Friday, February 23, 2024

Weekend in Pictures



The Tower crane hovering on top of the old unfinished building at the Corner of Freedom Rd and Katondo street (next to Mususu kalenga building) is a safety risk to the public. The crane is under a heavy load and has been there for along time; the cranes' steel members have obviously weakened due to the load and weather conditions and it won't be long before this causes a disaster. May the Civil authority order for this crane to be demobilised before lives are lost.(By LT blogger)


A building that was damaged by protestors at Mongu Council premises.


Hearses and a Fire engine and fire fighting equipment destroyed by protestors during the Mongu riots


Police officers in riot gear aboard a van going to quell riots in Mongu.


Protestors taunting the police during the Mongu riots.


Tear gas and smoke rising over Limulunga village after police ran battles with protestors in Mongu


Calm and business has returned to Mongu.Here residents are going about their usual business


Residents in Mongu going about their usual business although more police officers are being deployed to the area.


Police officers bundled in a van patroling the Central trading district in Mongu


Police officers on patrol in the Central district of Mongu.


Calm has returned in Mongu, but the police are still in the Central trading district.


Second republican president Frederick Chiluba's daughter Verocia gears up for the 2012 London Olympic Games qualifier match against South Africa at Nkoloma stadium.


Former second republican president Fredrick Chiluba 's daughter Velocia takes a throw in during the 2012 London Olympics qualifier at Nkoloma stadium.


Zambia national team Coach Dario Bonetti watching the women under 23 at Nkoloma Stadium


South Africa's Leandra Smeda beats Zambia's Etas Banda during the 2012 London Olympics qualifier at Nkoloma stadium.


Second republican president Frederick Chiluba's daughter Verocia captured in action during the 2012 London Olympic Games qualifier against South Africa at Nkoloma stadium. Zambia lost 2-1.


Former Football Association of Zambia(FAZ) vice president Emmanuel Munaile confers with the under 23 national team at Nkoloma Stadium on Saturday.Zambia lost to South Africa 2-1 during the first round of the London 2012 Olympic qualifiers.


Ministers for Agriculture Eustarkio Kazonga (l) and Education Dora Siliya (r) clench hands with World Food Programme deputy country director Purnima Kashyap after launching the school feeding program.


Police officers remove a tent from squatters who have illegally taken over land from owners in Lusaka east


A man with a machet walks along the land where illegal squatters have forced themselves on government land.


Lands Minister Gladys Lundwe talks to residents of Lusaka east who have taken land illegally from rightful owners


Some Lusaka based pupils captured curing the national youth symposium in Lusaka


Education Minister Dora Siliya interacts with pupils during the Youth symposium in Lusaka


Part of the church building for the Goshali religious sect in Chongwe district that was completely burnt down in a fracas last week after villagers accused the sect members of practicing Satanism


Part of the church building for the Goshali religious sect in Chongwe district that was completely burnt down after villagers accused the sect members of practicing Satanism.


United States of America Ambassador to Zambia Mark Storella alights from one of the donated delivery trucks at Medical stores in Lusaka


  1. #3/4 Those goons caused alot of damage in Mongu! How do you vandalise Fire trucks and Hearses (the very same things you desperately need in case of fire/bereavement). Our Lozi brothers, I’m baffled!

    #12/13/16 Ba LT, what’s the big deal about FJT’s footballing daughter?

    #18/23 chi Dora babes is looking yummy and delicious, I wonder whose hitting that?; I’m jealous!

  2. Pic# 1 that building should have had a wide perimetre fence around it so residents don’t walk anywhere close to it oblivious of the dangers.And who is flouting rules of construction and taking all that loss,GRZ?

    Never been to Mongu but it doesn’t look all that neglected as some people would have us believe so no need to riot.Other places look worse than Mongu.

  3. Pic. 12/13

    The girl looks too short to play for the National Team especially in defence. I hope we are not playing names just because she’s a daughter of Chiluba.

    • lol you people can be ignorant….the girl has been playing professional football since she was in high school abroad.,…she started as a striker and was trained… actually i am proud finally a privileged child is doing something she is passionate about without using her fathers name to rise in the ranks…..through football she actuall is part of an NGO that promote awareness in HIV….you go girl

  4. Pic 4&5: it appears those fools did alot of damage! pic#3 coucil offices look like a grocery shop!
    Pic# 8,9,10,&11. Mongu is really rural, is that really the central district?
    Pic#19,20,21: so where are these homless people being relocated, or are they just ‘throwing’ them in the streets? careless govt and politicians – we need God’s intervention here.
    Pic#24,25: Ba LT, thats not a bulding, ni nsaka, ur are misusing the word!

