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Arrest GBM, demand women

General News Arrest GBM, demand women


THE women’s movement has called for the immediate arrest of Kasama Central member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba for allegedly threatening violence against his sister-in-law.

The Non-Governmental Organisation Co-ordinating Council has also demanded his resignation from Parliament.

But the police are still investigating the matter before they can make any move, Lusaka province commanding officer Mhlakeni Zulu said in Lusaka on January 13.

Zambian National Women’s Lobby public relations officer Nelson Banda said the law enforcement agencies should not hesitate to arrest Mr Mwamba because threatening violence is a criminal offence.

On January 11, Mr Mwamba allegedly threatened violence against Doreen Mwamba, his younger brother’s wife, over a debt of K11.5 million which he reportedly refused to pay.

“The police should cage Mr Mwamba until he is proven innocent. He is a danger to the well-being of women,” he said.

Mr Banda said in an interview in Lusaka on January 13 that no one is above the laws of Zambia and that Mr Mwamba should not be spared. He said Mr Mwamba is not fit to be an MP because his behaviour is a disgrace to the house that makes laws.

“Parliament is an honourable house and we cannot afford to have people like Mr Mwamba,” Mr Banda said.

He said MPs are supposed to take the lead in enforcing what they preach in Parliament, instead of doing the opposite.

Mr Banda said the majority of voters in Zambia are women and that Mr Mwamba should be wary of his actions.

“Very soon Mr Mwamba will be soliciting for votes from the same women and he should not be surprised if he is not re-elected to Parliament,” he said.

Women and Law in Southern Africa regional co-ordinator Matrine Chuulu said it is disrespect for an MP to threaten violence against a woman.

“The National Assembly is currently revising the amended Anti-Gender Violence Bill through its parliamentary committees on legal affairs, governance, human rights and gender matters which Mr Mwamba is part of and the behaviour he is exhibiting is uncalled for,” she said.

“Parliamentarians should be championing zero tolerance against gender-based violence,” she said.

And Leadership in Development executive director Moses Kalonde has given the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership a 48-hour ultimatum to discipline Mr Mwamba, failure to which it will mount a massive demonstration to force Mr Mwamba to resign on moral grounds.

Mr Kalonde said it is the responsibility of the PF leadership to deal with Mr Mwamba.

Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council (NGOCC) chairperson Beatrice Grillo said she is disappointed with Mr Mwamba’s behaviour of perpetuating violence against women, especially that it is barely three months after he allegedly assaulted his wife.

“It seems Mr Mwamba is not remorseful. We reiterate our call for Mr Mwamba to step down as a member of Parliament for Kasama Central as he is not fit to be a leader. He lacks leadership qualities,” Ms Grillo said.

She said gender-based violence in any form should be condemned because it does not resolve conflict.

Ms Grillo said Mr Mwamba allegedly has a history of violence and wondered which other cases he has been involved in that have not been reported.

“As the women’s movement, we urge Mrs Mwamba (Doreen) and indeed any others who may find themselves in similar situations not to accept out of court settlements as this makes the perpetrators continue committing violence on others,” Ms Grillo said.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwamba has accused the MMD of using his sister-in-law to tarnish his political career.

But MMD acting national secretary Chembe Nyangu denied the allegations.

And Mr Mwamba’s brother George (Doreen’s husband) said the issue will be resolved within the family.

Mr Mwamba was speaking at a press briefing at his residence in Lusaka on January 13.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. What is good for the goose must be good for the gander. Let the police do their job, don’t interfere. It’s like every small organization is a govt mouth piece.

  2. Washing dirty linen in public just to be noticed. GBM cannot fail to pay K11.5million without a reason. The reason for his refusal to pay should have been highlighted in the article. Yes, no one is abve the law but we have seen a cheque bouncer go scot free. Why didnt the women ask Changwe to resign before her case was closed?

  3. And Leadership in Development executive director Moses Kalonde has given the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership a 48-hour ultimatum to discipline Mr Mwamba, failure to which it will mount a massive demonstration to force Mr Mwamba to resign on moral grounds.


  4. Threaneting violence is not a crime according to IG Kabonde.So you Nothing Going On (NGOs) stop making noise.
    Start with William Banda first.

  5. *4 he is a total disgrace and an embarrassment to you and not all men.This sister- in-law is upto something,because her husband has said he will pay her the K11.5 Million she is claiming.Why drag family matters into public.

