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Lusaka councillors give themselves plots

General News Lusaka councillors give themselves plots

Lusaka mayor Daniel Chisenga(R) -His office was allocated 10 Plots

THE Patriotic Front-dominated Lusaka councillors and officers have allocated themselves over 80 plots at the Lilayi Housing Development Project in a swap deal.

This followed the swapping of Farm 915 in Lilayi between the Lusaka City Council and Messrs Lilayi Housing Development. The plots went to the mayor and his deputy, town clerk and some members of staff.

According to minutes of the second ordinary meeting of the plans, works and development committee held at the Civic Centre on November 17 last year but read during the third ordinary meeting on January 3 this year, out of the 102 plots at the site, council officials allocated themselves 82 plots while 11 went to members of the public and eight to litigation.

The minutes obtained by the Zambia Daily Mail in Lusaka on January 13 also show that 45 plots have been allocated to councillors, 10 to the office of the mayor, five to the office of the deputy mayor and another five to the town clerk’s office.

Members of staff have been allocated 16 plots, office of the councillor for Lilayi Ward 4 has two plots, litigation eight plots and members of the public only receiving an allocation of 11 plots.

During the meeting, the acting director of legal services presented a report on the allocation of plots at Lilayi Housing Development Project. Members were informed that following the successful swapping of the land, a meeting attended by the acting director of legal services, acting director of city planning, Lusaka mayor Daniel Chisenga, Kanyama member of Parliament Gerry Chanda and the chairperson of plans, works and development committee discussed the allocation of properties in Lilayi.

The acting director of city planning said the Lilayi Housing Development Project had provided the council with temporary numbers to be used to identify properties before the formal numbering was done by the Commissioner of Lands.

It was also learnt that following the meeting held on December 23 last year, the councillors, acting director of legal services and acting director of city planning agreed that provisional offer letters be issued pending a formal decision by the plans, works and development committee.

It was at that point that the acting director of legal services availed the meeting with the proposed format of allocation of the plots to councillors, mayors, town clerk, members of staff and the public and a few for litigation.

Before this meeting, the acting director of city planning had tabled a report on the proposed land swap between the Lusaka City Council and Lilayi Housing Development Farm 915, Lilayi.

It was planned that the area would be serviced with water, sewer system, street lights, paved roads, storm water drains and street scape in addition to the erection of a wall fence with one secure entrance.

Committee members were informed that the piece of land measured approximately 6.3 hectares comprising 102 residential plots on an average of 400 square metres which the council valued at K40 million per plot, considering the difference in land value between the unserviced Lusaka City Council land (Sub A/915) and that of the Lilayi Housing Development.

The committee was told that plot beneficiaries would be required to pay a premium as top-up on the value of the land.

During discussions, the committee learnt that should the council agree to the land swap proposal, Messrs Lilayi Housing Development would proceed to develop some roads leading to their site to bitumen standard level at their own cost.

Other proposals presented to the committee meeting included the regularisation of stands 25090 and 25091 in Emmasdale and the existing commercial plot off Mumbwa Road, creation of two commercial plots on the Great East Road Chelston area, residential stands near Parliament compound and a plot on Commonwealth Avenue next to Petroda Filling Station.

Members who attended the meeting were a Mr C Msiska (chairperson), a Mr J Ngosa (vice chairperson), a Mr P K Chabala, Colonel Chanda (Kanyama MP), a Mr M Daka, Mandevu MP Jean Kapata, J. Mandeva, J. Njebe, Lusaka Mayor Chisenga and his deputy as ex-officio members of the committee.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. This is the rot that is bringing so much confusion in Lusaka. The council has failed and what these people just do is steal from the poor by allocating themselves chunks of land which they later exorbitantly sale off. Look at the confusion around the CBD, the kind of structures they have allowed to be put up. All that is corruption which is directly perpetuated by Politicians, in this case by opposition politicians. The rot in LCC should not be tolerated. The highest level of corruption, in terms of abuse of resources is taking place at LCC.

  2. First, I must state that this is a problem across all councils, whether led by us or opposition, and when such things are discovered , I think restitution is in order. We just need to correct the wrong and all of us need to really work hard and educate our people of the significance of civic duties to the general public. The tragedy is that the positions of councillor-ship continue to attract lowly educated people whose level of understanding of civic issues is a great challenge. As MMD we intend to up our screening process so that we improve the quality of people that we put out as a party to execute these civic duties and we attach great importance to this as we continue pushing the decentralisation policy forward. We believe local councils are the foot soldier of the government.

