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GBM reported to police for threatening violence

Headlines GBM reported to police for threatening violence

Kasama Central Patriotic Front Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba has been reported to Police by his sister-in-law for allegedly threatening violence.

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM
Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM

Doreen Sefuke who is married to Mr. Mwamba’s young brother reported the MP to Emmasdale police station around 11:40 hours  today.

Mrs. Sefuke says she has reported the Parliamentarian, popularly known as GBM, to police for physical harassment and threatening violence, when she attempted to follow up on the 11. 5 million kwacha debt owed by Mr. Mwamba’s Company.

She says Mr. Mwamba in the full view of some police officers at Manda Hill Police station on Tuesday physically harassed her and threatened to beat her up at the police station.

Mrs Sefuke says she had gone to report Mr Mwamba after he threatened to beat her for asking for the money which was due to her, when he followed her and continued with his threats.

She said she is suing Mr. Mwamba not because of the money but on principle of violence against women.

But when contacted for a comment, Mr. Mwamba denied the allegations leveled against him by Mrs. Sefuke.

Mr. Mwamba accused Mrs. Sefuke of being a hired MMD member who is out to tarnish his political image.

Mr. Mwamba says Mrs. Sefuke should have channeled any complaint against him to his young brother, other than going to speak to him directly.

Mr. Mwamba also challenged Mrs. Sefuke to proceed with legal action.

The Lusaka Magistrates Court recently discontinued a case of wife battery against Mr Mwamba after he reconciled with his wife.

Mr Mwamba had been charged with battering his wife Chama.


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  1. This is the kind of cabinet minister Zambia desperately needs. Imagine what the country would be like with Sata, Kambwili, GBM at the helm. Please Zambians, vote for quality leadership such as these great Bemba men if you want the country to move forward.

  2. GBM has started becoming a shame to the society and PF, I think the authorities in PF should do something before the nation starts lossing trust to PF Members of Parliament. Mind you, there is no smoke without fire.

  3. Why all the sudden are such stories all over the papers? Why not focus on matters affecting the country such as the Barotse Land?

    Twanaka notuma petty issues twapan’ganda. Ba LT, you surely have a lot to report on not uku laka kwa mufamily! Do you want me to talk about how my daughter threatened violence on her class-mate for allegedly stealing her pencils?

  4. This lady Mrs Sefuke needs to be coached by Alangizi. How do you follow a debt in that manner from your ba Pongozi (In our tradition elder brothers and elder Sisters of your spouse are treated as Parents- in – Law) and worse still report him to the Police. Why could she not go through her husband (Sefuke) who is a brother to GBM or indeed Mrs GBM herself. One can easily suspect that she may have after all been after him to be her “man”.

  5. Hello BA LT i realize most of your bloggers here especially PF carders are so stressed up,due to some news about Sata’s scandles and as such this can cause High blood pressure,heart attack, so may you kindly allow me to be blogging a joke or two each day to make them laugh There is a chemical released in the brain called dopamine which spreads throughout your body when you laugh. Within seconds, your heart rate drops, and your risk for any of the stated complication reduces.. mwaaa

  6. A Thug will forever remain one, ask Tupac with all the wealth the Chap had…he cont’d living a Thug Life until his demise.

  7. #5, you have got it wrong, you daughter is not a public figure, what ever she does in society, does not affect the whole nation. But for GBM, the public has the right know what their leaders are doing so that we can know what type of leaders we have..

  8. #5 Dr KM

    No wonder we have useless leaders like Sata, Shakufuswa and many others who have no repsect for women because of people like you who fail to value the people you give power to. It is important that People report about what these potential leader’s lives are like towards any woman for that matter. If am not mistaken GBM is supposed to be a Gender Minister in a PF shadow cabinet and you want the media to hide his bad attitude towards women. You must be out of your mind. You men like oppressing us in the name of we should just keep quiet. Thanks for the media for reporting gender violence against us and it is about time and shame on you for trying to turn a blind eye to this woman abuser


  10. Dr KM 5#

    You are entitled. But we cannot all just spend time talking about BRE.

