Tuesday, February 27, 2024

New Solutions to Peace Loving Zambians


By Mwizenge S. Tembo, Ph. D.

A two year old crying child was sitting alone, profuse sweat and tears mixed together on her dirty cheeks in the scorching heat of the midday African sun. The child was abandoned, crying, rubbing eyes, and desperately kicking the dusty soil with her legs in the middle of a remote bush road. Her mother lay dying beside the child. There were dead bodies everywhere piled around the child, many people had collapsed and were sprawled around along the road moaning because of hunger, thirst, exhaustion, and fear. Thousands of hordes of people, men, women and children carrying small luggage of their possessions on their heads were walking by fleeing like stampeding wild animals. This was a video news image of Hutu refugees that I saw on TV during the 1994 Rwanda genocide in which 800,000 thousand Tutsis and moderate Hutus were massacred. I will never forget that image for as long as I live. The desperate abandoned child and the men and women looked just like Zambians. But they were not. This is why the recent talk of secession and January 14 bloody ultimatum in Mongu in the Western Province of Zambia alarmed me. The consequences of such an action would be catastrophic for Zambians. I don’t expect many Zambians to believe me but I have a confession.

When I was a young student at the University of Zambia in the 1970s, I used to read the Times of Zambia and the Zambia Daily Mail every day. The headlines often were of President Kaunda, the Cabinet Ministers, Members of the Central Committee, and other UNIP party officials addressing rallies and public meeting always exhorting Zambians to love one another under One Zambia One Nation, to fight the evils of tribalism, hatred, political violence, to fight hunger, disease, exploitation of man by man, and poverty. I used to slam the paper down and impatiently react: “Why is Kaunda always ranting about fighting tribalism, talking about peace! He is crazy! This is useless government propaganda!”

Rwanda genocide

I realized many years ago that I was wrong. After this recent secession talk and threats of violence and tribal cleansing, I realize it is very difficult to create national unity. Three decades later, what most of us might not realize today in 2011 is the paradox that the very One-Party State of President Kaunda and UNIP leadership that existed up to 1991, which is often criticized as a dictatorship, gave us twenty-seven years during which Zambians could truly be united and become one Zambia One Nation that we are proud to have to day. Looking back, when I first went to UNZA eight years after independence, it was the first time all the students had met people from all separate parts and tribes of Zambia. We were the best cream of the crop students from the whole country who were Tonga, Bemba, Tonga, Ngoni, Lozi, Kaonde and many other tribes. We were the hope for the future of Zambia. We all lived together peacefully and got to know each other on campus. Not once did we students ever have tribal fights or hostile tribal divisive language. The peace that existed was such that we could all go the University even though many of our families were poor village peasants who could not have afforded the K400 per year tuition and board at UNZA at the time.

The greatest gift we as Zambians have inherited as a nation is that we do not know how to hate each other. That’s why the talk of secession and threats of violence must be discouraged. One of the things that every Zambian must be proud of is that if you go anywhere in Zambia and abroad; China, the United States, Europe, Russia, and even the North Pole, if you are told there is Zambian citizen somewhere, you will immediately be warmly helped and enjoy each other’s company. As a Zambian you will never have to ask what tribe the Zambian you don’t know belongs to before you meet him or her.

What is the cause of this discontent and talk of secession? There could be real legitimate dissatisfaction about development which can be resolved through political representation. But my suspicion is that the 60% of the young Zambians who were born after 1985 may be part of the youth in Mongu and perhaps in many other parts of rural Zambia who may not feel very connected to the rest of Zambia today. The current economic development may not be fast enough to provide jobs, training and accommodate and raise the quality of life and to improve the standard of living perhaps in all the provinces. Since the earlier generation of leadership may have done a good job creating opportunities and feeling of unity as a nation, the current leadership, all political parties, and all Zambians need to receive this relay button and create new opportunities for all Zambians especially the youth.

