINESE Ambassador to Zambia Li Qiangmin believed to be one of the people who helped secure Mary Musyalike's release
A Zambian woman, Mary Musyalike who was sentenced to death by firing squad in China for trafficking in drugs has been released and returned to Zambia.

And the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has said that her release was a a great relief and a joyous moment to the country. ZDDM National Co-ordinator Edwin Sakala said his party is pleased that Ms. Musyalike is back from China.

Mr. Sakala says though his party doesn’t support Zambians particularly women engaging themselves in illicit dealings like drug trafficking, the party believes that the gesture demonstrated by the Chinese Government to return Ms. Musyalike to Zambia will ultimately increase and strengthen the relations between Zambia and China.

In a statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr. Sakala said the Chinese authorities acted in a brotherly manner in ensuring that Zambia’s appeal to the Chinese Government not to kill the Zambian woman by firing squad came to reality.

“We wish to thank the Zambian Government for the diplomatic efforts applied in ensuring that our sister Mary Musyalike came alive to her home Motherland, Zambia and she was not brought before the firing squad in a foreign land. I believe this is because of the bilateral relations that exists between the two countries,” Mr. Sakala said.

He appealed to all Zambians who intend to travel abroad against indulging themselves in dubious activities.

He cautioned the Zambian people that they should learn to live and survive within their means and he observed that most Zambians who have been arrested for similar offences in the past are desperately to be rich.

“Zambians particularly women need to be hard working people instead of engaging in dubious activities in their desperation for luxury.

“ Many will recall that sometime last year, ZDDM had appealed to the Chinese Government through the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Li Qiangmin not to enforce the death sentence on Ms. Musyalike as much as we respect the laws of our brothers in China, “ he said.

The ZDDM Chief thanked the Chinese Envoy to Zambia Mr. Li Qiangmin and President Rupiah Banda for having facilitated for release and return of Mary home.

“We therefore wish to thank the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia and President Rupiah Banda for having facilitated for release and return of Mary to Zambia,” he stated.



  1. Political propaganda at it’s best. Chinese citizens who shot Zambians on the run and now pardon. While I must say it wad a good exchange it spared our sisters live. Long live Zambia long live copper!!!!

  2. I guess we shall have to revenge too by releasing those Chinese guys who shot at our people in Sinazongwe. But first they have to report to court, stand trail be convicted and sentenced to death by hanging at Mukobeko maximum prison, spend two years there waiting to be hanged and then RB or Sata in 2013 can pardon them and we can send then back to China. That will be a nice revenge.

  3. Very good news but the choncholi must never be let go. PERIOD. they shoot pipo and never appear in court, so they shud pay!!!

  4. Very good gesture. I hope rupiah will not be pressured by the principle of reciprocity when it comes to the two fugitive Chinese nationals charged with attempted murder.

    However, knowing how this govt treasures and fears the Chinese and its so called investment, I will not be surprised if the two Chinese nationals are let go

  5. Remmber a few years back a chinese woman was dealing illegally in timber, and when confronted, she had the nerve to throw insults at a deputy minister. She was tried, found guilty and sentenced. A few weeks later a donation was made to zambia by the chinese government, coinicidentally, the woman was pardoned. Now, some chinks pump lead into zambians and should face jail, a zambian woman, whom the chinks were set on hanging, is freed. If this is the case, it is time we also start keeping a good number of foreiners in jail so that in such events, we exchange, after all, there are more foreign criminals in zambia than anywhere else. Just walk katondo street or comesa market. Almost every african nation is represented.

  6. most of you guys above dont know that the choncholi who short those zambians have already left the country? they are no longer in zambia!!!

  7. Masalamusi! They want Big Mpuno to forget about the Chocholi who relocated to Chambishi and changed their names after shooting Sinazongwe workers. Bozalanu, wenyo!

  8. Well well, we are really in the dragon’s embrace. What is Shikapwasha saying? Same story like when Shasonga slipped out? A drug trafficker in exchange for two assassins !

  9. its good to forgive ,so lets just be thankfull she was pardoned after all no 1 is perfect in this world
    #10 Kwandangala i like ur language reminds me of back home”wenyo”lol

  10. I’am surprised because a Brithish man who had the same case sa that Zambian woman was killed in China desite all efforts from from the Bristhish Government, has there been some kind of prisoner exchange with those shooters who have disappeared? some thing is not right here if you know these Brunce Lee’s actions.

  11. One drug trafficker for attempted murderers on the run. Well i dont mean to sound t mean but lets face it here, what about the right of the hard working miners who where shot to get their hard earned peanuts? if it takes shooting this b*tch for the the justice of the hard working miners so be it! its like in Zambia we like to sacrifice hard working citizens for drug dealers, plunderer, thieves etc. But then again i dont have concrete proof that this is the deal in working. But if it is then i personally dont agree with it. She knew what she was doing so why should she be free while hard working citizens lives a re threatened?