  6. There are a lot of women suffering abuse in all forms. Most of these are not even reported let alone acted upon and these very ‘Women’ dont fight for themselves unless there is some politican financial inticement. GBM differed with his sister-in-law over money and I dont see how this issue should be brought out on the front page of the national papers when, like George said, it can be sorted out within the family. To all womens groups, there are a lot of things you can do for women in Zambia other than wasting your efforts on one indisciplined sister-in-law ! Grow up

  7. When Nawakwi was threatened with violence and rape by MMD people, the NGOCC remained mute! Now they want to be very vocal. Strange and absolutely breath-taking!

  8. useless NGOS why are you one sided .cause you are single ladies you want us men to be under you pants even if you misbehave you mean we no have rights to talk.and you man why ukubwatukabwatuka cause they have given you a job useleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeess

  9. Nelson is the spokesperson for womens organisation? Is he gay or something, how many women need jobs and they give an opportunity to a mophie? Women cant even deal with each other properly how do they expect to deal with men? Crazy, that sister in law for gmb is a disgrace to the family. how does she expect gbm’s younger brother to treat her? blood is thicker than water.women must respect husbbands’ relatives…. that woman stinks Im sure she married the poor guy because he is gbm’s brother.

  10. ise titukwana chabe hence f***k the organisations that are condeming GBM, why not leave issue to the police to investigate the matter after or this happened in few view of the police. Don’t waste time being a disgrantled & abandoned lady vuvuzela. P****** women organization

  11. point of correction ba LT,she is not mrs mwamba but former mrs mwamba.she is a frastrated prostitute let her go to court.

  12. Where were you Mr. Nelson Banda public relations officer Zambian National Women’s Lobby , Women and Law in Southern Africa regional co-ordinator Matrine Chuulu, Leadership in Development executive director Moses Kalonde, Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council (NGOCC) chairperson Beatrice Grillo when FDD Presindent Edith Nawakwi was threatend by the MMD youths (Thugs), infact they threatened to gang rape her, you were quite! What is so special about Mrs Mwamba!

  13. These small barking dogs called NGOs are a nuisance. This issue should not call for such opportunists to be openning their mouths wide and carelessly. This woman(GBM’s sister in law), went to claim for the money nobukakashi, which made the giant tycoon say, “kuti nakuuma.” Inkakashi iyi then went to these silly profit making groupings to discredit GBM. Otherwise the poor woman is just being used by politicians and the husband knows it.

  14. n14 it is true let the useless women NGOS demonstrate againist chalwe for threatening to beat kapijimpanga on the coming MMD convention cause she has the right to attend.on nawakwi you failed to defend her when she was almost gang raped. useless NGO TO HELL THE PEOPLE WHO FUND YOU

  15. All this is BS, what violence against women? This woman was psychologically abusing not just her husband of 21years but also his brother. She seems unstable.

  16. LT you have quoted the Zambia Daily Mail story so much and very little on what GBM said during his briefing at his residence. GBM and his brother George (husband) since they are on separation, brought out a lot of issues which you have not published. Clearly this is a one sided story…no wonder you are even quoting this one man NGO, Leadership in Development executive director Moses Kalonde.By the way what has happened to Greenwell Nguni, Lusaka Province Police Chief, you are now quoting a Mhlakeni Zulu.

  17. So these nonsense women NGO’s mean that even if a woman litterally pisses on you you should not react? let us reason with our brains not tuma bought emotions. These tuma NGO’s have nothing else to do and just wait for some event to happen. What are they really doing for women? are they themselves in stable homes? are their husbands happy men?

  18. Comrade zambians!!! Shall we heed and exppose our ears to such nonsense pepetrated by poverty stricken in-law when the sister/bana GBM hasnt said a thing at all? Thats the problem with poor families. They will kill for a penny. This hule must know that GBM has a family and that family includes her own sister as well as her own nephews and nieces. It will be unwise for us people to judge GBM on this. The man just has money and not dubious money like we have known others who have grabbed other people’s women and the law has not even made a visit to their door steps. Who said threatening violence must only be a crime with the PF and not MMD.i.e. Willie Banda? Women? Those of us who are wise must not listen to this women, women have brought huge kingdoms down due to their lurking for money.

  19. If GBM was not funding PF all this noise would not have been made. Yes threatening somebody is not allowed, but how many people are being threatened daily including those who work for our ministers? This woman is got some issues with ZRA and to get off the hook she is working for the MMD. Nawo GBM why cant he take a low profile?

  20. Shut up you good for nothing NGOs,The IG himself is on record and said that theating violence is not an offence,Nawaki,Kapijimpanga have been threatened with violence yet you have remained mute.