Besides resolving the Barotse Agreement of 1964 disagreement, we as a nation has to create new opportunities in this new age of globalization. The youth and all Zambians need not just have better job and training opportunities, but as a nation need to create fresh ways for our citizens to know, identify with, and appreciate the rich history and diversity of our nation. Here are my proposals on how we the older generation who inherited the country from the first founders of the nation can do.[pullquote] when I first went to UNZA eight years after independence, it was the first time all the students had met people from all separate parts and tribes of Zambia. We were the best cream of the crop students from the whole country who were Tonga, Bemba, Tonga, Ngoni, Lozi, Kaonde and many other tribes. We were the hope for the future of Zambia. We all lived together peacefully.Not once did we students ever have tribal fights or hostile tribal divisive language..
First there needs to be an open and increased contact between all the Zambians who live abroad, those in the cities, those in cities, and in the rural areas.

· All educated Zambians should immediately begin documenting many aspects of our traditional cultures so that the current and future Zambians will know who we are and where we came from. Scholars and students from University of Zambia, Mulungushi University, Copperbelt University, all teachers in schools, Lecturers at Teacher Training colleges all over Zambia could simply document major aspects of our culture and history. I personally had planned to document the memoirs of President Kaunda from 1964 to 1991 so that we can have a historical knowledge of the triumphs and challenges of building the nation that all our leaders faced. Many youth and even older Zambians may not know this information. This is why many youth today can easily be misled through the internet and cell phones by misinformation by the political opportunists among us.

· With proper coordination and leadership of these new programs, if 1,000 former UNZA graduates from within Zambia and abroad each donated a mere $100 each, University of Zambia alone could have K475 million for supporting allowances for lecturers to engage in cutting edge research, teaching materials, student field research, and providing of computers, and campus grounds maintenance. University of Zambia has been in existence for more than 30 years. It has thousands of former graduates.

Lastly all the youths in Zambia should participate in exchange programs in which during the school holidays, they can visit a different part of the country. Youth and students from Western Province, for example, could visit Mbala in the Northern Province. Those from Lundazi in the Eastern province could visit Solwezi rural in the Northwestern Province. Those from the North could visit the Southern Province. Those in the cities could visit rural villages and vice versa. Government does not have to do everything. Families, schools, all political parties, soccer clubs, church congregations could coordinate the exchange programs.


  1. viba lozi nivima tribalists chabe kuvi punnisher chobe they can not do anything, they will never get a piece of zambia never, it will not happen not matter what.

  2. This article is humbling- the pictures saddening.I think the political leadership should take heed to what Professor Tembo is saying.We do no not want a Rwanda in Zambia mwe bantu.What happened to the unity we had for so long.Leaders need to bring back the ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION slogan and be serious about uniting tribes in Zambia.Its no joke having 72 tribes.President Kaunda was really a wise leader.I see nothing being done by RB to address this issue.Threatening to jail people is not going to dissolve the discontent our Lozi brothers are experiencing.why not address the root cause.Ignoring issues like this is what lead to Rwanda ,Bosnia ethnic cleansing.God forbid this evil rears its head in Zambia.ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION

  3. i think things should be as follows in Zambia.
    1. president=bemba
    3.defence minister=tonga
    4.home affairs minister=n/western
    5.the lest ministerial positions give them to the copperbelt,central and lusaka provinces.
    6. Lozis should not be included coz of the barotse issues or give give them position of speaker of the national assembly. in this way Zambia will be very peaceful like it has ever been.

  4. as zambians we must never resort to violence over any problem we may face be it political or the Barotse agreenment of 1964. as zambians we must learn to acknowledge our problems and find solutions for them, the current culture of pretending that all is well when infact not must be stopped by government. currently the problem of tribalism can not be said to be among the lozis only, it is there among all the seven major tribes of this country, just as an example bembas vote for bembas, the president rupia banda wants the people of eastern province to vote for him because he comes from there, the tongas vote for hh because he is from there, the westerners and north westerners they vote for the one that promises them development. so who is not tribalist? this is the problem we have and we

  5. Concerning BRE issue.Govt has banned phone in programmes airing at various radio stations especially in western province.So,my comment is reserved meantime till this ban is lifted.
    I think we all peace loving Zambians should leave it to Govt,fomer President Dr.Kaunda,The Litunga
    and others who were part of this agreement to dialogue and find a lasting solution to it.