    Not everyone is keen to participent in the topics that you like. Besides, some will say that BRE is a total waste of time discussing it, as you may have noted from the comments on this blog in the past.
    You just have to accept it.

    This BMG fool is an MP behaving badly. Its a national issue that needs to be addressed. Remember he was elected to the Parlaiment.

  11. If ever PF had to enter govt, these guys would be ministers in Mr. Sata’s government.

  12. Awe ba Sefuke u were wrong to approach ba GBM mu public especially that it was company to company business. follow the right procedure unless the transactions were done in the streets. GBM should be given the respect he deserves as he is also your husband (in case of death he can inherit all the liabilities your husband owned including you,quoted from “UKWA”). Naimwe Ba GBM learn to control your temper especially mu public.

  13. This is politics again from mmd cadrs, but it has gone too far. Wats the interest of the in-law money, or having a brother in-law prosecuted. If it’s the latter then she a desperate woman who is being used by people who will never help her after this. First it was lubinda now GBM.

  14. DR KM

    Take your useless mind somewhere else. How would feel if it was your sister being abused or threatened. Politicians need to practice what they preach. If you are only interested in Barotse debates, please stick to those topics which are pletty on LT.

    I agree with Mirriam 13# and Hotdog 16#

  15. Christian Nation, please take serious heed of what God decrees … he who fails to look after his small family cannot be a leader in any society!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I think the woman is not telling the truth,i strongly suspect she was trying to proposition the Great Godffery Mwamba,some of these women can be deviant and conniving.But she found her match the one who rejected the evil advances.Is her husband enough for her awe mwe i smell a rat,the husband should question her behaviour.

  17. A lady walks into a drug store and tells the pharmacist she needs
    some cyanide.
    The pharmacist said, “Why in the world do you need cyanide?”
    The lady then explained she needed it to poison her husband.
    The pharmacist’s eyes got big and he said, “Lord have mercy, I can’t
    give you cyanide to kill your husband! That’s against the law! I’ll
    lose my license, they’ll throw both of us in jail and all kinds of
    bad things will happen! Absolutely not, you can NOT have any
    Then the lady reached into her purse and pulled out a picture of her
    husband in bed with the pharmacist’s wife.
    The pharmacist looked at the picture and replied, “Well now, you
    didn’t tell me you had a prescription.”

  18. A man and his wife were having some problems at home and were giving each other the silent treatment. The next week the man realized that he would need his wife to wake him at 5.00 am for an early morning business flight to Chicago. Not wanting to be the first to break the silence, he finally wrote on a piece of paper, “Please wake me at 5.00 am.”
    The next morning the man woke up, only to discover it was 9.00am, and that he had missed his flight. Furious, he was about to go and see why his wife hadn’t woken him when he noticed a piece of paper by the bed … it said… “It is 5.00am; wake up.”

  19. i dont see how people can support GBM and attribute it to MMD. If Mrs Sefuke was wrong in pursuing her debt in “public”, then how can GBM himself be right by not channelling the matter through his younger brother? He too needs Alangizi pa nsaka/mphala/sangweni. He is the most useless rich PF stalwalt. He must have resigned for good because this matter is as embarrassing as the first one of assaulting his wife.

  20. #12 ichipato nga bamonkey bene! Bullies who threaten women are dick slappers, when there are no dicks to slap around they turn to being aggressive towards women.

  21. Wat a foolish Bemba man GBM.anyway ,wat can one expect from people of kasama who have no integrity ( A WOMAN IS A SPECIAL GIFT FROM GOD THUS MUST BE TREATED WITH TENDER).I suspect the man lacks bed power & resort ot physical power as compansation.he needs a booster//

  22. I becoming suspicious of you LT guys. I think yesterday you blocked my comments. am not suspecting system failure as a reason for my comments not appearing yesterday. I wanted to comment on the most pertinent issues yesterday but my comments never appeared. Why? I never speak insults but sense only. Aleast I have sound judgement and therefore can confidently say that I speak sense only. The other time I wanted to commented on Dr Mwizenge Tembo, the wise and well informed socialogist, but to my surprise none of comments appeared. what kind of nonsense is this?