  3. There should be a public involvement in scrutinizing the kind of structures that are being proposed in certain landmark areas such the CBD. Who surely cares that such despicable, unsightly, eyesores should in this day and era continue to be erected right under the nose of Civic Authority including City planners, Architects, Inspectors. What is happening at LCC is truly a reflection of our failures as a nation. PF, unfortunately, who are the main opposition Party are in charge of Lusaka and surely looking at what is ensuing at LCC, it is extremely doubtful that they can bring positive change if given a chance to form government.

  4. This is scandalous. These PF guys shout alot yet they are busy creating plots for themselves. What a shameful act. If at local Govt level these PF men and women can allocate themselves pieces of land what more if thy formed Govt after the forthcoming general elections? As for the Directors, the ink has not yet dried after others at LCC were involved in illigal sale of property in Kamwala trading area. There is so much greedy at LCC. No wonder they removed the abuse of office clause. These politicians are the same be they from MMD or the opposition. Who is going to blame who. ACC should focus their investigations on the town clerk and his directors. They hatched the illigal deal and sold it to the councillors. That is how they operate

  5. What happened to the property chiluba stole?Let them also benefit.its the name of the game.Besides it looks like the move was not secret.So many governemnt officials are doing the same.This is the price we pay as zambians because we are docile.Everyone is stealing in the name of peace.No wonder our friends from western province have taken the law in their own hands.keep on complaining and you will remain poor alone.

  6. No 2 MMD Chief Bootlicker for the first time you have said something sensible! This is just plain greediness on the part of the Mayor and his councillors! This Minister has power to annul this transaction and bring to book those responsible- (Re: Rev. Nyirongo and The People). The MP’s are also culpable as they are behaving like Kalu! The Minister must not even waste time resolving this matter, please crack the whip instantly!

  7. This explains how junior staff at LCC have managed to build massive structures across Lusaka. A number of property in Chalala, Libala south, Kamwala extention, Chelston, Makeni, Avondale, Ngwerere are owned by very junior staff at LCC who by their income are clearly unable to develop the kind of structures they have. There is rampant corruption at the council and funny enough the people who carry out the audit of who owns what property are these same crooks. Where are we going? who will bring sanity?

  8. #2 Good to note that you can debate a subject objectively. In the past I thought mayorz were senior honourable citizenz of high standing in society and above petty politix.

  9. The scourge of abuse at LCC is done at official level with willful participation of the Mayor and Town Clerk. They reward( bribe) everyone else along the system eliminating any kind of accountability, deliberately. Corruption at LCC is the recognized official language. What a bunch of disappointments they are.

  10. it saves us ba dec case yaisa so the mouths will be shut get all the plots back and reallocate them period twalamona ba dec ifyo mwalachita apa hahaha nga ni sata ati ni corruption nga pa ma plot ati ninshi okey

  11. What will pipo eat without corruption. All those who are pretending behave as if they are not zambians.
    the accountants, engineers, lawyers, priests, messengers, Lifuka, mmembe etc are too corrupt to the bone and can not be rehabilitated. good luck to the angels…

  12. This is very good news because the deal is very transparent. It is not a secret arrangement that Chiluba was using to swindle Zambians. So well done

  13. This is the same story every where in the country and we have District Commissioners looking on, even benefiting from such scams. How we miss LPM.

  14. No wonder we have no more public spaces in our cities. This is the epitome of corruption and an ocassion for the Government,its good Governance institutions and all those who profess to abhor corruption to act decisively. This sort of daylight robbery of public property must be stopped, otherwise we should all just join a free for all looting.

  15. How disappointing indeed, when such corrupt acts are done with the blessing and participation of Civic leaders. [10 plots to the mayor, 5 Deputy mayor, 5 Town Clerk, 11 Staff members]. ACC please move in and arrest this plague that’s across all councils.
    When people do wrong they are supposed to be punished this sets a precedent to any would-be offenders. Reprimand wrong doers that’s my humble plea!

  16. I don’t get it are these people -civil servants(sorry civil bosses) suposed to be allocating plots to themselves? This is a disgrace.

  17. No 20 Shootist, ba bukwe, that is the problem we have in Zambia- we are busy pin-pointing who is making the mistakes and not how to correct them! Some of us staunchly support PF and the PACT; but we shall not go in blindly, like you, believing it is a PF problem when it is these councillors who are the culprits are just plain greedy and this is pure case of corruption! Let’s move away from this idea that we should mudsling each other, for there is only ONE ZAMBIA AND ONE NATION (and ‘…..aba shile sokona bana bandoshi!’ You have been told before many times! This country belongs to UNIP as the founding father (Party). Even most of the party leaders belonged to UNIP. These PF chaps must be disciplined immediately! (I am forwarding this blog to The Minister immediately).

  18. is it certain that those 11 plots have been allocated to the ‘general public’ and how were these plots allocated to them in the first place when there were no adverts in the public media. doesnt make sense. 42 plots to councillors, mayor … ….. shows who our honourable men and women represent – their insatiable bellies.