  6. John phiri, you have words of wisdom….
    Some selfish tribes have crated the current situation in the country, This notion that only a Bemba can be president in this country if not checked will continue to bring division and other tribes feel insulted…Independence was faught and won by all tribes so all trabes regardless of size MUST be given an opportunity to rule this country. Am not lozi, but people must not condemn lozis for their reasoning. If they can not be recognised in the country,then barotese may be a good platform to produce a lozi leader.

  7. Professor, I agree on the point of documenting our history, our culture and our innovation. And I think our education system need to be tailored in such a way that a combination of history and the surge for the future is well balanced to create a society that is full of self esteem. Today, we have little understanding of how all the tribes in Zambia settled down, where the names Ndola and Mufulira came from and why some chiefs are senior chiefs others paramount chiefs – let alone understanding how traditional leadership fits into national leadership…! What also is worrying me is the absence of documenting Zambian science. I get a sense as if Zambia has not scientists at all – no cutting edge research happening at all…but is that true? I think we are just not documenting properly.

  8. People withdraw into their ethnic grouping when they feel threatened, and within that ethnicity, they will also withdraw into their clan. After all these years, what is it that is making the lozis feel uncomfortable with being part of Zambia? Let us face reality, the bemba hegemony developing in Zambia, if it falls under the likes of Sata and GBM, can easily degenerate into fascism. It is de facto that bemba is becoming an unoffical lingua franca in Zambia, displacing english, probably this is one of the reasons that of late a worrying % of Zambians speak bad english. if this insensitivity to other languages is not checked, one can not help it if other people start thinking of affirming their identity. Under KK, the use of english was promoted, and this neutralised the ethnic/linguistic

  9. the thing abput only a Bemba can be president i always took it as a tribal/traditional joke not knowing others dont like seriously

  10. Yaba, shani kaili bachristian nation mulefwaya ukwimya intulubundi futi? One Zambia One Nation! One Zambia bafite, One Nation!!! Zambia is for all Zambians basta.

  11. Look at this, since independece 1964…KK =bemba, FTJ =Bemba,Levy Hand picked by a Bemba FTJ after Zambians said no more to Bembas,RB-Esterner was just by change.Now they will not leT HH lead the pact but SATA = Bemba. After sata they will push for Kabimba “NOT LUBINDA or SCOT” they can even push for “GBM” at the expense of HH or SIKOTA WINA…what a shame!!!!the costutution shoulld have looked at rotaing presidents from all provinces as a way of uniting all Zambians

  12. #11 Shootist are you sure Kaunda is Bemba? No wonder the professor is calling for the Zambian intelligentia to document our history.Kaundas parents were from Malawi.He is not Bemba

  13. Iwe chi John Phiri. Chi chi sanya cha munthu! Who do you think you are to masquerade on the net airing those views as if you represent all easterners?? Useless stu.p.i.d chap!

  14. Poor and incompetent political leadership is a danger to any nation as it can be the cause of unnecessary dicontent, discord and violence. The Barotse Agreement issue needed clarity of vision, sensitivity, resolve and a principled stand on the part of the Government to effectively resolve it.

    As for #1 & #3 john phiri, I find your contribution inflammatory and neither valuable nor useful. I am sure it is not every Lozi, or even the majority of Lozi people, that supports the secession drive.

  15. We should appreciate that the genocide in Rwanda didn’t happen because the people of that great Nation wanted it. It happened as a result of the highest degree of human selfishness and dominance . it should be appreciated that when God created man he made him to be dominant to plants, land and animals he never said be dominant to fellow humans. The moment a section of a tribal grouping or race begin to think they should be dominant those dominated will resist. Remember Hitler and the Germans and their dominance attitude and what happened next. As long as we have no respect for other people and use terms like bo shishita or mumbwa mumbwa that one will never rule etc, then forget about peace. a human being a the most dangerous animal even ur own child can surprise you after 30 years.

  16. #8, Thembex, I think you have the wrong end of the stick. The spread of the Bemba language is a spontaneous phenomenon that is happening probably because people find it easy to communicate in that language. No one forces anyone to speak Bemba – at least I am not aware of anyone doing that! Do a little bit of objetive thinking, please!