  23. All of you who are blaming me tamwakwata amano, imagine mulamu wantdi alepinda impiya pa Manda Hill? you mean she doesnt know where i work from? this time i will deal with them, am rich so nothing can happen..tekuyumfwa infact i cant beat a person instead i can just pay people to beat her up otherwise fi MMD tulemiwina na PACT yesu..

  24. I doubt Gbm can be angry over 11M. The lady is taking advantage of GBM’s recent troubles. Those who know ladies well will agree: ladies can be cunning and outright manipulative.

  25. ZaChisoni you are right, women are just like that can i worry about ka 11M i just gave Sata 500M last month…what you have said is tulu.

  26. #3,5 en 7,very stupid zambians,hw do u defend this thug,attack the source of news or mek the victim the offender,wat alangizi?ur stupidity is worse than kunda’s! Shame on u,do u hv mothers,women must be protected nt abused wit such abuse defended on cheap political lines period!

  27. Please apply your ration. Lets not support every scum like senior citizen. GBM is liability to this country. And How does a SATA accommodate such a lumpen. SATA is also¿¿??!!

  28. Oh,en all of u u’ve supported this thug,u are equally as stupid en foolish as the above ive mentioned,u shud hv urselves checked @ chainama,and no,i wont apologise 4 my sentiments!

  29. Good evening

    I was thinking this man would change after being tagged “most dissapointing personality of the year 2010”. But it seems he will continue the series of drama in his life.

    He seems to have a big problem containing his emotions. How does he seriously follow the lady to the police station and threaten her in full view of the police? There’s no excuse for such misconduct in public, especially coming from a leadership figure.

  30. #28, 29, Paul: nice, we need more of these, quiet fun.

    The information given in this article is so scant that a reasonable person may not make any reasonable judgement. Thats why all those bloging are doing so according to their party affiliations. and thats not health folks, we need to show the unlearned in zed that we can reason, not just making cadre-type comments.

    Its also sad to notice that all the media houses in Zambia have their own political affiliations viz, ZNBC,DMaiL, TofZ, LT- MMD: POST – PF/Opposition, which is not professional.

  31. I wonder how much Weed, GBM smokes. Or is it a hangover?
    This woman should show some respect to the Ba Pongoshi, trying to collect a so-called debit at the market does not make any sense to me.

  32. don’t mind my repeatitions and missing words in my preceding commentary. I was just too fast in expressing myself as am busy attending to other important things.

  33. Once a thug always a thug. Nsofu Mwamba will never change, no matter the circumstances, the police who saw him threaten Sefuke should have caged this lunatic. Just who the hell does he think he is?

  34. GBM is not fit to be in leadership. At his age he still believes in fighting.
    Is his thinking so limited that he cant resolve stuff in a civil way.

  35. “Mr. Mwamba accused Mrs. Sefuke of being a hired MMD member who is out to tarnish his political image.”

    I failed to laugh at this sick joke, OCTOPUS PAUL BWALYA, please dish out more of yours!

  36. This woman is such a disgrace to the family, money hungry and an ungrateful prick, how easily she forgets the financial and emotional support rendered to her by the Mwamba family over the years. Mayo mwa sebana, muka bwekele mo fye ku ndola, tamu tasha. Sis man.

  37. #45 Nine Chale,
    Please hold your fire and don’t rush to conclusions after listening to a questional one-sided story. Even the LT report like some bloggers have observed seems to have missed some vital details. It is not fair to judge Mr Mwamba based on his past. How easy it is for people to adopt the ‘holier than thou attitude’.

  38. This kama lady is after GBM. Careful Bana GBM. This woman may have made advances on your husband but he rightly refused the attempt. Obviously RB and team are afraid he has revealed he sponsored their campaign activities so they want to fix him. This is what happens when you have kadoli at the helm of things.

