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FAZ 2011 Annual General meeting notice



  1. There shouldnt be any space for time wasters at the meeting.We want progress no simataa and his president at the meeting all must run smoothly.We are tired of Simataa.He shows signs of being an opportunist.Wel done Kasengele.Dont tolarate people that want to bring politics in football.

  2. #1 this not MMD convention were people with different ideas are not allowed in. I am sure you great Galu to be unopposed or like they say in MMD RB to be sole candidate. Then what is the point of elections if we are going back to Kaunda who compete with a frog?

  3. #1 you sound like a political cadre yourself … endorsing of some candidates and threatening violence on others! We need to be delivered from such curses!

  4. agenda is vote of confidence period. the meeting has been called after fifa advice so this kasengele agenda will not be accepted he is an iddiot and arrse licker together with galu galu wo wo wo wo. get out let andrew kamanga a clean business executive clean the house. kamanga is here to work for football not to eat like kalusha and his tandem of foodseekers

  5. if you not a deligate and dnt understand how football run jst keep quiet,the agenda is fine,kalu till 2012 finish:-\”

  6. Zaaa presido Mpondela has been banning friends for ages. Athletics is not improving. JACKAL, SHAZZA, SIMATAA,TAMANGA go unleash yourselves on him.

  7. Go enter the guiness book of records as the best Haters. Faz Elections are 2012. VONC read what FIFA.COM, Dont mislead us.

  8. NSCZ has thrown out an application by others questioning Mpondela banning of others in contesting ZAAA polls in 2010. Where is consistency?

  9. Ba kasengele is thinking and acting with his stomach not his head.If I had my way, the Galu admin should’nt be part of this meeting, but forced to resign before this meeting.This meeting should be used to chart the way forward after Galu.

  10. Time has come to sort this bid headed chap who to vacate office unceremonously. Can someone pliz propose a vote of no confidence to be included on the agenda quickly. I can image how huge the telephone bills at FAZ cost monthly due to phone being made to this chap staying outside thsi country and running the FAZ by remote control.

  11. The FAZ constitution does not provide for a vote of no confidence so how will such a motion be tabled? Under what provision will it be brought on the agenda? The FIFA GS obviously has not read the FAZ constitution and his off-the-cuff comment about the rebels tabling this motion was clearly uninformed and therefore misdirected. Removing the FAZ EXECUTIVE using this route will be illegal if it ever even happens. So, in the interest of the sanity of the beautiful game, the motion should not even be tabled. The Kamanga faction is encouraged to seek a legal opinion on this matter.

  12. Who does this dick head Kasengele think he is?Fifa gave a direction for the inclusion of the vote of no confidence on the agenda,but this S.O.B decides to ignore the directive.Bakasengele you digging your on grave!!Dont mess with big boys you little piece of Sh@#$t together your Ka galu boyfriend!

  13. FIFA duped Simataa and his Tamanga boys to believe they could use the Vote of No Confidence to remove Kalu’s executive when that is not provided for in the FAZ constitution. FIFA told us already that our FAZ constitution is useless and has many loopholes and silent gaps. It will be a long walk to kitwe gentlemen.. thats agony

  14. It’s in the interest of FIFA to promote mediocrity in Africa Soccer so that you chaps will never win the world cup. The next FAZ president will be Collins Mbesuma.

  15. What is the difference between COLLINS MBESUMA and SIMATA SIMATA. At least Mbesuma has a job. Can Simataa go back to Banking so that we have peace.

  16. # 22, After you’ve messed up all the indigenous banks, which bank does Simata go to? Very soon we’ll have nothing, Mines gone, Zamtel gone…….and watch out for Zesco.

  17. Soccer has been the unifying factor in Zambia. and MMD critics like the POST and KAZABU knows that. No wonder they cant on this item criticise Govt-NSCZ interference in FAZ. They know rebellion can never produce positive results. Never. MMD govt is playing in the hands of its enemies on this one at a crucial time like 2011. But who suffers ? Kalusha, Kazabu, Simataa, Mulonga NO.. THE PLAYER ON THE PITCH AND THE FAN WHO WANTS TO WATCH THE GAME. what is wrong with chucking out none performing elements at the end of their tenure than formenting chaos through out ?

  18. #23 is it our fault that the banks are destroyed. Why shud he now be causing confusion in our game. Why did he become a football. FAZ for footballers.

  19. Kalusha is fighting a losing battle. He knows all too well that nearly all premier league teams dont support him and by denying them the right to be heard, they may call for a total ban on the league. I parallel structure will be formed and lets see who is gonna lick his vomit. Kalu will.

  20. FAZ’s NEC is just squandering money. That is all they know. That is why they are hanging on to their positions with dear life.

  21. So what some of you are saying now is that fifa is wrong? We will end up looking like a group of fools. we fail to see what is wrong then we run to fifa who sees the mistake and advises on how to go about it. We don’t want to take the advice! What exactly are we telling the the keen followers? Be it Zambians and other nationals.

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