  17. OMG! 21st Century with 18th – 19th Century mindsets. Can we very explicitly do a run on the leadership history of Zambia? There has yet to be a Bemba President PLEASE!!! The past Presidents before Mwanawasa are not Bemba. What most are saying is equivalent to saying a Nkoya is Lozi, or a Kaonde is Luvale. Let’s be objective. In fact the settler Kaunda just adopted Bemba – his parents brought him from Malawi (Nyasaland then). If the idea is to be spiteful it is easy to parade lies – I know how nations and institutions have been destroyed on the lips of deceivers and blatant liars.

  18. Thank you brother for the aticle its nice but i feel you are in Zambina Govt and you are benefiting from the MMD pls boss things can only change if MMD lives power,look at the monies their made from car licences ,look at the council how their are stealing we need checks and balance look at the hospital their do not even care even if you are discharged or you are dead I stay MMD must Leave Zambia is for Zambians who are suffering in the street Vote MMD out out out out.

  19. Iwe KALOK donchi refuse FJT ,he is bemba…he is actually on of the first careless leaders who promoted speaking bemba in puplc rallies even in Kafue where the native people are not bembas.as a leader u dont segregate.Kaunda born in chinsali cant be nsenga! next u will tell us that sata is not bemba but namwanga or something….get real most bembas are selfish that y we will not another bemba rule his country again

  20. 18 kaunda is from malawi,chiluba Congo,Mwanawasa maybe zambia and RB Bwezani Zimbabwe next Mbala Zambia or Kalomo Zambia.

  21. #3and6 This article is exactly against your thinking!Well written piece…though we are still at a point in Zed where leadership is still too powerful, the police a gang to be used by the President at will, institutions at the mercy of the ruling party.We are like certain religions, still hooked in the past.To do all the proposed issues in the article needs a true pure human being bent of building the nation…a true negotiate and straight heart…the Lozi have a claim to their peace of land signed in full view of the British (which should never have been the case) who history has shown are nothing but self interested fellows…Lozis on the other hand have all benefitted from Zambia since 1964-can never pay us back for that..this agreement should be burnt by the Litunga. We are all one…

  22. K400 per year as tuition and lodging fees!! That was a great Zambia indeed. I also recall during my time(early 80’s) our allowance (Jackpot) was a paltry K72 and one could afford a shirt, shoe (scooner) and change for Hilites, Chimunzi etc.

  23. maybe let the Lozi’s rule their Western Province we se what they will gain. make sure they are cut off completely from the rest and let them have their own passports to come and visit the rest of Zambia ha! ha! very foolish ma Lozi.

  24. Shootist #19 speaking a language does not signify being part of the grouping that practices the norms and cultures surrounding that language. Mind you a typical Zambian from the Copperbelt is often mistaken to be Bemba because of the overriding use of the language there. The fact that Chiluba promoted Bemba speaking does not confirm anything. As I said earlier, let’s do a run of our past leadership and come up with more relevant arguments – otherwise this feels like a fan club promoting the ability to type only.

  25. #6 and John phiri aren’t people the society needs. Just from your language i can read hatred for our Mbuyaz the Lozis.
    Mind you you should understand that LOzi’s are among the most patient people Zambia has ever had.Please learn to control your mind.Don’t even forget that your mannerism has lead to their standing up to defend themselves.Let smart ,talented and peace loving Zabians solve this issue. Your writing is too inflammatory.If i was a shushushu ,i’d definately shut you up cursed bastard . I was brought up among lozis in livingstone and i learnt how to respect others just by the way our family was cared for.

  26. to say that the Lozis are practising tribalism is to affirm that you are the captain of tribalism and you hold it at peak. Be aware that all those who accuse others of tribalism are doing tribalism themselves. Stop that and see others as more important than you!:-?:-?:-?:-?

  27. lozis are inviting the hatred themselves, whats so special about them. on this i support RB the barotse agreement is a non starter….it won’t go anywhere!!!!!!!

  28. The main cause of all these disturbances is an unequal distribution of wealth.People(Westerners)are living in a province which has been labelled as a poorest province in Zambia.Who can be proud to live in such a province?Before we publish statistics,we need to have a focus of the consequences of such a publication.Kafupi’s assets which were supposed to develop the nation are being given back to him by uncaring government.Is there fairness in that when our friends in Western Province are surving on mangoes?We need to be realistic as a nation on how we share the national cake.As long as there is no equity in the way national cake is shared,people will resort to violence.Kafupi’s dubiously acquired assets would have been auctioned,like the way they did to Murdoff,to develop our nation.