  12. They should have kept her in china, justice needs to be served. she should have faced the chinese law. She knew the consequences, shes an adult! It would have been a wake up call for all drug dealers, especially women. its embarrassing considering the increase of drug trafficing in women! Ngabachipeyefye chikolokombwa! iyi mbwa yabantu!

  13. what happens to the child which she concieved from the chinese prison guards? Or is this a different drug trafficker? Now she can work as an interpreter in chinese!!!

  14. China does not pardon its own people, so what is so special about this Zambian? Is she related to or a courier for one of the prominent people in GRZ?

    Convict the attempted murderers and then pardon them!!

  15. #16I think it is to much too much to condem women like that. There have been many people who have been rehabilited from drug trade, for example VJ who is now the chief advisor to your president RB.

  16. i think they shud have just shot and killed her to warn women who are damaging our country,if it was me i could have excuted her and send her body back to zambia,these women are just lazy bitches who dont want to work hard,shame on u zambian women,no respect for u,glad iv no sister and mom died long time ago

  17. but this does not mean we forget about the two chinese killers. Let them face the law …they must be jailed hard.

  18. i hate zambian women,even if am a woman myself,they are selfish bitches who want to get rich in a minute,wish she was killed

  19. These are ladies who want to marry foreigners especially Nigerians and those of Asian origin, who later use them for drug trafficking. Zambia women need to be wise.


  21. Good evening

    Well, it’s one thing to release prisoners in exchange and quite another thing to violate international law by drug trafficking. The two must be strictly seperated.

    I don’t want to come as harsh as #16 but I also think that this Mary still needs to be taught a lesson. Young people need to understand that you’re not winning when you mess with the law – whether at home or abroad.

    Even though governments may exchange convicted law-breakers in a tactical effort to uphold diplomatic relations, it will still be hard for the executive authorities in those countries to vindicate the culprits and at the same time pursue a successful fight against international criminality.

  22. No.20 Nostradamus…if one is using drugs for their personal interest, it doesnt matter(in vjs case). But if you are trafficking, thats another problem. We are talking about putting other peoples lives at risk… Putting the world at its worst when they could be making it a better place for the next generation. We dont need a female version of frank lucas in the near future..this shows lack of ambitions in women. i know not everyone does it but the fact that more women are getting into this is devastating. The reason i am condeming women, especially this clit is we dont expect such rubbish from women, its morally wrong,coming from an african! if women are trafficking drugs at this rate, what should we be expecting in the near future?

  23. I just feel that no matter what the offence is, it is not morally right to kill the offenders of another country in the manor the Chinese wanted to do it. I know it is a weird thinking, but my sixth sense tells me that killing a person of a different country is not right. It is better to always punish your own
    So this woman, Mary, must be arrested and charged in Zambia. He has wronged all Zambians by embarrassing us and by making our life difficult whenever we want to visit China. Chinese will from now on frisk and degrade our women because of Mary. Innocent Zambian trader women will suffer. Please cage the woman. I di not like the way the Maamba Collieries case of shooting turned out. The Chinese should have been thown out of the country immediately.

  24. Petro, throwing the Chinese ‘immediately’ out without a hearing? What kind of lawless thinking is this? Maybe they shouldnt have been given bail without proper conditions but their case, like all cases, needed to go to court.

    Mary’s success should be celebrated, she will probably be a changed person after her near death experience…………she may well have been innocent, framed….who knows.

  25. ululetola no bwapona imwe mayo. and i think u should tell them nation the truth about who sent u in china for trafficking in drugs. politicians, bapamwambas. this is what wanting easy money can do. mwatusebanya pafula ba mambala.

  26. I am sure this woman shall join MMD as a Chief Whip! Or she shall get married to a very poplar Princess from Western Province as a second wife! Or the least is Zambian Ambassador to China!

  27. The shooters would never dream to go back to China because there baba they do not play with people embarrassing the state overseas like that. The day those shooters return will be the day they face the firing squad, pronto. You should see how they execute their thieving politicians, ha! Had Chiluba been a Chinese politician, he would have been executed, his organs harvested for needy transplant patients so that for once in his stinking lazo life, he could be of use to society. The rest of his body they would cremate and use as manure in the rice paddies. That is what I call real recycling.

  28. Uuuh. My God. This is the best news I have had for a long time. Many Zambians have fought for her realese. They all deserve congratulation. Mary Musiyalike please God bless you.

