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Prof. Lungwangwa calls for continuous voter registration in his Constituency


Professor Godfrey Lungwangwa addressing a crowd in Lwatembo area of Nalikwanda constituency in Mongu district over the weekend.

By Lusaka Times

Nalikwanda Member of Parliament Professor Godfrey Lungwangwa has called on people in his constituency to ensure that they are registered as voters in readiness for the forth coming general elections.

Speaking at the newly reconstructed Lwatembo basic school in Nalikwanda constituency of Mongu district over the weekend, Prof. Lungwangwa told the people that voter registration was cardinal as it will help retain President Rupiah Banda in power.

Prof. Lungwangwa urged those who missed the voter registration exercise last year to take advantage of the on-going voter registration currently being undertaken at Mongu Municipal Council.

Professor Godfrey Lungwangwa expressed gratitude at the various developmental projects being undertaken in his constituency. He said his constituency has in the last four years seen tremendous development saying that government has reconstructed and relocated seven basic schools and constructed three new High schools namely Nakanya, Nalwei and Lukalanya.

Prof. Lungwangwa who is also Transport and Communications Minister said both the seven Basic and three High schools have reached an advanced stage adding that once completed, each basic school will consist of 1 X 2, and 1 X 3 classroom blocks, 5 teachers houses and 16 ablution blocks and that each school will be supplied with solar power .

Meanwhile, the Professor has assured people in his constituency and the country at large that government will put furniture and deploy teachers in all the schools that are being constructed.

He said it was lack of reasoning for politicians to claim that government has constructed a lot of schools that will not be furnished in order for them to gain political mileage.

Prof. Lungwangwa said that any reasonable person knows that construction is a first step of development adding that anything else comes after.


  1. Cotinous voter registration is very good for democracy but it should not be done to retain Rupiah Banda in power.It should be so that no eligible voter is disadvantaged.

  2. # 2 that should be the way. U are damn right.

    But in Africa Elections are not conducted to determine the will of the people governed but to entrench those in power so that they continue eating well and fattening. Politics is a simple well paying executive job. If you cannot prosper in School, in Africa Politics is a sure way to get rich more than the educated. They have huge tax free salary, free accomodation and a fleet of GRZ vehicles, free security, Tax free gratuity the list is endless. Who will what to have a system that is easier to cause him to be booted OUT through an election. That is why the Govt of the day should be confortable with the guy heading ECZ, heading the Police, The public media etc.To make it easier for them to retain power.

  3. Does this lungwngwa prof still exist, i thot he was the late!!!!! He is an extremely docile minister. He should just go back to camp D, perhaps he will do better with his EAP.

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