  29. The problem we have especialy people like bloggers on this site who are supposed to be well informed and educated enough like dwelling on issues casually.
    Let me ask a question?? If zambia after more than 40 years of independence had attained even 50% the level of Botswana, do you think this Barotse issue could have arisen.???
    Let me quote the writer of this article:
    OK..point on!! The issue here is that we have had an incopetent political leadership that has failed to steer this country to higher heights.
    Thats why we still have a situation where the Top contenders in 2011 are the same people from

  30. …The independence era..They were in government in 1964 and they still want to continue up to 2016 (RB) and PROBABLY 2021(SATA).
    These people are not even showing signs of grooming the younger generation to take up the mantle. Look at their choices even in Government and PF central committee. Look at the quality of MPs.
    Surely do you even hope for the future in this country..
    We the younger generation need to address this leadership crisis practically other than just analysing on blogs and worshipping political parties BLINDLY.
    If we dont, DISCONTENT will always be there especially among the POOR.
    We can only ignore this at out own peril..

  31. 29, JIM
    You are very right, all the tribes have contributed to this mess, the likes of JOHN PHIRI who think TRIBE is special..I dont even like using the word TRIBE..its derogatory!!

  32. The author of the article is deceptive and superficial over critical national issues making them appear like they are so simple to carry out. Why are you being economical with the truth? The current rhetorical discourse and apprehensions in the country must be blamed on the leadership. A leadership that incites, encourages, promotes tribalism & violence.
    The lozis like the entire rural Zambia have had a raw deal, that’s why the BA keep coming up. I am sure if other tribes had such an agreement in place, it would not have been a surprise if they started agitating for self rule like the lozis given the state of affairs countrywide.
    Address the causes of problems and not attempt to instil fear by referencing to the Rwanda genocide and completely ignoring the domestic causes of disaffection

  33. Bondix, JIM, chitumbuwa – the progressive comments from you are spot on. Those are my sentiments exactly (Sonks # 30 puts it well: ‘Well Articulated’). I see a lot of sensation and emotion where there shouldn’t be. My passion is to see my fellow citizens rise above poverty articulation; we need a society that is sufficient in terms of basic needs (I am not using the cliche here – I mean clean water and food, with basic shelter and a means to sell what they produce for a fair price) so that their so-called areas of human endeavour are covered. As you aptly put it, Bondix #31 let us move away from following political parties blindly where, after all, political turncoats always invade!

  34. @31 & 32. Cant agree with you more. If only we could have more sober people to look at things objectively, this country could move forward.I fear for the future as most of the countries in the region are making discernible strides in development and here all we see are backward thinking chaps. Soon than later, this country will be the laughing stock of the region if we fail to understand the times we live in.

  35. This article is generally good but the author seems to be beating about the bush. Please Dr.Mwizenge S. Tembo, Ph. D,Call a spade a spade.
    I quote you again:

    Who is to blame for this state of affairs? What is the suggested way foward? Is the current leadership style an answer to our problem..

    Come on people, even in Cuba, the government there has reliased that they have made some mistakes in the past and even encouraging debate on the way foward.
    Our policians here in Zambia have messed us big time. Read my lips..POLITICIANS (LOZI,BEMBA,NGONI,CHEWA,TONGA,LUVALE,MBUNDA, ETC ETC =72 ETHNIC GROUPS)

  36. im my all life of 34 years i have never bothered to ask someones tribe when we first meet.and to be frank i could never tell which tribe someone was from just his or her name .

  37. Kalok well said it seems we have some dull bloggers on the Blog,who have not checked their history textbooks or where just Fikopos in class, to them salt and sugar are the same ,same as water and oil.
    Dunder heads.