  39. Bloggers do you ever get to read other peoples postings and analyse them? this is the essence of blogging critical, analytical and informed discussions.
    the questions that need to be answered are
    1. Why ask for money from Manda hill and not the office
    2. GBM has a number of employees and he does not deal directly with small money he has accountants
    3. If it did happen why talking to your bapongoshi like that? the channels were all wrong
    4. why have the police not confirmed the allegations?
    5. Threatening violence according to the IG is not a criminal case anymore remember


  40. @# MOTHUG, ANTI-POLITICS AND BA ADVISOR THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENTS KEEP CHECKING BLOGGING I PROMISE TO PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACES WE RE Zambians despite our political affilliation May the good Lord bless you,, Please remember to check blogging everyday in case u want to smile.

  41. #1 check your stories especially about RB and what he did to his secretary which got him thrown out of UNIP government back in the day. do we want such people as president?

  42. That woman was on a mission all she wanted was to be invited @ Rhapsodey for drinks then to a secret location for the main kill.But alas It faild so out of frustration thus this sort of behaviour.Is it that hard for some people to accept rejection.Mrs GBM keep your eyes open,careful with your sister in-law she is a snake in the grass.

  43. like i said this is the kind of leadership that shouldn’t get any attention what soever. whats happening with the women lobbyist? Our country has been taken advantage by these dull fools that think they own Zambia with there $2 account. Zambia is priceless! Please Zambians, vote for someone humble, educated, a Zambian that speak issues that face ordinary Zambian.

  44. I don’t in anyway support Hon. Mwamba or his actions but I’m just wondering HOW ZNBC picked up this domestic story? The way it is reported is like they were on the scene!

  45. In Zambia if you are in opposition any negative story against you will be headlines in the Times of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail and ZNBC. We really need reporting which focuses on the real issues and problems in Zambia. Poor road infrastructure, poor health services, poor local government services, poor conditions of service for our civil servants and so on.

  46. People, this GBM ni kuwe taponona noku ponona. Ask youselves, why does he only beat or threaten women? Why cant he go and fight a felow man. What has he got againist women? I think mambala bwalishima so when he sees women and their beauty, chilamukalipa over. As I said in earlier postings this man needs help.

  47. If Doreen is married to GBM’s brother, shouldn’t she be called Mrs. Mwamba and not Mrs, Sefuke? Just a thought!

  48. GBM is not fit to be an MP, even that boy who resigned as MP for Kasama was better. GBM is an embarrassment to all Men in society and also to his party. Let Sata discipline this useless chap.

  49. the story is not complete,im not a jounalist but in my line of duty or anywere you have to get both sides of the story including of that of the police.The woman is lying -totaly lying.

    I remember someone framed me like that three times in the past and all were found lies.Women lie a lot to get sympahy.

    I remember one of my friends ex wife who lied in court that my friend did nt leave any money for food at home but she was just a simple question to bring her bank statement to court wich indicated disposits (cash ,cheques and transferes ) of K10million kwacha per month commining from the Husabnd.what a shame .be careful with women

  50. please condem pro loongwa*2 for failing to support the kid despite been educated so for gbm education does not coming you fools

  51. Most often, a Zambian woman would put up with an abuseful husband and his family for tha sake of money. This thug has been battering his wife for ages and her family have never seen anything wrong with that, do you expect him to respect other peoples wives, worse, his young brother’s, for there is a likelyhood that the brother also subsists on the thugs pocket. It is a shame that the same sefuke has not gone to protect his wife’s honor by sorting out the thug. I would be interested in knowing the catholic position on this thug since he is their member. Why are they not excomunicating him from the sacraments? or he goes to confession each time he abuses women and he is given an indulgence. Come election day, let us make sure we do not have the likes of GBM in parliament.

  52. Oh please this GBM character should be thrown into a sumo wrestling ring so he can quench his thirst to have physical confrontations. he is always threatening to punch someone and making people punching bags.. we are tired of reading about him and his family members who can not keep their affairs out of of the presss.