  29. #38,u have cracked me up,but very true what u have said,i lived in that country for many years…and someone who has embarrassed them,by even just owning a gun can never want to go back,those chaps are in Chambishi,our gvt,with the help of chungu have given then new passports and IDs…lol,chiluba wud definitely be of use to the society there after being chopped to pieces

  30. Congratulations to the resurrected Mary!! I can imagine how happy Mary and Captain Solo are, after being freed from death. It would be good to hear Mary’s experience, how did she found herself on the death roll? her testimony would be a better lesson and an eye opener to the would be law breakers than her death. She needs to educate her fellow illiterate, poor zambian women about the potential drug traficking temptations! Thanks to you the chinese govt for the job well done!

    #38: Uli wafyamba, ati recycling!lol

  31. Rubbish! This is such a screw up and a stitch up and all because they struck a deal to let the chinese that shot the miners go free doh!

  32. The woman Mary Musyalike, is Lozi and perhaps she is working for the Barotse separatists, they are now using women to raise money for their dead cause. When their bellies are full the shout secession and when they get in trouble like the way this Musyalike, who do they call upon, is it the BRE, the Litunga or is it the Zambian government?. Hypocrites. This is just example why the BA64 will never be recognised because all separatists are using Zambian passports and call themselves Zambian because in reaity there is no country called barotse, it is just made up scare mongering tool used to get gov’t jobs. Appreciate what Zambia is doing for u drug dealing Lozis. Ati Lozis are not thefts, is she not Lozi and was she not convicted and sentenced to a firing squad, only to be saved by Boma!!

  33. If this woman had a Bemba name, all kinds of insults will be posted on this story like ” Bemba are thefts blah blah blah”. This kind of crap usually comes from Lozi haters on the internet always trying to blow things out of propotion if the individual caught against the law happens to be Bemba or Easterner. But if the culprit happens to be Lozi ni zeeee, again too much hypocracy among the Lozis posting crap on blogs. Grow up and stop making noise on the BA64 nosense.

  34. Well said #44,45 Tell them Ba mambala these are the ones who send their women to hide the merchandise in their privates.I pity the consumers who use these drugs it is more like ……..I hate to imagine yuck……

  35. The pardon applies to freedom from firing squad, she should NOT be freed from her criminal ways & bringing the name of the country into disrepute, the full force of Zed laws on drug trafficking should be applied as soon as she sets foot on Zed soil.

    It may look like the Chinese have softened their hearts, a fact I very much doubt, I think its more to do with not persuing the two shooters. Lets watch the space!

  36. #44, #45:
    the word ‘THEFTS’ as used in both comments doesnt exit. And Mary doenst represent the Lozis please, she was acting as an individual. And I dont know why you’re writting rubbish about the BRE because your pf president, who is Bemba is in full support of it!

  37. Dont do the crime if you cant do the time.
    Pardoning convicted criminals for political gain is utter b.s.
    Why are we letting the China man do this to us?
    Zileki, its a pity that there wont be an investigation as to what led to her release.
    This is where we need some wikileaks info, so tingazibe bwino bwino vinachitika.

  38. Well this is a good move with a lot of suspicion…….. China of all nations. Had it been Korea or Singapore well it would have been a genuine move….. Well the already freed Chinese shooters will now be formally freed… Zambia the real Africa…..

  39. so she has escaped the cheap chinese bullets now give her intambo mukobeko bebele useless woman giving zambia a bad name

  40. #44 and 45.
    First there is no Lozi name Musyalike. The lady was just actually married to a Lozi husband – Musialike. Secondly let us all beleive that if a Zambian commits a crime he/she commits it as an individual and not as his/her tribe. If he/she is punished – fine. If acquited we all must be happy for that is one soul and one vote saved which is good for our country and democracy. We must stop this traditional stupidity of beleiving that Bembas are thieves, Lozis are selfish. Noone is born a thief or indeed selfish just by their tribe.

  41. Now where are the Chinese Collumn Coal workers? We need them in Court now, if they don’t appear cage there Ambassador instead.

  42. Bad precedent being set here; I wonder if the fugitive Chinese shooters’ case will mysteriously never be mentioned…ever again? :-?

  43. #56:
    Lembeniko ifisungu ifisuma naimwe, ala! The expression [” I wonder if the fugitive Chinese shooters’ case will MYSTERIOUSLY NEVER be mentioned…..”] doenst mean anything. Im sure you just heard someone using the word ‘mysterious’ and u kept it 4 ur comment on LT. U cud’ve saved urself some embarrassment by looking it up in the dictionary. These are unacceptable mistakes in linguistics.

  44. #48 the word “thefts” does exist but I used it in the wrong context. I did not do my spell check but I am sure you and all other bigots got the message.

    Hahaha Bo Ndate, see your hypocrisy, just because the name musyalike is spelled in a different way, you are trying to claim that the woman is not Lozi but that she is married to a Lozi. Why can’t you just admit that even Lozis, like every other Zambian are criminals too, thieves (got it right this time) or is it Masholi in Lozi is it not?