  38. This tribe thing really makes me sick..even the so called tribal balancing in politics!!
    Honestly speaking even if RB got landslide in Eastern province, does it mean all the people of Eastern province are ALL DOING FINE ECONOMICALLY NOW…
    Same with the MWANAWASA landslide in chisamba and ndola rural, did things change much in those areas??
    For those that are so passionate about tribe, you might as well start balancing everything starting with:
    1.National Football team (72 members)
    2.Doctors at say UTH
    3.Lecturers at UNZA
    If you are say BEMBA and you fall ill , you should demand that only a Bemba doctor sees you, same for LOZI etc..

    Now is the above normal or workable?

    The answer is a resounding NO!!!

  39. This story and the picture are nothing but the selfish way to stop a fight for a just cause. When I look at the picture with a baby on it I see the exact pictures I see everyday of children that are malnourished, parents that die of hunger and starvation here in Zambia. The picture on top reminded me of the youth that has dropped out of school and fighting for survival on the street. The effects of genocide in Rwanda and starvation in Ethiopia and starvation and deprevation in Zambia have the same effects. So this picture and the people reading should know that,

    “A revolution can be neither made nor stopped. The only thing that can be done is for one of several of its children to give it a direction by dint of victories.”

  40. “It is an imperialist government, one that says it fights against coruption but protects it. The government throws stones to on the poor and vulnearble,”

  41. Anarchism, really stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property; liberation from the shackles and restraint of government.”

  42. “It is a great mystery that though the human heart longs for Truth, in which alone it finds liberation and delight, the first reaction of human beings to Truth is one of hostility and fear!” Now someone tell…


  43. Mad dog you couldn’t have chosen a more perfect name for yourself.Where in Zambia have you seen a child crying for its dead mother amidst other corpses?Do not belittle the great suffering the people of Rwanda have suffered.You google the images of the Rwanda genocide and tell me the images you see bear similar effects to those felt by starving children in Zambia.You are a waste of broadband

  44. ok i am a zambian my grand parents to my mothers side are Bemba and Ushi. my fathers side are chikunda and soli. my parents met in lusaka. i was born there. i went to school in southern province. worked in western province. i have never been to eastern or laupula or northern province. all i know is that am zambian mom bemba i guess and dad chikunda. my first language is nyanja. What I am trying to say is that tribalism does not exist in Zambia. its only that our political leaders are selfish and dont want to listen to their pipo (sorry for poor writing am tired)

  45. Its not roatating leadership, lets look at the cream of the crop and critically look at qualities like patriotism, selfless, hereoism in the next leaders. Banda is a receip to anarchy. this man is pure tribal and needs to leave. trust me.

  46. Those of you who suffer from Bembaphobia, let me give you a little counseling. The first republican president Dr. Kenneth Buchizya Kaunda is a decedant of a malawian missionary couple posted at Lubwa mission of Chinsali distict. The second republican president Frederick Titus Jacob Chiluba is Ushi from Luapula though his father Chabala had some parentage from Congo DRC, the third republican PRESIDENT Dr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa (SC) was Lenje – Lamba and our current president is Rupiah Bwezani Banda is chewa, but born in Zimbabwe and from little info. available he has some Ndebele blood on the mothers side. Now, you preaching tribe stop and think about how balanced we are as Zambians. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION! I love my country, sit with the Lozis and listen to the cause of their discontent!

  47. People let us think twice of this issue because this one deals with lives of people, i recommend what Kuya bebele what he said. let the wise man give us some contractive ideas and those who signed the agreement set down and discuss it. instead of punishing the Innocent blood. mind you those blood that cry day en night shall cry to you on judgment day. lets not just talk like kids but as responsible country men and woman. this issue soon or later shall affect me and you one or the other.

  48. U only appreciate what u had when u lose it,my brothers and sisters in Western Province lets work together to build a greater Zambia ,TOGETHER!

  49. #55 Her ladyship well said we need more bloggers who are sensible and contribute sensibly I see alots of flags out there but get disturbed after reading some of the comments.Maybe our history textbooks need to be revised and checked at least not less than ten times and our educational system checked as well.It is very worring when you have heaps of interllectuals out there who can not reason or use their heads properly.