  5. #3 why destroy public property? Well brace yourselves to be transported back on wheelbarrows… that’s what you’re to!

  6. #4 is fantasizing about Dora and #10 is throwing in a spanner into the fatasy hahaha!!!!! just goes to show one mans cup of tea is another mans poison.

    Is FTJ’s girl really good or is she just a another skirt in the team because of shorty talking to people. Anyway I will watch them in the return leg and see for myself and exactly what was Bonetti spotting at this game??

  7. Pic #1, The building should be torn down and replaced with a modern structure. Maybe a 6 story office building with underground parking and a restaurant on the roof. I’m just thinking aloud.

    Also assuming all the buildings are charged a property rate by the LCC, imagine how much revenue in terms of property rates they are losing from that unfinished structure. If they tear it down and have it replaced with a modern structure, preferably from the private sector, they can get something from it as well as increase the land values of the area. Just thinking out loud.

    Govt is also losing potential tax revenue from that structure standing idle earning close to nothing I’m assuming. They should work with the LCC to do something.

  8. I am ready to cause another riot in Mongu.

    I will soon make a press statement which will cause the Nkoya’s to rile up against the Lozi.

    When i am done, all the bloodshed will be blamed on Rupiah.

    Ha ha ha ha!

  9. This is very sad development wish the people responsible could stand up & sort the issues.
    One can learn one or two things from our bothers in north Africa

  10. HH that is what you stand for burning of fire fighting trucks and katengamalilo shame on your naked desire for presidency. If by luck wolud you allow your lozi cousins to destroy public porperty shame on you. shave off your afro and pubic hair you need to clean up your act tonga cow

  11. Zambia is clearly under developed. Its a shame. You look at those pics of mongu, it’s worse than what is was back in early 80’s. Simply because Gov puts up shopping malls in Lusaka and people are hoodwinked that there’s development. Wake up Zambians you’re too sleepy. By the way those vehicles with broken glass were not operational at all. They had already broken down and had been parked there for a few months.

  12. #14 / #15; Imwe guys, to each one his own ka. Some of us prefer “balooni type” and NOT skinny model type women. Dora has always been a beautiful female despite putting on a few more kilos in her later yrs. Viva Dora babes, abash haters.

  13. That crane in #1 has been sitting there since 1998? Good grief! Whose building is this anyway? The owner probably died years back and life just goes on.

  14. Lots of action last weekend.

    pic #5 don’t those youths have anything more progressive to do?

    And it seems the cameraman was very far from where the riot frontline or he had arrived when it was all over. All I see are a handful police stationed outside empty buildings and streets.

    I like the photos of the smartly dressed secondary school pupils. Reminds me of my own school days… those memories never fade.

  15. # 23-Indeed you are ba big pipe u like em big eh ? Nizee.
    I can see FJT has stubbornely passed on his genes to his daughter.She looks even more shorter then him.

  16. The Egyptian magician Malik # 20. Machet is the way LT journalists spell ‘machete’.
    I thought there were no tarred roads in Mongu – this doesn’t look very different from Kasama so why are these guys complaining about poverty when it’s distributed equally to the outer provinces.
    Talking of one’s mans poison – Dora looks really gross – The guy (Big Pipe) salivating over her looks has got pretty low standards.

  17. Dear counrty women men, we are at it again. Property has been destroyed and I hope people are getting o understand that this is not an easy situation to joke about. This is not the first time it has happened. Let RB go to Mongu specifically for this confusion. Let him go and speak to all the people arrested as a father, listen to them and ensure that they feel respected. What do you think is going on in the minds and hearts of the parents, relatives and friends of the hundreds who are arrested. Planning a rescue operation, maybe. We are crying over spilt milk. What should be worried about is not the damage to property but the poor leadership quality this country has exhibited.

  18. #32,
    Your question, Don’t those youths in pic#5 have anything productive to do? The answer is, like millions other youths in Zambia they have been neglected by the successive administrations and those youths are no different from the youths that rioted for days against UNIP’s injustices in the early 1990’s. Let us not pretend that public order disturbances have only occured in WP.

  19. Hee Miss Daisy your ka picture anoys me a lot…can you change it sis. Not meant to insult you but since we are in democracy I am free to make known to you what your ka picture is doing to me.

    LT also, is there antthing going on between you and Chiluba’s daughter? Why her alone and not other girls from the combonies..haa??

    Peace peace.