  19. Anyone looking for change, this is what you will get. MMD is probably as bad but as opposition PF should be showing us how better they will manege the country. They are missmaneging when they are not even in power, what more when they are in the driving seat ? They will mismanege in the morning, steal at lauch time and again loot at night. lets see what the leadership says about this report. Change should be for the better. These opposition pipo know nothing about development, thats why they never talk about it. Their main aim is to get into power to steal and let forigners worry about development. that is why we are still waiting for the audits from PF councils. I have never ever in my years of reading ever seen any opposition never talk development like those pact chaps.

  20. #5 & #9, You’re right, these corrupt practices are not new, we have lived with them since 24 October 1964.

  21. May Winter Kabimba write to the council so that these plots are not shared by the greedy councillors who don’t even have money to develop them. All they’ll do is sell them 40m.

  22. Thats the govt in waiting for you baba only barking pretending to fight for us but yet advancing there broke bellies.

  23. This country is rotten beyond repair!Even if the councillors were not to share the plots among themselves,the council employees would stolen them and shared.Its poverty that drives us to do such things.

  24. #2 its very strange for you to use an inclusive term “we”. whose brains did you borrow when writing the first part of your comment?

    Then you unleash your typical MMD monotonous and droning diatribe. stop behaving like all councils are controlled by the oppsition

  25. # 2, MMD bootlicker has made a lot of sense today from the very first day i saw his name. thats been objective


  27. these are the bums you want to entrust with the governance of the nation. you give them an inch they take a mile. Thats why the pipo of zambia will always reject sata and pf

  28. thats why they removed the abuse of office clause..why are we letting such an issue go without any action?we miss you Mwanawasa..

  29. #22 – Under what law indeed! The removal of the abuse of office clause from ACC Act was done in bad faith [Greed]. When they repealed that act they told us there was a similar act under the penal code of the laws of Zambia.

  30. Land issues start from the Ministry of Lands and I bet these Council guys are following suit before Willaim Banda gives all the plots to MMD cadres b4 the elections.!

  31. Very disappointing. Lusaka is the Capital City as well as the Business Capital of Zambia. The highest of standards should be employed at the LCC. What happened to patriotism.

  32. Wrong Headline.It should read,Council allocates itself 80 plots,see ZNBC website.It does not mention political parties as some of the beneficiaries are council employees

  33. Yaah! chakalipa; what if it was MMD distributing this land, it would have been ok isnt it how many years have we seen MMD do that, Recently there was prime land in chongwe no PF or UPND got it it ichilipa munobe ecilinapali iwe, they did not do this in secrecy. it was transparent for all to see well done PF.

  34. Mr Capitalist you loser we all know lusaka’s the capital if you have nothing to say shut the f*&k up!!!!! twala ubushilu ukokwine

  35. 1st of all, most zambians dont know how land is districbuted in zambia: just like the land meant for expansion behind the paliament grounds, its shared by those in the approving committee, then those who where doing the clerical work (to shut them up), so by the time it get to the public, if the number remaining is too small, it shallnit be offered to the public by wao of advert, but by those on “waiting list’. in shot, what happened at LCC is no diifrent from that at Lands Ministry or elswhere like Chongwe/mwanawasa settlement area. dont raise ur tempers for nothing- THIS IS ZAMBIA!

  36. this was a transparent deal! In many institutions there are ways of rewarding and helping the members. it would have been a problem if they had allocated themselves 10 plots of 5 each. In many towns this is happening illegally without any documentation.

    so bane don’t just yap, if you work you will agree with me that you have some incentives which other people don’t have in your organisation what becomes a problem is when it is overdone and illegally done.
    Abena Zambia due to your comments even when it is not unnecessary people will never take us serious and they will think we just like complaining. THERE IS NOTHING ILLEGAL WITH THID DEAL. GO TO MMD CONTROLLED COUNCILS… YOU WILL FIND THE SAME. 1 PLOT PER CIVIL SERVANT IS OK

  37. To all those wishing for change, Change should for the better, not from a functioning toilet to a tribal pit latrean which is what PF seems to be like.

  38. All the names of the Mayor & councillors are bembas & from eastern pronvince. Bambas are thieves & nyanjas are their accomplices. The nyanjas are originally kaboyis (houseboys) & so makes it easy for them to be stooges of the bembas when stealing.

  39. Well done LCC, for once we can see how pipo can steal transparently esp with the removal of abuse of office. WHERE IS THIS COUNTRY HEADING TO??????? Everything abnormal is deemed normal.

  40. # 2 MMD Chief Bootlicker nice contribution. It shouldn’t always be like ………….. don’t bit the finger that feeds you. National interest should be our main concern.

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