  50. Lozis DONT BE STUPID<mbuyanga Oobo mbumucita, u dont even have n thing in yo province yet u wat 2 make yo own country.GO ahead

  51. #51 Wait until a Shambok cuts accross your back as you are running away for safety then you will realise what relevance it has. The issues being blogged are relevant. I support those that are unifying in tone. Peace cannot be taken for granted. It is an active and conscientious aspect of human beings in co-existence and tolerance. Viva ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION, how sweet that motto is!

  52. 60 ohms p, are you following the debate properly…if a few people are agrieved in western province, it does not mean its all Lozis.And there is piece of land in this country which has nothing..
    Please be objective…such talk will not help matters.
    We need to talk solutions not what you have written.
    Unless you are enjoying the status quo in Zambia and you dont see any development challenges..if thats the case, well i wont waste time reasonoing with you…GOT TO GO

  53. ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION, TIYENDE PAMODZI NDI MUTIMA UMO, unifying mottos aren’t they? Let us all get ack to the basics (history) and chart the way into the future as one nation. Do you remember that there was a ministry in the 1st Republic called National Guidance? Why was the President’s Citizenship College – PCC (which they changed into Mulungushi University) set up? To instill a strong sence of being a Zambian promote partrotism and engender in Zambian citizens a true sense of belonging. What selfless and visionary leadership we had! ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION. BEAUTIFUL ZAMBIA.

  54. I fully agree with the analysis by the author of this article not only because it articulates so well the fabric that holds the one Zambia one nation but aslo becase it acknowledges the arctects of this unity for our beloved Zambia. I happen to be in the same category of those that went to school during the times of the author. The only paradox for me is that contrary to the author’s view that 60% of the youth born after 1985 that may be involved, the real arctects, leaders and sympathizers behind all this are some of the colleagues who went to school during the same times as the author and they are known. However, the author may not be aware of this. But at the Opportune time all these will be revealed.

  55. I personally appreciate your concerns. However, I suspect you have misunderstood the currrent social and economic challenges many Zambians are facing today.Your advice has most likely been influenced by the very fact that you have been living in the society of the affluent for some time. I would have appreciated your analyses much more if you were with us here in Zambia. I’m even forced to suspect that you are expecting sympathy from the powers that be. Come back home and you will appreciate the concerns of the many citizens speaking on behalf of the many impoverished Zambians. Thank your God if you have one, that KK’s regime provided you with free education. Old man speak for the poor. I’m a graduate from UNZA too but I do not agree with the analyses in your articles.

  56. Good evening

    While we are here analysing this piece of lecture, I really hope that our government is seriously contemplating peaceful and practical solutions to the problems at hand.

    What continues to tear my heart apart is the failure of Africans to unite. The Europeans are made up of different indigenous groups and they have all had their divisions but they have finally managed to come together and move forward as one. The same goes for the Americans and Russians.

    Africans will never find long-lasting peace or ever be able to utilise their precious natural resources for themselves as long as they continue to strive against each other in regional conflicts. The Western political elite is very much aware of this and that is why they are always slow to intervene.

  57. John Phiri,
    I like your bit on contributions to UNZA to push for research and student work experience.
    Unfortunately the quality of Academic members of Staff and therefore Students at our Universities leaves much to be desired.If I look at your English, Logic and even Articulation, you are no better than a Form5. Quality of Zambian Higher and even Lower Education is very poor and it is progressively getting worse. Just need to look at the Newspaper articles to prove my point.
    I would not waste my money when I know that the products of the research will be crap!!!!!!

  58. nice piece of writting..some of u bloggers are just full of shit,tribalism should be condemed to the max..i think we need to have a decentralised system in zambia..believe u me, zambia aint a poor nation.wenhave enough resources to build our nation and fight agianst poverty and all that shit..the fact is we are somehow lazy and always point fingers at each other..mind u,charity begins at home,dnt expect everything to be done by usless alabbe and his government..guys its upto each and everyone of us to step up..

