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Zambia selected to the board of AU Anti Corruption Bureau

HeadlinesZambia selected to the board of AU Anti Corruption Bureau

Zambia has been selected to the board of the African Union Anti Corruption Bureau at the ongoing African union summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The anti corruption bureau acts as an advisory board to the African Union on fighting corruption.

QFM’s David Bweupe reports that the new board was approved by African heads of State and Government during the opening of 16th African Union summit which was attended by vice president George Kunda today.

Zambia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe are the three Southern African countries representing the region on the anti graft bureau.

Other members to the board have been drawn from the four other regions of the continent.

Vice president George Kunda is attending the meeting representing President Rupiah Banda.

The Anti Corruption Bureau was formed following the adoption of the African Union convention on corruption in Mozambique Maputo in 2003.
[ QFM ]


  1. Another talking shop with no purpose. The fact is, corruption is deeply ingrained in our society and an AU Corruption Bureau is meaningless. The Southern Africa reps include Zed, RSA and Zim? How, when both Zim and Zed have endemic corruption (from policeman to teacher to politician). It would have made more sense to include nations like Botswana so we could learn how our friends are able to manage their diamond resources without widespread corruption!

  2. People do keep in mind that these institutions though may seem just like talking shops as you call them will have rules and regulations which if not followed governments and individuals will be answerable… Might not be much now but in the long run these things come back to bite:((

    ie former heards of state dont really realize that there assets can be sized once out of office regardless

  3. #4-Uchipo, you cant be serious. Rules are always there but always broken. Freezing assets? Give me your list of leaders who have suffered those consequences. African Union is a dictator’s trade union. Gbagbo is acting stu.pid, and they are even promising him there will be no consequences if he steps down. Idi Amin enjoyed a life of luxury in Saudi Arabia after the Tanzanians kicked him out. Mugabe enjoys the full support of the “democrats”. Chiluba is smiling with his thumbs up. Zambia on the anti-corruption team, Zimbabwe on the team to resolve the Gbagbo issue, these are jokes beyond humour…

  4. George is going there to talk about how corrupt MMD is and will show them his past attachment to the cases.

    He will be proud to show them how to do it big and win the dirty way.

  5. How do they pick one of the most corrupt government to the AU Anti-Corruption Bureau? The how thing has no merit. It’s like asking FJT to be the Bank Governor of Zambia.

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