    William Banda,the local terrorist still roams the corridors of power freely yet you choose to look the other way,This is a domestic quarrel which is still within family jurisdiction

    Gender nonsense,my foot,shame on you useless sexx starved and loveless characters

  21. IG Kabonde, please investigate the followng indidivuals for threatening voilence: William Banda threatened to kill anyone who said any bad thing abour late LPM, he has said he will defend those in grz with whatever means, there was violence instigated by William Banda at their provincial Lusaka convention and a lot more. Chalwe for wanting to gang rape Nawakwi and threatening to beat Kapinjimpanga at their convention, that usless mmd chap on the copperbelt who threatened Fr. Duffy, and many more mmd cadres who threaten violence.

  22. I want to state that i am one of the advocates of women’s rights and i dont support any form of violence against women. I am also not one of GBM’s sympathiser but i feel we are abusing the word Gender Based Violence. According to some scholars, GBV is any form of violence against oneself because of their gender position (either man or woman). But come to think of it, the issue is about unsettled debt and even if the complainant was a man GBM would have reacted in the same way (remember he is on record of harrasing his male workmates). so we will not tame any confrontation with women as GBV, otherwise all men will be locked up one of these days. What suprises me is that the women organisations who understand what GBV really is choose to be used as political hired guns, its a shame.

  23. Kwa Mutonyo says:
    January 14, 2011 at 8:50 am
    Arrest Chalwe for threatening Nawakwi before GBM



  24. i don’t understand what these organizations are up to, but obviously they are not there to protect the plight of women. last year we had chalwe, mmd Lusaka youth chairman, threatened to gang rape nawakwi. no ultimatum was given to mmd to discipline this guy, i cant even remember hearing these organizations condemning him. violence is violence whether towards women or any other member of the society. so many mmd officials have threatened violence and not a single one of the mention organizations opened their chambers to denounce them. therefore, my conclusion is, FU.CK ALL THOSE ORGANIZATIONS. unjust law is no law at all.

  25. Go to hell you Nelson and your women. How do you support that poor noisy prostitute. For sure she must be funded by mmd. She doesnt need any mercy. Chaoo

  26. If you listened to radio Phoenix last evening you will understand where the story is coming from. The so called sister in law actually has serious family matters which the hubby was tolerating but not anymore. The most serious one mentioned is the issue of exhuming the late son’s body without the knowledge of the husband.

  27. I wish Nawakwi can take this opportunity to once again report her case to the same police station investigating GBM since now the police seem to be ready to investigate such cases. And i hope she will get the same support from the NGOs

  28. A guy broke into my apartment last week.
    He didn’t take the TV, just the remote.
    Now he drives by and changes the channels. Sick bastard.

  29. These women organisations decimate the value for which they were conceived.They are pro-government in all their activities.How come the same NGO have been silent when one of their own was threatened with gang sex?In the same vain,another embicile of a minister,bounced a cheque,nothing has happened to her.These are NGOS full of disgruntled women.These are frustrated women who have nothing to talk about.I am not supporting what GBM does but am talking about fairness in handling issues.If these women say they will not vote for GBM,they should do the same with Lucy,the cheque bouncer.I am sick and tired of double standards portrayed by these fake and bogus NGOs.They add no value to the well being of our society.

  30. These fake women NGOs are just interested in fatening their own pockets. They know that GBM is a rich man and will milk him. Why did they support Edith Nawakwi when she was threatened to be raped. Infact, do they have proof of violence he threatened to the so called sister in Law! May be enzekupinda cabe nkongole zake!!

  31. I feel sorry for this woman, do not be surprised that tomorrow she will be saying sorry to GBM for tarnishing his image in a bid to save her married. You’re cooked and no amount of malice will bring GBM down. The best you should do is learn just how GBM made his money not bring him down, because you just cant. You’re too small

  32. Why today woman stand up woman violence? why didn’t they do it when a old man Napoleon married that young woman??? and when women are divorce for no reasons why don’t you fight for that. No one is above the laws of Zambia. teti mutubepe same are over it ask FTJ

  33. What you people don’t understand is that despite the looks and that huge body, GBM is really not a man but a woman. So please try to understand her (GBM)

  34. this so called women movement is a waste of space,its one sided,obviouly gbm is a rich man and cant fail to pay 11million,the whole thing is aimed at embarrassing the pf,useless women movement in zambia,ur all prositutes,ues i meanit

  35. Threatening violence is Zambia is not a crime (Kabonde et al, 2010). These women ngos are just a bunch of cowards who can not even protect their own. Chalwe threatened Nawakwi (FDD president, a woman, a mother, a former minister etc) with gang rape. Because ka chalwe is MMD, these women did not make any noise.