  53. GBM is an evil man. All bloggers in support of what this man did CLEARLY shows that they have NO CLUE of who and what this self centered man is. To him his money speaks for him..you can only shut him up if you have more money than him.
    And people,he DID BEAT UP his sister in law…in my books slapping and kicking someone = beating !!
    Problem with this PF kaponya of an MP is that he reacts first and reasons letter (if at all)…
    All his children have deserted him (stopped working for him) because of his kaponya mentality.As we do our cadre jobs i beg you Zambians to be objective ..MAILO GBM may ”threaten” your mother or sister all because her suitcase was lost in transit on a Germins bus.

  54. lets face it Zambians most of our leaders are abusers who have not just been reported. why do you think most of them if not all have more than one wives and two girlfriends. dig deeper into their private lives very few have admirable marriages

  55. # 71 you are right. She is Mrs Doreen Sefuke Mwamba, Sefuke is her maiden name, her Uncle is the late Emmanuel Kasonde. Doreen Sefuke once stood on FDD ticket in Ndola Central Constituency, and she quit to join PF, she has not rejoined MMD, but she is most welcome to MMD. The brother in law GBM has always been a thorn in her marital life and she is capable of challenging GBM on any issue. Doreen, so fight for your money, let GBM pay you. Doreen come back to MMD!!!!\:d/

  56. I knew this Man in Kasama, he has always been like this, even his late Sister had the same behaviour (MHSRIP) I guess it runs in the family….!

  57. After extensive investigations and many phone calls, the police found that, despite the fact that I’m black, I’ve got a good job, no criminal record and I own the BMW I was driving.
    So they arrested me for wasting police time.

  58. Heys guys, lets not blame GBM too much. For those of you who have been put in a fix by some lying woman, you know better that these colleagues can be evil. That women is just trying to sort out GBM becoz the guy is in a fragile situation. Women, have a little bit of integrity and follow procedure in handling your problems. Dont take advantage of GBM`

  59. hold your fire guyz,watever has happened btween this woman and gbm is non of our fukkin business,
    this has nothin to do with our politics in zambia.let gbm sort his issues.these are petty issues…..
    VIVA GBM,why should znbc televise this woman,nonsense.lets talk about developmental issues.lets
    also look at positive things that gbm has done .

  60. See this story from ZWD and give your own opinion.

    Opposition Patriotic Front Kasama Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba has been reported to the police for threatening violence against his sister in law Doreen Mwamba Sefuke.

    Mrs. Sefuke has told MUVI TV News that she has reported Mr. Mwamba to the police alleging that Mr. Mwamba threatened to beat her after she reported him to Manda hill Police Post for failing to settle debt amounting to eleven million kwacha.

    She says Mr. Mwamba allegedly wanted to beat her up in full view of police officers as he bragged that he owns them and that nothing can be done to him.

    Mrs. Sefuke says she will not let Mr. Mwamba take advantage of women just because he is rich.


  61. But when contacted for a comment, Kasama MP Geoffrey Mwamba described the allegations leveled against him as an act of desperation.

    He explained that Mrs. Sefuke was no longer married to his brother whom he claims has left his matrimonial house and is now based in Ndola.

    From 86 Cont’…………
    Mr. Mwamba further explained that the confusion with his former sister in law arose when the family decided to evict her from the house.

    He claims that Mrs. Sefuke’s move to humiliate him and create false stories against him stems from a decision made by the Mwamba family to evict her from the house which he says rightfully belongs to his young brother.

  62. Cont’ ….. 87
    Mr. Mwamba says Mrs. Sefuke has been bitter because she has fallen out of favor with the family.

    He says he is too rich to fail to settle a debt of 11 million kwacha.

    Mr. Mwamba has since dared his former sister in law to take the matter to court.

    And counter reacting to Mr. Mwamba’s reaction Mrs. Sefuke, who earlier claimed the she was Mr. Mwamba’s sister in law, agreed that she was no longer staying with Mr. Mwamba’s brother.
    She claims she had chased Mr. Mwamba’s brother from the house and that he was living in Ndola.