  20. Are LT camera men scared to go to war zones. Above picture (except no. 1) doesnt show this is where people even died as a result of riots.

  21. The only thing that should really be damaged is that Bedford fire engine. That looks ancient by any standard. not much else I can comment on. Happy to see mongu back to quiet had a lovely time visiting my cousins of the west in the 90s much love from the east. Don’t let those black baboons or gorillas destroy those lovely vast sandy beaches of mongu.

  22. Koma,that towering crane on the unfinished building poses a great danger of an emminent calamity.Why leave it for such a long time without attending to it.This can only be another Gabon air disaster incident
    if left un attended to.what if it dislocated while minibuses are ferrying people to kulima tower?Mai we…
    Authorities should not only act when disaster strike they should also take measures to avoid them.

  23. Pic 1: That building belong to ZISC, unless is has been sold with time. A few years back, some of those steel rods/pipes fell and one of them fell on baby who was sleeping where the mother had laid her, bearing in mind that there used to be vendors on that road. That was when council took a serious decision to move the vendors, but that was all

  24. Yes that crane needs to be pulled down. An accident leading to death happended some years ago from felling metals on the same building. Now LCC and ZSIC are waiting for another accident and loss of life before acting on the crane. Sadly thats our work culture pa ZED. Ms Siliya – that hair style is not “Ministerial quality” and also not for her age. She looks like someone from the streets of Addis Ababa. Our women folk should accept that there is dressing meant for the young ones and also for older people.

  25. Pic #1 that buildings is still in the same state it was in 10 yrs ago when i was still in zed. that crane has been a death risk for a long time now. i recall one of the supporting weight fell off that crane and crashed to death a lady that was selling groundnuts underneath. this oncident happened probably 20 yrs ago.

  26. #16 Mr Capitalist, thank you for giving your analysis as a Zambian and not a political cadre. Once that building starts to fall apart it wont choose who gets affected. But am sure your brother Senior Citizen will wake up soon and write his nonsense about MMD that and PF this.

  27. But those pics from mongu!!!! One would think there has been a serious war which has been going on for 25years like in Somalia. Kanyonyo post office and others awe, that is not third world bane, perhaps tenth lol!!!!

  28. That building tells the whole story about the status of Zambia and its pipo. I remember seeing that building in 2001 the last time i was in Zambia.

    if Zambians spent less time attacking each other and spent more time on development, Barotseland would not want to secede from Zed.

    RB is waiting 2B invited to fly to another country to go and learn how to ask construction companies to secure their buildings.

    If RB likes learning so much, why not send him back 2 school?

  29. #19 if indeed you are lady then you should ensure that you blog like one.I know many bloggers resort to sewer language to express their anger and frustration but when you insult it says more about you than the person you are insulting.Many bloggers who use this kind of language here would not use it in front in people.They use the anonymity of the internet to say things they would never ever say in front of others.Any decent and self-respecting person would behave in private the same way they would do in public.Blogger let’s be decent and maintain our self-respect.Thanks.

  30. what have you zambians done to develop just sit behind your computers somewhere in the diaspora criticizing the government.Its not what has the govt done but what have you done for Zambia.The creme de la creme have left and the not- so- smart ones are running the govt.What do you expect? Seeing that building in pic 1 has been like that for over 10years why don’t you buy it and do something.

  31. Pic # 1, That building has been there for years. A mudered woman was found there about 12yrs ago, I wonder if they ever caught the culprit! Then one of the steel rods fell off hitting a woman and her baby, I was told the woman died afterwards. The question is who is responsible for the building. I will remove the crane if they will let me keep it.

    In Mongu, those *****s destroyed the very things they claim they are denied by the rest of Zambia. Too bad innocent Zambians had to die.

  32. Nice pics! That ka 25Kg of maize meal on Pic 19 can really do me good. Pic 26 UD330 (Under Developed for the next 330 years -message from the US) just joking of course. Thanks for the donation.

  33. Pict #1: Its almost 20 years old now!!!!! If I remember correctly, many lives have been lost in that building because criminals used it as their base. Around 1996-98, a street vendor lost her child while selling her merchandise under that building when a concrete block fell on her child who was strapped on her back. Bloggers, if anyone remembers this tragedy please confirm.

  34. That fire engine in Mongu is 1966. It deserves torching so they can a more modern one. Elyo ulukungu mucalo!! Dont local councils get money for landscaping and the likes?

  35. That fire engine in Mongu is 1966 make. It deserves torching so they can get a more modern one. Elyo ulukungu mucalo!! Dont local councils get money for landscaping and the likes?

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