  36. Dorren will not achieve anything with her mulamu GBM. The transaction was inside dealing and the refusal to pay her may have been a result of friction between herself and husband. These are family politics. Nelson Banda spokesman for NGCC should stop using his gestapo language he used at DEC. Who does not know how GBM behaves and those who deal with him is at owner’s risk. There are alot of men around Lusaka who have money and they use it to abuse their wives and workers. Some are bishops etc but once you get to know their inside GBM could even be better coz he talks out in public. NGOs ve pretty to talk in terms of development not advocating attacking men during day time and night they call them darlings and hero worship their abusive husbands like GOD. We know

  37. all these idi0ts mention in this article blaming GBM should do a nation a favor by hanging themselves. they are nothing but oxygen wasters. they find it easy to get so involved with somebody domestic issue and never get involved with any national issues. threats to gang rape nawakwi was more of gender based violence than than this one. this is simply a dispute between two family members. if i was a police officer i would shoot all these mutherf..ckers in the heads.

  38. I asked my black mate: “Do you prefer to be called black or coloured?”
    He said: “Well, I’d prefer it if you called me Kevin.”

  39. Hehe..now these useless divorcees unmaried desperate frustrated women are barking any how. Coz they want money from MMD thieves they have an opportunity to apease the MMD.

    Where were they when Nawakwi was threaten with gang rape by Cris Chalwe-MDD? Where were they when Changwe went unarrested for bouncing a chaque?

    Very dull divorcees and indisplined single women indeed.

    AND YOU LUSAKA TIMES tell us what GBM said during the press conference…we want to hear from his side as well. But since you are an MMD bootlicker on line paper you cant..very useless LT.

    We know that you guys are trying by all means to tarnish the name of PF..but you will not manage.


  40. What i don’t understand is why these women organisations never uttered a word when edith nawakwi was threatened to be gang raped by mmd leadership.this is hypocricy at its best.
    And if it is true that gbm threatened to beat the woman,the police should not even try to arrest him.not that threatening violence is acceptable.it is not.but the police will be showing preferencial treatment if they charge gbm when they failed to arrest mmd leaders when they threatened to gang rape nawakwi.

  41. This is not to support GBM but listen to both sides of the story before condemning or demanding this and that action. As it is people have just listened to the Times of Zambia whose vested interest in the story is to bring all MMD rivals down to the dust.

  42. The Zambians are such sharp people that, I am so proud to always relate myself to my national folks.All you MMD PROPAGANDISTS calling yourselves gender this and that, where have you been since Edith Nawakwi was threatened with gang rape by Chris Chalwe and group, Bishop Paul Duffy was threatened to be beaten to death by some known MMD hooligans on the copperbelt and currently the Lusaka MMD thugs under William Banda are threatening to beat my Aunt Judith Kapijimpanga at the convention.
    You hypocrites should first speak about these earlier cases before you open your months and folk tongue GBM in the name of threatening violence charges, which women rights? All these Kalondes AND CLAN THINK WE ARE ALL RETARDS LIKE THEM! GO TO HELL!

  43. I thought the IG Kabonde said threatening violence is not a case. So what are the police investigating? NGOCC you are a disgrace. GBM only threatened to slap the ka sister in law and you have come out on him like a tonne of bricks while MMD thugs threatened to forcefully penetrate Nawakwi’s womanhood with their unwashed dirty pricks and you kept quiet. You are such *****s.

  44. Forget about Kabonde. He has gone beyond retirement age and contract. An MMD cadre. He only did basic law at Lilayi. When he said threatening violence is not a crime he meant it. That is all he knows. The chaps who do the policing is not Kabonde and his top brass but the simple constables up to Assistant Supridents etc. The other day Chris Chalwe was threatening a NEC member one udith Kapijimpanga with violence and not even a single NGO condemed such stupid action. These NGO’s are finished they have become gossiping & fashion parade entities.

  45. iwe Nelson Banda..are you a woman now with Kalonde?why are you speaking on their behalf? ever felt like what it is to be under a man?heheheheh..women should also learn to repsect men..why should he resign?nonsense..

  46. This is sad. in my opinion this should have not reached the media.Building strong family values is what makes zambia unique we look after one another. i do not advocate violence but i feel this should have been dealt with within the family. I hope both parties can forgive each other and drop the case. this isn’t health for the children in the Mwamba family. To value one onother as a Zambian family we first need to build strong family values. May God show this family his love and kindness

  47. Last time the Inspector General of Police spoke he said threatening violence was not an offence, what is the Police Service investigationg now, oh?

  48. It looks like this blog is full of male chauvanists who think that women should keep quiet when they are harassed by men! Shame on you guys! This is 21st Century not stone age! Women have rights just like you! You start calling a woman prostitute just because she has exposed you unhonourable GBM. no wonder we have people of low calibre like GBM, Nsanda, Kambwili in paraliament!

  49. And this is a woman who exumes the body of her late son without the husbands knowledge. BULLCRAP, If it were me i would have actually spanked her.

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