    And on allegations that she was asked to vacate the house Mrs. Sefuke claims that she is renting the said house from the Zambia intelligence and that she pays twenty thousand dollars as rentals.

  63. A friend of mine picked a gal from a nite club and did not pay her for the services rendered. One time we were walking along chilumbulu road when we met her. I cant even imagine the trouble and insults my friends got into. Women are so courageous when u don’t pay them for the services, even in public balasebanya tabakwata insoni. What kind of business did GBM and Sefuke do for her to shout at him in public?

  64. GBM mwana you are finished. not even the kobili you have will save you from the warth of women. go and enrol at an anger management center in Kabulonga just next to this famous shopping center. you really need to control that volatile, hot and fat temper of yours. at your age you are supposed to be a role model to upcoming comedians like octopus paul bwalya but alas you have reduced yourself to a scumbag. i will go on and state that you an embarassment to both the Mwamba family and to your party. i thought threatening violence ended with the coming of civilisation and boy was i wrong. i will make sure that you suffer the most humiliating embarassment of your political career. My appeal to PF is let them keep you so that they chew your wealth and then dump you like a hot piece of S***.

  65. The sefuke family and all the people of Lwimbo and changwa where are grand dad ba-sefuke was buried are very disappointted with you. Try to have respect for shi-chilekwa. You are just broke and need a living. GBM can not fail to give you money even for you to start business. Look at GBM brothers he helps them but what more money do you want. If anthing this could be the opposite your husband owes the brother money but don’t involve yourself. Mind you you have different political views but you still remain relatives for life.

  66. “Some of the stingest people on earth are those that have more” What we don’t know is what the woman did to deserve the money she is looking for from GBM. The story seems to suggest that she derseves the money. You can only report someone to the police if you legitimately deserve the money through some act of work or lending. These are the people who are attractive to the electorate and there is not much we can do about because democracy has spoken. The best we can do is to learn to love the products of our “Democracy”.

  67. I said It some of these women can really be Sololas busy eyeing the in-laws,Am sure she was excited When GBM beat up his wife she thought It was Changwa Mulamu,Shameful woman of a questionable character.Young Men please research before you marry to avoid such embrassment,the person to be embrassed is her Ex husband /or her Husband am sure he knows her better.

  68. Guys just a Quick one has any one of you ever heard “Loteria Nacional” Where by you get a letter that you have been selected by their random computer selection and you are a winner.you give your personal details such as : age,sex,occupation ,emailaddress,bank details etc.


  70. # 99. My sincerest advice is don’t respond to any of them. When they lands in your mail box or indeed as spam which they rightly are please just press the delete button and delete forever. Don’t give them the idea that the e-mail address is active. that is exactly what they want.

  71. Uyu chigili, is the eternal clown! A fat, violent piece of $hit with absolutely nothing to contribute to our national development!

  72. # 34 G Unit. walasa!!! GBM is lacking in area so he feels the need to assert his masculinity by bulling women and beating up his wife. clear case of ‘little man syndrome.’
    blogger Ndine: iwe na GBM ni 1 pa 1. u r all sexist mambalas. he owed her the money so why did she have to go through some second party. you are stuck in the past bane. women are not second class citizens anymore and dont have to go through a man to get things done. atase!

  73. #99 even 5 yr olds have heard about such scams before. thats identity theft staring at you. rule of thumb is dont reply to suspicious emails or give ur personal details to anyone.dont open and links too.

  74. If she is owed money by a company why go to GBM. I am sure GBM has empoyees responsible for paying debts and collecting money. Something is terrible wrong with our sister may God deliver her.

  75. this is r.u.bi.sh. every day just reading thing that are useless. imagine a public figure every with bad things like this. this a big sign that same people can just me it in politics. as the matter of fact am a PF cadre. i wonder ether munyamat uyu he manges well his constituency.

  76. There is something amiss about Mrs Sefuka and his brother in law. I am not GBM supporter how did Mrs Sefuka knowing too well her brother in law’s character did not engage her husband to help out if there was any differences. This is just family politics.

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