  59. This is my opinion on this B.A:
    First of all it all starts with Lozis, i believe lozis try to be the special tribe in Zambia. They always want attention from the rest of Zambia. Zambia has 72 or it 73 tribes, why is one tribe getting so much attention. If its about presidents, how many presidents has Zambia had since independence, and why aren’t the rest of the tribes crying foul? This goes to show that the majority of the primitive lozis are just tribalist. Why should the whole of Zambia be about them?
    Then again we also need to be careful on how we handle this issue, for, as this article says, we may end up being another Rwanda. Zambians need to unite; we need to stop treating each other like the others are outcasts. (tbc)

  60. #71 contd
    The idea of some tribes being more important than others should end. Politicians should stop reminding us of which tribe is in power. If this is the case, then I wish to advise our MPs to pass a law that forces the appointing authorities in Zambia to be inclusive in all appointments. The author of this article suggests unifying Zambia by sending people to areas they do not come from. That is a very good idea because that will force people to interact with other tribes.
    Lastly I wish to suggest that we consider a federal government type of system where each province elects their provincial ministers (governors) who will oversee development in their respectable areas. (tbc)

  61. #72 contd
    These provincial governments should be funded by the central government, and no province should get more money than the other. All provinces should receive an equal share of the “cake”. That way no tribes will feel inferior to the other. And if possible, these governments should be all inclusive, and this should be mandatory. Imagine a Lozi being a provincial Minister in Luapula, his deputy a Tonga. Wouldn’t that be something?
    I would also like to suggest that we elect our presidents based on a rotational basis. If the current president is from Luapula then automatically the next president comes from any of the remaining 8 provinces. This should go on until all Zambians feel comfortable with each other. I know it’s a long shot but I feel it’s worth trying. (tbc)

  62. I love it the way these “voices of reason” start the comments with purely tribalist remarks. Maybe that’s why the Lozis are not happy

  63. Anyway the author should check his English – ni “relay baton” like “police baton”, de francais. Button ni zobvala

  64. This lozi ‘extremist’ or just the Lozi collection is trying to behave like a child in our family who has lost the plot and is demanding for attention in the wrong way. The nice thing is that we are 72 members in our family and 1 child (member) can not spoil the harmony that we are enjoying. This child is trying to demand for a tumbuwa in a wrong way. Education is a liberator but once you are educated, you will discover that no man is an island…..

  65. mungoma do your homework bemba is not spoken widely because is easy. it the language which is spoken in wider area and other tribes have died naturally death becuase when kaunda intorduced local language in schools and radio one, bemba had to represent many other languages of luapula, copperbelt,northern including mambwe and namwanga, central. so these other tribes have died. therefore bemba is spoken in four provinces so no way you can run away from it influence. tribe is an accident, it doesnot make any person better than the other. so zambia we need peace.

  66. Most comments from this blog show how short sighted many opeople can be. We still have abig hill to climb. We moved from one party to multipatry hoping we had learned a thing or two. But people seem to still be stuck in the pre-historic days. I really dont know what a serious foreigner will think following these debates. How can they part with their millions to invest in Zambian infrustracture when warning lights are blinking “another African disaster in waiting” Sudan is still licking its wounds and here you are talking about the same ethnic path. Wait tomorrow is not far- reality of war will come trueone day.

  67. we all should be rather careful not to get so carried away in our discourse so as to forget that we have so much in common than we do differences . at the end of the day things like the education, employment and a class society are the very things that were fought against so we can stand as one people under one flag . we can show our leaders that we are way better and that our dream for a nation that stands as a beacon to the rest of Africa stands stronger than the greed that drives them to turn a blind eye to fairness justice and equality , that we the people have the power not a wealthy few and that our republic can only flourish as long as we make it. by casting a vote !! not this divisive talk of tribe A vs B we can show the leaders that we deserve better than they have served !

  68. I love all tribes and people be it muzungu, umuntu, chinese, name them, but I think I hate one characteristic of lozi with passion, for one thing THEY LOVE THEMSELVES TOO MUCH!

    look at what is happening in Mongu, they are even turning against their neighbors who should even support them.

    I think the verbal war now is not about Bemba and Lozi, or any other tribe against Lozi, Its abouts Lozi verses the rest (71 tribes). It will not be an easy one, wise ones see calamity before it arrives.

  69. Well…what an article…i think the Prof’s article is more of SUBSTANCE OVER FORM…..although don’t agree with MMD policies most often….i agree with the professor….ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION is the way to go

  70. why have the people who were involved maintained silence over the BRE matter?where is kaunda,chiluba and litunga?let them explain what transpired.

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