    And does it not show that if the woman is married to a Lozi as you claim then our people are intermarried therefore that BA64 nonsense that some of you here on this blog are promoting, is actually a step backwards in terms of tribal relations in the country? Hypocrites I can’t stand them.

  45. Zona # 58 Walasa tell them why do some individuals in certain tribes think they are better than others in different tribes.It is clear that this woman is Lozi why deny the truth she must have hid the stuff in the Ntweno.

  46. #48 Another thing, I do not support any particular party at the moment but if you think Sata supports the BA64 then you must be living in dreamland baba. Sata just wants to dupe all of you who are depending on that dead document for your development or emancipation during elections.

    Immediately he enters State House, you might as well kiss your BA64 good bye because unlike all other presidents before him, he will actually abolish the Litungaship and disband the remaining remnants of the BRE forever. In short, your BA64 has no major political support, certainly not from the ruling MMD or the biggest opposition PF/UPND.

  47. But this story is about drug trafficking of which you Lozis seem to be very good at getting caught. I don’t mean to generalise but please if next time someone commits a crime, treat them as individuals not linking them to their tribe as I have done. I am just giving you s taste of your own medicine…bitter isn’t it?

    Ati Lozis are educated, yes educated in the art of stealing and drug trafficking and trying to claim what does not belong to them, that is what you are good at. Shaaa

  48. #58.
    In my postings here I have never advocated for the secession of either Western Province or Barotseland which are two separate entities and some bloggers here confuse that. Actually I have asked here that what will the restoration of this agreement realy do to Barotseland as a whole and Western Province in particular which is not acrueing to those two territories at the moment. Some of us have not read this agreement and do not support secession of any part of Zambia. IMO it is also folly to use this document to support the seccession of Western Province because it is an agreement between Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia. However, I will comment further when I have laid my hands on the document.

  49. #62.
    You are right that Sata does not support the BA64 and he is just playing politics. Unfortunately for him, all Lozis wherther living in Western Province or anywhere in Zambia know him for a propangandist and opportunist that he is and will never fall for this type of foolish politics. It is no wonder then that Sata will never inhabit Zambia’s State House.

  50. The degree to Which Zambians have been tribalized is scaring, literally every event degenerates into a tribal tag of war. Zambia as a unitary state is doomed, we ought to sooner than later federalize otherwise our diversity is going to disintegrate this nation.

  51. And the Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has said that her release was a a great relief and a joyous moment to the country. ZDDM National Co-ordinator Edwin Sakala said his party is pleased that Ms. Musyalike is back from China WHAT A FOOLL

  52. # 24 Mushota you really must be a bitch are you not a zambian woman yourself telling from you pathetic photo.Is your mother not zambian If you are an imposter **** You and Your Clan You cursed Dog.

  53. welcome home…….i hope that she wont do it again. there was a story of a zambian woman who was handed a bag by chinese at the airport to help her hold it as she had a lot of other stuff to carry, but later it was found that the bag had drugs the chinese refused ever giving the bag to the zambian woman. rumor says she was arrested. be careful before you condemn. my friend was arrested for cocaine he has never seen in his life. someone put cocaine in his drink at a nightclub. after drinking he fail down half dead. the police came picked him up and cocaine was found in his body, he was arrested and kept in prison for a long time before being deported. all in china. these things can happen to anyone on this blog. not everyone maybe guilt.

  54. Mwana chiwa twamulya, tata ampela icha mutwe nakana…the chinese know they have more to gain imwe, they are just tunfyaling GRZ

  55. It has to be our intelligent and wise women to tarnish the clean image Zambia has painstakingly built over the years internationally. This is very shameful and very sad for our society.

  56. ZDDM my a$$! Some of these plonkers are parties just on paper. As for this foolish broad, she should have been executed so that her fellow crooks learn that hiding drugs in their tuma pu-ssies can land them in hot soup! Mdm Mary Musyakile, pls repent and engage in ordinary makwebo instead of stuffing drugs in your smelly pu-ssy!

  57. I was about to post something on this page, but the hatred among each other as fellow zambians, worries me. If a country and I am bemba married to a tonga who is toka leya, and I have been brought up with tumbukas, ngonis, kaondes, lundas, lozis, lenjes and even across the border in malawi, of what import would my contribution be when there’s already so much hatred among all the 73 tribes of the 9 provinces of zambia? I am actually very scared because almost everyone is preaching division instead of humanism. And sadly, almost everyone who is perpetrating tribal/ethnical warfare, is not even in zambia.

    Trust me, no zambian however offended would want to even try and experience what happened just between 2 tribes in Burundi and Rwanda. Nobody should preach this kind of hatred.

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